Finally, An Official Theatrical Sherlock Holmes Poster Appears

October 26, 2009
Source: Cinematical

Sherlock Holmes Poster

Finally! I say that because Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes hits theaters in two months and we haven't seen a real poster besides the character one-sheets released in June and the never-used one from ShoWest. I was hoping I'd be able to say they fixed the proportions of Robert Downey Jr's head on this new poster (via Cinematical), but I was wrong, as his head on this poster looks just as weird as it did before. Besides that though, I'm digging the style of this, especially with all the other "trinkets" along the sides. Although I'm not sure about that tagline either: "Holmes for the Holiday." Really? That's the best they could come up with?

Sherlock Holmes Poster

Detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Dr. Watson (Jude Law) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a mystical occult evil nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

Sherlock Holmes is directed by British auteur Guy Ritchie, of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver, and RocknRolla previously. The screenplay was co-written by Guy Ritchie, Michael Johnson, Anthony Peckham, and Simon Kinberg, and is based on Arthur Conan Doyle's characters first introduced in 1887. Warner Bros is bringing Sherlock Holmes to theaters starting on Christmas Day, December 25th.

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RDJs face looks fucked up, another terrible movie poster.

rudeguy on Oct 26, 2009


...This is absolutely terrible and ugly. What is with the blue color tone?

Zachy on Oct 26, 2009


All you idiots need to shut the fuck up. You all act like your actual movie critics when you wannabes sitting in your moms house. Stop trying to sound smart and intellectual and just the up please.

Roberto Planto on Oct 26, 2009


You know what I like it. It is probably the best one so far. Robert Downey Jr has no say so in the posters anyway. That's Warner Bros. and Silver Prod. He's filming Due Date in New Mexico. It is probably a surprise to him as well, but he works for Warners and if they do more movies I guess he'll have to get used to the posters they like to put out. The blue color tone. I believe is (I have been to England) to represent the fog there. It is foggy sometimes in England, it especially was at the turn of the century when Holmes lived. I guess that's what the cloudy color is for. However, it is the best one so far, so I can live with it. It has Robert Downey Jr. on it and I love anything he's in and this movie looks fantastic. So, I can deal with the posters. The movie is what I am looking forward to anyway. You can't make the real Robert Downey Jr. look bad - it is merely a poster ladies and gents. That's all. I can't wait to see the real thing. C'mon Christmas!!!!!!!!

annonymous on Oct 26, 2009


@3 Thank you. Youve essentially summed up 95% of the commenters on this site. They just seem to hate everything

Welbanks on Oct 26, 2009


# 3 Stop trying to sound smart and intellectual.

Bender on Oct 26, 2009


the poster is alright. is it me but Robert Downey Jr looks like he could play Dr Who if they did a movie.

tazz on Oct 26, 2009


are thoughs flying scuacers on the second to bottom right hand picture

rowdy on Oct 26, 2009


Looks awesome~ Really catchy. I'm excited for this one!

Antioch on Oct 26, 2009


#3 everyone on this website sees a dumb shit comment like yours weekly. And how about you shut the fuck up and realize this is the internet. Hating and stating your own opinion is like 65% of the entire web. and i agree with #1 RDJ looks fucked up

DoomCanoe on Oct 26, 2009


Sherlock's head is HUGE!

SlashBeast on Oct 26, 2009


@7 I was thinking the same thing lol XD Wait a minute....they are working on a Dr Who movie but with David Tennant returning 😀

Ryan on Oct 26, 2009


Looks pretty good. Dunno what you guys are complaining about.

mandarin on Oct 26, 2009


Holmes for the holidays... horrible. It doesn't even seem like they were trying, they just know it's going to sell regardless... That irritates me.; preying on the ignorant, thank you Hollywood.

Dan the Fan on Oct 26, 2009


Terrible poster. That tagline is particularly awful. And #3 and #5 - do you live in communist countries where opinions are not allowed? Fucktard trolls.

snickers on Oct 26, 2009


#6, #10, #15 Get a life. It's a poster. Someone said they hate how people just randomly spout "It's horrible, I hate it" without actually posting constructive criticism. It's not the end of the world, deal with it. You guys have too much time on your hands anyways critiquing a poster. It's a poster. It's to raise awareness of a movie's existence. It is NOT designed to win awards and wow art critics. You ass clowns.

Big John on Oct 26, 2009


Why does Hollywood still glue heads on other peoples bodies!!! I'm so sick of that shit!

esophus on Oct 26, 2009


#17 its done because it is difficult to match actors and photographers schedules. I'm not a fan of this poster, mostly b/c of the color in it actually. "Holmes for the Holidays" made me smile, so that doesn't bother me. The coloring of it seems strange, and everything other than RDJ seems to be fading away to the background, which doesn't seem fair considering Jude Law is awesome. also RDJ's head looks like it was plastered at an angle underneath drawn in hair. there #16, I gave constructive criticism. you happy you clown ass?

dave13 on Oct 26, 2009


I like the poster. *shrugs*

Vanagwathiel on Oct 26, 2009


@16 - And you have too much time on your hands to come here and reply to something you're not even interested in, fool. This is a MOVIE site. Movie posters are part of movies, fool.

snickers on Oct 26, 2009


good color tone and bad integration. the background looks very well. they screwed up on Watson since 90% of his body merges with the background and only his head and hat pop out. Robert downey Jr. looks good until you watch his face and realize how photoshopped it is. His forehead and nose pop out in a huge way whilst his eyes are puny and thus making him look weird and "off" as most people will describe it. its a an okay poster. i wouldnt say is "good", nevermind anything beyond, but it does the job (if you dont stare to analyze it)

Buggy166 on Oct 26, 2009


I love that people actually think that all this hating on the internet will get them somewhere.. its the INTERNET.. nobody gives a SHIT about what you think 😀 nontheless its good entertainment in your lunch break.

jaja on Oct 26, 2009


The hate in these comments is astounding. When will people just realize that everyone is entitled to an opinion. If they think something sucks, then they can think that! Don't insult them for it just because you think differently. There's a reason there is an ability to comment. So no, they don't have to shut up. So those coming here just to tell others to "shut up" are the real idiots. I can state my opinion on whatever the fuck I want to. Too much time on our hands? Really, because it so took hours out of my life to take one look at a poster and think of a little critique on it. (which is stated below) *sighs* Okay, with that out of the thoughts on the poster. It isn't so bad, RDJ's head looks weird to me though.

Sabes on Oct 26, 2009


#23 exactly its a horrible poster,maybe meant for malls & toilets

twispious on Oct 26, 2009


A strange poster. What does it mean "Holmes for the Holiday"?

Brenda on Oct 27, 2009


wish like the X-Men.Origins.Wolverine

LED Display on May 9, 2010

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