First Look: Ryan Reynolds in His One-Man Thriller Buried

August 18, 2009
Source: Twitch

Ryan Reynolds and Rodrigo Cortés

Before Ryan Reynolds goes on to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie and Wade Wilson (again) in the Deadpool spin-off, he'll finish shooting an indie thriller called Buried that he decided to take on to challenge his acting skills. We talked about the project a few times earlier this year, mainly because it was discovered that this is actually a one-man show, taking place entirely inside the confines of coffin, where Reynolds awakens buried alive. Thanks to Twitch we have two photos from the indie production, one of Reynolds (above) talking with Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés, and one of the actual view inside the coffin.

Ryan Reynolds in Buried

I actually read the script for Buried a month or so back, even though I didn't want to, but I started and just couldn't stop. It's an intense thriller or drama or whatever you want to call it, and it literally does take place entirely inside of a coffin. All he has is a cell phone (as you see) and a lighter and not only does he try and figure out how to get out (starting with figuring out where he is), but he also tries to reach his wife, because he's afraid he might not live. It's an awesome script and I'm very curious to see how Cortés plans to make a movie set inside of a coffin actually entertaining to watch for 90 minutes. But it actually looks good so far!

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Trying to imagine enjoying a 90min movie inside a coffin is very, very, VERY hard... I am curious though.

mr sol on Aug 18, 2009


i did end up reading that script as well, like u said, it was hard to put it down. this will show off his acting chops for sure, or lack there of, whichever. 90min inside a coffin will indeed be hard to pull off tho.

lego on Aug 18, 2009


Hey it worked in Kill Bill Vol 2 Oh wait, that was for like 5 minutes... I think everyone has to have the "see it to believe it" mindset.

Branden on Aug 18, 2009


@4 Yeah, he's got to think back to his training and punch the f-ck through it.

Korm on Aug 18, 2009


This is cool. It seems like the kind of experimental film making that Hitchcock would have done. I look forward to checking this out when the time comes.

jwilliek on Aug 18, 2009


Sorry for this but after reading the script, this pic above is exactly how i pictured it in the screenplay! Everything about that picture is startling, because they seem to be following every bit word for word. I loved the story and this is looking awesome. Sorry Billington.

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2009


should be interesting

Trey on Aug 18, 2009


One more thing if this movie turns out like I hope I see Reynolds becoming a power house in the acting game!

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2009


How does his phone work down there?

Chris W on Aug 18, 2009


#10 - That's actually part of the script... It keeps going out and he keeps losing reception, it's off and on, just like how a real cell phone sometimes has a signal, sometimes doesn't.

Alex Billington on Aug 18, 2009


I can't believe that that whole entire movie is in the coffin. There must be flashbacks or something of him being put into the coffin or something. I just can't imagine anyone O.King a movie that has only one scene and that one scene happens to be in a small box.

Dan W on Aug 18, 2009


Is this a shameless plug? Yes. But is it relevant? Yes! Review of the script: Please don't ban me Alex. 🙂

carson on Aug 18, 2009


OMG! Ryan Reynolds!! This looks sooo cool! I can't wait at all! I have been waiting for news on Buried for a long time now! Ryan Reynolds is going to be amazing!!

Scott on Aug 18, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is SOO hot! I cant wait for this either #13!

Jenny on Aug 18, 2009


WHOA!! FINALLY! I love Ryan Reynolds. This is so exciting! ^___^

Staci on Aug 18, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is soo cool. I love his movies. I can't wait to see this one. It'll be different from most movies.

Jordan on Aug 18, 2009


SWEET! I am really looking forward to this. Ryan Reynolds has always been one of my personal favs since 1998 when he starred in "Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place" He'll be on top of it! Thanks for this post!

GAHgahHAH on Aug 18, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, he can pull anything off. Im so seeing this movie. And I know Im going to love it.

Hawkins on Aug 18, 2009


I can't wait to see how this movie turns out. The concept kind of reminds me of Phone Booth with Colin Farel. If I recall that movie took place almost entirely within the phone booth with him and the shooter talking on the phone, until the police come.

Ted Mosby on Aug 18, 2009


This will be good. I can tell just by reading the first page of the script. Ryan Reynolds fits it perfectly as well. Can't Wait!!

Michaelangelo on Aug 18, 2009


Heck yes guys. Gear up for this one!

Scott on Aug 18, 2009


I ? Ryan Reynolds so much! I hope they find a way to take his shirt off so he can show his magnificent abs. haha I LOVE HIM! Best Male actor out there. I don't care what Teen Choice says. pfft.

Aimee on Aug 18, 2009


i don't give a fuck about buried,i want deadpool & the green lantern like fucking now.

zetsu on Aug 19, 2009


Ugh, well that's a pretty spoilery review. Now we all know that he gets out of the effing thing? Well at least that saves the marketing department the trouble of letting us know in the trailer.

Alexis on Aug 19, 2009


LOL @23 I want Buried, but I want Deadpool and Green Lantern too. T___T If only it were possible for an actor to multi-task films like that. >___> Everyone wants Ryan Reynolds. I WANT MY MUVIES. lol

Gituz on Aug 19, 2009


For those thinking that this is going to seriously delay the Lantern or Deadpool flicks... why? This is one guy in a box. How long do you possibly think shooting something like this could take. One location, very little in the way of wardrobe or set-up concerns... I imagine most of the lighting is going to come from the phone and lighter... This could literally be shot in a 24 hour period if they really went for it, but I don't imagine it would take more than a couple weeks at the most to get it shot. MAYBE a month. Add another several months for post, score and foley and you're looking at 6 months max from shooting to screening. Reynolds will not be stuck on this for too long - and that's probably one of the reasons he decided to do it. He can show some serious acting chops without worrying too much about it bumping other projects around. This film is like a moped wedged between a couple of stretch limos. Except I'm gonna guess that the moped will end up being worth more in the long run. Also, wtf is with all the "OMG Ryan is SOOOOO HOT ROFL!!!!1one" posts? Did the article get posted to a Jonas Brothers or Twilight fan forum or something?

Squiggly_P on Aug 19, 2009


This reminds me of Phone Booth and Open Water. Im not watching this. I dont care if Clint Eastwood wrote the script. I dont feel like seeing a sweaty dude making phone calls for 90 minutes while sufficating and panicing. I read some of the script. It sounds dumb. If this was the last movie on earth I would end my life before watching it.

A-B on Aug 19, 2009


I've read the script too and my guess is they do it in real-time -- I'm guessing they keep it to under an hour. It's an indie film, not a big-budget film, and people just won't have it in them to sit there and watch Ryan (hot as he is!) in a coffin without going insane with claustrophobia-- the plot is riveting, incredible, gut-wrenching -- imagining what he must be feeling as Paul ... or even as an actor, to put yourself in that position ... I give him credit. I wonder if they will do any flashbacks at all? The script has lots of other voices (via phone) and I can see points where flashbacks might help it move along. Like RR says, it'll be the coolest thing ever or terrible. My bet -- it'll be amazing and test his chops as an actor.

Melissa on Aug 19, 2009


Oh--and he's been in Barcelona shooting since the end of July and my guess is it's a short shoot.

Melissa on Aug 19, 2009


wow A-B really man?

Xerxex on Aug 19, 2009


#26...well Ryan Reynolds IS! 😀 He is soooo amazing! I heart him.

Aimee on Aug 20, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is becoming more experienced by the time. This movie won't delay Green Lantern or Deadpool, he needs some kind of a refreshing project to shiw his acting skills i totally agree with #26

Fisherr on Aug 22, 2009


Ryan Reynolds acting is superb! this will just make him better at Green Lantern and Deadpool. He is way good anyway.

Jordan on Aug 25, 2009

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