First Early Photos from A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

May 28, 2009
Source: JoBlo, STYD

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

I'm sure everyone knows about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that's currently in-production with Samuel Bayer directing. We also know that Jackie Earle Haley is playing the new Freddy Krueger alongside of a cast of young actors. So how about a photo of Haley as Freddy? No problem! Unfortunately, it's not that great of a photo, and thus I'm not even calling this a "First Look" because it's hardly that. But for those who are anxious to see something from the new Nightmare on Elm Street, the first shots are up courtesy of JoBlo. Apparently the scene being shot involves Freddy watching over a school playground. Sounds creepy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Set Photo

Yep, that's Freddy. Over on JoBlo you can see a few more photos of the playground and a school room. The photo we used at the very top comes from another series of set photos that appeared on ShockTillYouDrop earlier this week. Those photos aren't that interesting, they're only of a church, but the report of what was being shot is a bit more exciting. "Last night during the filming I heard a lot of screams coming from the inside of the church as well as Freddy's voice when he yelled." I'm loving how insanely eerie and creepy this is so far - that's the kind of new Nightmare on Elm Street movie I'm looking forward to seeing! Thoughts?

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I am actually really excited to see this re-make. The cast seem to be a stong enough cast to make a great horror movie

Luke on May 28, 2009


Reading the script now. Let's hope it's not at all like Friday The 13th

Fuelbot on May 28, 2009


Hopefully its TCM03 great and not F13th09 bad. But I think Freddy=Englund, and not giving him a chance and keeping the original timeline is sad. It works with TCM, Amityville and such. But Englund is so important and also, there is no need to re-tell it.

Ryderup on May 28, 2009


I have to say that Bay and his Platinum Dunes reboot efforts haven't been all that horrible. Obviously, they don't live up to the originals but in terms of using the concepts in new ways, they haven't been half bad. I'm looking forward to this. I only wish Englund reprised his role as Freddy...

Widescreen Wonderland on May 28, 2009


Im going to be really interested in seeing this, the fact they say its eerie etc is definately a good thing, and with the humour removed this could give the franchise a whole new atmosphere. This really could scare the shit out of kids all over again!!!

Voice of reason on May 28, 2009



FlaWiio on May 28, 2009


I am a true Nightmare fan! I am really upset that Robert Englund will not be doing Freddie! It will take a really good actor to fill his shoes. Hopefully he will at least do him some justice. I am really curious to see how this movie will turn out. I hope that true fans are not let down and maybe it will bring on new ones!

dawn on May 28, 2009


@dawn, if anyone can do him justice Haley can. I have a pal who is a die hard and after seeing him and his recent work, he agrees this might be it. My thing is please no comedy. Horror is horror for me and lame scripted jokes killed Freddy for me. I've always personally loved Myers, but of late what can I say?

Johnny Neat on May 28, 2009


sickkkk! i hope this new freddy can do well

zach on May 28, 2009


If anyone lives in IL, they have been filming a lot of it in the West suburbs. They were filming a graveyard scene in Bartlett and needed 75 extras about 2 weeks ago. Also, look for filming in Barrington, IL. Happy hunting!

L on May 28, 2009


I watched the Old 6 Parts and also the New Nightmare one 1 month ago because i haven't seen them and i am preparing to this one.I hope there is a face of comparison between the classics and this one.

Fisherr on May 28, 2009


Im an extra in this movie, and its a really awesome thing going on, its hard to imagine jackie earle haley as a mean guy, cuz in one scene he had to torment a little girl and between cuts he was so nice!! This movie should be good, and support it please because everyone there was really great to even the "background"

Nikki on May 28, 2009


ROFLMAO!!! "Those photos aren't that interesting, they're only of a church" Yeah but these photos are freakin' awesome!!! They like, of a school ya know? And like, there's totally a white fence there as well! w00t!!!

LSP on May 28, 2009


This whole reboot thing is just ROFL.

JimD on May 29, 2009


I too am totally excited to see this remake. I must say though... just wait until you see Freddy's new makeup. You'll be floored.

MPetrie on May 29, 2009


im def looking forward to this have no idea. but im still a little skeptical on whether im feeling the whole "serious Freddy" thing. idk. but im def gonna be on the look out for more info.

MovieJunkie88 on Jun 1, 2009


hey people u cant replace robert englund he IS freddy, he's the face and the personality it WONT be the same

freddyfan on Jun 4, 2009


This movie is going to TANK. You can't remake Freddy Krueger without Robert England. Why do studios insist on ruining franchises?

SaintJayes on Jun 12, 2009


I think Jackie Earle Haley would do a great job as Freddy Krueger. The only thing I hate is that Platinum Dunes did not get Wes Cravens blessing. He actually hates this since he wasn't even contacted on production of the film. This is one of his treasures and said in quote "I don't want a reimaginging of one of my favorite creations." The Last House on the Left remake he was in support of but... not this.

spider on Jun 20, 2009


I cant wait! Rorschach is the new Freddy! Thats kick ass!

Guerra on Jul 3, 2009


Robert Englund is Freddy!!! There can be no other!!!!!!!!

Paul on Aug 19, 2009


This film looks really scarey like the 1st nightmare was but like...scaryierererer. I couldn't really see robert englund being in the remake anyway. I hope they do a remake of Freddy Vs Jason Because i jnever really took that film too seriously, they got both characters wrong and it was way too over the top. And freddy only had one kill in the whole film. Or a sequel. ANyway this remake looks awesome and the friday the 13th part 2 remake should be good as they have realised the mistakes they have made in the film. ANd it wasn't scary atr all. you see jason too much, It was always cooler when you were like when do we get to see him!!?!?. anyway NOES FTW lol nightmare on elm st= NOES and F13TH FTW k bai, check my website ppl =3

Jak on Sep 17, 2009


I feel the Robert Englund is still the best. No one can compare Englund's performance as our favorite Serial-Killer Icon Freddy Kreuger! But who knows Jackie Earle Haley might just do it. We'll see. I'm looking foward to it just because i'm a big fan. I like the they are keeping it the same as the original! Love that. Like the bath tub scene where Nancy falls asleep in the tub. Awesome!! Hope they have Glen's death scene. The best death scene ever. I really agree with Jak. They could have done better with freddy vs. jason and the new Friday the 13th. I also hear rumors of being a sequel of Freddy vs. Jason so thanks for reading my comment. "FREDDY KRUEGER FOREVER!"

Trevor on Sep 30, 2009


I saw the Trailer and I'm not too excited. However, since I am a Freddy fan , I will check out the movie. I did not like the remake of Texas Chainsaw, Friday 13th or Amityville. I do not like the fact that Robert Englund is not playing Freddy but I will give the new guy a chance. He has to really step up to the plate. When I first heard that Heath Ledger was going to play Joker, I didn't think he could pull it off, in fact, he was excellent. So who knows, maybe this new Freddy will top the old one ( I doubt it though,lol)

QJ on Oct 5, 2009


i think this movie is going to be fantastic. jackie earle haley is one of my favorite actors of all time, and let's face it, he can play anything and do it well. i'm really quite sick of everyone freaking out that the role is not going to be played by robert englund. yes, the originals were amazing; englund is another one of my favorite actors, but listen. a remake is a great idea. we've had so many technological advances since the original, and i'm superexcited to see the effects. secondly, people in our society are just starting to appreciate horror films. they've always been a passion of mine, and i couldn't be happier people are now taking an interest in them. now that they'll see this amazing tale in better quality than the first time, the movie could very well make as big a mark on the world as the original. i couldn't be more excited for march 5. <3

allyson. on Nov 18, 2009


oops, i meant april 30. haha. march 5 is aliceinwonderland. my bad. xP

allyson. on Nov 19, 2009


people who moan about jackie earle hayley being freddy kruger need to rewind back a bit. when heath ledger first anounced as the joker there was uproar by geeks and fans of jack nicholson and batman saying he will be shit and awful. oh... and what happened... he was fucking awesome and everyone like him as the joker. we are all too quick to judge these days. why not give him benifit of the doubt. i seen jackie in a few films and his acting is brilliant. lets just wait and see whats its like instead of prematurely ejaculating all over this movie. thank you 🙂

jordan on Nov 21, 2009


ya dont get me wrong robert made freedy infact he was freedy but jackie is a good charicter acter and seems thier going scary with it and not dark humor i think hes great for the part and he could make freedy as dark as he can get mark my words this is gioing to be a great remake regardless what people say better than jason from newline and others

brandon on Feb 12, 2010

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