First Look: Eisenberg, Harrelson, and Breslin in Zombieland!

June 11, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Zombieland First Look

The first few photos from Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland have finally made their online debut courtesy of Ain't It Cool News. This is the upcoming zombie comedy that stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Amber Heard, and Abigail Breslin. It's about, well, just finding a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. I expect we'll see a trailer either tomorrow or sometime next week, so stay tuned for that. A few months ago, we sent Kevin Powers out to the set of Zombieland in Georgia. He has a forthcoming report on his whole experience that will probably be up in early July. In the meantime, check these out.

Zombieland Photos

Zombieland Photos

Zombieland Photos

Columbus (Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Harrelson) doesn't have fears. If he did, he'd kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they're about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Zombieland is directed by first-time filmmaker Ruben Fleischer of only a few episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" previously. The screenplay was written by newcomers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese best known for "The Joe Schmo Show" previously. Sony will be bringing Zombieland to theaters on October 9th this fall.

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Although Zack Snyder's (DotD) looked more like it, can anyone say Left 4 Dead movie? 😛

Ken Masters on Jun 11, 2009


it looks ok that last picture looks good though

zach on Jun 11, 2009


I guess that Eisenberg guy gets every role that Michael Cera turns down.

Greedo the Rodian on Jun 11, 2009


Looks awesome 🙂 Great cast, Harrelson seems to be getting with age, Eisenberg was great in Adventureland and Stone/Heard are pure eye-candy. Really looking forward to this!

Ben on Jun 11, 2009


You're allowed to have two Michael Cera types. And i think Eisenberg's a little less awkward than Cera. I like em both.

Da Man on Jun 11, 2009



xerxex on Jun 11, 2009


I was just looking back at the last picture and the lumpiness of that zombie's bulbous stomach makes we wonder if it's about to get baseball bat'd and splatter all over.

Da Man on Jun 11, 2009


I agree #5. Still...whatev. Looks like fun. Waiting for a trailer.

w00t!!! on Jun 11, 2009


looks like a powerful drama.

d on Jun 11, 2009


rattlesnake coat!

jamie on Jun 11, 2009


man Woody Harrelson looks like a bad ass, really looking forward to some zombie killing!

Curtis on Jun 12, 2009


Nice. I really hope this is a GOOD zombie movie, haven't seen one for quite some time. I think the DotD remake was the last one... well, unless you count Shaun of the Dead, that too was excellent. However everything since then (Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Quarantine, etc) has sucked.

Syphous on Jun 12, 2009


Um, why the hell is there a donut on the bat in the last picture?

Tex on Jun 12, 2009


The same reason there is cheerios on the shelf and milk on the floor......Because!

theotherbluth on Jun 12, 2009


Zombies are so last decade.

snickers on Jun 12, 2009


@13 I don't think that's a doughnut. I'm pretty sure it's a weight. Baseball players put them on bats to simulate a heavier bat during practice so that when they are at bat during a game, the bat feels easier to swing.

Will Schiffelbein on Jun 12, 2009


Harrelson's involvement in this project is simply wicked.

Fisherr on Jun 13, 2009


i hope it's on par with "shaun of the dead". that was a FUNNY movie!!!

dan on Jun 14, 2009


I really didn't care much for Shaun of the Dead, (It was more like Yawn of the Dead in my opinion), But I really liked Land of the Dead. Wish I could say the same for Diary of the Dead, but unfortunately I can't.

Dan Walimaa on Jun 14, 2009


You enjoyed Land of the Dead but disliked Shaun of the Dead? Wow, such awful taste..

Berry on Jun 14, 2009


# 20... Whatever. To each his own. Shaun practically put me to sleep, Land entertained me. That's just the way it is.

Dan Walimaa on Jun 15, 2009


tex, it's a training weight...put it on the bat n swing it around before going up to the plate so the bat feels lighter in your hands...duh... for zombie killing it gives the bat more weight n momentum for the coup de grace on zeds head... as demonstrated by tallahassee... personally i woulda gone with the longer ones that fit about half way up...balance out the weight a lil more...

zedkiller on Oct 10, 2009

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