First Look: Justin Timberlake in Fincher's The Social Network

December 2, 2009

Justin Timberlake / Sean Parker

This isn't exactly the most exciting photo revealing Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, but it might be if you're an Nsync fan. Timberlake sports a full head of thick curls reminiscent of his days in the boy band in these new photos from Just Jared and The Daily Mail. The paparazzi got a few shots of Timberlake on the set of David Fincher's The Social Network playing Napster found Sean Parker, who actually had a hand in the early development of Facebook. I made a quick comparison shot which you can see above that shows Timberlake on set and the real Sean Parker (on the right). You can see a few more photos of him below.

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake

Sean Parker was involved in the development of Facebook because right when co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin were on the precipice of something big with the site, Sean met with Mark secretly, told him to drop Eduardo from the company, and then was secretly hired with a 5% stake in the company. He helped take Facebook global and expand while also effectively pushing out Eduardo so that it could actually take off. It's more complicated than that, but he's an integral character. I'm already really looking forward to this and Timberlake looks good in the role. Let's see what Fincher can do with this former Nsync member!

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i don't see the how the topic of social sites (like facebook) can make for an interesting movie..........and timberlake doesn't make it any better. i don't use those types of sites; so, maybe that's why i don't get this movie. so, anyone have interest in this? let me know why...........maybe i'm missing why this could be a good movie.

beavis on Dec 2, 2009


You're right #1, the basic premise does sound lame "a movie based on the social networking site facebook..."??? However if you read other articles on the synopsis, the movie doesnt really have much to do with the actual site FB, but the struggles in the personal lives, as well as legal battles of creating something so huge. Again, not the best groundwork for a movie, but people have gone to see movie based on far less. I'm not too excited either, but am giving it a chance. We will see what Fincher does with it.

one on Dec 2, 2009


#1 - No, you're right. I use Facebook and think this is an awful idea for a movie. We all know Hollywood is running out of ideas so yeah, why not a movie about a social network site... ZzZz. A documentary about dog shit will be next! Oh, and American Gladiators. True story.

Golgo 13 on Dec 2, 2009


Anything that involves Justin Timberlake especially with a head of hair that looks like pubes does not interest me at all. There is a reason he has been shaving his head since his boy band days and now you see why. Also, why does he keep receiving acting jobs... Almost every film that he has been involved in has either received extremely poor reviews or tanked very badly (Shrek 3 did not do as well as expected and I would love to blame him, but the movie speaks for itself). Unfortunately, there is no world law preventing musicians from acting and actors from being musicians.

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 2, 2009


I trust David Fincher when it comes to all of this. The guy makes good choices, and at least for my taste, great movies. Of course the movie remains to be seen, but I think we've got a lot of reason to be hopeful.

Dan on Dec 2, 2009


The concept of THE SOCIAL NETWORK has me pretty excited. I'm guessing they are going to be doing a from the ground up fictionalization of how the massive social networking corporation got off the ground. That alone has potential. Then add David Fincher into the mix as well as Aaron Sorkin and this movie will probably be pretty great. If you forget about how people use Facebook and see the film as portraying a bunch of Harvard university students backstabbing each other as they navigate the ambiguous world of online could be pretty good.

Bill Rusnak on Dec 2, 2009


For some reason out of the 6 responses here only one thought it was a good idea when everyone basically agrees this is crap. What is so interesting about some harvard guys backstabbing each other? if you want drama for that watch the reality bullshit t.v

LC on Dec 2, 2009


Still angry that Fincher is wasting his time with this movie, great script or not.

whomoever on Dec 2, 2009


I don't think Fincher is focusing solely on the idea of "Facebook" so much as the relationships between all the players. The story of Facebook becoming a huge social network in itself appears boring, but the title "The Social Network" hints at something deeper with this group of young men who started it. In fact, Timberlake's role seems to be like that friend who's on your "friend's list" that's the consistent mole making statements and causing trouble with the other friends. In some respects, it seems that Fincher is going to focus on how the original group who started this venture is running parallel in story to how Facebook is socially used to this day. It's almost as if these guys set the standard for the international network by their behavior towards one another in the beginning. In that sense, the story is appealing to me.

Quanah on Dec 2, 2009


Just think of movies like "Wall Street" or "Pirates of Silicon Valley". Its about the backstabbing and drama that happened to these people behind the scenes. Think about it.

Required on Dec 2, 2009


Yup yup! It's a drama business movie. w00t! how original!

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 2, 2009



Voice of Reason on Dec 2, 2009


Justin Tmberlake is actually a good actor, but this just seems like a bad idea for a moive.

Xerxex on Dec 2, 2009


I don't see this as a dramatic film, I don't see Facebook being something he bled over, or lost friends over (that would be the opposite of facebook), and I don't see it as a comedy. So what is it?

Xerxex on Dec 2, 2009


How in the hell did Fincher go from Se7en, The Game and Fight Club to this shit? Just to think I thought he had hit rock bottom with the snooze fest that was Benjamin Button...

Johnny on Dec 2, 2009


It has potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you 6 and 9! And 10 that was exactly what I was thinking!!

C in C on Dec 2, 2009


STFU #4! More girls wanted Justin and his hair than you could ever dream of getting!!!!!!! You talk shit but you're posting on a website and he's off being successful as fuck. Hahahaha, you're lame!

Justin's Hair on Dec 2, 2009


Well the got the hair right. 🙂

Bry from Chi on Dec 2, 2009


Yea I think Timberlake is actually a really good actor but this just sounds dumb.

Cody on Dec 2, 2009


#17 I can read that you are one of those girls or men that fancy that sort of thing and I am extremely sorry for attempting to ruin your impressive physical image of him. I never disputed his successful music career or his ability to conquer women sexually.... but, his film career has a pathetic track record. For example: 1. The Open Road (2009): Production Budget: Unknown > Total US Gross since August: $19,348, then to DVD in 11/09 12. The Love Guru (2008): Production Budget: $62 million > Worldwide Gross: $40,863,344 3. Shrek the Third (2007): Production Budget: $160 million Worldwide Gross: $10,903,846 5. Southland Tales (2006): Production Budget: $17,000,000 > Worldwide Gross: $374,743 (Biggest Flop of the year) 6. Alpha Dog (2006): Unknown - estimated at between $30 and $40 million = Worldwide Gross: $28,220,442 (Delayed a year form original release date) 7. Edison (2005): Straight to DVD in 2007 (Originally set for a US theatrical release in 2005, but did not see the light of day) 8. Model Behavior (2000): TV Film 9. Longshot (2000): Straight to DVD I did not even include the marketing budget for the films which would make it look worse and I guarantee that he will continue to shave his head for the rest of his life because of his shame of being inflicted with such a hair condition.

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 3, 2009


Sorry... Mistake on financial figures for: 3. Shrek the Third (2007): Production Budget: $160 million < Worldwide Gross: $798,958,162

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 3, 2009


i think all of you don't know what youre talking about. this movie is going to be huge. not only huge. it's going to be very good as well. you all better prepare for those bullet holes in your feet...

jonny b on May 26, 2010

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