Early Hints of What to Expect in Rodriguez's Predators

April 29, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News


Just a week ago we brought you word that Robert Rodriguez would officially be rebooting the Predator franchise with a new film called Predators. The pitch was simple: "In the reboot a team of commandos face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters." Since everyone wanted to know more about it, Harry at Ain't It Cool News tracked down Rodriguez and got him to answer a few questions. His answers were sent it last week, but I thought they'd still be worth mentioning since I haven't brought them up yet. Importantly, Rodriguez explains that this is simply Fox taking an interest in treatment that he wrote 15 years ago.

"With a nod toward Cameron's Aliens I decided to call it Predators. I set it on a jungle-like Predator planet." It wasn't until recently that Fox found the treatment and gave him a call. Now they've started some early development, however it looks like they're going to bring in a new writer and director to take over the reigns, so that Rodriguez won't have to do it all on his own. However, the project will still be produced at Troublemaker Studios in Austin, so that he "can feel free to walk to the Predators soundstage, pick up a camera and co-shoot the coolest scenes." As for a hint at what Rodriguez wants to do with the franchise…

"What I'd like to do with it is expand on ideas I dreamt up back in the original treatment, that had really expanded on the universe both the Predators and other species live in. We'd create new otherworldly characters while not taking away from the draw our main Predator has. I think another reason I called it Predators was to mark it as a project that should be taken seriously by a filmmaker to make a worthy follow up to a classic, much in the way Cameron made Aliens a compelling work on its own, following Ridley Scott's Alien."

That's all we'll get for now, especially considering Rodriguez isn't sure whether they'll go in a different direction or stick with what he has in his treatment. I'm worried that Fox will take this down the wrong path, but I think with Rodriguez involved, he'll make sure it doesn't get screwed over. I like his idea so far and I'm honestly more happy to see the Predator franchise rebooted than restarted, as there's no need for another sequel. It'll be cool to see them expand upon what we've seen. While I can complain all day about how their is no more originality, I'm actually kind of excited to see Fox interested in bringing back both Alien and Predator. As long as they're not fighting against each other, I think we'll be fine.

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Sounds promising, at least it sounds better than a "re-telling" or "re-imagining" or some other such made-up word that Hollywood are using these days.

Big John on Apr 29, 2009


The first Predator Movie is one of those films that don't really age. It's also one of those films (Along with Aliens, The Thing & Superman the Movie) that I MUST watch on a regular basis, Like once every 3 or 4 months. I really do hope that they come up with somthing original and not a re-imagining of an already told story. Lets just wait and see.

Dougie Rankin on Apr 29, 2009


I have faith in RR he has good Visions of exactly what he wants his films to feel like and I think that this ( If all goes accordingly and Fox doesn't MURDER the Production) will be a very good Predator Sequel. I know I have been waiting for a Good squeal since the First one came out.

Ripper on Apr 29, 2009


I agree with #2, every now and again I whip out the predator dvd for a look, and I never get tired of it!! be it from the uber testoserone scene with "dillion, you muthafucka!!" to mac chasing after predator, a top top film!!! I think RR will do a great job and if he can somehow get little richards song in there somewhere, it will do for me.

cregso on Apr 29, 2009


If you wanted to be really creative you could "tie" the new alien movie and predator movie together. In the alien movie you have a super elite team of commandos (futuristic Navy SEALS or something) that get sent to investigate a planet where they are doing some sort of research and the company has lost contact with them. Turns out they have been trying to create a "super alien" that they can control. You could really have some fun with the fact that the aliens take on some of the characteristics if their host. Crazy battle scenes ensue and only a few of the commandos servive, maybe a scientist or two as well. They go into hypersleep and travel back to earth. Then, the predator movie starts. Turns out the predators were monitoring the research the humans were doing on the aliens, saw the commandos kick some alien ass and decide that they would make fun prey. The predators divert the ship to some special remote planet where they bring a bunch of different creatures so they can have some huge ritualistic safari like hunt. So the humans have to work together with some of the other aliens, and fight against others, in order to survive the hunt. The last person standing is one of the commandos and you could have the end with the predators essentially inviting him to join their ranks. Could be interested. Will never happen.

S on Apr 29, 2009


Yeah wow 5, wasnt diggin it at all until the 2nd paragraph, That is a really awesome ass idea but yeah it'll never happen. But FOX could be a problem.

Cody on Apr 29, 2009


Hopefully he doesn't screw with the actual Predator design too much. Otherwise, as long as it isin't rated PG-13... it's friggin' Predators man!! They f*$k stuff up!!

bozoconnors on Apr 29, 2009


I have been waiting for a new Predator movie since I first saw Predator 2 and this idea of more Predators and going to one of their worlds is perfect. I am a little worried that it is Fox doing this but I have a lot of faith in Rodriguez and I really do hope they stick with his idea. I just hope the humans don't have insane laser weapons and crazy technology because that wouldn't make it as scary if we have technology to almost match the Predators. I'm interested in knowing what time frame it takes place in.

Dan W on Apr 29, 2009


# 5 - you should work with RR on this I say!!! Awesome F**king idea there. If only I had the cash and power...that'l be the way for sure. I'd even beg John Mctiernan and James Cameron to help!!

Dan on Apr 29, 2009


#5 if i had a million bucks i'd pitch it over to ya in a second to get that thing up and running.

Nick S. on Apr 29, 2009


Fox is going to screw this up and seriously? Predators? Rodriquez should admit he just was too stupid to come up with a better title following Cameron with Aliens. An s!!! Of coursE!!!

Hey Ya on Apr 29, 2009


Oh...and anyone reading #5 just means you have no knowledge of the expanded universe. It's the plot of two comic sets.

Hey Ya on Apr 29, 2009


Jungle-like Predator Planet... now that's more like it, I don't wanna see a re-make but it looks like this is gonna be some kick ass sci-fi future marine ass kicking movie. I like the sound of it now.

Richard on Apr 29, 2009


I hope that Rodriguez doesn't take the movie.

Fisherr on Apr 29, 2009


#12 Never read any of the Alien and Predator comics or books but if they are like that then they should use those as source material. Sure those are much more fleshed out reasonable than my espresso fueled idea.

S on Apr 29, 2009


kudos #5 the two very first sentences made me wanna puke but than you really got me attached to the plot really good idea has potential to be a great story so there is gonna be another predator movie pls dont make it like what you have done AvP and AvP:R the Predator and even Predator 2 are really top notch films that need to be saluted and can be watched times and times over without getting boring if rodrigez can pull of another Faculty up his sleeve this may be another great watch 😀 cheers 😀

burak "daequitas" on Apr 30, 2009


#5 The last thing the Aliens franchise needs is another SUPER DUPER alien that has the characteristics of the host it popped out of. I honestly think that would get mangled and turned into the shit we saw in AvP2, and Aliens 4. Just keep it simple - Marines, Alien queen, maybe some new type of generic alien. I think a focus on tactics and action instead of the whole survival thing from Aliens would be a good way to run with the idea. Great idea for number two though, kind of. I don't like the banding together with other aliens to fight the preds.

Adam on Apr 30, 2009


@5 Wicked idea! too long for one movie but hell making two movies out of this, whats wrong with that.

Dating in Toronto on May 29, 2009


#5, already been done in a book. AVP: Hunter's Planets I believe was the title. An ex company man sets up a hunters paradise on a remote planets where he brings in various other alien creatures for the rich to come down and hunt. Also he had a factory of sorts used to bioengineer smart aliens (xenos) capable of wielding weapons and taking orders. Ofcourse stuff goes wrong, predators show up to hunt the hunters and get into it with the new type of aliens. This is one of the trilogies with Machiko Naguchi and yes would make an awesome set of movies. Actually alot of the novels would make great movies if done right. But an original idea would be better and the predators homeworld is what alot of us have been waiting for. Fox, take a backseat and let the magicians do their work please. You'll still get paid...

Bryan on Oct 21, 2009


I know most people hated the AVP's and yes they totally shafted the story, more so in the first AVP but you cant deny how badass the Wolf Predator in AVP-R was. Its too bad they didnt show more of his badassness and have such a decorated warrior be alot more cunning and tough. Cheap way to end the movie though. As awesome as the predators are supposed to be, they need to stop dying like chumps, or dying at all.

Bryan on Oct 21, 2009

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