First Hilarious TV Spot for Judd Apatow's Funny People

May 18, 2009
Source: YouTube

Funny People TV Spot

There's not much that makes me laugh these days, but I laughed my ass off watching this. The very first TV spot for Judd Apatow's Funny People has aired and we have it for you below. I love all of the crazy t-shirts everyone is wearing in this, like the one Jason Schwartzman has on in one scene that says "Who writes this stuff?" and the one Seth Rogen has on with the Superman symbol inside of the Star of David. There's a lot of new footage we haven't seen in the trailer in this TV spot and it all looks incredible. I'm very excited for this and I have a good feeling that it could end up my favorite movie of the summer, but that is yet to be seen.

It really just looks like Apatow had found the perfect combination of emotional drama and heart and comedy, and I can't wait to see this. If any scene makes me tear up, then I know Apatow has pulled it off.

Watch the first TV spot for Judd Apatow's Funny People:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/funnypeople-tvspot.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/funnypeople-tvspot.jpg 598 336]

Over the past few years, writer/director Judd Apatow has shown that nothing—not even losing your virginity or the miracle of childbirth—is sacred. About his third film behind the camera, he says, "I'm trying to make a very serious movie that is twice as funny as my other movies. Wish me luck!" When seasoned comedian George Simmons learns of his terminal, inoperable health condition, his desire to form a genuine friendship cause him to take a relatively green performer under his wing as his opening act.

Funny People is both written and directed by comedy mastermind Judd Apatow, of 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, as well as "Freaks and Geeks", previously. The story in the film is inspired by Apatow's own real life experiences. Universal will be debuting Funny People in theaters on July 31st this summer!

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WOW, was the IKEA comment off the cuff and strictly IMPROV because Sandler's reaction looked as if it was.

dee on May 18, 2009


doesn't look funny at all

qweqwu on May 18, 2009


Most of Apatow's movies are shot with "ad-libbed" banter. Basically the acts get the gist of the scene and they roll tape and do it a bagillion times saying whatever the hell they want. It is the reason why they have a bagillion hours of bonus gag reels.

Stevo on May 18, 2009


eh didn't do anything for me

Tyler on May 18, 2009


This looks horrid. Of course Alex likes it.

Gale on May 18, 2009


What's that supposed to mean #5? And horrid, no, this looks absolutely frickin' great!

Alex Billington on May 18, 2009


shut ur mouth #5 i have to agree with alex this could be one of my favourite films of the summer and thats saying a lot cause im an action film kinda guy!! transformers has a lot of competition! bring it on i cant wait!

geneguru on May 18, 2009


Let the trolls do their trolling.

Jay Beezy on May 18, 2009


This looks like a serious sad depressing comedy... Great? No..., I'll wait 4 the dvd

steve on May 18, 2009


lol @ #8. any opinion not agreeing with your own is trolling.

Tom on May 18, 2009


When it comes to comments on an article, trolling is leaving comments on that article that don't agree with the opinion of the article.

Jay Beezy on May 18, 2009


At least it doesn't give away the entire plot like the other trailer did. I'll still be seeing this though, looks damn good.

Joshi on May 18, 2009


there are always going to be people that hate anything Judd Apatow does, combine that with the people who hate anything adam sandler does, and there you have your trolls, i think it looks great

tr1gun on May 18, 2009


This looks Horrible? This looks great?? Are you guys kidding me!!! this looks AMAZING! its one of those life changing movies. This is gunna be one of those movies that make you laugh but not just any laugh, the kind of laugh that makes you smile for the entire movie! For about an hour after this movie you'll be thinking to yourself yeah i can improve my life i can make things better and you'll feel amazing! Of course after that hour real life will kick back in and you'll forget about all that but my point is this is gunna be one of those AMAZING movies. You all know what im talking baout.

ha1rball on May 18, 2009


Yooo...... I was watching T.V. last night at like 1am and there was a little TV Spot that showed a clip of one of the "fake" movies that Sandler's character does in the movie...It was a scene with Justin Long and Adam Sandler's head was like on a baby's body...I can't find it online though 🙁

KBEEZY on May 18, 2009


And this is funny???? wtf... It didn't make sense.

Ryan on May 18, 2009


Im an idiot, can someone explain to me the cabinet joke at the end. Based on a previous comment i think it has somethign to do with ikea, maybe?

JGRO on May 18, 2009


Looks awesome.

Shane on May 18, 2009


yeah it says ikea in the actual trailer. @#16 how does it not make sense?? are you and idiot????

ha1rball on May 18, 2009


Yeah I agree with the first posters, this doesn't look very funny to me.

KenDoll on May 18, 2009


i cant wait for this film to come out. it looks amazing!

Ashley on May 18, 2009


19: What do you mean it says Ikea in the actual trailer? Not the theatrical trailer. I just watched it and there was nothing about Ikea.

Jay Beezy on May 18, 2009


Ever seen a movie where the trailer was so-so, and it turned out that the promoters actually decided not to feed you all the funniest moments? It'd be cool if that's what happens with this. More importantly, have you ever noticed how important shirts are to being taken seriously? My shirt has a dinosaur on it. Dinosaurs are awesome. Me -> Seriously Awesome. You may now resume your unusually boring commentary of a 1 minute long video.

that one guy on May 18, 2009


the all have great tee shirts! btw EMINEM announced he has a cameo in this movie!!! so you may want to include that in news for this movie Alex

zach on May 18, 2009


I ment in this trailer he says Ikea

ha1rball on May 18, 2009


"It really just looks like Apatow had found the perfect combination of emotional drama and heart and comedy, and I can't wait to see this. If any scene makes me tear up, then I know Apatow has pulled it off." Sounds like Alex is Apatow's new boyfriend.

avoidz on May 18, 2009


That wasn't funny at all!

K on May 19, 2009


Someone point me towards the part that was funny here. All I saw was halfassed attempts to bring some "famous" faces together.

Shige on May 19, 2009


14-19 years olds = Boring 20-23 year olds = Ok 24-27 year olds = Sad, but maybe funny 28 year olds = What trailer? 29 year olds = That trailer 30-34 year olds = Most anticipated 34-45 year olds = Heartfelt tear jerker, like "Places in the Heart" 46 year olds = Um...34-45 year olds need a life 47 and up = I'll wait for the DVD because I'm depressed, too old, or my teenager thinks it looks "boring"

Quanah on May 19, 2009


#29 = generalizing every single age group with no warrant or basis.

Poo Poo on Jun 3, 2009


Hey, I'm 24 and I can't wait for this movie. And what is with people who attack those who have some loyalty towards certain directors? I for one would watch anything that has Steven Spierlberg's name attached to it. I'm sure other people do it with other directors/actors/etc. Given Apatow's track record (directing, that is), I would watch this movie because of his directing alone. If it's not your thing, then it's not your thing. I'm sure some genre that you (those who are hating on this) enjoy greatly may not someone else's cup of tea. I agree with #13

Alfredo on Jun 9, 2009

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