DreamWorks Monsters vs Aliens Super Bowl TV Spot in 3D

February 1, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens Super Bowl TV Spot in 3D

Right before the half time show, DreamWorks aired their thoroughly unexciting 3D trailer for Monsters vs Aliens. We have it again for your viewing pleasure below, and if you still have your crappy Intel 3D glasses, you can still use them, but don't waste your effort. You'll get a lot more out of watching this in regular 2D, that's for certain. I'm still looking forward to seeing Monsters vs Aliens and will probably end up seeing in 3D (as long as DreamWorks hasn't cut me off), but I'll be watching it much more for its story than its novelty. I'm sorry, but the gimmicky aspect of 3D just didn't sell me at all for this. Enjoy it, if you can!

Watch the full Monsters vs Aliens Super Bowl TV spot, from YouTube:

Monsters vs Aliens is directed by DreamWorks filmmakers Rob Letterman (of Shark Tale previously) and Conrad Vernon (of Shrek 2 previously). Oddly, DreamWorks never revealed who the writers were, which makes me a bit worried that this was a studio-wide collaboration. Paramount will debut Monsters vs Aliens in both IMAX 3D and regular theaters on March 27th, 2009 this year. See everyone in theaters!

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yadda-yadda-can-only-be-streamed-within-the-US-yadda-yadda... Bleaugh.

Chris on Feb 1, 2009


Ditto its nice to not be able to watch the trailer :S

Crazysteve on Feb 1, 2009


Ah sorry guys... I was giving Hulu the love since my server is being hammered with the all the other trailers... Don't worry, you're not missing much! 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 1, 2009


Alex I completley agree with you here, 3D is being over used and its just not even that wonderful. Sure it can pop out at you and it could possibly be used in a good horror film but I doubt My Blood Valentine 3D fit that description. I'll go see this movie but not for the 3D experience.

Movieraider321 on Feb 1, 2009


Didn't even bother picking up those 3d glasses, so I can't watch Chuck either. Man I hate this 3d phase. So far every movie thats used 3d didn't even need it(Beowulf, bolt) as there were no scenes screaming for 3d. Bloody in 3d tried and also failed, and this looks like another. Hope I can see it in 2d so I don't have to waste an extra four dollars. Besides it's annoying that I have to put big plastic glasses over my glasses I already have to use to see.

jesse on Feb 1, 2009


Will there be anything worth seeing in 3D until Avatar? The last 3D film I enjoyed was U2 3D, and that's mostly because it was just an excellent concert.

Timothy on Feb 1, 2009


Ditto Timothy!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 1, 2009


Oh, live a little. The spot was fun. Come on, how many times do you get to see a 3D film in your house? The color was washed out, but I'm sure Dreamworks will have fixed this for the theatrical release. (They had to make it work for the TV.) And @4 - what's interesting about this particular 3d technique is that it's watchable in 2d - they haven't washed out the colors much. So you should be able to see Chuck.

DogChasingCars on Feb 1, 2009


I can understand being...frustrated maybe? But being downright mad is dumb. I know that this 3D stuff SEEMS like a phase, but is it really? The NFL game broadcast in 3D has been getting a ton of good reviews. Movies in 3D are also gaining speed as well. Bloody Valentine has been getting decent reviews. I am about the only one thinking that the 3D is going to be a good thing. Who cares if its a gimmick, its going to help make money. And in this economic crisis, isn't that what this is really all about?

Andy Adair on Feb 1, 2009


Well, I for one think this may be a good addition to the list of 3D Dreamworks films considering how most of them tend to shamelessly try to clone most of the ones we get from Pixar[which are usually not just much better but actually worth seeing]. Most of the films I have seen from Pixar were winners in my opinion. Most of the films I have seen from Dreamworks[other than Shrek aka "Our only 'quality' film that we know we can redo/rehash and make millions from just because of the success of the first one" -_-] have felt like wannabe Pixar clones that were overly populated with "Star-Power" to do nothing more than make up for the fact that they were not only unoriginal but didn't even at least have a decent story behind it either. Robots got a thumbs up from me. Kung-Fu Panda got a thumbs up from me. The rest...meh. I do have high hopes for Monsters vs Aliens, though. It looks like it was made by Pixar and not just cloned from one of their films. Looks funny too and lol at the Monster chick "rollerskating" on cars. 😛 I'm sure this will turn out to be that 3rd 3D movie that Dreamworks actually does well. I'm puling for it and could honestly give a damn about the next 5 Shrek movies I'm sure we are bound to see.

CoryCow on Feb 1, 2009


fuck!!!! i cant watch it!!

A.B on Feb 2, 2009


solo USA ????????????? :burp: :burp:

Sara on Feb 2, 2009


Who cares about 3D? It just looks like a BAD MOVIE.

Fuelbot on Feb 2, 2009


I don't think the movie looks bad, but the 3d was more of a hindrance in coming to that conclusion. The first time watching it on TV I kept trying to figure out how to wear the 3d glasses over my prescription glasses. Trailer B looks much better.

joe on Feb 2, 2009


I am truly excited about this movie.

Fisherr on Feb 2, 2009


I agree with you Andy. But I thought this was an awful idea for two reasons: 1. People who haven't seen a 3D movie yet still think they use those cheap glasses. 2. TVS ARE NOT MEANT FOR 3D....yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they shot themselves in the foot with this one.

Ryan on Feb 2, 2009

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