First Look: Adrien Brody as a Crazy Drug Dealer in High School

November 24, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Adrien Brody in High School

Oh hell yes, you've got to see this! John Stalberg's High School is about a high school valedictorian who accidentally smokes weed with the local stoner and finds himself the subject of a drug test. So how does he get out of it? He gets the entire school high so that he can get "his entire graduating class to face the same fate, and fail." The cast includes Colin Hanks (who I think is playing the valedictorian) as well as Andrew Wilson, Michael Chiklis, and even Yeardley Smith. But best of all, Adrien Brody plays a tattooed drug dealer named Psycho Ed. And he's looks frickin' crazy! Thanks to Quiet Earth we've got a few new photos.

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

John Stalberg's High School

I have a feeling that this valedictorian kid is going to go to Psycho Ed and ask him to get enough weed to get the whole school high. Then he's going to tell him that much weed only exists somewhere. And he's going to go on an adventure to get that much weed. Hence the crazy broken windshield at the bottom. This is the first time I've even heard of this movie and f*ck yes I'm excited as hell to see it. These are the kind of crazy indie comedies I love! It's co-written and directed by John Stalberg, who's making his feature debut with this after directing a short film titled Mr. Dramatic. Maybe High School will premiere at Sundance? I can only hope!

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Jambi on Nov 24, 2009


serious actors as stoners nice adrien brody looks like the name fits hell james franco was pretty convincing in pineapple express looks like it could be funny

austin on Nov 24, 2009


Out of curiosity why isn't Colin Hanks in any of these pictures?

Breebaby on Nov 24, 2009


Colin Hanks is too old to be playing the valedictorian I think it makes more sense one of the two kids in the photos is the lead

Christopher M on Nov 24, 2009


I agree with Christopher - he is at the age to be playing a teacher or something! This other kid from the AT&T commercials - even though an idiot in those and in Adventureland, will probably be the Valedictorian or his spunky side kick.

Breebaby on Nov 24, 2009


I worked on this film, the valedictorian is the actor in the second image from the top, with the girl.

Reid on Nov 24, 2009



esophus on Nov 24, 2009


Ha awesome love my stoner comedies.

Cody on Nov 24, 2009


awesome, sold!

xerxex on Nov 24, 2009


Is there a trailer yet? I'm stoked!

Lacey on Nov 24, 2009


Haha I always laugh whenever I see the AT&T kid in some movie. Anyway, WOW Adrien Brody sure looks different...

giraffic on Nov 24, 2009


The cornrows are a little Jared-Leto-in-Panic Room, but I'm still pretty stoked about this. But, I'll be real honest, that's probably got a lot more to do with seeing the name Michael Chiklis than anything else. God-DAMN am I a Shield junkie.

Andrew 3000 on Nov 25, 2009


This could make some dollars

Chris on Nov 25, 2009


Wow... out of ideas for movies? What a terrible thing to make a movie about. Trivializing drug use.

benlomand on Nov 25, 2009


This looks stupid. Brody as a drug dealer? Tatted up Michael Scofield style? With the kid from the Cingular commercials? Alex, please try to criticize more than 1 thing a week. The only cool thing about this is Yeardley Smith.

branden on Nov 25, 2009


It's good to see Booger playing a high school teacher. But Colin Hanks would ruin it. The only reason he gets work is his dad. Plus he's like 35 years old and playing a high school student.

Greedo on Nov 25, 2009


Wow. That sounds stupid.

captain subtext on Nov 25, 2009


Adrien looks so funny in these... i never heard of this film. anyone know when it comes out?

Kruger on Nov 25, 2009


This looks SIIIIIIIIIICK!!! Not heard of it til now, but def on my must-see list. Brody + cornrows = hilarious!

Winston Chung on Nov 25, 2009


haha... i LOVE stoner comedies... glad to see a new one is ready to come out!

Palowatski on Nov 25, 2009


AMAZING! This will be a cult classic!

LA on Nov 25, 2009


Just googled around and found this on the movie -- myspace page --

nutjob on Nov 25, 2009


haha kimbo!! awesome.

Lars on Nov 25, 2009


Kimbo Slice in the movie? Adrian Brody looks so awesome.

Fisherr on Nov 25, 2009


lol sign me up

dan on Nov 26, 2009


Error: Colin Hanks is playing Brandon Ellis. Matt Bush is playing Henry Burke the valedictorian. (Thats also not Kimbo Slice. It is Mykelti Williamson.)

Adam DeFilippi on Nov 26, 2009


I just cannot possibly take Brody serious, something about him just makes me laugh when ever I read his name or see a photo of him and I don't mean in laugh positively.

d1rEct on Nov 28, 2009


HAH! This movie was filmed in the town where I live! I actually went to the school that this toook place in! I just can't for the life of me find the trailer or teaser for this movie... Anyone wanna get me a link if they can?

Melissa Crenshaw on Apr 11, 2010


The school is really called Parker High in Howell Michigan. They filmed this with snow on the ground and they put fake leaves on the trees! A lot of my friends and classmates appear as extras in this movie so I can not wait to see it!

Melissa Crenshaw on Apr 11, 2010

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