Fast and the Furious Franchise Will Shift to Fifth?

March 15, 2009
Source: HitFix

Fast and Furious

The fourth installment to the double-clutching Fast and the Furious franchise isn't even out yet and folks are already talking about taking the story another step further with a fifth movie. I, like many, felt the street racing film line blew a head gasket with third film, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, back in 2006. That film shed any association to the original storyline and brought in roughly half of what each of the first two grossed. Now that the fourth reunites most of the original crew and has decent buzz for its April 3rd release, can we believe lead Paul Walker when he says a fifth film is "beyond rumors at this point"?

At a recent press junket for the fourth film, Fast & Furious, Walker told attendees (including our friends at HitFix) that "[he's] spoken to executives at Universal and they are pretty serious about it. They are developing it. They want it to take place in Europe. I don't think the best one yet has been made yet. If we were to make a fifth one that would be the best one in my mind. Otherwise, let's not do it."

First, the idea that they haven't made "the best one yet" is a pretty self-serving and odd statement to make before the fourth film bows. Second, I find it doubtful that the best film in the series would take place in Europe. Not to offend our friends across the pond, but I'd bet that fans wouldn't get as excited for a tricked out Renault as they would a Nissan or American muscle. When the story went to Tokyo in 2006 that was a totally acceptable, if not preferred, change of locale. After all, much of the shiny autos we drool over in these films are born in that part of the world anyway, and it is a veritable fanboy paradise.

While the fourth film's eventual performance at the box office is certainly going to inform any continuation of the story, co-star Vin Diesel is apparently also staying on top of the prospect with Universal. "I try to think out the story even before we go to shoot the film that's at hand. So, yes I had been thinking about it." Also, if the fifth does happen, executives would reportedly try to bring back 2 Fast 2 Furious star Tyrese Gibson - a move I'm totally on board with. I'm a 110% glutton for this franchise, so I'd love to see it go the distance again. I do have my reservations about a Euro-slant, but street racing is street racing, right?

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I thought the second one's cheese factor with Tyrese's acting was unacceptable, this coming from someone who appreciates over the top films too. I mean with quotes like "Yo Bra (Bro with an A)" and "We hungray" it was a let down. I think Tyrese's character is a good one, just give him some better lines. I have no doubt this next fast and furious will up the seriousness and complexity for the series making it the best of them all.

Jon on Mar 15, 2009


"Not to offend our friends across the pond, but I'd bet that fans wouldn't get as excited for a tricked out Renault as they would a Nissan or American muscle." Nissan is japanese you retard. Not to mention more than half the cars in the films are japanese, and american mustle cars barely appear. Seriously, who gives a shit about american cars? You would get to see some pimped out BMs, competing against pimped out Nissans, in amazing locales like Austria, or Paris etc. You could do a really cool story that took the cars across more than one location, throughout Europe's beautiful vistas.

Darunia on Mar 15, 2009


the films are fucking shit,the only thing going for them are the fucking hot babes.

zetsu on Mar 15, 2009


Racing IS racing no matter the location. I thought the 1st one was cool. the other 2 were meh. This one should reinvigorate the franchise with what the 2nd and 3rd didn't do which is to provide some story with the "original parts". It's cool that the original cast is BACK. Heck, they all need the work. To think 5th installment is to think WAY ahead. We shall see!

Blue Silver on Mar 15, 2009


Hot chicks!! Yeah!! Just as long as they don't include part 2's skinny Asian chick with the ass of a 10 yr old boy---- it should all be good.

Pickle on Mar 15, 2009


I got 15 minutes, into the first one; and my DVD player spat it out. My DVD player obviously has good taste. Oh... and I want my 15 minutes back... "I need NOS!" ... what utter garbage. And... I remember when I thought Vin Diesel might actually get some positive career momentum, after "Saving Private Ryan", guess not.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Mar 15, 2009

7, yeah. the point was that Nissan is *not* European. and Vin's car is pure American muscle, so that influence is definitely strong.

kevin powers on Mar 15, 2009


Vin's car had a part in like the last 10 min of the 1st movie. And why did you bring up renault? What about BMWs, Audi's, VW, Mercedes!? American cars have almost no rep in the world stage. And i don't know if you know, but they also sell Nissan's in Europe. And it's not like bringing Vin's car to Europe would be some insane thing to do, the roads here aren't incompatible with the car. The whole notion you tried to pull out of the pocket is hilarious. How come the best car chases in movies are set in Europe? Point is, your comment was brain dead retarded, next time think before you write Kevin.

Darunia on Mar 15, 2009


If they bring Tyrese back I think they should bring Lucas Black back cuz Vin did meet him in the end of 3 and he is wannabe driver. Yeah I know it would be cool to be on the Autobon but I think it should stay in America and take over I-40 or just make it stupid and cannonball it.

Arturo on Mar 15, 2009


the 1st one was entertaining, the other 2 were garbage. That about sums it up

L on Mar 15, 2009


Hey Arturo This movie is set inbetween 2nd and the 3rd movie, so its impossible to bring Lucas in.

Hansolo on Mar 15, 2009


yea for 5th installment yea sure to Bring Lucas back more Muscle more competition, hope the story is strong since it has a lot of heavy cast.

Hansolo on Mar 15, 2009


The first film was watchable and both sequals sucked. I do think that the fourth film does look pretty good though. I am up in the air about this at the moment. I will wait until I have seen the new one before thinking about how cool it would be to have a fifth one. Did anyone notice that the first Fast and the furius had the some plot to the that action film from the 90's Point Break. And yes Point Break was the better movie of the two.

Jamie on Mar 16, 2009


Tokyo Drift was the best of the franchise, to be sure. It was the most earnest, best produced, and most compelling by far. If the fourth and future films can take cues from that one, we're in for some good times.

YK on Mar 16, 2009


Needs more Getaway in Stockholm, less fake CGI

DS on Mar 16, 2009


At this point, I'd look forward to another sequel rather than another goddamn reboot of something.

avoidz on Mar 17, 2009



Phat Rim Runna Braaaa on Mar 25, 2009


Its as simple as this, Haters will always hate. At first i really wasnt fussed on the 3rd one But after watching it a 2nd time i liked it a bit more With the 5th one i reckon they should have: Brian, Rome, Dom, Letty and Mia (bring the stars altogether in one film).

BlackX on Mar 26, 2009


The 4th was badass just got back from theater and its right up there with the 1st but a little better. Can't wait for the 5th and yes there will be one because the 4th had no conclusion to me.

chris on Apr 3, 2009


the 4th one is the best one, and would love to see a 5th one. and Letty can't be in the 5th one because she dies in the 4th haha comment toward number 18. But i would agree all the stars should come together in the 5th one.. excluding the dead Letty.. haha

Eric on Apr 4, 2009


no matter how many times they remake Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel's best work will always be Chronicles of Riddick

caffeine head on Apr 5, 2009


Ok Fast and Furious was great! I hope they make a 5th. Ok, I'm sure they will, but if it's going to be the last one they have to go out with a bang! This is my story line for a 5th. The FBI does not have a clue that Brain helped free Dom at the end of Fast and Furious. So, he's still FBI. They are working with a European Task Force, The Drug Lord dude from 2Fast 2 Furious has escaped from prison, and has a new operation over in a Europe smuggling guns between London, Tokyo, and the U.S. He sponsors a professional racing team, but this is their cover. They are really there to help him smuggle the weapons. The FBI has Brain to put his own team together. To bring Tyrese character back we'll have to drug dealer dude to kill his some to be wife play by Rihanna (if she's still hot by this time, because remember he did say he'd be seeing Tyrese at the end of 2fast 2furious). Brain and Tyrese go to Tokyo the get Vin, but wait they are short a fourth driver that were lucus Black comes in. The FBI issues them their cars. By helping the FBI, this time they really let Vin free. There are many races in the movie but the big 2 races will between Vins team against the Drug lord's team. The final big race will come at the end, as race between Vin, Brian, Tyrese, and Lucus. It should end like Tokyo Drift, leaving the viewer to decide who wins! The theme of The Fast and the Furious is family, Vin, Brian, Tyrese, and Lucus with be the family coming from different back grounds with different driving style, trying to get along for one common goal!

TAURUS on Apr 8, 2009


okay #18 and #20 it would be good to bring them all together including letty making everybody think that she really did die.. remember she went for a deal to clear out dom's name.. i dont but the 5th one better be BETTER i loved the 1st one and the 4th one i liked tokyo drift but i sure didnt like #2 at all.. IM READY FOR NUMBER 5 ...

moraida on Apr 8, 2009


#22.. i like what you wrote..for awhile there you made me think i was really reading the movie.. these will be a great movie.... right on..

moraida on Apr 8, 2009


"Not to offend our friends across the pond, but I'd bet that fans wouldn't get as excited for a tricked out Renault as they would a Nissan or American muscle." <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< quite offended by this as somebody from Europe!!! Clarify this for which of the 4 films was there more 'American Muscle cars' than any other? and you do realise we also have skylines and evos and all the rest on this side of the pond????its not all renaults over here!!!!we're not as behind the times as you seem tho think.

Linda on Apr 22, 2009


The films are NOT shit, that's YOUR moronic opinion. The 3rd one was a little out of whack but 4th one definetly took the gold. I can't wait to see what Universal is going to give us as far as a 5th movie goes. Nissan is japanese btw. Oh, and American muscles are the shit. I always stick with those for my rides but will admit, the tricked out new toys from Japan are total eye candy.

Real street racer on Apr 29, 2009


I really loved the 4th one and I really want a 5th. Sorry, I just can't get enough of Dom and Brian. oh and I can't get enough of DOM'S car. Nothing beats American Muscle!!!!!! NOTHING

AmandalovingVIN on May 20, 2009


Same here i wanna see more American Muscle and see a 5th movie in the The Fast and The Furious Series!!!

Gearhead on Jul 30, 2009


1st was awsome, 2 was great, 3rd , the previews looked boring plus had none of the original characters, but 4th was soooo bad ass! too bad letty died, not less it was like a fbi thing, and shes really not dead! cool

christin on Sep 26, 2009


you are all dumb cunts the movies were sick and all them renaults and bmws are pieces of shit ovcourse you need rice rockets and 5 litre v8 musclethem exotic crap wil not get people hooked to the f&f series

Bullettz on May 2, 2010


Of course there has to be a 5th! And actually seeing as how Han dies in Tokyo drift its clear that it was made outta order! Because he appears in the fourth as well. And they have got to have a fifth so it shows what leads up to Tokyo drift! Loved, absolutely LOVED every single one of the movies but especially the ones that had vin diesel and paul walker absolutely eye candy! But yes most definitely needs to be a fifth!

shelly on Jun 14, 2010

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