Dump Truck-Sized Scorpions Coming in Clash of the Titans!

September 1, 2009
Source: MTV

Scorpions - Clash of the Titans

I'm a die-hard Clash of the Titans fan and have been covering the upcoming remaking closely, mainly because I think it'll kick ass. They've been shooting for a few months in England but we haven't heard much recently, most likely because they've got a tight lid on it. However, MTV interviewed Sam Worthington on the set recently and got this juicy little tidbit out of him. "What these guys and Louis [Leterrier] have set out to do is raise the richter [scale] to 11, in the sense of, the scorpions are the size of dump trucks, Medusa is a lot quicker and a lot more scarier, and the whole world itself is… big and epic in scope." Sounds awesome!

In the original 1981 Clash of the Titans, Perseus battles some "giant" scorpions (seen above) after he defeats Medusa and collects her head. Not only does this confirm that they seem to be following the original closely, but this is just awesome to hear! Worthington must have recently shot scenes involving Medusa which is why all of that was fresh on his mind. Those following this really closely may remember seeing paparazzi set photos of a giant scorpion back in July - you can see the photo here. That one looks dead, but it at least gives us a sense of the size and design of them. Damn I can't wait for this, it sounds better the more we hear!

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To be honest, Clash of the Titans is one of the worst films in cinema history.

Movieraider321 on Sep 1, 2009


@1-That's impossible cause I've already given that title to several other movies. And it was also made in 1981, so how about cutting them some slack instead of being a dick.

CLZ on Sep 1, 2009


I so wanted Clash of the titans (the original) to be good, even as I a kid it was hard to convince myself that the film really did stink except for the Ray Harryhausen animated sequences. If there ever was a film that needed a good overhaul this is it.

TediusTed on Sep 1, 2009


#1 is a noob

OCP on Sep 1, 2009


Ok #1... Anyway, love it. Bring on the new and improved Kraken as well. Make harryhausen proud!!

SUPER X II on Sep 1, 2009


that sounds pretty big lol. what is this transformers?

cat on Sep 1, 2009


Louis Letterier is a great action director. Sam worthington is awesome. Ralph Fiennes & Liam Neeson are brilliant actors. Only problem is that the script was rewritten by catwoman and terminator 3 guys. Also, this movie feels rushed. They are still shooting the damn movie. Then they will edit it and work on visual effects which will take time. I hope for the best though. I am looking forward to this and percy jackson another greek myth based movie. Although that seems to be set in a real world which director describes as an Indiana Jones-meets-Greek-mythology movie. I have been keeping upto date on both films and both seem like will deliver in different ways. Percy Jackson seems to be more for the family and kids with some nice action scenes and cool vfx.

JoJo on Sep 1, 2009


while clash of titans will cater to older audience. But I have heard clash of titans might be pg-13 not r rated as the earlier scripts were because wb doesn't want another watchmen flop.

JoJo on Sep 1, 2009


"A lot more scarier." English FAIL.

Gill on Sep 1, 2009


HA! Nice Alex...Also #7 you say the film feels rushed yet you complain about how there still shooting the movie and how it will take time to tell me how the hell does it feel rushed again? The whole first half of your post is pointless drivel....this is gonna be awesome.

Cody on Sep 1, 2009


They'd Better Be!

Nick Sears on Sep 1, 2009


I love these movies. Roman/Greek mythology. I like the red mohawks on the helms and the man-skirts the soldiers wear. cool stuff.

Jordan on Sep 1, 2009


#1 is right when this comes out.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 1, 2009


I loved the old Clash of the Titans, and I'm excited to see what they're doing with this one.

Sabes on Sep 1, 2009


I cannot wait for this movie. I loved the original.

Ryan on Sep 2, 2009


looks like a Giant Radscorpion

TCox on Sep 2, 2009


This could either turn out to be EPIC or an EPIC FAIL. The original was indeed EPIC. I'm curious in how Medusa will look...

PG on Sep 2, 2009


I want a Krull remake!

clippers350 on Sep 2, 2009


This is going to be a killer movie. The original was a classic. Can't wait.

Vold on Sep 2, 2009


This is going to be an awesome movie. Greek mythology FTW. Also.... People who post shit like #1 did should be erased, esp. if there the first on the list, because it doesn't do anything but attract hateful retaliation. Like this for example: GO DIE IN A FIRE....Number 1. But then again, you know what they say about opinions.

Fubar on Sep 2, 2009


@18, Krull remake? xD That was one of those movies I thought was so cool when I was little, and then I grew up and realized how bad it was.

Sabes on Sep 2, 2009


I want to see Sam Worthington in this movie, he always rock! just like he did in Terminator Salvation and will be in Avatar!!!!

George on Sep 2, 2009


Sounds good. As long as the next news isn't that they are going to make this 3-D. Fuck that shit.

snickers on Sep 3, 2009

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