Exclusive: Is Neal McDonough Marvel's Captain America?!

February 20, 2009

Is Neal McDonough Marvel's Captain America?!

Yesterday afternoon I interviewed with one of my favorite actors, Neal McDonough, who plays M. Bison in the upcoming Street Fighter movie. As the interview was wrapping up, I asked him about what he's doing next, as part of a question about what he looks for in scripts. And at the last second, he said that, "I think it's time for me to go back to playing some of the really good guys who can get the job done, like Captain America, maybe." I immediately asked him if that was a hint, and his response was even more confusing. It's been on my mind since the interview, and I just had to open this discussion up to all of our readers.

His answer wasn't a definitive yes or a definitive no, so I didn't want to run this news as anything official, but instead as a "what if?" kind of scenario. When you look at the bigger picture, Neal McDonough has starred in a lot of big World War II roles previously ("Band of Brothers", Flags of Our Fathers), which means he's got that experience, since Captain America was a soldier in WWII. Secondly, if you look at the comparison shots above, Neal is a near identical match visually to the Cap from The Ultimates series of comics, which as we know from previous articles, is almost the exact storyline that Marvel is borrowing from for all of its big movies that will eventually marge into The Avengers movie by 2011. So, what if?

To confuse things even more, his answer when asked if that was a hint that he might be Captain America, contained some "who knows?" and "fingers crossed!" kind of dialogue. So, I thought, why not share that part of the interview with our readers, and ask them whether they think McDonough might be the guy for the role and if he would be a good fit or not? Is he too old, too young, too inexperienced? To be honest, he seems like a perfect fit. Wasn't Robert Downey Jr. only still a rising star when he was cast as Tony Stark? He's got the muscle, he's got the acting chops, he's got the looks, maybe this is our Captain America after all?

[flv: 400 300]

So what do you think? Was his response suspicious or just hopeful? And would Neal McDonough be a good fit for Steve Rogers aka Captain America? Or would someone else be a better fit? Your thoughts?

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That could work. Good actor and has the look. I'm sold.

Smiffy1 on Feb 20, 2009


My only major hangup would be his age. He's about 20 years older than WWII-era Cap should be. Then again, they established in 'Hulk' that the super soldier serum could be used to enhance an older man.

Rich on Feb 20, 2009


Okay I like Neal McDonough, and I know I'm probably gonna be one of the few who would like to see him as Captain America. If you notice he seems like he really cares for this character. So here's hoping that he gets his shot.

xerxerxex on Feb 20, 2009


Could work, he looks different enough and has presence

spiffy on Feb 20, 2009


Im sorry but there is no way in hell John cena would play even a slightly good cap, he has no acting skill and he dosent look one bit like cap

Rob on Feb 20, 2009


i'm sold. As long as Tom Rothman isn't involved. i cant wait for the day when fox loses the rights and warners takes it. just sayin on Feb 20, 2009


idk, he has a bad guy face from what ive seen from desperate housewives, idk if ppl would take him as captain america

a-2-da-d on Feb 20, 2009


I don't know about this. He has such a creepy guy vibe to him. He looks much more like a villain than a Captain America. And to be fair, RDJ wasn't really a rising star when Iron Man hit. It was more of a Mickey Rourke type comeback.

Alfredo on Feb 20, 2009


Neal McDonough is a dead-ringer for Captain America. His previous roles have been creepy, suspicious characters (with the exception of his great work in Band of Brothers) but he seems to have an endearing quality to him that would work well for Captain America. I hope the right people notice because he would be an exceptional choice.

Chris on Feb 20, 2009


Wyatt Cain baby! I hope they do the Tin Man series, with EVERYONE returning. 😀 And he would make a perfect Captain America. I have no hang ups about the age thing. Neal is young. YES! YOUNG! Robert Downey Jr did Iron Man at his age, and I think he's older than Neal.

babygirl on Feb 20, 2009


He was absolutely brilliant in BoB, wouldn't mind him playing Captain America.

Hall on Feb 20, 2009


I think Wyatt Cain is better at being the anti-hero type character. Cap has to be a good old boy, boyscout type character. Very black and white. I liked Tin Man a lot until about half-way through the 2nd part when it got all weird. I hated the ending!

Seth on Feb 20, 2009


Robert Downey Jr a "rising star" when he did Iron Man? Are you kidding me? I'd say he was a rising star in Less than Zero...IN 1987 OVER 20 YEARS AGO.

Nick on Feb 20, 2009


i kinda like it. yeah he does have the creepy vibe, mainly because of his eyes i think, but he has a likeable quality to him. i just question his age. how old is he?

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


also i'm sure marvel wouldn't mind cuz i'm sure he won't demand an astronomically high paycheck.

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


completely agree with 12, in no way was downey jr. a "rising star" before iron man, he was more a comeback story than anything, considering he was a big star in the eighties, and already had an oscar nomination and a golden globe win under his belt

jh on Feb 20, 2009


Neal would make an excellent Captain America. He has the background for it (trained for BoB and did martial arts training for SF). He has played good guys in the past and he played them with such emotion and depth. Plus, he's not creepy, his eyes just convey a wide range of emotions, something that not all actors can do.

chamomile on Feb 20, 2009


You know, this might be the role that makes me finally like this guy, because for some reason I never really did, its like hes kind of a robot and never had emotion, other then like rage lol.

Richard on Feb 20, 2009


its either him or Aaron Eckhart, though i think eckhart would be the most definite match! but damn im stocked!

cmedina on Feb 20, 2009


Oh, he SO wants to play Captain America! I think he would nail the role. I think eckhart is a good actor, but McDonough has more of that iconic look and presence to him. My vote's for Neal!

Nick Sears on Feb 20, 2009


Impossible. The guy sucks as an actor, and would be horrible as cap.

Darunia on Feb 20, 2009


And the guy looks weird, he doesn't transmit any sort of "presence" with his looks. If you saw him in the street you would pass by him like you didn't give a shit.

Darunia on Feb 20, 2009


he would have to bulk up to 300 status but i think he would be a good fit

Janny on Feb 20, 2009


I love this guy. He was outstanding in Band of Brothers and he is just one of those actors that makes a movie just a little better if he is in it. He is a big guy and fits the role physically and as far as being endearing do none of you remember his hilarious role in Angels in the Outfield. I love this guy and would love to see him in the marvel universe. I think he is another great actor that can hold his own with greats like Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. He just needs to be given the chance and I think this could be it.

Jordan on Feb 20, 2009


Oh no way. No way in hell. Jon Hamm would be the perfect Captain America... I'm not sure if he's too old though. Jensen Ackles would also be a great choice, IMO.

Starbuckfan on Feb 20, 2009


Let's skip the fact that he's about 20 years too old to play Cap (sorry, but Cap doesn't have a receeding hairline), that he doesn't look like someone who could boss Tony Stark (let alone Thor) around, and that he isn't anywhere near the right physical type, and just put this rumor down based solely on his acting ability. He has been good in many projects, but I've never seen a performance by him that was good enough to lay an entire movie franchise on the line for. If the Cap and Thor movies don't succeed, Marvel's 10 year plan goes down the tubes. Also, if you want to go by The Ultimates, it would be worth noting that he's meant to look like Brad Pitt (they even mention this in the comic during a scene where they discuss who would play them in a movie), even though Brian Hitch doesn't play that up too much.

Pete the Geek on Feb 20, 2009


I can see it, but is Captain America relevant?

Branden on Feb 20, 2009


Sure, why not? M. BISON.

TRAILER- Not BROKEN on Feb 20, 2009


I think that this would be a good cast. As far as him looking too old well they can do wonders with effects now adays. I don't think that he has a creepy vibe. and he has that......i guess the words I'm looking for are that experince about him. You have to remember that Cap fell in some Ice in the Artic and had been frozen since then end of WWII. so yeah i think he would be a dead ringer for the part. I just hope they don't make him fight terrorist. Not that I don't think that that would be total bad ass, but I think the mind set that maninstream america is in right now that it would catch a lot of flack. Hey Cap is a boy scout type. But he has been known to fight very violently for what he believes in and yeah i could see him bossing Tony and they others around. And as far as not having the body build for the part, I'm not sure how many of you saw Christain Bale in a movie called The Machinist, but he was literally skin and bones, I mean knocking on deaths door thin and less than 2 years later was beefed up to be Batman. I think it would be great if like the first part of the movie is done in like a different film type to make it look older and was kinda done like a news bulletin saying that captain americ had gone missing, then a "X many years latter" and then another news report saying that the body of cap had been found perfectly preserved in ice. Some how he gets thawed out and I think he should talk and act like it's still WWII at first then slowly catch up with the times but thats just me.

Eric on Feb 20, 2009


hahaha @ robert downing jr being a rising star

BoBo on Feb 20, 2009


can we please stop with the jensen ackles bull shit. he sucks as an actor. nothing but a pretty boy with no range or presence. the typical CW actor that gets popular because of a stupid tweeny bopping show.

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


Wasn't Robert Downey Jr. only still a rising star when he was cast as Tony Stark? I am confused by this. He was always a STAR. Why do people keep saying this crap. Anywho I vote yes only if this guy can act a little better. He sucks in some of his roles.

Shawn Keim on Feb 20, 2009


Dear God, please let this happen! Neal is the PERFECT choice for Captain America! I really hope that this happens!

Chris @ on Feb 20, 2009


Very good choice that I have never thought about before. He is VERY good on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (yeah, yeah, I'll admit to watching it) and he is supposed to be leaving it soon so he is pretty free. Hope he gets the part, it would be exciting.

Ryan on Feb 20, 2009


This is really the only Captain America rumor that I felt good about. He'll need to bulk up for the role, and with that commanding voice of his I can't wait for AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Chris H. on Feb 20, 2009


Fucking hell Billington way to create your own rumour. There was nothing out there to indicate Neal was in the running for Cap, but you literally suggested it to him in that interview and then took his response and ran with a "What if" fanboy pitch layered as an exclusive? This is how fucking Gossip stories get created. And then you wonder why your fellow online bloggin brethen shit on you. No disrespect, Im sure your a nice guy and its an accomplishment to even have a site like this but you cant run with a non-story like that. If this catching wind on the internets, Devin Faraci is gonna kick your ass again lol.

Wasabi Strak on Feb 20, 2009


if he was younger i'd be on board cannot believe you called rdj a rising star!

fanboy d on Feb 20, 2009


I can see only John Cena as Captain America!!!

Sasha on Feb 20, 2009


An unknow would be the right way to go. Not his guy. We've seen him in to many things to buy in to him being Cap. While watching the movie we'll be like, " Hey this guy was cool in Tin Man. " and miss all the action.

Joshua on Feb 20, 2009


Not John Cena neither. He has too much of a horse face.

Joshua on Feb 20, 2009


Not John Cena either. He has too much of a horse face.

Joshua on Feb 20, 2009


Watch Band of Brothers, you'll see his acting, plus he's got the WWII (boy scout - scott mentioned above)element working for him even more so.

Nick Sears on Feb 20, 2009


I am so glad that Neal wants to do good guy roles again. He was so good in Band of Brothers, and in Tin Man, and I didn't want to see him typecast as a bad guy. I do hope he gets to reprise his role as Wyatt Cain, I really loved that mini-series. I don't really like comic book movies, but if he is cast as Captain America, I will definitely go to see him in that!!!

Lilly on Feb 20, 2009


He looks the part to bad every movie hes in either sucks or fails at the box office. But anythings possible RDJ career was dead but Marvel said what the hell and hired him anyway.

jesse on Feb 20, 2009


I dont think his response suspicious, I think it was just hopeful. However Neal McDonough would be a good choice to play Captain America, he has the look and I think he plays well as a hero ever since I saw him in Tin Man. who cares if he has a creepy vibe.

Said on Feb 20, 2009


no no the last minute they are going to cast Will Smith and his son...

moldybread on Feb 20, 2009


I was thinking about Neal ,being Captain America i think that he will just blend in the character and will portray it in a good picture.A Good match and idea indeed.

Fisherr on Feb 20, 2009


he looks ok, but brad pitt could pull it off

darrin on Feb 20, 2009


The dude is 43 years old. Way too old to be starting a franchise. Mid 30s? Ok. Mid 40s? No way. Downey gets a pass on his age because he was already a star. His was a comeback story that put asses in seats. McDonough doesn't have that sort of pull.

srsly on Feb 20, 2009


darrin, wasn't Pitt rumored to be Thor?

Chris H. on Feb 20, 2009


God it was so sick when Neal McDonough got eaten in Ravenous! i remember that part of the movie every day of my life! and i think he would be able to pull off Cap. America, we would just need a STRONG...well everything else, for him to pull it off. but hey anythings better then Matthew Mcconaughey. i still say make the captain old, make him bald, and make him Bruce Willis! it'll be like giving our country's greatest hero "Jon McLain" super human strength and a shield. in fact Die Hard 5 should be "The Birth of Captain America"

RoarSaysAlex on Feb 20, 2009


Matt Damon would make a perfect Captain America.

Johnson on Feb 20, 2009


Neal McDonough looks too old.

Johnson on Feb 20, 2009


I think Neal would be a great Cap. Where did this John Cena rumor come from? Cena would suck ass as Cap, he's not a great actor, he even sucks in his ghey soap opera wrestling.

imarapyeyermom on Feb 20, 2009


He would be an amazing Captain America. It sounds to me like he's trying to get an audition for the part... not that he has necessarily been cast yet. I think he is speaking more to the idea that they are looking to make the TinMan miniseries into a full series and he has stated he is very interested in revisiting his role in the part. He has my vote for Captain America!

Kaycee on Feb 20, 2009



SmartGuy on Feb 21, 2009


Bwhahahahaha@ Robert a rising star? He wasnt even a rising står in less than zero? Im curious if you were even børn yet when less than zero came out or even watched movies before 1999 for that matter!!!

REAL6 on Feb 21, 2009


I say, yes!

Brian on Feb 21, 2009


HELL YES!!! Just get Will Smiths name as far as f#ck away from this movie!!

Uncle Tom Cosby on Feb 21, 2009


And while I am here, can we please replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with Mel Gibson!?!? Mel is far cooler and more insane and he's perfect because he hates Jews!! Remember, Magneto is Jewish.

Uncle Tom Cosby on Feb 21, 2009


and I just noticed a line about Robert Downey Jr up there in the article. Is he still doing drugs and picking up transvestite hookers?

Uncle Tom Cosby on Feb 21, 2009


This guy is all wrong. I don't know who said it but he has the creepy guy feel. Everyone knows that it should be Mark Valley.;stars;name;4

Kyser Sosai on Feb 21, 2009


TOO OOOOOLD. -----------------------------> next.

iyf on Feb 21, 2009


from this interveiw clip i think he could play captain america,so marvel consider it & lets get the first avenger captain america fucking made.

zetsu on Feb 22, 2009


First of all anybody saw ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD ???!!!. YEP HE was the creepy Funny Pitcher guy on the team. Then theres WALKING TALL . he was the childhood best friend who would end up being the town menace pretending to be still mr hometown nice guy.......... like num 26 said that this guy doesnt look like someone who could boss Tony Stark (let alone Thor) around, and the hulk . .... someone get MR DICAPRIO PLEASE!!!!!.... PERFECT FORM IN BODY OF LIES

DAN DRUFF on Feb 22, 2009


As much as I love Neal McDonough (especially in Tin Man), I tend to agree...cast him and you'd have a great movie ready for release fifteen years ago.

Jennifer on Feb 24, 2009


Being frozen in the ice might have tacked on some years on him =P Besides shouldn't he be about as old as Neal if he is suppose to have a leadership role in avengers? (I haven't followed the comics, so correct me if im wrong on that)

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


Sign us up! I'll spend $14 bucks on a ticket if Neal McDonough got to play Captain America! Robert Downey pulled it off in Iron Man and Neal would be a slam dunk for CA!

Twiggy on Feb 26, 2009


I have to agree with your speculations here; although you might feel a bit guilty of 'projecting' your hopes onto the situation, I could really see this coming true. I also agree with those that point to past examples of unusual casting that really worked out; if anything, it is often the star-power casting that ends with disapointment when the looks or name alone don't get the job done ( George Clooney as Batman, anyone?). Since the script will almost definitely be a WW II period piece, I see that as working in McDonough's favour like you suggested. Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh?

captain america movie observations on Feb 28, 2009


I think it would be a big mistake to cast Neal McDonough as Captain America, he would be more suitable to play the role of Red Skull, the archenemy of Captain America. Besides I felt that he was too evil playing the role of M. Bison in the movie of "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li." Maybe, WWE superstar, John Cena, should be Captain America instead.

Shoryuken on Feb 28, 2009


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! Keep John Cena and his inability to act as far away from a Marvel movie as possible. I mean, have you seen "The Marine"? I know Marines who were very upset because of that movie. And his new flick looks just as bad. And as far as people saying that Neal is too old....CAPTAIN AMERICA HAD BEEN FROZEN IN ICE SINCE WWII!!!!!!!!! so captain america is about 80. Now lets say that the Super Soldier Serium slows down aging, and that being frozen in ice slowed it to, he would still be fairly old. I'd say about 40....and what do you know thats about the same age as.........Neal McDonough! Fancy that.

Eric on Mar 1, 2009


Eric, if you don't like John Cena being Captain America, that's fine! But Neal McDonough is not qualified to play a superhero at all given that he played a villain in quite a number of movies or TV series. Like I said, he would be better-suited to play the role of Red Skull for the reason(s) that I just mentioned. Oh, by the way, I did see the movie, "The Marine," few years ago. John Cena may not be one of the best actors to date, but I felt pretty impressed by what I saw he did in such film. To me, the role of a superhero should be filled by anyone who has not been typecast as a villain overall regardless of age, and McDonough is not such person, had he never played a villain throughout his entire filmography to date, then he should be Captain America; otherwise, he should be Red Skull.

Shoryuken on Mar 1, 2009


RDJ was a rising star when casted as Tony Stark? Whoever wrote this article is a fucking noobie to the movie business, and obviously doesn't deserve to have any online blog about the movie business. Back to film school noobie.

josh on Mar 3, 2009


I could not possibly agree more with# 73! Downey jr, a rising star!? Take your ass back to film school and read up some on ole' rob....Been acting sinch he was about 9 years old, and even when he was down and out he was still making money! His career never skipped a beat, Hindered by drug use, but he was always working. I was stoke Neal Mcdonough was being asked about the role. He was one of 3-4 actors I want to see get the role..Hollywood needs to take time with these movie, they're the only thing original coming out of hollywood tha's not a remake anymore my other choices are.and dont cruify me, but I want kenny johnson! he played Curtis lamansky on the shield. He can get big enough to do it and he's not a half bad actor....The role will prolly go to some tool like karl urban or something but I want a somewhat unknown to take this relieves all predispositions about how we think the role will be portraayed by the actor charged with being ole cap'......I think he would surprise many as Tom Jane did for the punisher

chick on Apr 28, 2009


sorry but I had another idea too, Cole Hauser..kinda a blan actor but I'm a believer in giving long as the role does not go to Karl Urban or Josh Hartnett or something like that I'll be fine.....If Jon Cena is cast, I can promise I will Be forced to write off Iron man, Hulk and all things affiliated with the future avengers projects....

chick on May 2, 2009


ok i agree i think he would fit the bill for the character.and he cares about character so i think he would do capt justice .also i like his attitude its very positive .oh by the way i think tom jane did an awsome job as the punisher wish he was able to do the second one. i watched the second one but it did not have the same flair with tom jane not in it.

todd on May 8, 2009


God willing this will be my final list of captain america candidates until they actually make their selection..........I have narrowed it down to 10. And wether you like it or not, these candidates, these are it, from what I have gathered...keep in mind, they have already selected a shit director to do the film............. NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC ORDER: 1. Nael Mcdonough 2. Cole Hauser 3. Patrick wilson 4. Chris Klein 5. Karl Urban 6. Mathew Mcgoghnahey...already said no 7. Leonardo Dicaprio....will never do it 8. john cena......"L.A. riots" all over the country would be imminent 9. Channing Tatum 10. Josh Hartnett 11. Aaron Eckhart 12. Colin Farrell My confidence is becoming more, and more shaken since i had read Will Smith was also offered the role too.....I'm done getting high hopes for these movies. I think they just need to Cast Samuel L. Jackson, he'll undoubtably be in it anyway in some capacity or another......... P.S. ...I know this might be a stretch, but what does anybody think of Kevin Durand?? This is a list of who's in line for it right now.....whatcha think?

chick on May 9, 2009


He has definitely got the classic actor looks. He looks like a guy who could have fought in WWII. His looks are specific to the way men were back in the 40s. Manly men. I could definitely see him as Captain America. He would be a great balance to Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark and Ed Norton's Bruce Banner. I'm not too positive on Chris Hemsworth's Thor, but he was pretty good as the ill-fated Captain George Kirk in Star Trek. He looks a little too young to be playing alongside this trifecta, but I'm willing to give him a try. My big questions are: What other Avengers will be making an appearance? Ant-Man? Wasp? Black Panther? Any of the X-Men heroes? Perhaps Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, or Black Widow? Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, or Namor?

Kristy on Aug 16, 2009


11. Aaron Eckhart I'm rather fond of this idea. He would be a younger alternative to Neal McDonough. I give this a nod if Neal doesn't get it.

Kristy on Aug 16, 2009


Although it would be awkward if Harvey Two-Face suddenly shows up as Captain America. :/

Kristy on Aug 16, 2009


i would like to see scott speedman from the underworld movies as captain america, he looks the right age and is good a action i would to see if he can pull it off

joe on Oct 28, 2009

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