Final Chapter of The Twilight Saga Might Get Split in Two?

December 1, 2009

Breaking Dawn

Whether you hate it or heartily dislike it (those are the only options right?) there's no denying that The Twilight Saga is a force to be reckoned with at the box office. And with so many tween girls going to the theaters again and again to see the estranged love triangle between Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, there's no doubt that Summit Entertainment will finish out the film series, but exactly how they'll finish it out is under discussion as Variety reports they are going back and forth on the idea to split the final installment of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, into to separate films a la Harry Potter.

Though it seems like it would be a no-brainer to maximize the success storm that has swept emo-hipster vampire lovers everywhere off their feet, believe it or not the cost to split Breaking Dawn into two films is a significant chunk of change. If Summit goes for two films, that would mean reopening negotiations and securing approval from author Stephanie Meyer (probably not that difficult) and would also mean making new deals with a cast that is only locked up for four films. And that's where most of the difficulty comes since all of the key cast members will get an exorbitant raise, with the three lead actors potentially landing a paycheck in the eight-figure range. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is still in an economic crisis.

However the key to all of this will be if Summit can potentially convince already jaded director Chris Weitz to return for two more back-to-back films in the Twilight universe. They haven't closed a deal for Weitz's recently announced project, The Gardener, and Variety speculates that this is probably because they want Weitz to postpone it and work on Breaking Dawn instead. I didn't even direct New Moon and I'm already tired of Twilight, so I can't imagine how he must feel. But with Weitz' displeasure with the industry, why wouldn't Summit turn to David Slade who directed the third installment, Eclipse, being released next June?

Who knows what will ultimately happen with the franchise, but I hope the series finishes strong and quickly so that fans and non-fans can both be happy that it's over. And as for a director, do any of you really care?

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hehe....i totally agree with the renegotiations with Meyer to be not that difficult, she's an attention whore who thinks her books are masterpieces that deserved to be on film......i do hope they finish the series quickly(or better yet, cancel the whole thing but that's impossible)...and as for a director? i don't care....whoever directs wouldn't change the fact that this saga(i dnt know why its a saga when hardly anything happens) is so dumb and is aimed at fangirls from 13-30(i meant IQ)

matt on Dec 1, 2009


Really want to see this one made, 2 films would be better as there is too much in the book for 1 film and it is quite an epic story. How they manage to get to screen the vampire sex which is a lot and the vamp baby birth which is gruesome will pull in more viewers. Stephanie Meyer pulled this book out of the ether with this finale and I cannot wait. Rpatz and KStew vamp sex bring it on and quick.

Hells Bells on Dec 1, 2009


I don't really follow the series but decided to Wiki to see what happens in the last getting married at 19 and getting pregnant soon after, great lesson for tweens? But he's obsessed with you, it's totally cool, will last forever!

Holly B on Dec 1, 2009


Oh wow I wish this story never existed. READ THIS LINK

esophus on Dec 1, 2009


Even though I read a synopsis of all four books, I'm having a hard time remembering exactly what happened in the latter half of Breaking Dawn. But if it is split, I hope it is because there is an abundance of source material (as with Deathly Hallows) and not because they want more money. Because it will be both obvious and sad if that's the case.

NadaNuff on Dec 1, 2009


seriously.... theres another one coming out next june?? fuck.

mrmr on Dec 1, 2009


if you dont like it then dont watch it

samuel j on Dec 1, 2009


#5 Based on the fact that Eclipse is coming out NEXT JUNE, I think it's very obvious that they are only splitting the films to get more money from tweens and horny housewives.

SkaOreo on Dec 1, 2009


FML, enough of twilight shit... fuk

King on Dec 1, 2009


I honestly believe that Eclipse will get pushed back to the end of 2010. You heard it here first!

NadaNuff on Dec 1, 2009


one movie for the weird wedding and vampire sex and another entire movie for the gruesome vampire/human baby birth? yuck. i was hoping actually they'd combine the 3rd and the 4th book (there isn't much going on in the third book anyway) and end the misery of decent humanbeings with good taste. but making money means more than making tasteful movies, right?

F.C. on Dec 1, 2009


Duh, more money.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 1, 2009


So who cares??? THey spend more money to make more money, which can be good for the economy?????? Possibly, maybe even if the movies suck, there are goign to be big movies for girls. Not all fanboy movies are girl friendly, so let them have this one series and get over it

Who Cares? on Dec 1, 2009


The second Twilight film suprised me. It was much worse than the first, and I didn't even think that was possible.

Guy on Dec 1, 2009


I foresee tons of witty "Breaking Dawn is Breaking Records" headlines.

Justin on Dec 1, 2009


how stupid that is, when u r a vampire and u can live for ever why would u want to be with someone specially a girl as stupid as Bella is u know twilight is like 300 for girls and women. it is as stupid as it can get.

pj on Dec 1, 2009


AH! Yes lets continue with the franchise that has single handly ruined Vampires...Nosferatu must be pissed!

xerxex on Dec 1, 2009


as everyone said before twilight is just a sexual fantasy of a stupid girl called Stephanie something although it would have been great if they had adopted it into a porn franchise

pj on Dec 1, 2009


The best part of this whole Twilight thing is that the fans obviously don't take movies, or anything for that matter, seriously. You won't find any Twi-tards running for office or curing cancer, because they're so wet from thinking about fucking a twinkling fairy vampire. At least our future is safe from Meyer butchering everything we've come to know and love about vampires since 1745.

Cody on Dec 1, 2009


This is old news as the author has hinted even before the release of the first film that the final book should be made into 2 movies. If memory serves me correct she even know at what part should the book be partitioned - airhead if you would ask me. It was headlined at the same time Deathly Hallows was announced it will be split into 2 parts.

Bishop8496 on Dec 1, 2009


I think the sound of screaming girls is going to take on a whole new meaning when Bella gives birth to a crazy demon child. I am filming that one

Marly on Dec 1, 2009


So you guys really wanna know what's getting obnoxious? Hearing twilight haters bitch all day. You guys complain that the Twilight fans are bad, just listen to yourself! If you don't care, then don't comment. It's as simple as that! The more press you draw to this franchise (good or bad), it's still putting the spotlight on it! Is it cheesy, yes. Is it bad writing, yup. But to me it's guilty as charged enjoyable. So all I'm saying is next time you complain about the fans, take a look at yourself for once. By the way I appreciate all the commenters who say they personally don't like it but say it's cool if someone else dose. 😉

Caitie on Dec 1, 2009


#23 Caitie it has ruined Vampire lore, it all started with Anne Rice(I like Interview with the Vampire), but I understand why women like it, and it is cool if people like it. But there is waaaay to much media attention, us non-fans get tired of hearing about every day.

xerxex on Dec 1, 2009


God help us all!

Dan on Dec 2, 2009


i hated the first movie the secend not that bad

mike on Dec 2, 2009


# 25 said what i wanted to say.

Fisherr on Dec 3, 2009


Great - so we get to hear Bella screaming that horrible pitchy scream of hers at the end of the 1st of the 4th movie only to be brought back to it at the beginning of the 2nd of the 4th movie. If you read the book, its the only logical conclusion to split the last movie ... at that ... point. As for her horrible pitchy screams that totally turned me off to the 2nd movie, I'm referring to her "night terror" screams that she has when she is sleeping after Edwards bails on her to go find an Italian prostitute. Oh wait, that part about Edward didnt' happen huh.. oh well...

Nate on Dec 3, 2009


@ stupid #23 i do care because women showed us they don't understand a bit about art specially in cinema they just want to see muscles pink shoes and gossip the shit out of it and here the one that is getting fucked up is the art of cinema well there r many adult stores and girls nights in strip clubs why do bother and shit all over the silver screen u know entertainment my ass. all u want to see is Bella grasping on Edward and the other fagots chest

pj on Dec 4, 2009


i read it in a magazine one of the actors said it would be made into two movies but when, i can't remember if it was a producer or what, but they said the actor was just enthusiastic and it would not be two movies. i realize the sparkling and all is new to vampires, which are fiction any way, so w/e Stephenie decides to do to the fictional species is her business. if you look at what vampires represent, she actually hasn't changed it at all. read How To Read Literature Like a Professor or take an advanced/college english course and you should know vampires are really just old men stealing young women's youth away. Edward is 100 something years old stealing away the youth of 18 year old Bella. sounds pretty classic vampire to me. fyi, if you truly loath something, you ignore it and do not talk about it. therefore, y'all don't hate these books as much as you'd like to tell yourselves.

Tucker on Dec 13, 2009

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