First Look: Mel Gibson is Acting Again in Edge of Darkness!

April 22, 2009
Source: Empire

First Look: Mel Gibson is Acting Again in Edge of Darkness!

Damn, those guys at Empire are on a roll this week! Their latest first look photo debut is of Mel Gibson in Martin Campbell's thriller Edge of Darkness. Gibson hasn't been seen in front of the camera since The Singing Detective in 2003 and Signs in 2002 before that (and no, The Colonel doesn't count). He's back acting again, this time as a homicide cop who witnesses the death of his activist daughter right in front of his own eyes. He then sets out to catch the killers, uncovering a larger conspiracy in the process. Knowing how the story plays out (see below), our guess is that this photo is from an early scene of the film.

"He's a seasoned old detective," Gibson says about his character Thomas Craven. "A bit hangdog. And he's in a state of shock for most of the film, because he's had tremendous trauma right at the beginning of it."

Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness

With the talent involved behind the camera on this one, it seems like Edge of Darkness might even be a big Oscar contender. This is the very first photo so it's hard to tell, but I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more!

As a detective investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

Edge of Darkness is directed by Martin Campbell, of GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Casino Royale, and the upcoming Green Lantern movie. The screenplay was co-written by Oscar winner William Monahan (Kingdom of Heaven, The Departed, Body of Lies) and Andrew Bovell (The Book of Revelation, Blessed). The film was shot in and around Boston through early 2008. Warner Brothers will be bringing Edge of Darkness to theaters sometime in late 2009, although an official release date hasn't been set yet.

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Awesome news! Good to see him back where he belongs.

dom on Apr 22, 2009


I agree, gibson acting again is something to look forward to.

BC on Apr 22, 2009


"And I won't stop until every single one of them is dead.......finger-lickin' dead."

Rabs on Apr 22, 2009


Awesome. Glad Ray Winstone finally got a suitable role.

Angelo on Apr 22, 2009


Mel was actually in Paparazzi, which was in 2004. Granted, he played an uncredited anger management therapy patient, but still... 🙂

Thermopyle on Apr 22, 2009


I love Gibson,the name of the movie and the plot.

Fisherr on Apr 22, 2009


Was afraid I was gonna run into a bunch of Mel hate down here. Glad I didn't. Been looking forward to a big screen Mel for awhile and I'm glad its happening.

ScottyR37 on Apr 22, 2009


It is good news, and he has a nasty divorce to pay for.

tacoscat on Apr 22, 2009


Great article - thank you! I am so looking forward to this movie. Fantastic cast - and Mel, as always, will be a treat.

bigfan on Apr 22, 2009


I didn't know he was going to do anymore acting, but I am glad he is.

d1rEct on Apr 22, 2009


Excited for this, here. Really glad all these comments aren't Anti-Mel, too. He's a fun actor.

crumb on Apr 22, 2009



DoomCanoe on Apr 22, 2009


The jew-hatin-divorce-losin-nipple-twistin-gangsta is back!

nem on Apr 22, 2009


SUGARTITS! It's good to have him back

Scott McHenry on Apr 22, 2009


Should be pretty good. I like Martin Campbell.

Chuck Norris on Apr 22, 2009


You all need to see the original 1985 BBC TV mini-series on which this is based, which Campbell also directed. It is, frankly, a masterpiece, and I doubt the film will match it.

sleepykid on Apr 23, 2009


This months issue of Empire looks epic! (Steven Spielberg is guest editing!)

Sumit on Apr 23, 2009


The Colonel is the best trailer I've seen in years. Seriously. It's also interesting that Martin Campbell chose to do a remake or adaptation of his own work. I can't think of another instance where a director chose to go back and redo their own film (or mini-series in this case) years later. I wonder if he feels differently about the material or if his style of directing has changed over the years.

Cardinals on Apr 23, 2009


'bout damn time Mel!!! Getcher ass into that studio/set/location!!!

bozoconnors on Apr 23, 2009


Mel is back...

Trip on Apr 23, 2009


Where the hell have you been?

Josh on Apr 23, 2009


Mel Gibson has proven to be a huge douchebag off the screen, but as much as I hate the man off screen, he is a truly great BraveHeart is the tits!

Cmurder on Apr 23, 2009


I can't forgive Mel for Braveheart, that was Jocksploitation at it's most extreme. The drunk driving maybe, but the Nazi stuff, no fucking way. Onscreen he's pretty good, like Tom Cruise too, douchebags in reality but when playing a fictional character, entertaining.

Crapola on Apr 23, 2009


#11 rules, i know i know that guy and Personally i missed you Mel, Hollywood hasn't been the same with out ya. makin all those Lethal Weapons you so crazy

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2009


dudes... Payback and The Road Warrior were the some of the sweetest movies ever

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2009

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