First Death-Cheating Trailer for The Final Destination

June 4, 2009
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The Final Destination Trailer

Death save the best for 3D? Come on, is that really the best they can come up with? New Line has debuted the first trailer for The Final Destination, aka just Final Destination 4, the newest sequel in the death-defying franchise. This time, Bobby Campo plays the newest can't-act teen who sees death before it strikes. There's nothing really new in this movie, it's the same exact concept repackaged all over again for a fourth time, except that it'll be in 3D. And really that's not a selling point for me. The kills all look as ridiculously cheesy and completely bullshit as every time previous, and the performances all look as stale as before.

Watch the first trailer for The Final Destination:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the trailer for The Final Destination in High Definition on MySpace

After a teen's premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end. The fourth iteration in the franchise that all began back in 2000.

The Final Destination is directed again by David R. Ellis, who directed Final Destination 2, Cellular, and Snakes on a Plane previously, but began as a stunt coordinator and second unit director. The screenplay was written by Eric Bress, of Final Destination 2, The Butterfly Effect, and most episodes of "Kyle XY" on TV. Warner Brothers will be bringing The Final Destination to theaters everywhere on August 28th.

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You are being a little too harsh here Alex. Looks like fun, but I agree with you that the vibe is a bit stale. The editing should have been quicker and maybe some better music in the back. I liked the ending tagline though "Death is closer than ever in 3D"

Ryan on Jun 4, 2009


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!!!! and I enjoyed the first 2. but this, WTF?

Bo on Jun 4, 2009



tehrooroo on Jun 4, 2009


Absolutely no surprise that the clown who thought the incomprehensible shitheap that was Terminator Salvation was great would fail to understand the appeal of the Final Destination movies. Believe it or not, the acting and the plot (two things Salvation also lacked, despite what you think) are not the main appeal of these movies. It is, and always will be, what you call the "cheesey" kills. Using their main attraction as a criticism is flimsy, at best, you might as well complain that a rollercoaster has too many dips. Now, if they failed to even deliver on their most basic of promises (carnage) you would have a leg to stand on but I'll take the ever-escalating insanity of the Final Destination 2 highway pile-up (or any of the inventive, unexpected kills from that movie for that matter) over any scene in Terminator Salvation.

Andy on Jun 4, 2009


I am definitely seeing that...I love these movies.

imarapyeyermom on Jun 4, 2009


Ha ha.

Crapola on Jun 4, 2009


nice green panties. wdf. worth the price of admission right there fo sho.

9mm on Jun 4, 2009


Lol looks funny.

MonkeyMowse on Jun 4, 2009


Fuck that!

Nick Sears on Jun 4, 2009


First will be the Best always. I will see this though because the Wife has never seen a Horror flick in 3d. Just caught My Bloody Valinitne and it was OK. I saw Freddy 3d when i was 4 and loved it. Count me in.

Ripper on Jun 4, 2009


Seeing the next Final Destination be greenlit, is sorta like watching that scene in Walk the Line were Johnny keeps tricking June he's gonna give her a peanut only to put it in his own mouth (yes, that's a horrible example, but it's what a horrible franchise deserves).

WhatISmynameanyway? on Jun 4, 2009


Alex - You are absolutely right, this is totally stale and redundant, it does nothing to progress the genre or film in general, and serves no purpose other than to milk money out of teens. But that's the point. You don't see a FD movie to experience something new, you go (as Andy pointed out, however harshly) to see people die in spectacularly gruesome fashion. And now in 3D. I don't think there are many people stupid enough to go to the theater expecting tight plot or keen new actors. Viewers know exactly what they're getting with no twists, surprises, or morals to speak of. Personally, I'm not at all excited about spending an hour and a half watching people die. But I'm sure this will turn a profit.

Mark on Jun 4, 2009


Wait, wasn't Final Destination 3 already in 3-D? They called it Final Destination 3-D, didn't they? So how is this anything new? Also, the only difference now between the title of this movie and the first one is the word "The". ...Genius.

Jesus on Jun 4, 2009


Unlike the more recent 3D movies that have used it to add depth to the screen I can see this movie bringing back the kind of 3D where things fly at your face. Also the logging truck in 2, think it was 2, was the coolest ever. That should have been in 3D.

Moviegimp on Jun 4, 2009


"Death" in the Final Destination movies never, ever made any sense to me. Like, if "Death" is trying to kill you with natural causes, why the f-u-c-k would it need to, "jostle screws" and "jiggle handles"?

LW on Jun 4, 2009


As an aside, I didn't read your blurb until after seeing the trailer, so when the screen said "Death saved the best..." I was sincerely hoping for "Last." You know, considering the title of the film and all. Oh well.

Mark on Jun 4, 2009


hahahahahahahahaha this is gonna be so embarassing to get killed in a car wash.and in 3d.AMAZING.

erik on Jun 4, 2009


how can you not love the 2nd one where the kid gets flattened by a piece of glass. the deaths in these movies are hysterical. Period. We know it's Hollywood, not real life.

wm on Jun 4, 2009


my favorite death was from FD3 when the guy in the weight room gets his head smashed by the weights, awesome, can't wait for this movie.

tr1gun on Jun 4, 2009


oh and the nail gun to the head, classic

tr1gun on Jun 4, 2009


Haha, the head moving toward some kind of grinder... They aren't even trying now. I've seen one of the other movies, seems to be the same basic concept - someone sees the future, saves some people that would otherwise get killed, everyone starts getting killed one by one and somehow manage to stick together and some are going insane. "the newest can't-act teen" Right on the nail on that one, Mr. Billington. This is just like most reboots/remakes - just another way to get some extra money... Prefer some new movies about something new - we've been at the Final Destination, show us something else! 3D Movies are, imo, overrated. They add some depth on some aspects but the whole "random part flying toward you" is soooo old, we could see that TEN years ago on themeparks, just because it can be done to a "regular" in a normal theater doesn't mean it should be done.

Felix on Jun 4, 2009


lol oh man Alex is an idiot. Seriously, he probably think they're competing for an Oscar or something. THat's the whole point Alex. Yeah, the last one had me freaked a bit since I worked at Home Depot at the time. Haha

LSP on Jun 4, 2009


HOLY SHIT!!! Escalator, movie theater, car wash, lawn mower! SHIT SHIT SHIT! Genius, the writer for this knows how to tap into simple people's small fears. I'll be there for sure.

Jason on Jun 4, 2009


Did anyone else think of that Dane Cook skit; "What happened to Mary? A TIRE...hit her in the face!"

Eric on Jun 4, 2009


isn't the guy getting his ass sucked into the pool drain part of a chuck palahniuk novel? come on.

memphistyler on Jun 4, 2009


they should have stopped after the second one..........

dan on Jun 4, 2009


#25 - Thank you for reminding me. /vomit

Mark on Jun 4, 2009


I personally love the Final Destination series. Not because of the lame actors or bad storylines, obviously, but because of the absolutely ridiculous, Mouse Trap board game-like deaths. It's the same reason I love the Saw series: The deaths are downright creative and gruesome. I don't know how anyone can't like these unless it's just too sickening for them to watch it. I'll personally be seeing this on release day.

RC on Jun 4, 2009


@25 Ha, yes! I started laughing after that tire hit her in the face, as though it could somehow fly at her that fast, from that angle....

jman571 on Jun 4, 2009


... I've seen this movie before 3 fucking times change it up a little i say, i mean give us something at least slightly original. And way to try and sell up the 3D, between every clip it said "IN 3-FUCKIN-D!!!!!" oh and Andy, you good sir are a cock smoke. We get it you didn't like Terminator and you will enjoy this shit because of its un-originality and all of its cheesy death scenes that we as the audience have seen over and over and over again. Now Why you needed to keep pointing out that you didn't Like Terminator and why Alex did is beyond me since this thread happens to have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do that movie... maybe its some personal score? You were sucking his dick one night, he took you on a date... Saw Terminator and never called. I don't know, but why you must insist on keeping the Dick in your mouth is beyond me. swallow the load, and get over it. Because you are not a movie critic... you do not have a movie website... and guess what Alex does. He's doing his job while your thinking you're hot shit movie king. Of course he said Terminator was good... it was a summer blockbuster! UP SALE DIP SHIT! its how the world makes money. Lately if you have been considering it i must recommend. Go Kill Your Self... OH! and make it entertaining please =D! maybe... a Car Wash... or Escalator... we can gain something from you wanting to see this shit movie can't we?

DoomCanoe on Jun 4, 2009


#7 i agree. the only thing good about this preview was the green panties. but i just got the milk for free, theres no way im paying for a cow

mrmr on Jun 4, 2009


Now that my friends (Doom Canoes post above) had more originality that this film will have. I loved the first one. Nice original premise, and then also enjoyed the second as it toyed with the idea that they were linked to the first group. The third, however, had nothing to do with the first two, as this one wont, which means that it is just a cash in. Im not gonna go see it at the cinema. Il probably save it for a night where im too high to put the correct DVD in the player. Also, noone commented yet that this trailer pretty much showed every death in the film and how they all die. Is there really a need to go see the film now?

Marcus on Jun 4, 2009


I like (sarcastic like, that is) how a trend is forming to slightly alter a franchise's original name to make it a sequel...but FRESHER! The Final Destination. Rocky Balboa. Fast & Furious. Rambo...well, I guess that one's only a technicality (since none of the original movies were ever just called Rambo). But you get the idea. Perhaps this "The" thing will catch on though. "The Short Circuit." "The Total Recall." "The The Godfather." Laugh now, but some executive reading this just thought to himself..."Hey! Two the's are twice as good as one!" Strangely enough, nothing seems to signify the coming apocalypse to me more so than the fact that Hollywood's "imagination" is imploding on itself. It's like an old DOS program stuck in an infinite loop...this has all happened before, and it will all happen again...and again...until we break the say we all. ;-/

Outlaw on Jun 4, 2009


#7 Beat me to the punch. Tight little green ass is worth the price of admission. The 3D is getting old IMO..................I like these movies it reminds me of SAW and the creative ways to kill people..

SHANEDAV on Jun 4, 2009


Watch it again, but close your is a near "audio twin" to the first full Transformers 2 trailer. Anyone else think so?

ReelRhino on Jun 4, 2009


AHAHAHAAH. that was terrible. the first 2 were fun though. i'll pass on this.

dave13 on Jun 4, 2009


The first 2 where the best

Said on Jun 4, 2009


Once I was flipping channels for boobs in a hotel. Every guy does this. Anyway, I came to a channel with two topless chicks tanning, so I stopped. Ended up being one of these movies. I want to barf.

Angry Chief on Jun 4, 2009


loooooooooooool fukng movie

subzeron on Jun 4, 2009


#4 I think you where just a little harsh on Alex for this. Yes I thought Terminator Salvation was not nearly as good as I thought it could have been. The film was lacking a lot of the fun and excitement of the first two Terminator films, but Alex is spot on with this new Final Destination flick. It felt like I was watching the trailer to the first film all over again.

Last Son on Jun 4, 2009


this is horrible but that lawn mower/rock kill was just hilariously creative

cody on Jun 4, 2009


While I will admit that the deaths in 3 were lacking, and the deaths in 2 were the best, this one looks so insanely over the top and the fact it's in 3D has me giddy. I love seeing these movies with mom who raised me on cheezy horror films just like her mom did with her. The first movie my mom ever saw was... ugh... The Tingler, but it's a tradition i'll carry on with my kids. This movie looks like a fucking blast and the opening death is way better than that shitty rollercoaster from the last one. It's rather topical as well.

Kent of Daftbot on Jun 5, 2009


Cool - in 3D.. that should work well. On another note, what's with that transformers soundtrack?

dom on Jun 5, 2009


I've always wanted to see someone destroyed by a car wash.

Delvis on Jun 5, 2009


Shantel is a Holly babe.

Fisherr on Jun 5, 2009


i just threw up in my mouth. these are the worst death ideas ever....ever. Car wash? swimming pool? lawn mower? nascar????? are they even trying any more? what craappp

Blaise on Jun 5, 2009


the Car wash?? they should have real events of death, like bangin' Paris Hilton or being Sara Palin's PR rep or something good..I mean the mall escaltor, Nascar, Carwash,swimming pool, Lawnmower, an Engine block, I'm going to feel offended if anyone black dies...

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!) on Jun 5, 2009


Do we even need to watch the movie?? They showed the whole plot and how the people die in the trailer! Give me a break...ridiculous.

Derrick on Jun 5, 2009


drowning and alot of shit being flown out of nowhere. CLEVER.

Eric on Jun 5, 2009


nothin is goin to beat that freeway scene from the first one..

Rigo on Jun 5, 2009


What's the point?! It's all been done before! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tony on Jun 5, 2009


Yay, after watching the trailer I don't have to pay for the movie anymore. Thanks for basically showing all the deaths in the trailer again. Looks exactly like the other FD movies, only with new faces and different ways to die. Still...*yawn*

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 5, 2009


these are comedies, not horror films. watch them and laugh.

Movieraider321 on Jun 5, 2009


@50 - I think you mean the second one.

avoidz on Jun 6, 2009


Final Destination is a toned down movie adaptation of anime called Happy Tree Friends. Those directors has got to stop making more Final Destination. They should rather work on making safety education videos in Final Destination style.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 6, 2009


Looks terrible :S nothing new... and the car wash scene LOL

Yamika on Jun 6, 2009


it lookz way better then the 3rd one, but idk, i like it lol, i dont c how ya can go so hard on a movie that hasnt come out yet, wont kno how good it will be till it comes out

Tana on Jun 6, 2009


hehe so many responses, for such simple movie! perfect!!

Jarno on Jun 7, 2009


Kudos #24 you made me laugh. Good one, I DID think of that!

Brian on Jun 8, 2009


hopefully this will be "the final destination"

tom on Jun 8, 2009


just because the preview showed parts that didnt seem so great the movie is gonna b awsum im a final destination fanatic. i even make up my own deaths. y dont all of u make up a death and post it.

bloodbath222 on Jun 14, 2009


it will be like a contest of sorts

bloodbath222 on Jun 14, 2009


How can this next installment gratify the entire series? It can definitely! I happen to respect this series a lot apart from bad acting and knowing whose obvious going to die! But the elaborate ways they make the deaths happen is actually quite possible though very unlikely. The first one was mild, the second one a step further, the third one was just a bit gross (tanning bed scene particularly) but the fourth movie looks to be the best with the carwash (out of all things) and a pool (okay) and an escalator (bound to happen) and a lawnmower projecting a rock (quick and simple). Hurrah for the creators [persistence! But remember, whoever says this movie will be absolute crap will watch it anyway because deep down they're excited about another sequel! You know you want to watch it...

JKnowsBest on Jun 20, 2009


this looks stupid but the first one was good the kills were not that chezzy but this one looks like shit

frank on Jun 23, 2009


New Line cocked up when they didn't make the last one in 3-D,making this one completely irrelevant. Pass!

Rich on Aug 12, 2009


Doom Canoe, For one, how can you critisize shit ? If you are such a critic as you claim to be, then send a genius script into New Line and see how fast it hits the can. Terminator salvation didnt hold a candle to the first 3, but back on the topic at hand. Dont judge a fucking movie unless you had seen it all the way through. A real critic could tell you that you fucking idiot !!! This site wasnt for bashing others opinions asshole ! It is here to express yourself on a movie!!! Personally I would see this flick!!! Perhaps its not your type of flick, and you should hang out at The Notebook website!! You prick !!!!!!

Warren on Aug 14, 2009


i can't wait XD! Final Destination is always so funny and its a good movie just to watch with some friends. Of course its not scary but its a hell of a good time!

james on Aug 16, 2009


from how old can u watch final destination in 3d?

jena 2k9 on Aug 20, 2009


I love how the new trend is to take "the" aways or just add it on to the sequels. lol that being said im super excited for this. movies suck but it will be fun lol.

eric estrada on Aug 21, 2009


how did you know that she gets hit with a tyre in the car wash??? cant wait to watch this!!!! YAY!!!

meeee on Aug 21, 2009


I honestly think everyone is being to dramatic over the film. Many great points were bought up. Im not here to diagree with anyone but here is my input on ths installment..The Good-Many seem to think the 2nd film had great deaths, well that director has returned for this film so there is a chance for something good to come of it, I also think the trailers play tricks to make you think one thing is happening to someone when it actually isn't..just the way it is pieced together for a trailer. NOW THE BAD..82 mins is got me thinking maybe this movie is jammed together leaving out important keys to the plot & leaving people upset for paying a high price for a short film, also i think the deaths are a little unbelievalbe for the most part..they went from wow did that really CGI disasters. I think it is a 50/50 chance at the box office & for living up to fans of the francise. I think the film could be mildly good if they started the cars going around the track right after the newline cinema logo and the crash happened within 2-3 mins instead of wasting time on character development, also i think maybe it would be cool for the person who had the premoniton to die first or even someone making a deal with the devil, causing a purpose accident in regards to survivng...just suggestions

Antonio on Aug 25, 2009


this movie iz gunna be fun ta watch . the deaths might be bullshyt but come onn , who wouldn't pay to go see ppl die in many wayz on a biggg screen . movie iz gunna be tight as fck shun !

wat ? on Aug 25, 2009


the final destination is absolutely awful. i can't believe i wanted to see this movie and spend my hard earned money. i felt the need to tell fellow film fans about this - not only is the movie not scary, the 3D sucks and its getting bad reviews! variety said "With an array of gory mayhem only marginally enhanced by 3-D and a plot as developed as a text message, "The Final Destination" may finally sound the death knell for New Line's near-immortal horror franchise." please make sure you keep this in mind before you buy a 16 dollar 3D ticket. -horror boy

Alex Young on Aug 27, 2009


shut the fucc up ppl....FD producers and directors did a fine job..they got exactly what they wanted ..your money and the hot topic that u guys continue to blab about..u took few mins in your lousy life to read and write on this blog so obviously it meant something to you

Mike on Aug 29, 2009


I was interested to see how created the writers were in making this movie. It has already been 3 previous movies and I suspect that they will create another one of these in the future.

Hsa on Sep 14, 2009


I shall be flogging my copy of FD4 as it was tasteless to the little girl that died a couple of years ago in the same pool accident. iOverall this film was cheesy and predictable. I stalled buying this film as it is just a badly made repeat of the first three but in 3D... I found putting the 3D glasses on and flushing the toilet repeately gave me more joy. I hope that the next film comes out of the cupboard a bit more and is either a comedie like the 3rd FD or a video nasty. basically if you didn't score in the cinema with the bird you took in for the first film its not going to happen by the fifth. Stick to films like Friday the 13th or Saw as they know how to deliver I give this a worst film ever 1 out of 10

Jeff on Aug 6, 2010


Its a shame to see the potential for final destination is not being used properly, there is no antagonist survivor and although the whole being chased by an invisible death has tension, I can not help feeling its lacking something like a vital cooking ingredient. If they wanted to pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat well a long shot might be to use reference to the Necronomicon (evil dead) or use a Oujia board, I.e it has a Demonic feel as if a force has set the deck up but always wins. As far as horror films go an Antagonist will always find away to survive, some silly loophole and thats what might save this franchise. Examples In Friday the 13th we have Tommy Jarvis Evil Dead - Ash Williams Nightmare on Elm Street - Alison Krueger This may be a slasher film on a different level but these things have guidlines set by producers writers etc and ignoring the basics heads for a predictable death

Ford Prefect on Aug 6, 2010


Lol! I see those Actors careers Dying in the same way Mark Hamill did in Starwars 🙂 sweet

Chewwy on Aug 6, 2010

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