Filming on The Hobbit Delayed, But Still No Studio Greenlight

November 29, 2009

The Hobbit / Guillermo del Toro

Okay, okay, I know we're going overboard with this kind of news about The Hobbit, but as a huge Lord of the Rings fan, why wouldn't we want to share this news with all of you? Plus, it's a very popular project and everyone wants to know about this kind of stuff anyway, so bear with us. Its been known for a while that The Hobbit would start shooting sometime in 2010 for a late 2011 release. Last we heard, at least according to Sir Ian McKellen, it was supposed to start shooting in the spring of next year, March or April. Not anymore. Peter Jackson gave a new update and it looks like they're pushing filming back to a mid-summer start.

Here's the quote from Jackson on translated from German as found on

"We're currently working on the second script which we hope to have completed by the end of this year or beginning of next. When the scripts are completed, we can begin with the exact calculation of the necessary budget. We hope to start filming in the middle of next year. However, we've received no green light from the studio yet."

Let's hope a delay doesn't cause the December 2011 release date to be pushed either. McKellen said they're supposed to shoot for 383 days, but that is for two complete films (and the second one isn't supposed to hit until 2012 anyway). I'm more concerned about the lack of a greenlight. The studio is probably waiting for a finished script and cast before they fork over a whole bucket of cash to shoot this, but with all the financial trouble MGM is in, this isn't a good sign. I was hoping that someone like Warner Bros (who now runs New Line) would step up and finance this, but as of right now I'm assuming (key word) that hasn't happened yet.

Of course, considering this is only one small quote and we're not at all privy to any inside info or dealings going on behind-the-scenes, I wouldn't take this as surefire news that its release is delayed at all. It's simply for informational purposes and for me to express my growing concern over MGM's financial troubles. We'll definitely keep you updated on all things The Hobbit as we hear more. Hopefully some more positive news!

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Please Do. What a long wait this is.

Mhmm on Nov 29, 2009


Now I'd say that in a situation like this, people should be worried about the fact that things aren't lining up financially. However, it sounds as though there won't be any issues concerning the quality of the script, and due to the overwhelming success of the original trilogy, even IF the studio in charge falls through, other studios will be lined up to pick up the slack. If a 3rd Narnia film can find financing because of its fan base regardless of how poor the 2nd film did, there's no way this won't get picked up too.

Dan the Fan on Nov 29, 2009


"they're supposed to shoot for 383 days" What? Thats longer then the Rings, right?

David Banner on Nov 29, 2009


^ Nope, shorter. According to Wikipedia: "Principal photography for all three films was conducted concurrently in many locations within New Zealand's conservation areas and national parks between 11 October 1999, and 22 December 2000, a period of 438 days."

Alex Billington on Nov 29, 2009


Alex you know how much backlash you are gonna get tomorrow, for using Wikipedia? The answer alot! O.o good luck man. Please get this movie underway! It needs to happen and soon!

xerxex on Nov 30, 2009


They've already started the casting meetings in London. My friend went last week...

gan on Nov 30, 2009


I hope they get the finaces sorted out soon for The Hobbit, weather MGM will give the green light for this project i don't no lets hope that if MGM dose not give the green light for the project lets hope one of the other major studios sutch as warner brother, paramount take up the movie. shall await to here what happens in the future.

Cineprog on Nov 30, 2009


I'm betting that if MGM falls through, WB will pick up the slack. Given the huge upside this duology brings, they would be foolish not to. gan: any inside news you can report to us regarding casting?

Corran Horn on Nov 30, 2009


Delays are the last thing we want. Weak!

JakeTheSnake on Nov 30, 2009


Alex - You (and Wikipedia) may very well be correct on the length of the LotR shoot, but please refrain from using Wikipedia as a source. If I have to explain why I may just stop visiting this site.

Pete on Nov 30, 2009


Why would Ian and everyone else be commenting about these movies if there is no greenlight from the studio? That's just outright dumb!

JakeTheSnake on Nov 30, 2009


My wife works at WETA and her team began working on The Hobbit early May. Other teams started earlier. Francine says relax, this is a go. A delay in the actual filming and not having all the t's crossed and i's dotted in the contract is not a major concern since everyone involved has been aware of it for a month. Things that would normally get done after filming has started will now move up in the production schedule and it simply gives WETA more time to fine tune Smaug’s minute movements as well as the Great Eagles. When it comes to the eagles rescuing Bilbo and Dori, the team responsible didn’t want to just duplicate the rescue of Sam and Frodo in Return of the King. They wanted the eagles to have their big moment. As with the LOTR’s movies, this is all very personal to the individual WETA teams as they compete with each other 'again'.

Ian on Nov 30, 2009


Thanks Ian; you just made me cum.

Mike on Nov 30, 2009


Now that I read that quote a bit closer, I'm a lot less concernced. Since they're filming Parts 1 & 2 together, they would have to wait until the second script is actually done before any budget calculations or filming can commence. Therefore, once the script is done, I expect casting and everything else will start up.

Corran Horn on Dec 1, 2009


Who is playing Bilbo? Ian McKellen? Isn't he a bit old? Or does he play "Old Bilbo"? So many questions...but really just one...

Telltale Twin on Dec 1, 2009


#15 You have the wrong Ian there .. Ian Mckellan is Gandalf - Ian Holm played Bilbo.

Sam on Dec 1, 2009


It'll all end in tears

moif on Dec 1, 2009

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