Early Basic Plot Details Revealed for Chris Nolan's Inception

August 25, 2009
Source: In Contention

Inception Logo

Your mind is the scene of the crime. Up until this point we haven't known anything at all about the plot of Christopher Nolan's new action movie Inception, besides that it's sci-fi and "set within the architecture of the mind." The first teaser trailer hit yesterday morning but still left everyone with questions, as it was short and very vague, which is exactly what I like to see. However, our friend Kris Tapley at In Contention has revealed some actual plot details for Inception that come directly from the screenplay. I'm personally a big stickler about not ruining the experience of a movie, so I've pulled only the spoiler-free parts of his article.

So what is Inception about? Dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, a "CEO-type" of a company that has designed a way to enter people's dreams. He is also somewhat of a criminal, using that ability to extract and implant information. Ellen Page plays a college student studying in Paris who is a part of his team (along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy). This team "creates" the dreams and Page is an architect or engineer of them. The way the enter the dreams is through an injection (not a machine) and the technology can be transported in a suitcase, which means they can do it almost anywhere (which should be cool).

Cillian Murphy plays a businessman who is soon going to become the head of a company. Cobb wants to insert "an idea into Fischer’s mind to compel him to separate the company into two smaller companies." That gives you a sense of the kind of power they have - which is why this is such an intriguing concept. The other big key character is Ken Watanabe, who is blackmailing Cobb. Beyond that, and to stay out of spoiler territory, we're not really sure what his involvement or motive is, but he is the closest to a villain in the movie. Additionally, Marion Cotillard plays Cobb's wife, who causes some trouble, which we won't get into.

That's all I think anyone needs to know going into this. Much like The Prestige, another one of Nolan's brilliant movies, I went into it knowing nothing about the plot and was glued to my seat the entire time because it takes so many twists and turns over time and I loved trying to figure it out as it played out. My hope is to do the same with Inception. I know some big spoilers will probably start popping up, but for your own sake and for Christopher Nolan's sake, I really hope you don't read them. All great movies like this are truly best experienced when you don't know much about the plot besides the basic premise. Sound good?

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Damn Chris is about to do it again!!! I hope it catapults everyone "who needs it" careers!!

JEFFREY on Aug 25, 2009


Good call on not spoiling Alex..much appreciated!!

JEFFREY on Aug 25, 2009


this already sounds much more interesting then other things that have come out this year, I'm a Nolan fan since the beginning, I even like Insomnia, and have faith in Christopher Nolan to do what he does best, craft a film that is entertaining and thought provoking. A heartfelt thanks to the crew here for no spoilers, i'm glad to hear that there are people running sites that are as excited about the surpirse as those who read the articles.

thedarkness on Aug 25, 2009


You're an absolute gentleman for not spoiling this movie and this is the last piece that I will be looking at on this movie! The Dark Knight trailer was sickening as we all knew the twist where Gary Oldman's character wasn't dead at all... Def not looking at the full trailer for this, or any other trailer in the future for that matter!!

Kenco on Aug 25, 2009


These details have actually been floating around the web for a couple of months now. Very interesting nonetheless.

SlashBeast on Aug 25, 2009


It really sounds a lot like the 2006 Japanese hit film Paprika.

SS on Aug 25, 2009


#6 they are in talks to make a live action version of PAPRIKA.

esophus on Aug 25, 2009


I'm one of those people who never reads scripts or script reviews online - I like to go to a movie completely 'innocent' if you know what I mean. The teaser for this didn't do that much for me, though, so I was anxious to learn more. Sounds much, much better than I was expecting. Little dash of Dreamscape, a pinch of Total Recall, a twist of William Gibson... should be fun! I like the idea of the 'team' aspect in particular. Am I alone on that one?

Mathieu on Aug 25, 2009


Not reading it, SPOILERS!!

L1A on Aug 25, 2009


yep Paprika

DoomCanoe on Aug 25, 2009


oh you mean like Paprika? yea original movies are cool too...

tyler on Aug 25, 2009


lol this is exactly paprika... but nevertheless its still a very cool concept and i'm sure nolan will add his own twists into it

whoknows on Aug 25, 2009


crazy plot

Sgt. Pepper on Aug 25, 2009


Sounds overly complicated.

germs on Aug 25, 2009


I'm amazed that everyone is coming out and naming a movie that I thought no one had even really seen... But #12 kind of got it right - it's Nolan - it'll be nothing like that and will have its own distinct and different take to the idea of entering dreams.

Alex Billington on Aug 26, 2009


Alex, have you seen one of the films I mentioned, Dreamscape? I believe that pre-dates Paprika, both the novel and the film (although I may be wrong). Of course, there's no harm in revisiting an existing idea from a different angle/sensibility, getting a new perspective on it and seeing it through the eyes of a different artist.

Mathieu on Aug 26, 2009


Here's the Dreamscape trailer. The plot device isn't technological, and it's a university research team clashing with government/military officials rather than big business, if memory serves, but it's the exact same principal. Inserting people into other's dreams, manipulating them to their own ends, extracting important/sensitive information, etc. Worth tracking down if you get the chance:

Mathieu on Aug 26, 2009


Interesting. Technically, everyone in this movie is a villain, accept for the guy Cillian Murphy is far as we know...

S on Aug 26, 2009


@ 15 Dont act so smug bout seeing Paprika all the cool people've seen it :p

:) on Aug 26, 2009


that and tekkonkinkreet and metropolis (2001)

:) on Aug 26, 2009


oh and The Cell of course, duh

:) on Aug 26, 2009


Yeah I saw Paprika only cause of this site. I dont care if they reuse this plot a million times, dreams are never in short supply.

BVDR on Aug 26, 2009


@16/17 - Yeah, I was thinking 1984's Dreamscape, too.

snickers on Aug 26, 2009


what about "Eternal Sunshine..."

Nate on Aug 27, 2009


@ 24 That was about memories, not dreams.

SlashBeast on Aug 27, 2009


I'm sorry-- actually I'm not: This sounds about as exciting as last year, when the publishing company I work for swallowed up a news network. Oh, my God-- it's MERGER: THE MOVIE. Now with extra-bonus Matrix kung-fu fighting! Let me be the first to say... YAWN.

Nemo on Aug 28, 2009


#26 - Nemo Eat a fat cock. You suck.

SlashBeast on Sep 29, 2009

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