Early Scream 4 Writer and Story Details Creep Out

January 13, 2009
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Scream Mask

Confirmation of another installment to the Scream franchise (aka Scream 4) first came our way last summer. My dislike for the Dimension Films' project has grown today, considering a few possibilities that escaped onto the web, thanks to Bloody-Disgusting. The biggest point of mental upset is that the third sequel will attempt to reboot the franchise using a younger cast. My brain churns and groans at the thought of a glossy teen take with the likes of Chace Crawford. He immediately comes to mind, maybe because he stepped into scares last year with The Haunting of Molly Hartley. Can this really be any good?

BD also mentions that scribe Kevin Williamson (writer of the first two films in the series) will pen the first draft of the story, and that Wes Craven may, in fact, direct, or at least be a part of the production. Craven helmed all three previous films, but I think that most would agree the storyline lost its muster with the last one in 2000. These two details do nothing to assuage my lack of interest in the sequel, but I am intrigued that the studio is courting David Arquette, Courtney Cox (Arquette) and Neve Campbell for cameos. If original characters return, does that mean the original storyline will continue? No word on that exactly.

The last film (Scream 3) seemed to tie off a lot of loose ends, with Sidney (Campbell) killing her half-brother Roman, who, through twists and turns of the story, had a hand in the (iconic) inciting murder of the first film. As for new details on this sequel, this is all pretty soft. The "younger direction," however, might have enough weight to get some fans excited or officially turn others off. Which does this do for you?

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Never seen the Scream movies. Maybe I'll get on that and then form an opinion.

-Peter- on Jan 13, 2009


I would agree with you Kevin, if they cast a younger cast, I am out. Don't reinvent something that is a semi success. Just add Dewey and the folks back into the mix. "I told you not to interrupt me while I was vacuuming"

Atomic Popcorn on Jan 13, 2009


This does not need to be made.

KyB on Jan 13, 2009


When the last Scream 4 posting was put up, I made a comment on a plausible storyline that I thought was perfect and be provide intrigue. I remember when the Scream movies were first released there was a young man who killed his family or attempted to kill them and placed all the blame on the Scream films. My idea is similar to that situation. Here it goes... There is/are a person/people who were so obsessed with the Scream films that they decide to mirror the movies in their own lives by stalking, taunting, and killing the people they know who resemble characters from the movies using the same techniques (ghost-face costume, voice-changer, phone calls, etc.) Maybe the victims even have similar names and the killer is somewhat like a copycat. It becomes well known that the killer is imitating the Scream films as security cameras have spotted the killer in costume and phone calls made from blocked numbers have been made prior to the killings. At each crime scene, a note is left behind threatening the life of one of the original cast members (Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, etc.), leading the original cast to come together about halfway through the film in some form of protective custody while everything is in the process of getting solved and officials are hot on the killer's trail. In the end, the killer(s) closes in on the group exposing himself/herself in an explosive finale. It would be easy to get Courtney Cox and David Arquette as a packaged deal because they are married and Wes Craven would be used to this type of directing because he already did it with "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" when he directed the actors playing themselves after originally playing character actors in his previous films. I think this would be a believeable, scary, fresh storyline that people would like and actually accept as a legitimate sequel/reboot with the original cast. Anyone agree?

Matt Smith on Jan 13, 2009


GUH! How much are they going to squeeze out of this franchise?? Please don't make this. Put your time/energy/money into something ... I donno... New and fresh?

Nick Sears on Jan 13, 2009


It's underway at this leaked site: Synopsis Sydney returns as a struggling actress in the Scream installment that will reveal what REALLY took place over the last three films. Each of the "murderers" were just pawns in someone's larger, selfish plan. Sidney is now verging on mental instability from the years of death and violence that has surrounded her, and she trusts no one. Her only outlets include her acting guild, her soap job, and a part-time job at an upscale bar/lounge. One by one, her friends and acquaintances end up murdered. But she keeps to herself and has figuratively become dead to the world. Those who don't know her think she's crazy; those who do know of her past also think she's going crazy. Conversely, Gale Weathers has seen her own career skyrocket over the past years. She's now one of L.A.'s top investigative reporters. And Dewey is now one of L.A.'s top cops. They're both busy planning their wedding. The Ghost reappears, but Sidney is the only one to see him. Is she going crazy, or is someone playing with her mind? Sydney, Gale, and Dewey will team up once again. But his time, it's unlikely any of them will make it out alive.

J.D. on Jan 13, 2009


That seems a bit hard to believe #6. At the very least, that site was last updated in May 07, and the news we have presently certainly doesn't put Sydney as the main character.

kevin on Jan 13, 2009


HORRIBLE idea #6. That idea would never be funded by any production company, including Weinstein. It's even worse than Scream 3. Mine is way better.

Matt Smith on Jan 13, 2009


@5 I agree. But I don't know if you have noticed a trend in media in general lately. Everything either is a outright remake or has its style based on previous generations. Music, fashion, movies.. you name it, only a handful of groups (Pixar springs to mind) are putting out totally original material. We have reached a point where most 'new' ideas either total drivel or something recycled (or sometimes both). Transformers is taken from old TV show. Terminator is a sequel. Defiance is based on a real life story, and shows small similarities to Schindler's List. You would be hard pressed to come up with enough examples of recent, totally original movies (that didn't suck) to run out of fingers to count them with. Lets just hope this doesn't turn out to be both recycled and terrible. But personaly I won't be holding my breath on that one.

Web Based Training on Jan 13, 2009


Basically I want to tell whoever wrote this......DONT FUCKING DO IT!!! The movies died long ago just leave it alone....thank you

My name is Pat on Jan 13, 2009


#4 - speaking of HORRIBLE ideas, re-read your post. That pretty much sounds like a re-hash of wes' new nightmare. Actors playing themselves in a movie = lame. I'm not so convinced that rebooting is such a bad thing. The third film tied up a lot of loose ends with that story arc, so perhaps the fourth film could focus on a new crop of characters. Old cast members could return in cameos in order to give the film some sort of connection with the first trilogy.

Boo-Yah on Jan 13, 2009


yawn.......I agree with #3.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jan 13, 2009


Just let someone who is obsessed with the STAB-movies go after Sidney. There you have 90minutes of film. And I would watch it just too see the characters once more. Or have Billy Loomis or whoever return in some way. Putting in a new young crowd, I would pass.

ryderup on Jan 13, 2009


#11, you obviously haven't seen Scream 3 or any of the other Scream movies for that matter. There were no loose ends to tie up and Scream 3 was an absolute joke. I like #4's idea. It uses the actual Scream movies instead of making up the "Stab" idea, it brings it into reality. Kudos #4

Tha Critic on Jan 13, 2009


Scream 4 vs. Saw 6 Looks like the horror franchise is limited to it's movies they want to release. Or is continuations the new thing for Hollywood.

The_Phantom on Jan 13, 2009


please no. God are we really running out of ideas! come on we want something creative, scream was ok for its time just give it a rest.

Padme on Jan 13, 2009


Craven seems to be desperate for material. There is a "Last House on the Left" reboot coming out soon which he is involved with, and now this "Indiana Jones-esque" sequel to his trilogy. When are we going to get another truly original horror film? Maybe he (Craven) should drive a cab again for a few years and do some drugs.

Cory on Jan 13, 2009


I just SCREAM! lol my favorite movie ! I'm waiting scream 4

EffectsOfHumanGrowthHormone on Jan 13, 2009


First i was like NOOOO! Now im like PLEASE NOOOOOO!

Ray on Jan 13, 2009


#4, isn't that the same plot as NEW NIGHTMARE? I love SCREAM, but having the old cast as just cameos really kills my intrest and replacing them with new people.

Ryan on Jan 13, 2009


Rehashed Rehashed. Enough already.

bret on Jan 13, 2009


ok bring back Stu for revenge he had his head crushed by a tv because every killer has that one last scare and stu didn't so come on. And I he was in the background of a scream 2 or 3 can't remember so take it back all the way to the numero uno. Don't make it him so slap sticky like his character was in Scream 1 but make have the scars from the tv fallen on him. Or have the father be the killer. but thats just me...I would prefer a older cast with a few younger scattered around so the killer can just pick them off one by one.

maxxx on Jan 14, 2009


#14 - I OWN all 3 Scream movies on DVD actually and count Scream as one of my favorite horror movies. I'm very well-versed in the Scream universe. If you actually read my post correctly, I stated that the third Scream already tied up all the loose ends and would be a fitting end to the story arc of Sidney and the other characters from Woodsboro. It wouldn't be unreasonable to reboot the franchise with a new cast of characters who may or may not have some connection to the old cast. The idea offered by #4 is a simple re-hash of 'new nightmare' which more than one person has already pointed out in these comments. Plus we've already seen the 'making-a-movie-in-a-movie thing' in Scream 3 (wait, how'd I know about that plot line since I've apparently never seen the movie...)

Boo-Yah on Jan 14, 2009


Yes, my idea is a simple re-hash similar to New Nightmare, however, wasn't New Nightmare the second best of the series next to the original? All of the sequels got tired as hell and then they made a film that was scary again and original instead of a play on the old sequels. It successfully brought it back to the roots of the story while still being fresh and scary. i don't think anyone wants to see a remake of the original Scream just yet because that movie was too good. Plus, it doesn't necessarily have to be a movie-in-a-movie, it just has to bring back to original characters from the original films. At least Scream is more reality-based than New Nightmare was and can actually happen, which I think makes it even scarier. if they were to do a 4th sequel with the original storyline, I think the series would be even more tired than Scream 3 made it. I still agree with my premise idea (#4) for the 4th Scream film.

Matt Smith on Jan 14, 2009


I reall hope they are not gonna turn this sequel into a torture porn type horror movie... b/c even tho SCREAM in 1996 was gore tastic with scene one, the series never really explored the killings in an orgasmic manner. I hope they don't kill off Sidney, b/c IT IS EXPECTED. I'd like to see an ADULT Horror movie, go back to the slasher/ thriller vibe. OR.... why not just a reboot that ignores 3...

RyRy on Mar 25, 2009


To Matt Smith

wahl on Apr 21, 2009


To Idea 4, I think that is an absolutely horrible idea for the next Scream movie. I personally think the original actors would be awesome simply being the main characters, and if that doesn't happen, I will be kind of turned off to the movie. I did not think the 3rd Scream movie tired out the series. Scream is that kind of movie that is scary, but it is also hilarious. It points out all of the stupid things that people do in scary movies, and the 3rd one was probably the funniest. I kinda fell in love with those characters, and I think Kevin Williamson could do a good job of making the story fresh while bringing back the best things about the early movies. I'm sorry, but your storyline seems more like it would make a good "Stab" movie inside the new movie, because it is pretty cheesy... To Idea 6, That is pretty much the storyline of the Scream 3 if you actually pay attention to it... And if you watch the end of Scream 3 Sidney is NOT afraid anymore. The story would have to be more along the lines of her being shocked back to realizing that she is not done with this nightmare. Randy would have to have some journal or something with rules about a fourth movie, Dewey and Gale would have to have some issues with their marriage (well they wouldn't have to, but I'm sure they would), and it would HAVE to tie back to the originals, because a copycat killer would be lazy. It would be tough to do this, but if that is what they did then I would love the movie guaranteed. Idea 25... Easily the single worst idea I have ever heard in my life... The idea is to capture old Scream fans while bringing in new ones. To do that the story has to be similar to the old ones (the satire and comedy while still being a legitimate horror flick). That is why I WANT the old cast at least actively involved in the movie. If they aren't in it, I will still watch the movie, but I will be disappointed if it doesn't have the same vibe and at least mention the old characters. 14... I agree with 11 more than I do you, but I would still love to see the old characters. Indiana Jones kind of pulled it off, but Harrison Ford's old age hurt it a little... Neve Cambell and the Arquette's are not young, but they are young enough to be in another movie together. All the Scream movies were awesome, and if they have Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson they could make a good story.

wahl on Apr 21, 2009


Ok so I LOVE the Scream movies, despite the fact that #3 sucked....they are really good movies, and I hope they bring Sydney back. I kno Courtney and David signed back up for the fourth movie. I am sooooooooo excited and hope that the fourth movie surpasses the first three by far! WOO!!

Megan on Jul 19, 2009

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