Eddie Murphy as Richard Pryor in Bill Condon's Biopic

February 26, 2009

Eddie Murphy as Richard Pryor

Ah, Eddie Murphy, can someone please explain how he still has a career? As much as I hate the guy, his best performance in the last 10 years was as James "Thunder" Early in Dreamgirls, which, as we all know, got him an Oscar nomination (that I think he deserved). So in forming an opinion on this news that Murphy will be joining the Richard Pryor biopic called Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?, I'm probably a bit more excited than I should be. The script was written by and the film is being directed by Bill Condon, the same director behind Dreamgirls and the same guy who got that Oscar performance out of him.

According to Entertainment Weekly, where this news comes from, Fox Searchlight is interested in picking up the project. Initially it was setup as a $30 million project, but the budget has since been pushed down to $25 million. No word on what exact elements of Pryor's life this will focus on, but we're sure it will lead right up to his death from multiple sclerosis in 2005. I'm really not sure why, but I've got a feeling this is one of the few Eddie Murphy projects that I'll actually enjoy in the end. Probably because Richard Pryor is one of the greatest comedians of all-time and telling his life story could only mean great things. Thoughts?

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As long as it is not Eddie Murphy comedy or action, it works. Dreamgirls showed he has the talent(his character was lovable on the second or third watch). I am not an Eddie Murphy fan, but I do believe this guy deserve a break - he is a talented actor, as long as he does not do comedy again - especially where he plays almost half of the major characters.

somwerbtwnblungrn on Feb 26, 2009


The year of Richard's death, I remember hearing that Mike epps was suppose to play pryor in his biopic...I wonder what happened with that?

Carlemile on Feb 26, 2009


another comeback?

Al on Feb 26, 2009


Oh mee gosh! Eddie Murphy will be a real role!

Pickle on Feb 26, 2009


One of Eddie Murphy's best stand up bits was a story about Bill Cosby calling him and lecturing him about being a role model for kids and not using cuss words. The story continued on to tell about him calling Richard Pryor and asking what to do. His Pryor impersonation was dead on and hilarious. Granted this was 20-25 year ago, or so and it was Eddie when he was still making brilliant and hilarious films. A friend the other day was talking about hating Eddie Murphy. I told him he was wrong you just need to pretend he didn't make all those horrible films starting around and after The Nutty Professor. Shrek and Dreamgirls being the other exception.

Stevo on Feb 26, 2009

6 Link of the Stand up bit. Brilliant.

Stevo on Feb 26, 2009


I think this is a good role for Murphy. He has a large fanbase and talent, but picks shitty roles to get a big paycheck. I bet the $5M less of the budget all came out of Murphy's salary.

Ryan on Feb 26, 2009


this is what ive been waiting for

allen sharpe on Feb 26, 2009


Finally he can stop picking shit. A return to form. This is the movie he should've made after Dreamgirls instead of Norbit.

Fuelbot on Feb 26, 2009


ugh. Can we let our legends rest. We don't need kids remember Richard Pryor as the version Eddie Murphy played.

Kent on Feb 27, 2009


This is an insult to Richard Pryor, flat out. Fuck Eddie Murphy, he has no place in Hollywood unless he's cleaning toilets.

Voice of Reason on Feb 27, 2009


I don't agree, I think he's the only suitable candidate for this role, I even think Richard wouuld be excited. Eddie was sort of his apprentice, you know...

Henjolo on Feb 27, 2009


^^ Bullshit. Thats what he WAS....who Eddie murphy is now is NOTHING like what he used to be, and he can NEVER recreate or reinvent it. The people dont want it and the people dont care. Live in the now, Henjolo... This role is better suited to an unknown and not somebody who took the reigns Pryor gave them and strangled their own career with. Give me 6 meals in Hollywood and I'll find a waiter better suited for this role than Eddie Murphy.

Voice of Reason on Feb 27, 2009


people need to understand that Eddie Murphy is a fucking beast at what he does!! Yes i am a realest in saying his last bunch of films after Nutty Pro with the exception of (Dreamgirls, Shrek & Norbit) were all crap.. But to say he doesnt deserve to be in the Wood??... Oh Pleeez, lets stop all the drinking b4 noon ppl.. He's the perfect person to play Pryor in this movie & he will hit this movie right on the money.. Grow up & stop criticizing ppl cuz u cant do what they can do!!!

warnpeace21 on Mar 1, 2009


Warnpeace21 you hit it dead on the nose.Yes he may have made a few bad movies after shrek,but to sat Eddie Murphy does not belong in Hollywood is just Retarded. He is and always will be one of the greatest to grace the stage. How many comedians/actors can do what he has,has his creativity,& can impersonate like him?He was Mr.Pryors Protege,& to down talk this man's talent,you should rinse your mouth out with buckshots. E.Murphy is the best fit for this movie. First it was gonna be Mike Epps,don't get me wrong,he has done some funny shit but he can barely do a standup without repeating the lines from his past roles,& he has'nt done shit to deserve such a role.Not doubting him,because I can't do what he does but I honestly don't think he has the Brain Power to commit to such a role. The it was suppose to be Marlon Wayans.PPL MARLON WAYANS???? I don't need to say anything about that. His Name says it all. Stop drinking that haterade & look at reality,If Mr.Pryor was still here the only one he'd want playing this role is Eddie Murphy.

B-Real on Jan 28, 2010

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