First Grueling Trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon

May 31, 2009
Source: MySpace

New Moon Trailer

This trailer probably isn't for most of you, but there are plenty of fans out there, so let them enjoy it. Summit has debuted the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the sequel to the insanely popular Twilight from just last year. Fueled by the success of the first movie, the studio pushed this into production quickly, so that it would be ready in exactly one year from when that first movie came out. Additionally, director Catherine Hardwicke was replaced by Chris Weitz, which hopefully was a smart decision, although it looks like it's still in good hands so far. If you're interested, check it out below.

Watch the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

[flv: 596 246]

You can also watch the first trailer for New Moon in High Definition on MySpace

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is directed by Chris Weitz, of only Down to Earth, About a Boy, and The Golden Compass previously. The screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenberg, of TV shows like "Dexter" and "The O.C." as well as Step Up and Twilight previously. This is based on the second book in Stephenie Meyer's incredibly popular series of novels about vampire Edward Cullen and his love Bella Swan. Summit Entertainment will be bringing The Twilight Saga: New Moon to theaters starting on November 20th.

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ugh...CG...horrible, god why do teenage girls love this crap

zak on May 31, 2009


omg first. Twilight blows.

Matt on May 31, 2009


haha damn it! second 🙁

Matt on May 31, 2009


lol fail. is that wolfman or puppet..

PinkSushi on May 31, 2009


still looks bad...since the books are awfully written...but that transformation at the end was decent...the only problem is that this author never seemed to think about using the lore...which is a big shame...vampires in sunlight and werewolves changing without a full moon, lame...

Christopher M. on May 31, 2009


gosh damnit my sister literally just broke through my door to tell me she just saw this as i got to the page.

erik on May 31, 2009


Grueling LOL

Cat on May 31, 2009


Is it just me or did that wolf seem just a little out of place?

Kylio on May 31, 2009


I will bet you all that if this trailer had nothing to do with twilight you would all be pissing your pants with excitement. Even though it doesn't interest me, you are all bashing it based on the fact that its twilight.

PJ H on May 31, 2009


im blasting it because i saw the first one...i have read the pieces and its such a horrible franchise that i dont understand why in the hell it was ever popular im not hating it cuz its the "cool thing to do" im ragging cuz its crap, what ever happened to the good akira kurosawa days or truffaut i mean the underwold series did this first didnt they? and did it in a much more interesting way i think but whatever

zak on May 31, 2009


dude i hate twilight, but i could bet that this is going to be better than wolverine.

Darrin on May 31, 2009


Stephenie Meyer does seem to enjoy bastardizing traditional mythologies for her adolescent fantasies, doesn't she? Twilight won all the awards at MTV Movie Awards tonight. It was like there was no reason to even be watching, even Kristen Stewart looked uncomfortable as all hell half the time she was on stage. Also, has anyone noticed how hot Stephanie Meyer is? Maybe that's why she can't write.

Da Man on May 31, 2009


@PJ H Seriously? Did we even watch the same trailer? If I didn't know this was Twilight I would wonder why this wasn't a straight to DVD movie staring Lorenzo Lamas......

Matt on May 31, 2009


do not bad talk the highlander ever!!!

nelson on May 31, 2009


the wolf transformation was lame i didn't thought he would actually transform into a wolf i thought he would be like edward.

FrObOy21 on May 31, 2009


i really didn't care for the first one. i understand the first one was very low budget. this one looks like it has a higher budget. so i hope they can do something better with the wolfs cuz its kinda cheezy. we need big burly werewolves for example "underworld" or my personal favorite "van helsing". cuz the one i seen in the trailor kinda looked like one of those pissed off steroid dogs from "hulk". i mean c'mon you already have 90% of teenage girls buying into this crap, so try to appeal to other audiences.

celticpride930 on May 31, 2009


i hate twilight....its scary as fuck.

Al on May 31, 2009


i wish i could say i don't wanna see this. BUT I FRAKKIN' WANNA SEE THIS!

Lauren on May 31, 2009


PJ H speaks the truth, you're all a bunch of fucking douchebags who jump on the bandwagon of cunts, just to prove the level of coolness you assume to be walking around with, pop your collars dip shits. @ 13, Your arguement is so amazingly and superficially invalid that I just see you as a number rather than an actual person with a point. Shut the fuck up, please.

nem on May 31, 2009


Haha... grueling. Apt, Alex. Apt.

Shane on May 31, 2009


Fuck this movie, Homos and Tweens enjoy the hell out of this garbage....Nice Scifi Channel Quality CG with the Queerwolf transformation...LMFAO !!!



wow, can it get any more angsty without any good reason for angst? groan, the dialogue is os bad!

scm1000 on May 31, 2009


porn for tweens

Jason K on May 31, 2009


I actually liked the wolf transformation, at least it looked like a wolf (compared to Lupin's wolf form in HP). The real gripe: Can't these people (Pattinson and Stewart) act? Seriously, what in the hell are they even payed for? With the kind of money they're making they can at least muster up some decent acting for this. They sound bored and stoned out of they're minds.

Daniel on May 31, 2009


#21 you're funny, transformers is no different than twilight. just substitute vampires for robots

L1A on May 31, 2009


Let's face it! Regardless of all the bitchin', this film is gonna be a HUGE HIT.

Blue Silver on May 31, 2009


hahaha good Christ #19 is a raving bitch. we all get it, you like Twilight, just because others don't doesn't mean there douchebags, cunts, superficial or cool. i don't know why you couldn't just stand up for a movie you like, instead of shit talking the people who don't like it. take your meds and simmer down a little P.S.- this movie looks like piss, from what little I've seen i may be jumping the gun saying this, But in my opinion the directing looks extremely armature, the actors proved in the first that they of course have no talent and honestly i don't give a good god damn about the story. maybe the books are good but the movies are poorly done. it looks like a bad flick, and honestly i don't know how the teens of this age seem to think this is what good movie are made of. nah man nah

DoomCanoe on May 31, 2009



Dave Lister, JMC on May 31, 2009


It's a shame Kristen Stewart had to follow up her great performance in Adventureland with this drek.

notalent on May 31, 2009


I think that the franchise would have been better if Twilight was done better. I will still see this because it looks a bit better than the first. P.S. Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart looked like a hot mess at the MTV awards.

D on May 31, 2009


This movie looks unbelievably horrid. I tried to give the first movie a chance after listening to the advice of a co-worker not realizing how amazing bad it was going to be. As a fan of the vampire genre in general the fact that Stephanie Meyer chose to write a completely new take on the "vampire" wasnt a bad idea but this twisted love story and horrible acting just made her attempt ridiculous. This is going to be a terrible summer movie Oh and @14 Who the hell is talking about the Highlander? lmao Lorenzo Lamas wasnt the Highlander you retard

Primo1 on May 31, 2009


With Chris directing, I'm expecting the same calibre as his other movies and better thought put into the details that the film requires. The books may not be the best written, but they have compelling storylines - like many, I hope that the execution of the vision for this film and the rest of the films are true to the book, and like a true artist, Chris Weitz will be able to amaze us and take away our breaths with his Directorship and perspective. I hope Chris does a good job and I expect a better one than what Catherine had put through in the first film. The trailer is only a taste, I think they are still to go through post production - so I'm not going to comment on the trailer just yet. We may all be pleasantly surprised... there are still six months until release.

Laine on May 31, 2009


woooooow that was complete shiiiiiit...the cgi was crap at the end, im hoping that was an unfinished effect, and most of the acting was horrible (cough) Robert Pattinson (cough)

????? on May 31, 2009


@ 25 at least transformers has GOOD cgi i don't read twilight, and i kind of hate it, but they could've put more effort in the wolf transformation i was enjoying the trailer up until that point

Bboy movie goer on May 31, 2009


@13: Seriously? Do you also think that Tori Spelling is hot? Maybe Stephenie Meyer is a bad writer who destroyed everything that was good about vampires and werewolves and made up her own mythology that makes no sense because she's a Mormon, so she's just following in Joseph Smith's footsteps, since he did basically the same thing for Christianity, except that there wasn't much good about Christianity in the first place, so basically what I am saying is that Stephenie Meyer sucks because she's a Mormon, and if you're a Mormon, you probably suck too. On another note, Kristen Stewart basically looked like she could barely stop herself from telling everyone how much of a crock of shit she thinks both Twilight and the MTV Movie Awards are, which was absolutely hilarious and made me love her Twilight-hating, pot-smoking, anti-Hollywood ass (and ta-tas) even more. It's pretty disgusting that, as the Jim Carrey skit showed, they tell people they've won before the show, probably because most of the self-respecting actors who win wouldn't even show up if they didn't. And that's what I've got to say.

Andrew on May 31, 2009


Porn for Tweens #6 indeed....that wolf thing was straight from Jim Henson's rack of muppets!!!! First movie blows....2nd blows chunks....3rd one will make you " Jizz in my pants " No really the 3rd one will suck ass....4th based on the book " Breaking Dawn " will go straight to DVD cemetery!!!!!! Never read them, never will...if Stephen King says the author cant write 4 shit, then thats all i need to stay away from reading them. Maybe audio books read by Megan Fox...that would be Pure Epic!

Lazarus on May 31, 2009


First off, I will say that I thought the first movie was awful, and this movie looks like is it shaping up that way. But a little history for those of you talking about Werewolves and what the CGI version in this trailer look like (comparing them to Underworld (#16) or Harry Potter (#23)). The "Pack" in the Twilight series are actually not your typical Werewolves. They go into the history of it through the books, but they make a clear distinction between classic werewolves and to what they are in Twilight. They have the ability to change into a wolf, but they are not Werewolves, like the other movies mentioned above. Again, I'm not excited at all, I just wanted to clarify that for everyone in case anyone even cares.

Unexcited on May 31, 2009


Okay, now I've watched the trailer, and WOW is it bad. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are really mailing this baby in even more than the last time, and that CGI wolf? AWFUL.

Andrew on May 31, 2009


#25: I wasn't being sarcastic. The trailer was grueling, thus confirming Alex's label as being apt. #29: Agreed. She was great in Adventureland. But fuck this shit.

Shane on May 31, 2009


hahahahah. this trailer made me laugh

Jay Selis on May 31, 2009


I agree with everyone else, utter shitfest. This movie looks emptier than a MTV reality TV Show. I'd rather watch a horrible Underworld movie.

Brandon on May 31, 2009


Holy shit I regret watching the trailer. Everyone was talking about how bad it was and the wolf transformation I had to watch and now...fuck me sideways that's horrible. I blame Hot Topic for the existence of stuff like this. It's become a "cool" trend.

LSP on May 31, 2009


That CGI Wolf did look pretty awful.

Korm on May 31, 2009


#20: you're a dumbass. If you like these movies then YOU are jumping on the bandwagon of 13-year-old girls. This trailer had some of the worst acting I've seen in awhile (and I just saw "Drag Me to Hell..." #25: the actors in "Transformers" can actually act, though the script was poorly written in the first one. It was also nominated for three Oscars. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

really? on May 31, 2009


Everything was good except for that cartoonish wolf in the end. It looked like a mad Crash Bandicoot, that fox game for Playstation in the 90's. The first movie had really low-budget special effects and this one clearly does too. I totally agree with #22, this looks like something made for TV on the Sci-Fi channel.

Matt S. on May 31, 2009


It's okay to alter vampire, werewolf , or whatever lore and make it new. It's all about people's creativity, and keeping things interesting. With that said I don't like twilight. Acting is not so good, the story itself is pretty horrible. And a paper cut that draws blood? Really now.

Semiblue on May 31, 2009


Yeah my wife told me it looked kinda bad. Just for shits and giggles i watched this and i gotta say, yeah its horrible, and the wolf just looked like a giant puppy. LOL. But this trailer made me laugh though.

Joseph S. on May 31, 2009


This is so bad!! the acting is so so so bad!!!

Dude on Jun 1, 2009


WHY CAN'T ANYONE EVER GET A WEREWOLF RIGHT?! Honestly it's not that hard. This is made of fail.

CLZ on Jun 1, 2009


Me: Hey Ma', I found a buncha trolls! Ma': Don't touch'em Johnny. You'll get Lyme Disease Me: Those are ticks Ma'. Those suck your blood and get under your skin. Ma': Trolls do too, son... trolls do too.

L on Jun 1, 2009


#44 - 3 nominations in sound mixing, sound editing and visual effects won't make transformers suck any less, good cgi doesn't mean good movie.

L1A on Jun 1, 2009


Did not think mutch to the first twilight that was a load of crap, moden day vamp film the swedish fillm let the right one in. is far better than twilight im not expecting mutch more from the second film twilight saga new moon...shite.

Allen Reeve on Jun 1, 2009


Did not like the trailer for the first twilight, don't like this one either ... not going to see it ... #49 I completly agree

trooper on Jun 1, 2009


At least this movie isn't so excruciatingly BLUE. Seriously, the last movie, everything was tinged cyan.

giraffic on Jun 1, 2009


What if she was actually pregnant and Edward actually realized "Oh my God, I'm spending the rest of my life with the boring as hell Bella...JASPER! GIVE ME A REASON TO GET RID OF THE BABY!". Oh and, @ 22, because you know. Prime just seemingly cannot get over Sam, Sam is Prime's personal heroine. I'm glad to see you're wrong and are ok with openly humiliating yourself!

Corey on Jun 1, 2009


I meant @ 25

Corey on Jun 1, 2009


ok..what the hell was that puppy cute wolf/dog something transformation at the end? was f*king hilarious, worst cg idea ..ever! actually the movie is a joke...first they planned to stay together he leaves her in the woods? cmon..tis a joke. jesus..why i am spending time commenting this crap?!?!

Johny on Jun 1, 2009


I'm just going to throw it out there that if you've read the books, you'd understand why the "werewolf" can change without the full moon. He's actually not a werewolf.

Emma on Jun 1, 2009


Totally psyched and such. Nice wereboobs. This film is what it is...

Crapola on Jun 1, 2009


Only thing I can add (since I totally agree that Twilight sucks) is that I suppose the Wolf is a werewolf? Being a werewolf is a curse, every full moon you transform into a wolfman, not a wolf (were = man, wolf = wolf(or beast)). You don't do it at will, you have no control of your actions when you are transformed - your best friends becomes your prey. I actually enjoy Vampire movies, like Blade, ultra violet (they are vampires) and Underworld (one of my favorite movies). Twilight is a teen book/movie, not a vampire/werewolf movie. It has changed too many aspects of both vampires and werewolves that it doesn't deserve to be called a vampire movie. Some of the things I get when you remove, like can't be in sunlight and such. In Underworld the werewolves are transformed at will, however they are so much cooler, and they still have a bestial nature. Also Underworld is more genetic, they could have been altered (I think they actually explain that they have altered things - the first werewolf is stuck in his shape for example) so I think thats okey.

Felix on Jun 1, 2009


Did some research on the Underworld race Lycan - they are descended from Werewolves but they have the ability to transform at will (during the full moon - elder Lycans can do it completely at will). The Lycans are the 2nd generation of werewolves, they were bitten and transformed by the werewolves that had been bitten by William Corvinus - the first Werewolf. I prefer Underworld over other vampire movies because they have mixed mythology with science.

Felix on Jun 1, 2009


this is so CRAP i was laughing on how bad this is

movieboy on Jun 1, 2009


I think the trailer looks like a big improvement from the first movie so I'm happy. It looks like Chris has done a better job than Catherine. I agree that the wolf transformation is kind of lame but it seems like those things always are.

janet on Jun 1, 2009


I hate to admit it but i didn't hate this trailer. Looks vastly better then the first.

moviekidmike on Jun 1, 2009


i hate when my gf talks about this shit, but that trailer was greatly improved since the first movie that i was dragged too.

midnightlight on Jun 1, 2009


Teenage girls that cut themselves watch this movie. Watching this movie would make me want to cut myself.

Cody on Jun 1, 2009


I wouldn't see the movie since I'm not a tween girl but they did one thing right with this trailer. They don't give to much away. You know it's about vampires and werewolves and that's about it. More movies should do that.

Moviegimp on Jun 1, 2009


I thought that "werewolf" looked pretty crappy ...... and cuddly. Are they really trying to be taken seriously with a "werewolf" that looks like it would curl up at the end of my bed when I went to sleep? I'm not a fan so I don't know if they're described in the books as large border collies but I think it may be a safe assumption that they're not..... even if you set the crappy design aside the c.g. itself looks like absolute garbage.....I have to agree with #66 (Cody)....if forced to watch this movie I may very well cut myself....and maybe the person who forced me to watch it.....

BooURNS on Jun 1, 2009


Hi there, your friendly werewolf here ranting thins trailer. (Yes, am a real werewolf). But i don;t eat people..i eat at KFC (mmm..KFC). Anyway I have to post my anger against that wolf shit transformation. What's next? chihuahua werewolfs? NO! that's blasfemy! remove this trailer immediatly admin! or else! Woof!

A Werewulf on Jun 1, 2009


This is everyone on the band-wagon. "Alex hates Twilight so maybe I'll be the man that I am and hate it to! chicks will <3 me". Get over yourselves.

Corey on Jun 1, 2009


looks kinda boring, like the first movie. I just finishd the books, read them pretty much non stop in sequence, and with the exception of the latter parts of the 4th one, i thought they were amazing...possibly one of the best stories about drug abuse and addiction i've read (ok i know its a stretch for some people, but seriously..). Unfortunately the bulk of them is 2 lead characters being angsty, which won't work for shit on the big screen unless you have two good actors being pushed by a good director and i just don't see that here. And as for Stephen King saying they are shit, well he's a writer who spent 30 years writing a series of books which failed so epicly that i'm suprised they didn't break the beams of reality or cause King to be run over by a white truck!

chrisUK on Jun 1, 2009


All I hear is "bitch bitch bitch" and "whine whine whine" "twilight sucks" "its horribly written" "its a franchise" "corporate corporate" "ruined classic mythologies." a) you read it, so you bought in. b) read all of them so you really bought in. (if it was so bad why did you finish?) c) its fiction, so stephenie meyer can do whatever she wants with whatever she wants its her story. d) the wolves aren't really werewolves. they are shape shifters so it doesn't matter if its a full moon or not. not that it matters because its fiction!!!!! e) dont watch it if you dont like it.

Lacey on Jun 1, 2009


#70 you're a fuckin tool. Twilight sucks, New Moon will suck, Corey you suck ... How old are you, and do you practically live at Hot Topic?

A-dog on Jun 1, 2009


#72 remember this is the internet, so to most people 'reading a book' involves spending 2 mins on Wikipedia glancing over a badly written synopsis of the book in question, before joining in with whatever the majority are saying on talkbacks such as these.

chrisUK on Jun 1, 2009


Is Paul Newman coming back for this sequel? I thought Susan Sarandon was excellent in the first movie too. Oh wait............

masteryoda007 on Jun 1, 2009


Lol, I don't understand why so many little girls crash to hard for guys who look like...well, little girls. And Pattinson looks like he ate a shovel. Come on! When ones forehead, nose and chin are basically on one line in profile, how the fuck is that attractive?!? Oh wait, it's because he sparkleth in the thunlight, and heth thoooo thenthitive, oh mah gah!!1!1!111!!! I watched the first Twilight just to see what all the fuzz is about. I am a woman, but I didn't get excited in my panties at all. I facepalmed and laughed more than anything. Well, I guess I am too old to get all hot and bothered over cheesy vampire romances. I can see why little girls wanna hump their Nightmare Before Christmas ragdolls, tho. The sexual tension must have been unbareable for them. and #70...if you followed this board more closely you would see that people often don't agree with Alex at all, in fact, he gets bashed for his reviews/previews/critics quite a lot.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 1, 2009


It's frustrating that crap can outsell quality. I lose hope for the world anytime people speak of Twilight with adoration. This trailer was shit-monkeys, it looks worse than The Covenant in 2006, and that is saying a whole lot.

Collin on Jun 1, 2009


Looks great. The first one was great and the books are awesome.

Frank Booth on Jun 1, 2009


According to Stephen, “Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people… The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good While Stephen may not be a fan of Stephenie’s writing, he understands the appeal of the series. “People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it’s very clear that she’s writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it’s not particularly threatening because it’s not overtly sexual.” He further explains, “A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that’s a shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet.”

PinkSushi on Jun 1, 2009


when that wolf jumped out, i thought.... ummm.....i'd rather see that guy turn into the bad Yoda puppet from Episode 1. even THAT looked better than those special effects haha

josh on Jun 1, 2009


Ok that wolf thing was cool.

Darunia on Jun 1, 2009


That was pretty ridiculous. It will still make a shit load of money though.

Farris on Jun 1, 2009


Say what you will about it - one glance at the number of replies tells you all you need to know about this, it's got people discussing more than Avatar, or any other film. Like the vampires themselves, Twilight might be an abomination, but it's a popular one, whether to love or to hate, because it contains things that pretty much every single potential viewer already has some kind of cultural 'stake' in (hoho); be it the vampires, the werewolves, the love stuff, etc etc so it covers a lot of angles. It's clever, in the same way I would imagine Satan's torture devices in Hell to be clever.

Digital Metaphor on Jun 1, 2009


Yes, "Twilight" was terrible. But this has a small chance of being somewhat better only because of the new director, Chris Weitz. Still, he doesn't have much to work with. Also, this trailer was rushed. Hell, I think they're still shooting the damn film. So that wolf will not be the final product, trust me.

Film Fan on Jun 1, 2009


Seeing all the haters on here makes me laugh. If you don't like the books or even the first movie then why are you on this page? I think all the haters should just get over it...there are much more important things to be worrying about.....recession, depression, war, suicide, homicide, murder, rape....Twilight I can guarantee is not the worst thing out there.

Shibby on Jun 1, 2009


I didnt think it looked too horrible, but then again I like a lot of movies that i probably shouldnt. Im too easily entertained. Even if this movie is better, it will never beat True Blood! True Blood should of been the movie series, and twilight should of been a CW series.

a on Jun 1, 2009


Whatever happened to movies that were great and made you think. Nowaways it's these movies that have poor effects and poor acting. Only thing Hollywood does nowadays is put out crap for a quick buck. Movies like these and of course remakes is all they seem to do. No wonder the younger generation are getting dumber.

M on Jun 1, 2009


I don't see why people get all bent-out-of-shape about it.. If you don't like it, don't watch it losers!! I think 13 year old girls complain less when movies like Terminator: Salvation (movies they don't like) come out. #87 Yea M, watching movies YOU don't like is EXACTLY why the younger generation is getting dumber.... DUMBASS!!!

Mr.Big on Jun 1, 2009


"I wouldn't see the movie since I'm not a tween girl but they did one thing right with this trailer. They don't give to much away. You know it's about vampires and werewolves and that's about it. More movies should do that." Actually, I've read the book, and what they show is basically the whole plot. After she spills a bit of blood and the vampires are all like mmm blood, Edward leaves, and while he's gone she finds out her Native friend is really a some weird wolf dude. That's the whole plot, there's no real other twists. The books were awful. I think the girl is hot in the just-a-normal-girl kinda way. I hate girls that have to dress up to be hot. She looks bangable in just some jeans and a sweatshirt, so that's cool. But yeah... the first movie was awful, the books are even worse, and this movie isn't likely to be much better. The writer is horrible, and she doesn't know the first thing about romance. The big build up to when they finally have sex in the last book, disgusting, I stopped after that cause it was such a disappointment. Doesn't surprise me the writer is a mormon.

WingcommanderIV on Jun 1, 2009


@84: I trust you, random guy on the internet. @88: I think most of the anti-anti-Twilight people are even more obnoxious than some of my fellow anti-Twilight people. And that means you. Unfortunately, I was dragged to the first movie, kicking and screaming, by my girlfriend, who is ostensibly 22, but 13 on the inside. So, "loser" that I am, I will attempt to not watch this movie, but unfortunately, I will probably fail. Moreover: This is a blog about movies. People who want to come here and read comments that they can pretty much see coming (what with this is a thread about Twilight and most sane people don't like Twilight) in advance are committing the precise offense that they come here and whine about. Also, Mr.Big, while we're on your comments, how dumb can you be to compare Terminator: Salvation to Twilight? I know the Terminator series has a lot of die-hard fans, but they don't OBSESS over it like Twilight fans do. And they certainly don't make felt recreations of Bella's womb. (Oh yeah. That happened. Google it.) Twilight is a plague on this Earth, just like Scientology and Mormons and swine flu.

Andrew on Jun 1, 2009


so shite, but its transformers for girls, we can't knock it.

Aaron Holland on Jun 1, 2009


mmm, that little werewolf boy has been workin out!! makes me wanna spank my own ass with a cat of nine tails and then go to town on myself!!

Dan Link on Jun 1, 2009


"#87 Yea M, watching movies YOU don't like is EXACTLY why the younger generation is getting dumber…. DUMBASS!!!" No, there are a lot of movies, including this one that dumb down viewers. If you don't like my comment avoid it. As usual you fans have to resort to calling other posters names, because you can't argue any other way. "This is a blog about movies. People who want to come here and read comments that they can pretty much see coming (what with this is a thread about Twilight and most sane people don't like Twilight) in advance are committing the precise offense that they come here and whine about." Well said #90

M on Jun 1, 2009


ok, one all of u people who just bashed this trailer clearly havent read the books, and are clearly not romantics twilight and the rest of the series, is basically about finding true love, whether it be something u expected or not and two, yes ofcourse the movies are kindof bad, compared to the book clearly this trailer was bomb, and u know it .....well except kristen stewart's eye brow acting when she says kiss me and three, i am WAYYY too siked to see this

double x on Jun 1, 2009


why are there so many comments for this? this was stupid, the girl is hot. end of story

Dan W on Jun 1, 2009


This... sucked!

The Awsome Norwegian Dude With Sunglasses on Jun 1, 2009


There was only one redeeming quality to that trailer: Robert Pattinson left halfway through.

Buster Cherry on Jun 1, 2009


The werewolf effect was good. And there are interpretations where Werewolves are literally "People turning into big dogs". That's fine. It was OK. The compositing was OK. But I am not watching this movie... The only way i am seeing this is with a girlfriend.

SS on Jun 1, 2009


omg omg this trailer is sooooo good i can't stop watching it . iiiiiii soooooooooo can't wait for nov 20,09 so i can watch it in theater

edwina on Jun 1, 2009


100th!!!!! I rule

D on Jun 1, 2009


This looks like utter shit! Why do people want to see this? And is it just me or is Robert Patterson the ugliest man to grace a screen??? It's sad to for me to admit that I'm part of a generation that actually eats this crap up!! All you other girls out there, why don't you go watch a real movie and not waste your valuable time or brain cells on the worst movie coming out since, well Twilight.

Laila on Jun 1, 2009



sna on Jun 2, 2009


#99's comment says it all. This is not a dude's movie. It's a tweenage girl's wet dream.

Shockwave's Ghost on Jun 2, 2009


if you hate this movie so much why are you talking about it! just shut up!

sna on Jun 2, 2009


I thought this looked interesting up until we saw the cartoon wolf! Why dont movie makers take the time to film anything "real" anymore?? They could have filmed a real life trained wolf in front of greenscreen or something..then added it in to the shot with a little CG! In the old days they used to train animals to star in its all crappy effects that look awful!

vegasdanny on Jun 2, 2009


I intend to watch Twilight (finally) this afternoon. It can't be as good, or bad, as people say...

RPD on Jun 2, 2009


Whatever we known fans think, fans will love this.

Johnny Neat on Jun 2, 2009


i bet there are hundreds of people that think all this trash about the movies and books you do like, but they have the common decency to not be so rude about it. there's a difference in giving your opinion and trashing something. clearly the majority of people like the Twilight series. if you hate it as much as you claim, why bother watching this and trashing it besides the attention?

Tucker on Jun 2, 2009


i didnt like the first one even a bit and this one doesnt look better its ok when writing a book to change a thng or two about the lore you are referring or invent one entirely byyourself but inorder to do so one needs to be a very strong writer, and should have his/her bases for his/her creations twilight series are teen girl books so if nothing it should be respected for the aimed viewer or reader but if one doesnt like it (i dont like the books and the films) its his or her opinion and should be respected just the same 😀 to come to the trailer the cgi still looks lame but may be it will get polished in the final cut the wolf transformation promises better cgi than the first one and for those who liked the transformation they should really check out "Blood and Chocolate" whixh also focuses wolves that can turn in to humans 😀 pretty much like Wolfs Rain anime series i kinda liked that movie may be you will too but its definetely 1000 times stronger than any twilight put together 😀 thats my opinion 😀 cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jun 2, 2009


Not gonna lie, I am at least halfway a terrible fangirl and I read all the books... The main thing I'm wondering is why Stephanie Meyer is signing off for all her books to be completely rewritten for the movies and why the fans of the books are saying that the movies are the best thing ever. They're completely different... First one sucked, this one won't be any better. Can already tell from the trailer that everything is different. They changed the first one, now they're changing this one, there is absolutely no way that any of the others could be true to their stories either. I wish they could have just left them in book form and saved money for other better films to be made.

Erika on Jun 2, 2009


This is too funny! (New Moon Fan Girl Reaction) And thats the reason I will be staying away from the Cinema in November!

Geo on Jun 2, 2009


Ok I wanna know why so many people are talking down about the movies and the books. If you don't like them, then why are you watching the trailer. I understand people have their own opinions, but stop leaving comments just for attention.

Ryan on Jun 2, 2009


#110, the only thing they changed in that trailer was that Bella saw Jacob transform before attacking Laurent, and that he was by himself. everything else was the same. every book gets changed. they can't book 300+ pages into a movie, it can't be but so long. prime example is the Harry Potter series, although the first two were basically the exact same

Tucker on Jun 2, 2009


@90: (Andrew) My point was simply that everyone has they're own taste in movies, You have your Terminator fans, you have your Star Trek fans, etc.. and you have your Twilight fans. I think what bothers the anti-Twilight people most is how Twilight fans get sick obsesed with Twilight. But why let it bother you enough to call the fans the reason why "the younger generation are getting dumber" which is what "M" said, that made me want to comment. I can think of many many more movies that far worse than Twilight: Meet the Spartans, Dance Flick and Disaster Movie just to name a few. And ofcoarse i wasn't comparing Twilight to Terminator by any means, that would be like comparing The Dark Knight to Rush Hour 3. You just don't compare. @93: (M) You're right, name calling is for people that can't argue any other way, and i should know better.

Mr.Big on Jun 3, 2009


Well, Mr.Big, I gotta say, those three movies you named sure are significantly worse than Twilight. There's no doubting that. The thing is, I can't actually name one single person I know who likes or even saw any of those movies. The reason for all this vehemence against Twilight is not just that it's so bad, but also that it's so bad and also so damn popular. If it was just bad I could write it off and be like whatever, but no, I have to hear about it all the damn time, just like Harry goddamn Potter, another set of awful books turned into idiotic movies.

Andrew on Jun 3, 2009



splinter on Jun 3, 2009


trailer was decent until the werewolf transformation. it was kinda lame

Q on Jun 3, 2009


Not sure if I liked the trailer, but I will be seeing the movie. The books were a fun, fast read with characters that were easy to enjoy. I liked the new take on vampires and werewolves (please don't call Twiight wolves Lycans- I loved those movies, and its just not right to group those together) and I thought she put enough backstory in to just go with it. I thought the 1st movie was too fast and lost alot from the book, but thats what always happens. I have hope in my heart that this movie will be better, especially if they don't alter any of the few key parts. I am hoping the wolf pack are as fun to look at as the guys from 300 were, thats worth it alone. Not a huge fan of the casting for Edward, but Bella is just as sissy lala fussy as I remember from the book, she nailed it.

Sandi the hopeful on Jun 3, 2009


Kristin Stewart is a terrible actress. everyone i've ever heard talk about meet the spartans, dance flick, and disaster movie loved them. i've heard quite a lot of people talk about them when they first came out too. how are those good examples though? they weren't serious movies, they were making fun of the big movies so they were kinda supposed to be stupid. liking twilight doesn't mean you're 13 on the inside, esp. since twilight is not appropriate for kids that age.

Tucker on Jun 4, 2009


the first one was one of the worst movies i ever saw. it was so oring and the acting was absolutely horrible. this trailer looks terrible. the main guy is a horrible actor. the indian is a horrible actor. the girl is just good looking. i dont understnad how anybody could have liked this piece of crap.

c good on Jun 4, 2009


the books were crap too i read them all. my wife got them and i was curious. i kept reading because i was hoping something would happen and nothing ever did. i had blue balls after the last one

c good on Jun 4, 2009


Thank god most of the people who commented here are smart enough to realize how f*cking horrible all this Twilight f*uck is. Phew. I mean, look at the trailer! Or the book where it's based from in first place! Everything about it is terrible! What on earth has happened to all the teenagers these days? Shame on them! Jacob looks more like a puppy than a werewolf to me. EPIC FAIL.

scribbles on Jun 4, 2009


b/c vulgar language, lack of ability to respect what the majority of the world likes, despite your personal feelings towards it, and the phrase "epic fail" are the prime example of how mature adults speak and act.

Tucker on Jun 5, 2009


that trailer lacked so much. it was like watching a eunuch riding a bicycle with no wheels.

dave13 on Jun 5, 2009


fucking garbage. these kids can't act. at all. dammit now i wasted space in my internet cache for this...gotta go scrub it clean now...

dan on Jun 5, 2009



craddock on Jun 7, 2009


I've read first 3 books, and i started to read 4. Twilight was so good. New Moon sucked. Eclipse was the best of all. Breaking Dawn sucked again. First of all, i must to say - acting.was.BAD!!! WTF is wrong with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattz.? They don't show ANY emotions.'' Kiss me. I love you.'', omg that was SOO BAD!!! Rob Patz AREN'T handsome at all. And Kristen comments for her. Twilight was the WORST thing i've ever seen and i'm NOT going to waste my time for this. I'm going to watch this ONLY if they are going to RECAST! And make normal effects. That Puppy was lame. ;D They ruined SUCH a good books.

TeenageGirlWhoARENTfan, on Jun 9, 2009


You guya juat don't get it, the girls do, maybe that is the really girls rule! The books are great and the movies are wonderful! Come on guys, where is your sensitivity? Maybe if oyu guys acted more like Edward, you would get more girls!

D. Mayes on Jun 10, 2009


what a shit film

Dan on Jun 11, 2009


well looks like this whole site hates twilight im not going to see it

Richard on Jun 11, 2009


@128 You mean acting like a controlling obsessive jerk who watches women while they sleep will get me laid more? I FUCKING LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!

Ska on Jun 11, 2009


Hummm, I thought the books were pretty good. But hey, i'm 20 something and still live like a kid!!! LOL. I do think that the books were better than the first movie. I hope this one goes more by the book, the trailer looks that way.... And come on GUYS, just because Rob is HOTTTTT and your not don't bash him!!!!! And I think that the 4th book is the best. The point is that we all know this is gonna be a hit at the box office no matter what. They won all the awards on MTV. Even if they "Kristen" looked like she was about to fall out from being so stoned! Once again Rob was Hot! LoVEn the Hair. like to get my hands in that!!!!!

Jam on Jun 12, 2009


^^ And there in a nutshell is your audience for this crap - horny young women. Whatever...

snickers on Jun 12, 2009


Dear Snickers: Thank you for the compliment of being a horny young woman...actually I am 61 years young. I think what all you guys are missing is the romance in a relationship. No matter what a young lady says or does, the bottom line is she wants romance and respect. I am not sure how the world became so sexist, but believe me, sex is not what this movie is about. It is about the old fashion romance between two young people who have respect for each other. Edward and Bella both would give their own life to protect the other.........that is what a relationship is....caring more about your mate than anything else and wanting to protect them against harms way. The fact that Edward will not have sex with Bella until they are married only shows the respect he shows for her. You have to look deeper into the movie and read between the lines. The movie is basically an old fashion love story....which is what draws young women to it. The fact that the Twiglight Series is such a success is because the public, mostly women, are saying, "I want love, respect, someone I can depend on....I want an old fashion relationship", where men are men and not sex craved little boys that have no control of their own mind or bodies. The men of today really need to wake the movie and take some hints from Edward; who knows you may turn into a romantic man that a woman can really admire and respect. D. Mayes

D. Mayes on Jun 13, 2009



Eric on Jun 13, 2009


@134 - 61, eh? I looove older women 😉 I understand what you're saying, you say men of today need to wake up, but most young women of today don't send us guys the message that they want romance. Quite the opposite. These movies might fill a need in young women for romance, but out in the world they want to be aggressive and have it all and not be treated like fragile things.

snickers on Jun 14, 2009


Being a young man of the 21st Century, you would know more than I what some women fro desiring. Although I have found that those young ladies that run the with crowd of "having it all" now, are not the ones I would like to see my 5 grandsons marry. I am not saying that I am a prude, as I did live a pretty exciting young life, but I will say that it was rare to find someone that was a complete gentleman, and when I did, I put aside my foolish ways and married one. We dated 7 years before we married and have been married for 24 years. He is a gentleman, someone like Edward, who I will respect and know that he will protect me. We took our time getting to know each Bella and Edward did in the movie....our relationship was based on honesty, respect and learning more about each other every day. Sex was only a small part of it, the most excitement came from the sitting and talking about each others lives, our likes and dislikes. We both agreed we wished we new these things when we were younger as to not waste valuable time on things that do not matter 10 years down the road. Edward and Bella, know what they want in life...each other, although it took a while for them to realize it. But once they did, they could only think of each other.....that my friend is romance and what is missing in today's society. P.S. In your first sentence you explained how women are today. I ask you....who is in charge? In a relationship it is important that each person has an opinion, what is yours? What I am saying is, what do you want out of the relationship? D. Mayes

D. Mayes on Jun 14, 2009


lol i think of this all the fin time yea he turned into a wolf.. A WOLF!!!, now think wtf is a dog gonna do to a over powered vampire cept get back handed he wasn't half formed like all other werewolves i mean he wasn't even a werewolf just a dog!

koopy361 on Jun 15, 2009


I can't wait for the scene in which he states that he loves Bela's unborn kid.

Brian on Jun 16, 2009


I loved the first movie and this one looks as if it is going to be just a good! can't wait for the release!

Serviced Offices on Jun 19, 2009


@35 Maybe she's not all that hot. She just kinda looked it in her author photo at the end of the first book. But I don't really care about that. My real gripe with her is that she takes existing mythology and fucks it all up to fit her shitty stories. It's like if you take a zombie and give it superstrength and speed and take away the ability to kill it. She basically made herself a vampire Return of the Living Dead. She took these genres and kicked them hard in their balls.

Da Man on Jun 19, 2009


@90 Fuckin' A right, dude. You sound like the most sensible guy on the planet. way to say what we were all too dumb to put into words (no sarcasm)

Da Man on Jun 19, 2009


That's how I roll, 142. I wish I knew how to unsubscribe from these things. Full disclosure: I typed that, paged down and said, "Oh."

Andrew on Jun 19, 2009


I have to admit that I really liked the books because they entertained me in the days that I was doing nothing. But I hated the first movie sooo much! I also hate how over publicized the whole franchise got. I mostly hat K stewart and how she talks shit about something that she gets an assload of money for. I wish that I never showed the book to my friends that act like horny schoolgirls for twilight. I apologize for bringing more of those fans to the world. I truely do. 🙁

Alex on Jun 20, 2009


I love it Ilove it

Fenris on Jun 21, 2009


^^^^^^^^ Argh my daughter has hacked my name !!! bloody wannabe prepubescent emo girl !! My eyes blled from it its enough to make me retch up bile !

Fenris on Jun 21, 2009


Jacob as the wolf didn't look that big. In the book the wolves where as tall as a horse. In the movie there as big as a normal wolf. Get It Right Directors. Follow The Books

caution on Jun 21, 2009


you know whats funny, I,m bored and have nothing better to do than read all of these comments from ignorant people who claim to dislike a movie but decide to watch the trailer anyway and then bitch about it to anyone who will listen.

Elissa on Jun 21, 2009


148: I like movies. I watched the trailer because I wanted to see if a new director would make Twilight more palatable. Answer: No. I really don't get people like you. Do you think people should only comment here if they like the movie or think it will be good? Are you REALLY one of those "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" people? Because I don't like those people. They smell funny.

Andrew on Jun 21, 2009


I like the movie.... they just need to follow the book. If people don't write bad comments and tell everyone what was wrong then how would i ever get fixed. If the directors just follow the story line then no one would have anything to bitch about EG: wolf needs to be as big as a horse.

caution on Jun 21, 2009


Right on #58 no weres in the movie so that means no full moon action or halfman/half wolf either. Sadly they're juz plain shapeshifters there for a reason. I was slightly disappointed due to the size explained in the book were larger in sized, but perhaps there's a reason why the wolf wasn't as large as stated in the books. Guess well see (well those who actually want to see the movie of course)

Kyn on Jun 22, 2009


This is going to be an EPIC FAIL in the film department, what with the CGI sucking sweaty bollocks, the acting sucking harder than a 50p prostitute and the whole concept and egotistical "Twilight Saga" thing they are calling it ... and yet these tweenagers will still go to see it. Not only that, but so will the "TwiMums" The horror. THE HORROR!

MisSarcasmandhermerryband on Jun 22, 2009


I don't think that twilight is a bad saga i have three of the books but I must admit I am ashamed that there is no lore in it I hated the idea that they freaking sparkle its weird. but you got to keep on going with it or a lot of girls will totally diss you. I insulted that part with sparkling and this girl just totally nearly smacked me in the face. You got to be careful but in any other case I think they should keep on going with the twilight saga, despite the mistakes that Stephenie Meyers had missed

Samuel on Jun 23, 2009


This series is amazing! Use your imagination, get lost in it, I can't wait!!! I want a movie for all 4 books.

Jen on Jun 25, 2009



sna on Jun 25, 2009


I love all four books and cant wait to see how the movies reflect them

Petal on Jun 26, 2009


i'm beginning to think some of you didn't even watch the trailer....Andrew, she wasn't saying you can only comment if you like it. she was saying that you people come to the trailer with the intention of trashing it. you have no intention of seeing the movie, if you really hated it as much as you claim, you wouldn't come watch the trailer. therefore, you're full of crap. when i say "you" i don't mean you specifically, i mean all the people that do that. D. Mayes, i like you. i hope i'm half that mature and understanding when i grow up. Fenris, i think you made that up. what mother speaks like that, especially about their own child? not a good one, that's for sure

Tucker on Jun 26, 2009


Which Transformer was the wolf again?

Cold Cut Combo on Jun 29, 2009


hmm.. ive read the books (all four of them- did not buy - just borrowed.. haha) out of curiosity.. to some...very few of the readers here.. this is a spoiler.. but they are not supposed to be werewolves or wolfmen.. in the end they were found out to be chameleons or copycats..sort of.. shus.. i forgot already the exact term stepheni meyer used 🙂 so this would stop the arguments about the wolf thingies

fredrick on Jul 10, 2009


this is a joke, right? there's no way this is going to be an actual movie...right? whoever said that robert freak could act must have been high when they cast him.

Chris on Jul 10, 2009


WOW thnx #159 of all the actual fans of the movie and the books, you were the only one who actually commented and clarified the "indian boy transforming into a puppy"s origin 😀 and you are not even a fan, only a person who likes to read and give new ideas a chance before deciding they suck 😀 just like you said the creatures that are in the twilight books are not vampires, werewolves etc they are entirely new creations based on popular lore. it was meyers mistake to actually call them vampires 🙁 if only she had came up with a different term for them maybe she would have avoided all this talk of her books being not true to the lore and genre etcetc me i am a movie seer. i like to see movies in theatres therefor i might go and see this new twilight flick in the cinema too or most likely i may skipp 😀 to sum up: the way i understand from the arguments, even Twilight's diehard fans dont really get whats in the books. they dont base their likes on hard facts. they just call out names for people who dont share the same enthusiasm about the books and films like them. being a fan is not about blindfoldedly shouting i am a fan i curse everyone who dislikes what i like 😀 its knowing almost every tiny thing about the subject and follow it with wide open eyes so they could see everything about the subject they like 😀 hope my english makes sense 😀 anyways books and films are only produced so that we can get away form the harsh reality and live in the fantasy for at least the duration 😀 cheers

burak "Daequitas" on Jul 13, 2009


they were vampires....but yeah, the indians are shapeshifters not werewolves, although on her website they are referred to as another breed of werewolf. it is stupid to say the books are stupid b/c that's not how real vampires and werewolves are anyway, seeing as in how both are fictional creatures anyway

Tucker on Jul 13, 2009


Hey, people, think of it this way. IT DOESN'T EXIST. Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters. THEY DON'T EXIST.

Lar on Jul 14, 2009


omg omg omg i sooooooooo can't wait for new moon to hit theaters

edwina scaglione on Jul 19, 2009


Nothing wrong with this shit! looks even more badass than the first motherfucker! Fuck Transformers! This movie looks so.... mouthwatering! SEE U AT THE MOVIES, GUAYS! Jake

Jake on Jul 21, 2009


Robert Pattinson is sooo dreamy. The sound of tween vibrators in theaters will be deafening.

turdlight on Jul 21, 2009


high five @20 ! okay, to everyone who's criticizing stephenie meyer's use of lore/mythology/your stupid sci-fi shit, i think you need to grasp the fact that that is NOT what the books are written about. the main theme is the relationships. it's not like she sat down and said to herself, "hey, let's write a new vampire-werewolf book to rock the ages!" no, she's just using some pre-existing ideas about vampires and werewolves, and adding her own ideas so that it works for the book. screw whether or not she wrote the books well; the movies are already being made. did you ever wonder why the target audience was not the usual vampire/werewolf fanatics? maybe it's because that's not what the book is fucking about. twilight is fluff for teenage girls. it's not supposed to be packaged hardcore, dark, scary, or even deeply mythological. you can't compare them to your beloved "underworld" series or any of that because it's NOT EVEN THE SAME GENRE. keep your unrelated judgments to yourself and get back to the sci-fi/horror movie section where you belong. p.s. the lead acting pretty much sucks. a lot more could have been done with the material. it wasn't. either deal with it, or move on.

christine on Jul 22, 2009


ugh.. looks terrible :/

missy on Jul 23, 2009


OMG!!! Another suck ass Twilight movie!!! As if the first one wasn't bad enough. I refused to pay to see it in the movies. I waited until I could rent it for $1.00 from the stop and shop red box. I only saw it to see what all the hoopla as all about. I hated myself for spending even a dollar, not to mention the 1 1/2 hrs of my life I will never get back.

Tony on Jul 23, 2009


Two hours, Tony. Two hours. Why don't you jump off a cliff if it was that bad for you. Twilight is not going away, people.

Lar on Jul 23, 2009


Well Lar, obviously you are either a little girl between 11-15 years of age, or have the mentality of a little girl between 11-15 years of age to be so upset of my comment. You have just proved my point that these Twilight movies and books are for people that have no taste and/or know what true writing is about in either book or script form. These movies cater to mindless tweens like yourself. Seeing how you are so tormented by ill comments against "your" type of film and books, that you feel are so "great", I am embarrassed for you and therefore offer your own suggestion that maybe you should jump off a cliff, better yet off of your own high horse which is obviously quite up there in height. But please, do keep enjoying your mindless crap.

Tony on Jul 23, 2009


Only someone as closed as you would be so upset with mine. I wasn't upset. I was saying get over it. I wasted two hours of my life on Transformers, but you don't see me complaining about it. Have you ever heard the phrase "Cry me a river"? I don't feel Twilight is "great" and if I was complaining about how your commenting again it, I would say something like "OMG GTF OFF THESE BOARDS YOU LOOSER! TWILIGHT IS THE GREATEST THING EVURR AND EDWARD IS SO HAWT!!!1!!!1" But I'm not. I don't even like Edward. I just don't see the point in flaming something you can't control. So you watched it. So you hated it. Big whoop. I watch and hate a lot of things too. As for the "writing" of the movie, yeah, Catherine was a shitty director. And Stephenie doesn't have very well-rounded writing skills. Even I'll admit that. And? I will keep enjoying my "mindless crap", Tony, because I see it for what it truly is. It's a simple fantasy for kids, and I'm fine with that. It's just simple fun made to entertain. At least I'm open minded. And again, I'm fine with that. Only unhappy people who like to find reasons to complain about anything that people like and hate themselves for checking it out just to get attention should go jump off a bridge. 🙂 Don't watch it if you don't like it. Simple. BTW, my 11-15 years of age sister is not looking forward to Daybreakers. I can't wait. Looks awesome. I believe I am actually the mature one, because, well, I don't go hating for lame-ass reason.

Lar on Jul 24, 2009


Back to my point Lar, I don't care what anyone watches, I just hate when mindless people try to push crap down our throats and call it art. The difference between you and I is that I will make a personal statement towards you or anyone that personally attacks me as a defense. While, you just personally attack anyone who doesn't agree with your childish, self centered views. The fact that you responded the way you did shows exactly the kind of character that you are. As for me being unhappy, not at all. This is a forum in which to express your opinions regarding movies at hand, not to be loud mouth douches and attack people for their opinions. You remind me of politicians who instead of talking about issues at hand, make personal attacks instead. If you are going to write in a forum such as this, don't be an ignorant ass and attack people for their views. As for being closed minded, I'm the farthest from. I'm pierced, tattooed and am an artist and writer. I enjoy all kinds of movies, music and books, very eclectic. I just don't enjoy crap or enjoy having it crammed down my throat. I've seen many movies I haven't enjoyed, but still found some merit in them. Unfortunately, I didn't with Twilight. Unless you are a family member of the writer, or someone associated with the movie, I don't see why you have taken it so personally and gotten your panties in a bunch.

Tony on Jul 24, 2009


umm, i notice a lot of people saying this stuff is for i the only person in the country who still finds it innoppropriate for 11 year olds to watch and read stuff like that. i realize there isn't that much sexual stuff in the movie, but there was in the books. so how's it childish to read something with so much sex in it? there is a reason kids get pregnant at 11 and 12 years of age you know. it's because parents don't pay any attention to what they let their kids do

Tucker on Jul 24, 2009


The only sex, I can recall, in the books is marital.

Lar on Jul 24, 2009


there doesn't have to be sex for something to be sexual

Tucker on Jul 26, 2009


Wow...a lot of strong opinions on here. Well, I'm a man, married with kids, and probably living in a world a whole lot realer than most. I actually enjoyed the books, even though I read them to keep my wife off my back while trying to understand her obsession. That said, the first movie wasn't all that well done. That had a lot to do with budget and a general lack of acting chops on a couple of the leads. I personally expect a better product out of the second director, mostly because he's a better director than the first (I thought the Golden Compass was visually stunning, if under appreciated). I think that most people on here are bashing the whole Twilight "thing" in general just because they hate all of the passion surrounding it. Relax. It'll be a better movie than the first, and the same people will hate it for the same reasons. Sight unseen.

Mac on Jul 26, 2009


@177 Hey Mac, I agree with you about The Golden Compass being Visually stunning. I actually enjoyed that movie. Part of what made the movie enjoyable was a combination of things like the acting, the good visual effects and most importantly a good script. But over all if the book hadn't been all that, neither would the movie. It really is a matter of getting all the right ingredients together which include a well written book.

tony on Jul 26, 2009


i loved all the books but watching the movies and this trailer kinda ruins it. the actors do sound really bored like you can tell their bored of saying the same lines lol its a shame but then i can understand all the people who hate it cos theyve only seen the movie

erica on Aug 1, 2009


lame ass comments by all u haters. most of yall never even read the books and thus its a freaking teen movie of vampires and it really isnt bad as ya all be saying. you cant expect a lot from a teen perspective and ofcourse books are always better but i liked the movies and i do believe this second installement of the series will be good especially since the director was replaced it should be a well thought out motion picture similiar to what actually occured on the book. so please have of ya aint seen the movie period and i know most comments here are just written without knowing what the hell ya talking about. no clue so please if u aint seen nothing dont say nothing cuz u aint got a opinion at all that can back up what u saying. HATERS HATE ALL YA WANT BUT I BET YA BE THE ONES WATCHING THIS FILM AT THE THEATERS SO SEE YA THEN PEACE HYPECRATES....

jayjay183rd on Aug 9, 2009


One more thing i agree with tucke from comment 176 nothing gotta be sexual in order for it to relate to sex, physical contact isnt the only way to show sexual acts.

jayjay183rd on Aug 9, 2009


I don't know what it is about these vampire movies but they sure are becoming very popular. This actor is becoming very popular.

Catastrophic health insurance on Oct 1, 2009



RUE RYUSAKI on Oct 9, 2009


if you don't like twilight why wast your time posting coments shit heads who know fuck all

nadine on May 11, 2010


whos seen twilight saga new moon. i love it

nadine on May 11, 2010


This is such a deep blog! What can I say, you hit the nail right on the head! You have a great way of communicating with the reader, a great way of making me feel like what you have to say is just as important to me as it is to you. Keep it up!

Bob Kinect on Nov 11, 2010

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