First Look: Ben Kingsley as Nizam in Disney's Prince of Persia

July 21, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Disney is really going all out with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time this week. Ironically, though, they're not showing anything at Comic-Con (or is it just a secret?). ComingSoon has debuted the first photo of Ben Kingsley as the "villainous nobleman" Nizam from the movie. Earlier today the first two teaser posters for the movie were also unveiled (check those out here) and I have a feeling we might see a lot more from this sometime very soon. Maybe even a trailer this weekend in front of G-Force? I mean, that is a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, and so is this, it would make sense. With that said, take a look at this photo of Kingsley.

Ben Kingsley in Prince of Persia

His character is a bit different than the villain from the game, or so I gather. However, he has the same goal (to acquire the Sands of Time) and eventually ends up one-on-one with the Prince. In the fantasy adventure based on Ubisoft's video game, Jake Gyllenhaal will play Dastan, a young prince in sixth century Persia who must join forces with Tamina (Gemma Arterton), a feisty and exotic princess, to prevent an evil nobleman (Kingsley) from possessing the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world. Alfred Molina and Toby Kebbell co-star in the Mike Newell-directed film.

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Ben Kingsley as a villain in an action-adventure period-piece based on a video game? Uhhh... Am I the only one who saw Bloodrayne?... Anyone?

Akirakorn on Jul 21, 2009


nothing to be proud of agayra

PinkSushi on Jul 21, 2009


#1 mike newel is not uwe boll lol

nelson on Jul 21, 2009


YES! this looks amazing! I can't wait for this film! 🙂

Jack Sparrow on Jul 21, 2009


Nothing amazing so far.

blah on Jul 21, 2009


Well, if they ever need a villain for a Flash Gordon remake...

Chris on Jul 21, 2009


Reading some comments, I got the impression that some people already saw the movie! His character is a bit different than the villain from the game Yes, but he's great actor!

Jen on Jul 21, 2009


I hope they don't make Kingsley look like Jaffar from Aladdin.....

Larry on Jul 21, 2009


Looks nice, but he has been known to star in his share of stinkers ("A Sound of Thunder" anyone?)

Ajax on Jul 21, 2009


looks like a evil wizard

Trey on Jul 21, 2009


#9, yeah, but he has even more good movies, Suspect 0, Lucky Number Sleven, You Kill Me, Schindler's List... An actor can only do so much when the script/director suck. You can't blame a sucky movie on just the actor(s).

nate on Jul 21, 2009


I don't know how else to say this so i'll just say it! - THIS FILM LOOKS LIKE ITS GOING TO SUCK!!!!!.

SAMSUNG FANATIC on Jul 21, 2009


Ben Kingsley look like his character from the god awful Thunderbirds movies LOL

carlos on Jul 21, 2009


Well I can't say if this film is going to do well but I think it at least deserves a shot! I mean what did people think when Disney decided to release a Pirates of the Caribbean movie? I am a born and raised floridian and I hate that ride. Basically a darker version of Its a Small World. And the first movie was great! So just give it a chance and then talk shit about it after its release...and I think all of the haters just need to get laid...they seem to have aggression issues.

Maxx on Jul 21, 2009


Ah! Kingsley! Well that brings a bit more to the table. I'll anxiously await a trailer.

bozoconnors on Jul 21, 2009


Well the man does very well for himself, doesn't need the work or the money. So maybe this won't be so bad. At this point it's hard to say. Could go either way.

Bryan on Jul 21, 2009


@6Chris, Ah, good one. But you know I'd watch him in a Flash Gordan Remake. Max Von Sidow's role was one of my favorite things about the original. Well that and the Princess, fuckin sexy as hell. My early teen mind about exploded! And the music by Queen blew me away.

Bryan on Jul 21, 2009


@#11 To add an another unnoticed great movie from Kingsley, "The Wackness". If you guys haven't seen it yet you have too. Great screenplay and acting from him and Josh Peck.

Caitie on Jul 21, 2009


gah am I the only one totally NOT stoked on Kingsley?

xianmeltonx on Jul 21, 2009


Looks a bit like "Zoltar Speaks" wish machine from the movie Big (1988).

snickers on Jul 21, 2009


All I'm going to say is that you really can't go wrong with Kingsley. He gives this movie some older actor cred.

jman571 on Jul 21, 2009


wow u guys should look at he evil shine in his eyes wowow mike really did a god job two thumbs up 2 kingsley

alan on Jul 22, 2009


Mike Newell isn't the best director imho:/

CookieMont4 on Jul 22, 2009


We'll see.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2009

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