Duncan Jones Wants to Make a Blade Runner-Like Sci-Fi Mystery Next

April 14, 2009
Source: Popular Mechanics

Duncan Jones

Most of you haven't seen the brilliant sci-fi film Moon yet, but once you do, I know you'll all want to see more from Duncan Jones. Although he is only now just breaking into feature filmmaking, after directing commercials for a British ad agency, he's already on his way to becoming one of the next big things. So as is always the case, we've got to know what's next for Duncan Jones. Well, thankfully Popular Mechanics has an interview (there are major spoilers in that interview - so do not read it unless you've seen Moon) with Jones where he talks about a project he's got in the pipeline coming up. Fortunately, it's another sci-fi film.

"It looks like I'm going to be doing another science-fiction film next. I love Blade Runner, it's one of my favorite films, and I've always been really… depressed that there was never—not a sequel, because I don't think it's right to make a sequel about Blade Runner, but no one's really tried to make a film which was set in the same kind of world or had that same kind of feel. So that's what I'm doing, a big-city mystery story that takes place in a future Berlin."

It's a little hard to tell from the trailer, which is all that most people have seen of Moon so far, but I would say Jones is definitely the perfect director to take on a full fledged big-city sci-fi feature like Blade Runner. You'll be amazed at what he's able to achieve on the budget he had for Moon - it's truly spectacular. If you need any more convincing, let Jones tell you himself: "I had three people I wanted to watch it: Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam and Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman and Terry Gilliam have both watched it and loved it, so now I'm just waiting for Ridley Scott, which is the big one for me." I expect Ridley Scott will say the same.

Moon hits theaters on June 12th this summer. You won't want to miss seeing it on the big screen, as it's one of those sci-fi films that looks wonderful in theaters. We'll hear a lot more from Duncan Jones in June.

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Great news! Very excited about Moon and I'm glad that Jones will be sticking with the genre.

Mathieu on Apr 14, 2009


i too am looking forward to the moon... always have been a fan of the creepy sci fi (2001 Space Odyssey, Even horizon) there hasn't been enough good sci fi movies lately

Janny on Apr 14, 2009


Moon looks cool and all, but I'm a little tired of the solitude-in-space-makes-you-crazy story device. It still looks cool, though. Hopefully Duncan Jones turns out to be a Kubrick. It's a little early to say, but damnit, I want another Kubrick! However, the neo-Blade Runner story device has been done to death, too. And if he's citing Ridley Scott as an influence, well he's already gone into Alien territory, next Blade Runner territory.

Greedo the Rodian on Apr 14, 2009



x-wing on Apr 14, 2009


@3 Another Kubrick? May I suggest David Fincher?

Tristan on Apr 14, 2009


#5 Yes. Although Fincher is very Kubrickian anyway... Going back to the comment of Blade Runner's story device being overdone, I don't think so. The look has been aped frequently in the last 25 years, certainly, but the content? Not so much. A new film as philosophical, meditative and atmospheric as Blade Runner would definitely be welcome.

Mathieu on Apr 14, 2009


Is moon a wide release or limited?

Scott McHenry on Apr 14, 2009


From the trailer Moon looks amazing, so I wish the best of luck to Jones. He's shaping up to be a very promising director, indeed. 🙂

Daniel on Apr 14, 2009


I'd say Fincher meets Ridley Scott....I see more Scott in Moon than I see Fincher....

Christopher M on Apr 15, 2009


yes please!

Johnny Neat on Apr 15, 2009


It's a pity Moon will be a limited release. I doubt it will get a cinema run down here in Australia. However, it will be on DVD in around 3-6 months - so I can't wait.

Jonny Diamond on Apr 15, 2009


It looks like a unique movie placing an briliant idea.

Fisherr on Apr 15, 2009


He should do the sequel for man looking southeast with Ernesto Subiela, not the Kpax bollix but the real thing and shot in Buenos Aires too. I hope he works with Alexandro Jodorowsky, Raoul Ruiz, Kenneth Anger and the Brothers Quay.

ThomasJeromeNewton on May 2, 2009


moon trailer looks awesome. cant wait till june

travolta on May 11, 2009

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