First Look: New Michael Myers Mask from Rob Zombie's H2

January 4, 2009
Source: Rob Zombie's MySpace


Now that we know Rob Zombie is directing the sequel to his own Halloween from 2007, progress is finally being made on the project. The first reveal is a maquette of the new mask that Michael Myers will be wearing in H2: Halloween 2. The photo comes from Zombie's own MySpace blog, where he mentions that make-up artist Wayne Toth is "back on the case working the greatest Michael ever." The photo at the top is from Zombie's original Halloween to reference any changes. It doesn't look like that much of a modification, but then again, I'm not a big Halloween fan so I'm not able to pick out all the minor differences.

Note: While it doesn't officially say that this is only a maquette, I'm guessing that this is just an early sculpt of the mask and that it obviously won't be orange and it will have hair in the end. Thoughts?

H2: Halloween 2 Michael Myers Mask

Between this and the Friday the 13th remake, I'm actually a lot more excited for the new Friday the 13th. I'm not a big horror fan as is, but when I saw Rob Zombie's Halloween, I really wasn't able to get into it at all. On the flip side, though, I've seen a lot of the new Friday the 13th and already think it looks a lot better. Rob Zombie is both writing and directing H2: Halloween 2 which is already slated for release on August 28th later this year. Are there enough fans of Rob Zombie's reboot to keep this franchise going? And those of you that are hardcore Halloween fans -- what do you think of this new mask? Good or bad?

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Reader Feedback - 44 Comments


"The greatest Michael ever". Please.

Fuelbot on Jan 4, 2009


I agree with Zombie, he has created the greatest look for Michael, and it looks like he want to even improve the thing a bit more (I love the cracks at the top of his head). But on the other hand, I'm not to keen on the slits above his eyes, in no way should they be giving the more "devilish" look.

Angelo on Jan 4, 2009


From the looks of it, it seems the only changes will be that the mask looks more deteriorated from last time. I have to agree that I am more interested in the new "Friday the 13th" film than this, but it doesn't mean that curiosity won't strike when the film comes out.

Sean Kelly on Jan 4, 2009


needs more william shatner

william shatner on Jan 4, 2009


lol at william shatner joke, if you not a halloween fan you wouldnt understand that joke. Truth is, the micheal myers mask was really a william shatner mask that they painted white and took out the eye brows.

Carlemile on Jan 4, 2009


Last movie was awesome and I expect this movie to be even better. I agree with Zombie 100% that he's created the greatest Michael Myers. I can tell that this mask is going to look more sinister, more like a real face than a mask yet still able to tell it's a mask due to the cracks in it exposing skin. I'm looking forward to Friday the 13th too tho as I'm a big Jason fan. I think he's the best movie killer ever, with Michael Myers following in at second and Freddy at 3rd.

Black Dynamite on Jan 4, 2009


The early word is that it's coming out on august 28th, labor day weekend. now, that doesn't leave much time for rob zombie to write a decent script, film the movie, and get it out by august, so it will prolly end up moving to october anyway. i've heard many good things about the first one, so'm gonna have to say i'm anticipating this over friday the 13th, which doesn't look to be that good judging by the cheesy trailer

LeeMan on Jan 4, 2009


The first movie is a joke that only helps to prove that Zombie is a one-note writer and that all of his movies will, in some way, be a remake of TCM. Yes, he's getting better as a director. And there may be a few glimmers of light in this flick, but they are far and few between. Michael doesn't need a backstory. It is much more terrifying that one day he just snaps as opposed to being an abused child with a shitty family. That was the greatest thing about Halloween, wondering WHY. But evil doesn't have an origin, it simply is. That's what Michael Myers represented. I guess they were wrong. You really CAN kill Michael Myers.

Fuelbot on Jan 4, 2009


O MY GOD! ITS A MASK!!!! Who gives a shit. Movie still gonna suck. No more remakes!!!

REAL6 on Jan 4, 2009


#4, it needs more cow bell!!!!!

jvj590 on Jan 4, 2009


Friday the 13th looks promising also i cant wait for H2. For me i'll have to wait and watch both then judge.

Fisherr on Jan 4, 2009


its dumb to compare the 2 movies anyway. both different settings and different movies all together. there's always going to be more fans for each so thats not the topic of discussion. Being a psychologist i greatly enjoyed the Halloween remake that zombie presented, i look foreward to a sequel but as i remember in an interview the ending to the first one was made on purpose so that micheal wouldnt come back ever, zombie didnt want to ruin his movie witha terrible sequel, and i agree with him. but we'll have to wait and see.

Mortuus on Jan 4, 2009


Yeah, they're going to leave it orange and bald.'re an idiot, Alex.

Black Guy on Jan 4, 2009


I loved the H remake - Zombie knows he's shit. There was so much to be read from his last film.

dom on Jan 4, 2009


I don't know why he does these remakes. He should recreate his own stories in the horror genre if he's so passionate about it. Devils rejects as an example.

JimD on Jan 4, 2009


Rob Zombie's Halloween sucked ass! stop giving this guy money.

Bob on Jan 4, 2009


I am more excited by this picture of a mask than I am for the Friday the 13th remake. When I saw a trailer for it in the theater people actually laughed. It looks terrible. And once again Alex, you were flown out to the set, have some integrity and be objective.

John on Jan 4, 2009


#12 Both different movies? The movie basically does nothing but tack on a longer beginning and a deeper (well, an attempt at being deeper) middle in attempts to shift the first movie's perspective from Laurie to Michael. I liked that Loomis would be able to connect enough with Michael to get him to stop, but that's just not in the movie. The characters don't connect at all. It's completely hollow filmmaking.

Fuelbot on Jan 5, 2009


For me the original mask are much more creepy, cause are clean and white, with are more horrible to see in the dark, this new are grey and don't have the same classic effect. But I like the Zombie movie.

Lucas Moreira on Jan 5, 2009


Doesnt he get shot in the face at the end of Zombies first Halloween? Why make the same mask with no bullet hole in it? Zombie should restart this one with Michael getting the original mask of william shatner from the first one since his last mask was blown apart.

Phil on Jan 5, 2009


mmm, technically we didn't see him get shot in the face. We can only assume with all the blood on her face.

wm on Jan 5, 2009


Why a sequal? The first one wasnt as good as the original! NO MORE REMAKES! FUCK FUCK!

Ray on Jan 5, 2009


uhh duh it is obvious that the cracks in the new mask represent where he was shot in the last movie. I personally love the new mask, didn't care much for the movie because as we know from the originals, you can't kill michael. I wish they would go deeper into why michael did what he did to his family, the original story not the movie, explains all of that. peace

DrEw on Jan 6, 2009


I can't wait to see it, I mean the first one (remake) is far to be a masterpiece, but as I am a huge Halloween fan I quite enjoy to see Michael in another killing spree. Now, Halloween II is my favorite from the whole franchise, so I'm a little bit scared about how it will result. The mask seems almost the same as in the first one, the only big change is the scar in the forehead, now it's different. If this franchise keeps going ((i hope it does)) I think they should just make Halloween,H2, and Halloween h20, those have real continuity. Well, I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!!!

Louis on Jan 6, 2009


zombies original halloween remake sucked, period. he ruined a great franchise. he steered way off the path and tried to introduce people to michaels child hood. that should of been left alone, let michael be a mystery to everyone who was a fan of the classics. he ruined the movie with his horrible 'trailer trash, dirth mouth' family. look back at the old ft13 movies. they brought up jasons childhood so they wanted you to know what happened. in halloween they didnt and it should of been left that way. same goes with the latest texas chainsaw massacre the beginning. leatherfaces childhood should have been left alone. the true horror fanatics of the original movies dont really care about there childhoods. we just want to see the gore. that is where all these new horror flicks flop, they keep digging back and back and back to try and let the people see what drove them mad. that was the best part of the old slasher flicks! leave it a mystery! the last good remake of a horror flick was texas chainsaw massacre (the original remake, not the beginning) and that was done by the same 2 guys doing the new ft13. im a horror fanatic, i run an annual haunted attraction and i think rob should just leave the good halloween name alone. save it for someone who wont ruin it. for example.. the opening scene of his 2007 remake.. i was so pumped to see the flickering pumpkin. instead we are welcomed with a hard rock song and some trailer park dialog. that put a bad taste in my mouth from the beginning, and t went even further downhill after that. as far as the mask... its a latex mask, why all the cracks and missing chunks? latex rips. rip it and sew it if you want to make changes. i liked rob zombies take on the mask in his original 2007 release, if he is serious about this movie keep the mask the same its not made of stone or glass it wouldn't change much except for some dirt and tears.

john on Jan 21, 2009


@ 4 that was pretty funny. for the fans who didnt know (which they should) the mask worn in the original halloween was actually a william shatner mask from star trek. it was just painted white, the eyebrows cut off, and the hair messed up a bit. had toe explain just in case some people were scratching their heads at that joke

Q on Feb 2, 2009


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ag on Feb 2, 2009


you can't compair ,, MIKE and Jason and to ayall F-ers that think it suppose to be just like the older one when we was young. that's the point we was kids and now we dont have any slashers so if they want to bring back jason and mike for our kids day in age i'm all for it.. halloween remake was off the chain. and now we getting a chance to see Jason. its the first 4 friday 13th in one so his mom is not doing all the killing. So just grow up and enjoy the movie all movies are not giong to be teh best but I have to say this TCM. and Halloween both was great. now I know that Jason is going t be great... just dont go to far and bring back CHUCKY ... lol

Terry on Feb 6, 2009


we're at the age of the horror movie where everything needs to be broken down. Irrational killing was a thing of the past and although i will always refer to the originals, the new insights allow the reintroduction of the characters to apply to the trend of modern horror. If you want to update something, i suggest the Hellraiser series; just leave my evil dead alone. Hail to the king baby!

Derek on Feb 15, 2009


i am so excited for the new halloween movie i just went to see the new friday the 13th movie and it sucked ass so much it was more of a comedy movie and that made me so mad so new halloween is going to be better cause michael myers is more scarier then jason

ami on Feb 16, 2009


nice mask great skult but is a little too skinny the h1 is a skinny mask for his h2 remake it needs to be the same look but wider a warlock mask at is a h2 so for tyhe new movie needs to be wider but still great job

christian kerr on Feb 20, 2009


im a BIG fan of the halloween movies but i was quite disappointed in the zombie remake,i agree wiv fuelbot u shudnt need the bakstory 2 it. the mask doesnt really excite me much so hurry up n get makin this movie. i dnt hold much hope 4 this 1 but i will hav an open mind n go c it. jason,myers n freddy the 3 best evils in this crazy world lol

Angelika24 on Feb 27, 2009


i'm interested for this movie to finally be made, but no matter how well it does, i think he should stop at 2. the other halloween movies after the second one were just wack, anyone remember season fo the witch? it had nothing to do with mike myers!

hearts4711 on Mar 5, 2009


this is cool, the fore head chipping is from the bullet from the 2007 and the chipping too the left is just plain ageing this michael will be the best

Kyle on Mar 8, 2009


#10 what?

Kyle on Mar 8, 2009


Jason Sucked balls it was the worst remake. Halloween remake wasn't better than the original Halloween buts it was much better than the Friday the 13th remake.

JiggaWhat on Apr 4, 2009


i agree with JiggaWhat cause Friday The 13th (2009) sucked balls it wasnt even that scary. Michael's movies are full of suspence and plus i love the theme song. But ft13th 2009 i dont get why they remade the movie because the original from many years ago was much better than this remade crap.

AngelPugo on Apr 4, 2009


That is so awsome i love Micheal myers i always did since i was 2 i have been watching his movies my dream was to marry him and get married in his house in the attic where he keeps all the dead bodies and start a family when i got older. But my aunt has been scared of him so when she comes over i always put that movie on but my other aunt and uncle bought me this thing of Micheal myers i was sohappy i wish i could me you Rob Zombie and Micheal Myers

Billie Murray on Sep 2, 2009


I can not wait to see the new movie i like the mask in all the movies

Billie Murray on Sep 2, 2009


I can not belive some one said it sucked i think they do not suck and i think you should redo all of them

Billie Murray on Sep 2, 2009


ROb Zombie should remake ressurrection and the new masks are kick ass

Pat on Sep 9, 2009


i saw the new 1 it sucked I LIKE THE FIRST REMAKE

Billie Murray on Sep 24, 2009


Michel Myers Halloween masks are really scary, it has become more popular than the film itself

michael myers mask on Oct 1, 2009


Michael Myers is one of the greatest fictional killers of all time and i think he will always be the turning point of Halloween. I still continue to watch the original Halloween up to the newest realse of the slasher series of Michael Myers.

haley on Feb 16, 2010

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