First Look: M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender Movie

May 21, 2009
Source: USA Today

Dev Patel in M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender

No more horror for M. Night Shyamalan (for now)! USA Today has debuted the first two photos from Shyamalan's next movie The Last Airbender, based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series. Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel can be seen in the photo above as the villain, a firebender named Zuko; while newcomer Noah Ringer, who got the role via a demo tape, can be seen below as the lead character Aang. Shyamalan has been shooting this for the last few months and it already has a lot of early buzz, even though it's not scheduled to hit theaters until June of next summer. Check out the first official photo below.

Aang in The Last Airbender

"I started watching [the show] in my trailer in India," Patel explains. "I see why the fan base is so big. It's got action but a lot of moral messages." He even admits that even though he's seven years older than Noah Ringer, seen just above, "[he] would knock me flat on my back" in a fight. This is all good news for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender the TV show, as it's great to have someone who's a perfect fit for the role, both physically and as an actor (unlike the Dragonball movie). So far it looks like Ringer is a good fit, at least physically. As for whether he can act, that has yet to be seen. For more info on Airbender, head over here.

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Wow! this actually doesn't look too bad!

????? on May 21, 2009


HOLY SHIT he looks like he's 5 years old. This is interesting to say the least.

PJ H on May 21, 2009


lol looks fake

Tom V on May 21, 2009


Er.... what!?!? Crap cast!

Cooldu on May 21, 2009



Ajax on May 21, 2009


he is 12 in the show and the kid is 12 so it makes sense

nelson on May 21, 2009



sean on May 21, 2009


Aren't they supposed to be Asian characters? So it's not really a perfect cast if you're picky about those things.

ebbie on May 21, 2009


This is a fictional land based on a children's cartoon. Yes it has eastern inspiration but nowhere is it noted that all the actors are specifically east Asian. Everything regarding this movie is looking good so far. Hope the trailer will be exciting enough to garner more attention.

Craig on May 21, 2009


That kid was born to play Aang, atleast physically.. he's even got the stance down. Dev looks good as Zuko, though I can't tell if he's got the infamous eye scar or not.. taking away from his character big time if he doesn't have it.

Nikko on May 21, 2009


Hmm basing off of how comfortable and focused he looks in that picture I would say he's going to do fine in this movie

Scott McHenry on May 21, 2009


Wait M. Night is actually trying? COOL...

xerxex on May 21, 2009


This definitely isn't going to be Dragonball/Street Fighter, guys. Just look at the director and the producers alone. Two of the producers have produced more than half of Spielberg's movies, one of them is the highest grossing producers of all time for that reason. The creators of the show are producers, aswell.. The cast is solid, too, aside from the fact everyone wants to bitch about their races. Get over it, really.. kids movie. Honestly, it's not like the show comes out once and claims that the races from any of the 4 nations are based on any real life races. Similiarities are similarities, and nothing more. The Last Airbender trilogy will be fine, and when it turns out fine everyone that's bitching about races or other issues will jump on the bandwagon, as well.

Steven on May 21, 2009


9, in the show they are not asian, and its an american show as well.

Al on May 21, 2009


It's not even anime, which is probably why everyone thinks the characters are supposed to be asian. It's not an asian show. It's a us-produced animated show made to look like anime. Farmed out to an asian animation studio? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe. Some of teh hellboy stuff was animated in japan or korea, iir... regardless, from what I know, two of the characters are supposed to be some sort of Inuit race and I think that's about as much as they say. There might be some asian decor and shit, but honestly I think that's just the US production team getting desperate for any sort of asian shit they can throw into the show, cause you know the kids all love that asian shit.

Squiggly on May 21, 2009


This is unexpected.

JimD on May 21, 2009


I dunno, doesn't look like the show close enough

Movieraider321 on May 21, 2009


I'm about as interested in this movie as I was to see Dragonball (meaning not at all). But I read somewhere that the elements in the cartoon are in fact Asian inspired: Fire is Ming Earth is C'hing Water is Inuit Air is Tibetan Random Inuit in there since the rest is Chinese, including their martial arts, but there you go. I guess it doesn't need to make sense since it's a cartoon fantasy.

ebbie on May 21, 2009


Yes #3 you took the words out of my mouth. His head looks photoshopped onto his body! These pictures look stupid.

Dan W on May 21, 2009


yea..everything is shit as always with u people... I've never read any positive comments around here...

GM on May 22, 2009


I have to agree with #3 and #20. It does look kinda fake.

justice on May 22, 2009


One Saturday they were showing a marathon on Nickelodeon. And I have to say that it's very addicting and a solid story from start to finish. I soon caught myself watching the new episodes. Now the problem with Shyamalan is that eventhough he has a great vision for his films but it seems like half way through his movies he somewhat gives up and just lets the story crash. You can't have great visuals without a solid story. Every book and film starts from the story and what it produces. As a fan of AVATAR I really hope with will be done well.

Marius on May 22, 2009


oh my god some of you people are the biggest cry baby losers ever . This looks fine. Hell Im surprised at how good it looks . No there not supposed to be asian it never said that in the cartoon and was never hinted at that . Get over it people quit crying it's not like any of you bitching about this make movies so shut up you cant do better . It's fine to have creative critisim but you people just bitch at the first chance .

Superchyle on May 22, 2009


maaaannnnn..........ruined a beautiful thing, these picture in no way look promising. massive fail.

grham on May 22, 2009


People are basing their opinions on Shyamalan's past work and not the concept or photos seen above which is trivial and nieve. I'm willing to give M Night another shot in a different genre after being typecasted and never being able to live up to the expectations people had for him after The Sixth Sense. This could be the perfect project for him to break back into the industry and if Patel is interested then something tells me it's a badass script because he had his choice of projects after Slumdog.

peloquin on May 22, 2009


its amazing that Noah Ringer is a white kid but his stunt double is played by an Asian woman name Jade Quon heres her IMDB page:

terry on May 22, 2009


According to this website this P.O.S has reserved the 4th of July weekend next year for its release. What kind of world do we like in where this is true?! Someone please tell me that is a mistake.

Matt on May 22, 2009


A white kid playing an Asian kid. Fail.

Henry Jones Sr. on May 22, 2009


Everyone seems to be passing on the fact that its MNS involved with this... Like everyone suddenly forgot how horrible the happening was... The dude has been enjoying his own farts so much that its made him retarded.

Ok?... on May 22, 2009


Wow, he's messed up the casting already! M. Night Shyamalan is a POS director. Why do studios keep giving him money?

Kevin on May 22, 2009


I love how people that don't know anything about the cartoon are upset over the casting. Avatar is all about hindu and budist ideology. If you had to drop the show somewhere on Earth, it would be right smack in the middle of Euro-Asia. Whites, black, indian, asians. All nationalities wouuld be in that area. The pics look great. Can't wait to watch what MNS does with this. The man has crashed and burned before, but so has Spielberg. A.I. anyone.(I liked it, but know most people did not)

Rick on May 22, 2009


Did anyone else hear that Jesse McCartney would be Zuko?

Daniel on May 22, 2009


First off, Avatar is not an anime, it originated in the United States. They took elements from , Chinese, Japanese and Western culture. It is never stated that the characters are Asian,(and please don't say they are jst because of their names). Also in a lot of anime, they purposely make the characters look white, so for those anime's that do make there characters white, it only make since to have a white actor for a movie version. Examples... Cowboy bebop, Big O, Lupin the third, Ghost in the shell, etc.

Ashley on May 22, 2009


@Ashley so you telling us Japanese anime creators got an issues with themselve cause deep down they want to be White get the hell out of here

terry on May 22, 2009


@33. Now its Jackson Rathbone, Jasper from Twilight.

Lauren on May 22, 2009


so.... him and james cameron are making the same thing in different movies??

mrmr on May 22, 2009



Spider94 on May 22, 2009


new picture of Zuko he looks bad ass

nelson on May 22, 2009


#39 Except it's Dev Patel, who isnt bad ass looking at all.

L on May 22, 2009


I must say i loved avatar! absolutely loved it! umm my fave character being zuko! i also have to say.. the pictures look extremely fake and zuko should be hotter 😛 the fire looks fake as like reall fake and yeah aang looks photoshopped if the acting is good i guess it looks promising i hope zuko has his sexy ass scar though 😛 and i wish zuko was hotter but oh wells 🙂

Zuzuluvah on May 23, 2009


ok so ive been dissing dev patel he looks better than i expected 😉 still animated zuko is HOT HOT HOT (he also had a real HOT voice) yes im in love with a cartoon character

Zuzuluvah on May 23, 2009


@ 37... Cameron's movie has nothing to do with this one, it just coincidentally has a similar name. M Night actually changed the title of this from just "Avatar" to "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" in order to avoid confusion.

peloquin on May 23, 2009


It's funny how everyone says that the show is American, so it's OK to have an all white leading cast. Last I heard, there were plenty of Asian Americans in the US. Also there are about 15 million Asian Americans in the US. That said, despite the fact that all websites for the cartoon including the Nickelodeon site say that this show is based in an "Asian mythological land," all the main characters are white fighting those evil people of color. In the cartoon, the fire benders were the most pale, and the water tribe people, now played by white characters, had dark skin. It's crazy how Hollywood is trying to show how ethnically diverse this cast is, but all the people of color are the bad guys while the white guys are all good people.

Reuben on May 23, 2009


dam it, i just want to kill myslef.

Jimbone on May 23, 2009


At #8: Sean= Epic Fail

Name (required) on May 23, 2009


The movie is looking good,it looks like they are gonna stick to the plot.

Fisherr on May 24, 2009


@ #44 (Reuben): 1) Just because the show's setting is based on Asian mythology, doesn't mean that every inhabitant of its world is automatically Asian. and 2) Isn't M. Night Shyamalan, the DIRECTOR OF THIS MOVIE, a "person of color"??? What's "crazy" is everyone's moronic bitchings about racisms that aren't even present. How can an Indian director "white-wash" his own movie? It just doesn't make any sense...

Daniel on May 26, 2009


wow you people really know nothing about this show. From the looks of things M. Knight is nailing everything. the kid (aang) is only 12 in the show that's why they went with a young kid and they aren't "supposed" to be asian. Coming from someone who became instantly obsessed with this show after watching the first episode, I think so far so good. I encourage all of you to watch the show to get a better understanding of how epic this trilogy can really be. This has the potential to be one of the best trilogies of all time the story is already there now it's up to M. Knight to take it from a cartoon to live action. I'm freaking excited!!!!

Jonathan on May 28, 2009


I loved the show personally and my nephew and I would watch it together and I enjoied doing this as it was a gresat show. Then I heard they were making a movie and i thought wow what an awsome idea, then i found out it wasn't animated. 🙁 i mean common people if we have realactors here it's going to take away from the movie. It's a kids show so why not animate it?

adam on May 30, 2009


While it is true that Avatar is an American show and it is never expressly stated that any of the characters are Asian, I think it's a bit naive to try to claim that the ruling family of the Fire Nation don't all look Chinese. Take a good look at Zuko, Azula, Ozai, and Uncle. Those roles should never have been given to people outside the culture they were meant to emulate. That is a real travesty, coming from a huge Avatar fan.

Logan on May 31, 2009


This just screams Power Rangers to me.

Liz on Jun 2, 2009


Clearly some of you are just ignorant and know nothing about the show. I am specifically talking about the idiots who continue to used the tired excuse that just because the show is American and it is never mentioned in the show that the characters are Asain, that that must mean they're not. Try taking your logic and applying it to real life, it doesn't work. I'm African American ethnically and culturally. So even if I never mentioned what I was, believe me, no one would mistake me for anything else. In the movie of my life, they wouldn't cast Angelina Jolie as me simply because I never once came out and said "Oh, and I'm Black by the way," then proceed to cast George Lopez as my father in the name of "diversity". So here you have a show based on ASAIN culture, with characters who look the entire spectrum of ASAIN from very pale to very dark, with ASAIN names, ASAIN themes, and ASASIN mythology yet somehow casting all of the main hero's White is ingenious casting.

Jay on Jun 3, 2009


Jay. WHO gives a fuck. I'M BLACK TOO. But its a big old skin color difference, that's why we don't have to say what we are. SO excuse me if you are mad at comment. Jeez, WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK.OH and by the way its HOLLYWOOD. SO all the characters will be white. WELCOME to fucking America. We are known for not caring about people who look different. JEEZ so not that serious

Ashley on Jun 3, 2009


I just recently fell in love with this show after pushing myself to watch more than the first 4 episodes. Because I just didn't want to put that much time into it. But after I watched the first season I had no problem finding time to watch the entire series. It's an incredible story that just rivets with eastern culture and Asian references and influences. There seems to be a-lot of controversy concerning race and I respect their concerns. I can't say that I agree with you. When I first watched Avatar it was clear that the water tribe resembled Eskimo people who trace their lineage to Asia. The Air Tribe resembles Buddhism and Hinduism which racially can be seen as either Asian or more Indian. The 4 nations have identifiable characteristics that separate them from each other. With the Earth and Fire Kingdom being an exception who are clearly both Asian. These arbitrary lines we draw between the actors and their roles is pretty blurry. If an American Indian was to go to china it wouldn't be hard to confuse him with an Asian native. Same holds true for Mexican Americans. Some people who are distantly related by racial generations can be confused for something completely different. But because of political correctness and a feeling of authenticity we wont allow the idea of someone who is or is not probably very distantly related to a certain ethnicity to play the part of a character. In-fact some are so blinded by a persons origins that we forget that they actually looks the part. Example the kid playing Aang looks exactly like his cartoon counterpart. THAT is why he was cast. Not that because of racism which I'm sure happens often but in this case it was more or less the availability of a kid that looks the part of a bald monk that is trained in martial arts. The real problem was probably the availability of actors. At least he looks legitimate unlike Tom Cruise in the last samurai. 😛 If it's the fact you feel betrayed by the fact that they insulted Asian culture by letting a white boy from Texas play the part. You are free to feel that way. But they are actors and bring glory to the stories and influences of Asian culture. So for that some should be thankful not spiteful. I know that people are angry and think that I'm wrong. I would love to hear why. Maybe I can learn from what you guys need to say? Anyway, I wait and see if this director does the series justice and love the level of gritty realism it's allowed to get to sometimes. Hopefully the actors do well and this show succeeds.

Joshua on Jun 5, 2009


I'm glade that they got the ball rolling! I wanted to be in the movie, but that's not the way the cookie crumbled. I'm a little iffy on the boy playing aang, but the guy playing Zuko Woot woot! Cool! I hope they don't destroy the show for thousands of people. I PRAY that it turns out better than expected!!!!

Prayer Girl on Jun 11, 2009


i had such high expectations for this movie and these pictures let me down =( the kid looks fine i don't really care what race they are.. saying an actor wont do because hes not of a race is racism because we are all people and good actors are just people... just look, all people im not saying you should except everyone like pussys or there would be no difference in anyone but i saw slumdog million-whatever is was touching but i love zuko and you have to pull off sumthing to make me except you as zuko i thought jessie mcicarty had gotten the role anyway when did they swich to him? so far these pics look like crap -the kid looks like he got that oufit at a holloween store cuz its vary clean and loose fitted -'zuko' looks really cheesy and unless the filming, graphics, and acting are great it will be hard to make this great like the cartoon and how is a vampire going to play a comic relief character???

erin on Jun 20, 2009


darker complexioned characters = bad, lighter complexioned characters = good. Yeah, it's a little obvious they're doing that implied color is bad thing. I wouldn't wast my money. It looks very Power Rangers. It's amazing that even in 2009, we still can't tell an obviously Asian story with Asians unless it's produced by Asians.

s2e210 on Jun 21, 2009


the story of the avatar originates from hindu culture why the cartoon made them chinese idontknow and now they decide to screw it up even more. lol zuko and aang look like fags . aang looks like a bigger fag. i guess the fire lord will also be indian??? why isnt the avatar indian??? why do there clothes look like it came from the costume isle at walmart?? and why does that kid look so serious like he can fight when hes a girl. m night syhamalan why not make the avatar seem real i mean we already seen the cartoon get on unbreakable 2 and leave aang alone

sam on Jun 22, 2009


Alright...first off...all of whom said this movie is going to suck clearly hasn't watched the actual animated if u haven't watched the 1st or past the 1st season of Avatar you shouldn't really be criticizing it…Now, M. Night isn’t one of my favorite directors…(actually the only film I really liked from him was The Sixth Sense) but to say a 12 year old kid looks like a fag because of the way he’s posing or what he’s wearing…that’s just cruel!! I think Noah Ringer will do an amazing job as Aang..he has definitely got the moves down pat;( just watch a sequence in the cartoon when aang is fighting then watch noah’s moves then u’ll understand where I’m coming from!) ..I mean seriously… would u really want someone who’s not experienced in martial arts at all try to tackle a character like Aang???!…..yeah....I didn’t think so..... but u have to keep in mind the show has Asian-influenced culture…it DOESN’T MEAN THAT ALL OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE TO BE ASIAN…I’m not racist to any degree and I know for a fact that in the cartoon aang was not asian and didn’t have the color of an asian person so I would expect he wouldn’t be in the film. You also should keep in mind this is Noah’s first movie…GIVE THE DAMN KID A BREAK!!! he’s just a karate champion from texas not an 5 time Academy Awards winner!!!..Would you look even remotely close to resembling aang wearing what he’s wearing?? The Last Airbender has new "fresh" faces to the industry of film-making that some may think takes away from the movie's credibility...but really, if Pirates of the Caribbean didn't have Johnny Depp as Sparrow would it really take away from the actual PLOT of the story?....i think not. It all has to do with the ACTING!! so far we haven't really seen any of that from pictures. the teaser trailer, now that has a bit of acting in it…which i believe the first scene w/ the candles won't even be used IN the film.....but YOU CAN’T BASE AN ENTIRE MOVIE OFF OF A 1:41 MINUTE TEASER TRAILER AND SOME that's just being thick headed.... -_- i think the graphics look amazing (especially with the fire navy fleet in the trailer) and the plot is something to behold...just because the costumes look fake and the teaser trailer is limited about the other characters doesn’t mean we have to totally obliterate the open-mindedness of what could be GOOD about the movie! We should wait until the full length trailer is out to make such HARSH CRITICISMS ABOUT A MOVIE THAT ISN'T EVEN DONE FILMING YET!!

becky on Jun 23, 2009


im reading some of the comments back from may and its utterly ridiculous. "the show didn't imply that the characters are asian". Are you all fucking high? Look at the fucking surrounding. How many white buddhist monks do you see? Animes feature more white characters than they do asian. Look at how many different hair colored people there are in animes. This show is obviously an asian cultured based show. Zuko in the picture looks like he still has his eyebrows, game over. I saw the trailer for this yesterday when i was watching transformers and the kid looks mexican. The rest looks alright but the trailer showed almost no material since its only a teaser. Really dissapointed in these casts of remakes of shows. Accuracy is key when you're doing a remake of ANYTHING. Imagine if they made katara and her brother black, then watch EVERYBODY complain. Hey they were dark skinned in the show right? noone implied they werent black. stupid morons!

Rich on Jun 26, 2009


............................fuck you shyamalan.

not stupid on Jun 26, 2009


yeah, we should also have a remake of the alamo and have the whites played by arabs, blacks by asians, and mexicans by whites. oh yeah and have a european history movie in which all the characters r black. GOD, U PPL R FUCKING RETARDED.

amazed at ur stupidity on Jun 26, 2009


although the cultures of the characters were mostly based on south east Asians, the characters them selves mostly arent Earth Kingdom = russian(north asia, not south) Water tribe = Inuit (north America(poles)) that is were most of the series is set Air Nomad = monks, so yes Fire Nation = they have many atributes, they have both Japanese traits along with Mayan and ancient native american infuences, along with a northern MIddle Eastern look too

Derrick on Jun 28, 2009


Airbender has a mystic asian feel to it (by asian I mean Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc...) but now the main character is caucasian and the only ethnic character is East's a totally different culture...I know I won't be watching this- it will probably erase the characteristics that the cartoon characters have brought to life for me in the animated version.- race shouldn't be an issue with casting and if race wasn't an issue, I'm sure that most people who loved the cartoon would have chosen the cast differently.

wrong cast on Jul 1, 2009


everyone saying that the cast shouldn't be asian because the show is american...u need to get your facts straight and watch the show. the show was created by Koreans, half the animators were asian. yes, the place is fictional but the music, karate styles, clothing and the way the buildings are designed lean more to being Asian than anythign else . IF if that doesnt convice you that the characters are suppose to be asain, listen to the music AND look at what the characters are wearing. the Avatar before Aang, u see him in the show a couple of times, he's wearing traditional Japanese, Chinese, or Korean clothing ( not 100% sure so i'll leave it at that). they have bamboo forest and bamboo grows very well in Asia and they are abumbent there. Plus, unlike America, the story and legand of the Avatar comes from Asia. America doesnt have any legands or stories, traditional clothing, rituals, specific buildings, typical music....the casting is just wrong! plus Noah is too chubby to play Aang who , in the series, is suppose to be skinny because he's working out and doenst have time to stuff his face till he's full unliek american's...i'm american btw so i'm not hating

gemgen101 on Jul 1, 2009


ang looks different from the tv series!! he kind-da looks like a freak,why?????? he should a look more cool well i guess u can't change it.... BEST LUCK ON THE MOVIe though (hope it is cool)

arun ramkissoon on Jul 2, 2009


ang looks different from the tv series!! he kind-da looks like a freak,why?????? he should a look more cool well i guess u can't change it.... BEST LUCK ON THE MOVIe though (hope it is cool)

arun ramkissoon on Jul 2, 2009


Jesus, my brother just told me about this. I hoped he was joking...... wtf is wrong with Night? i mean he has had some good movies in the past, like unbreakable. But i am so disipointed that he would even contemplate making something like this. It will MURDER his reputation more than "Lady in the Water" did. Enough said, this movie will suck balls more than the Dragon Ball movie did. Some things just should not be forged into movies.....THIS BEING ONE OF THEM!!!!! ---Your Moms a Horde!!!---

It doesnt matter on Jul 4, 2009


They picked a terrible Zuko. Dev Patel may be a good actor or whatever ( never seen slumdog) i'm willing to see for myself but he just....uh doesn't look right for the part. I've seen the cartoon character ( might I say he is so cute!) and having this dude play the part just isn't cutting the cheese for me haha Ang I'm ok with because he's JUST A KID. He'll grow into the part. You have to admit the cartoon and Noah are roughly alike... My predictions on how well the movie will do on a 1 to 10 scale?.....hmmm 3.....ok and a half.

Erika L. on Jul 16, 2009



jk on Aug 5, 2009


PLS Night don't mess this up!!!

Kim on Aug 16, 2009


Uhhmmm...The last time I checked the country of India is in Asia. So, casting Indians is casting Asians. I know that fans of this cartoon are concerned about sticking to the story. But, it's probably nice to just try to enjoy it for the live action that it is. I was a fan of The Flinstones. When they made a live action film I was a little disappointed in the casting of Barney, but I looked at it In other words, there are more serious things going on in the world.

Amy on Aug 18, 2009


A person would have to be pretty retarded to confuse an American Indian for an Asian (a Chinese one at that). Funny how no one ever mentions Indians that don't have that "Asian" look.

gh on Oct 2, 2009


The film is going to be an outstanding film. Night shyamalan is an amazing & creative director I love him & i love his films.

RATAN on Oct 15, 2009


When is the Official Trailer coming!!!!!!!????? i wanna see if Night. has changed a lil bit in his work...Come on! i am a lil mad that Dev is playing resemblance really...and that i hope katara and saka characters got a tan b4 filmin....and i hope the film somewhat closely follows the series...I am praying this movie doesn't suck cause its a really good animated series and i dont want parents and other ppl who never seen this film to think bad about it...come on Night. plz do good in this one..

FanDeAirbender on Dec 18, 2009


Put it this way bro, look at the films from M Night's past, is there anything that show character depth or complexity, NO! The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker said it best, M Night can only make good Movie Twist and can't understand simple things like PLOT, nor STORY. I personally think that he is going to butcher the film. Think about it, the director didnt pick the cast of the story he picked a cast that he image the story to be. Normally this works however, in a story like Avatar this cannot be because of the ASIAN INFLUENCESand NOT INDIAN INFLUENCES. Put it this way each type of bending is a F***ING FORM of MARTIAL ARTS, really Chinese Martial Arts from Sholin Kung-Fu to Tia Chi. The architecture/characrers are so heavenly influenced by Asia that you cant change it without changing the story. Example : Air Temples = Tebet Earth Nation = China Water Tribes = Eskimos (Native Indians, the only NONE Asia to an extent ) Fire Nation/ Colonies = Japan Long Story short, the reason Avatar was so good is beacuse: STORY, CHARACTERS, the ATTENTION TO DETAIL and PASSION of the STORY. Detail is one of the Major thing that makes Avatar so great, and M Night cannot do this level thought the series of movies ( if there is going to be ). Put it this way, this weak he started work or talk of work on ANOTHER PROJECT! That tells me that the move is going to BOMB ( not be good). ALL GOOD DIRECTORS have PASSION. They now the film inside out, they know or start to learn differnt aspects of film to make it perfect. All and all i say hes going to F the story + kill the movies + kill the reputation of the STORY. M Night go kill yourself, you suck!

Avatar Fan on Dec 26, 2009


I have seen a few episodes of Avatar (not the James Cameron film - even tho' that movie is AWESOME), Avatar: the last airbender and i believe i was waiting to see my feature movie presentation (Surrogates) and i saw the upcoming film previews for The Last Airbender and i was like "WHOA!! Cool!!! I cant wait for this film to come out! I believe M. Night will DO this movie justice for twenty-ten! Btw, when the movie comes out and i see it in theatres AND IS a AWESOME film, oh BEST believe i will have this in my movie collection for sure!!!!

MDstatus on Jan 3, 2010


Listen, people. Watch the movie first, and THEN give crappy, pessimistic comments about how it "ruined" the anime series(oh, yeah, i just called it anime, because its way good enough to be called that). Let me make this very, very, very clear: 1-even though the movie might not contain all the details that the series does, its still great.I mean think about it, how difficult must it be to fit a whole first, second or third series into one movie!!?!! I cant do it, and neither can any of you... 2-Whatever you say about this movie DOES NOT MATTER!!! its not gonna change for anyone so just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.If, by any chance, you might still feel the need to compare this movie negatively to the anime series, then try to think of them as being two seperate stories. Imagine it as if you have never even heard of "Avatar:Last Airbender" and just enjoy being part of the new fantasy world for a couple of hours. If that doesnt work, get a new hobby or get your head checked!!

Topaz Alfa on Jan 6, 2010


#80 There is a website called "Watch Avatar Online" where you can find all the Avatar Anime episodes and watch them for free, start to finish. Please watch them all, you wont regret it. At least when the first movie comes out, you'll know exactly whats going on. Just as an added warning, you cant watch too many episodes at a time and two of them had glitches the last time i checked. They are Book 1:water-Warriors of Kyoshi and Book 2: Earth- The Earth King. Other than that, enjoy ;]

Topaz Alfa on Jan 6, 2010


The casting just does not make sense! First of all, where is Azula? Aang should be lankierthan this other kid, and they should have picked someone else to play Katara. At least someone with a tan. This guy should stick to making horror movies, instead of messing up a beautiful storyline!

Edgar on Jan 28, 2010


I LOVED IT!!!! Then again, not many people actually knew about this show previously. Especially not many of the reviewers. Most people who rated or wrote reviews already went into it either; A) not liking anime or anime-esk shows or; B) not appreciating M. Night Shyamalan's diverse eye. Keep in mind, if you are not a fan of the show, you obviously don't know that it's 20 Episodes smashed into a short movie.. There was only so much that could be addressed.. To still achieve a just worthy portayal, he worked with the producers of the show and selected the most shaping scenes.. Not to mention, he and his family are HUGE fans of the series.. He also cast people we haven't seen before or seen much of.. (I'm thankful) but because of this, it's safe to assume they have not had much screen time--the kids anyway. I wouldn't expect every movie to be acted well.. It seemed aimless in some respects...okay, most. But overall, true fans appreciated the attempt. *First time actor: Noah Ringer (Aang). The other kids started between '05-'06.* But there is also the fact that they had to pull from limited monologe to stay true to the series. In some fan-based terms--a terrible attempt. In my eyes--decent attempt. Better than we'll probably ever see. I mean lets face it... Who gives Anime or fans the time of day? Not many and not much! (I know Avatar: The Last Airbender isn't "anime". It's Anime-ESK.) I figure, it's left to opinion; but most people, fans or not, expect way too much--that's mine.

Kayla on Jul 3, 2010


**side note** I really ment no offence to anyone. I'm merely stating my opinions. No one is wrong, just either liked or disliked the film and/or M. Night Shyamalan.. Which is completely fine. My statements may have been harshly written (saying "you obviously don't know" is a bit presumptuous; and I only made a hard statement. Obviously speaking as though to generalize is pretty ignorant of me.. I was speaking more about my area and people I have personally had this discussion with.) Anyway.. JUST SAYING! After re-reading, I just wanted to clerify! *not that many will care anyway, if people take offence--it's cause they want to.*

Kayla on Jul 3, 2010

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