First Look: Kristen Stewart Starring in Welcome to the Rileys

December 3, 2009
Source: RopeofSilicon

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

Yesterday it was announced that Welcome to the Rileys would premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. And now today we've got your first look at the film, which stars Melissa Leo, James Gandolfini, and Kristen Stewart. According to reports from earlier this year, Stewart went completely nude in stripper scenes, but that doesn't exactly mean we'll get to see much. The film is about a couple who come across a young stripper that oddly seems to comfort them as they're still grieving over the death of their own daughter. Sounds kind of creepy, but these photos should give you a better sense of what to expect in this. So check them out below.

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys

I wouldn't have thought Kristen Stewart could look so unlike her Twilight character Bella, but she does. I'm also glad to see her exploring other areas of acting while still making boat loads of money on Twilight. Welcome to the Rileys is directed by Jake Scott, a veteran music video and short films director making his second feature following Plunkett & Macleane in 1999. The screenplay was written by Ken Hixon (Inventing the Abbotts, City by the Sea). I'm already planning on seeing this at Sundance, so I'll report back with my thoughts then. Not sure if it'll be that great, but it at least looks interesting, seems to have some potential.

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aww yeah.

dennis on Dec 3, 2009


yeah, but she cant play anything anti-sexual... like a real character, or an inanimate object

benjoi on Dec 3, 2009


I have seen her in a few other films and she didn't look like Bella in any of them...

RPD on Dec 3, 2009


good thing she's actively fighting from being typecast as bella

twispious on Dec 3, 2009


Totally agree with number 2, she's always the same broken girl who has had some terrible incident in the past (speak, in the land of women, panic room, messengers, adventureland). So it's no suprise she will have a reason from her past to be a stripper in this movie. Major pass on this movie, sorry Mr Soprano. Oh speaking of piece of shit, vegetarian vampires suck! Go for the throat!

MagnoliaFan on Dec 3, 2009


The pics looks like something from the Sopranos.

Solo Dolo Polo on Dec 3, 2009


There are going to be a lot of Twilight male fans seating down for this film.

Film-Book dot Com on Dec 3, 2009


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I'm always up for hot Kristen Stewart. and I couldn't agree more with #4

-Peter- on Dec 3, 2009


Total agree with what # 5 said just same o same o what the real diffrance here between the charictor Kirston stewart is playing in Twilight shite and Wellcome to Riley will not be mutch i bet. 🙁

Cineprog on Dec 3, 2009


i'll definitely gonna watch this movie... go kristen!!!! pattinson sucks..

kstewfan on Dec 3, 2009


I wonder if she'll touch her hair every 5 seconds in this movie too.

Steph on Dec 3, 2009


Oh Kristen Stewert, what I wouldn't give to go on a date with you... But seeing your tits on screen will just have to do.

Aldonn on Dec 3, 2009



Someone on Dec 3, 2009


ukh,you guyz are sucks! she can do anything she wants, at least she's fucking real without fake boobs, fake nose, fake tans, fake ass! respect her please! and she looks great with rob! Xp

JustLovesKstew on Dec 3, 2009


there was nothing slutty about those pictures. good thing i just watched jeremih - rain drops video. or else i would be a little upset

mrmr on Dec 3, 2009


I've wanted Kristen ever since into the wild, I can't believe she's going nude in this. Christmas came early this year, now let's hope a pocket size bottle of lotion and some kleenex come in the stocking for theater viewing.

ronan on Dec 3, 2009


oh, and you can tell all the little robert pattinson fangirls are on her, foaming at the mouth with hatred for her. Twihards are insane and insanely jealous of this sexy, talented woman.

ronan on Dec 3, 2009


Sexiest girl on the scene right now. Most girls her age just pose and preen sexy, Kristen exudes it out of every pore. Talented as hell too-loved her in Adventureland.

joshh on Dec 3, 2009


I want to do dirty, dirty things with this chick. HOT

newman102 on Dec 3, 2009


WTF is up with calling her slutty? You idiots, she's playing a role. Give her more respect or I'll come and kick all yer asses. I love this girl.

Pranw on Dec 3, 2009


She's going to show those pretty little 19 year old tits of hers? I'm in....

Transworlddo on Dec 3, 2009


I can't believe how dumb people are. She's a teen actress, of course all her roles have some similarities--they are all teen roles you dumb shizzes.

lana on Dec 3, 2009


I hated Twilight, dismissed her as a result. Then I saw her in Adventureland and fell in love. She's mesmerizing onscreen, very honest and vulnerable performance. I'm definitely going to see this, maybe a lot for some naked Stew, but also because she's crazy gifted as an actress.

paulwilks467 on Dec 3, 2009


Dude, I've wanted to make out with this chick since "Catch That Kid" when I was young. lol Now I get to see her in all glory, I'm gonna bust a nut when all my dreams come true.

Trecool on Dec 3, 2009


How has no one brought up her performance in Into the Wild?!...She did a phenomenal job in that film, and I look forward to seeing her in non-twilight roles.

peloquin on Dec 3, 2009


YES, bring it on. They'll need to enforce a "all male hands must be visible at all times" for this movie, cause it's going to be a weird mix of 12 year old twihards and dirty old men.

Rick on Dec 3, 2009


All lusty thoughts aside, yes, peloquin, I saw her in Into the Wild and thought she stole the movie with her couple of minutes of screen time.

Rick on Dec 3, 2009


Stewart on her knees in that third picture should be deemed NSFW, it just about made me pop a boner in my cubicle.

Kam on Dec 3, 2009


looks so good, shes a terrific actress

xami on Dec 3, 2009


meh, I couldn't care less about the actress or this film...bounce

tyrascilee on Dec 3, 2009


Stewart is not 'slutty', nor is her character. Being a stripper does not make you a slut (in fact I believe it just generally means you are in need of money and short on options). I hope you will be titling an article on the next 007 film about slutty Daniel Craig. God knows James Bond actually does get around. Why, Mr Billington, it is so acceptable for you to casually call a woman that? Please don't.

jen on Dec 3, 2009


I would not exactly kick her out of my bed .. ..but then again it's very unlikely she'd end up there so.. ^_^

JoePublic on Dec 3, 2009


completely agree with Jen. there is absolutely no reason to title this post "slutty Kristen Stewart." but apparently there really are only two types of women. don't forget that women read your site, too.

jillian on Dec 3, 2009


..all women who don't want to sleep with you are slutty ^_^ ..but seriously ..human beings are too complex to be simplified by describing them as types of any kind..male or female ..especially female ^_^

JoePublic on Dec 3, 2009


KStew does not need to STRIP to be sexy... nor does she need to have boob jobs & fake tan. She exudes innocent SENSUALITY just by being HERSELF! And she is such a gifted actress that she can carry a role she sets her mind to!!!

Julienne on Dec 3, 2009


I agree with 37

Richard on Dec 3, 2009


Heopefully she can survive the twilight abyss taking these kinds of roles! I'l gonna pull for her!

Xerxex on Dec 3, 2009


I never liked her.

giraffic on Dec 3, 2009


Why is this titled "slutty" Kristen? This is ridiculous. Why would you say that? She's not a slut, you don't know her. She's playing the role of someone. She's bringing a character to life. This is art, has nothing to do with the person. At least say "slutty Mallory (the character) in WTTR played by Kristen Stewart." Giving her "sutty" as her epithet is wrong.

Ada on Dec 3, 2009


I dont thin she looks like a stipper at all..She looks the same..dark make up, messy hair.I Dont see any difference

barbie on Dec 3, 2009


i think calling her slutty is soooooo uncalled for. she is no slut, she never will a slut, and its ridicoulous that thats her label. You're an ignorant ass if thats what you label art as being. She is playing the role of a stripper, she is not an actual one, its called acting, think about looking it up sometime. i think its freaking awesome that she is doing this. I'm sure Rob is very very proud of her, and she is very talented. She is real, beautiful, and smart, she will go far in the business.

valeria on Dec 3, 2009


Mean ppl suck & haters are pathetic. Face it, Kris is fierce and gorgeous and an amazing actress, so can some of you please grow up? Your stupidity is giving us, the sane Kris!fans, secondhand embarrassement. JS

May on Dec 3, 2009


She's mega hot! And i liked her in Adventureland. cool film... Tony Sporano too? Im in 😀

benny on Dec 3, 2009


comment number 17 & 18... rob? is that you!?

June on Dec 3, 2009



sam on Dec 3, 2009


what i would give to have a night with her

jack on Dec 3, 2009


I LOVE KRISTEN. She is a versatile talented actress, she isn't afraid to take on difficult and challenging role, whether it is a small or big role. She is gorgeous, smart, determined and she doesn't take crap from other people. That's very matured qualities for an 19 year-old young woman. For that, I ADMIRE her a lot. One other thing I love about Kristen is that she never stops learning and improving -- she did an amazing job in promoting interviews for New Moon -- she is very funny and witty :)). Kristen has a bright future ahead of her and I wish her the best of luck. PS: She and Rob are the damn cute couple :). I hope they make it to the end.

Kim on Dec 3, 2009


Why do you make fun of movies and actors/actresses by calling them "Slutty Kristen Stewart" or "Don't Watch This:-----"?? I mean, really? Do you just not have any class at all or is something wrong with you? So you have opinions, but it doesn't mean you have to badmouth something or someone in the process! Every time I come to this website I see at least one article that's very insulting and results in making an ass of yourself:( Try writing more intelligent articles for a change. The entertainment industry is a small world and things get back to other people in the industry, and I bet your reputation's being ruined slowly, but surely. Your nasty comments and stupid name-calling articles simply make you look like a DUMBASS, and there are more classy ways of getting your point across.

cs on Dec 3, 2009


I LOVE YOU #51 (CS).

Kim on Dec 3, 2009


This site is another crap tabloid gossip. I guess it is not reliable site as I thought it is. I think we should STOP VISIT THIS SITE from now on. It just wastes our time with all the crap information.

michelle on Dec 3, 2009


"I wouldn't have thought Kristen Stewart could look so unlike her Twilight character Bella, but she does. I'm also glad to see her exploring other areas of acting..." --What? Have you even seen any of her other works like Speak? Shes totally the opposite of the Bella character and has done lots of work different from the Twilight character

Nikhil Hariharan on Dec 3, 2009



Kevin on Dec 3, 2009


Love her..this is going to be a wet dream come true..i think i'm gonna be hornier than Rpattz the first time he tasted her cherry pie(you know he has).. seeing Kstews tits is going to be my undoing.

David on Dec 3, 2009


#52 what? Tabloid gossip? Please tell me you're joking...Billington and friends are hardly tabloids freaks.

Xerxex on Dec 3, 2009


"I wouldn't have thought Kristen Stewart could look so unlike her Twilight character Bella, but she does." Alex I take issue with that statement...Stewart has been in some pretty good films, i.e. Panic Room, Speak, The Yellow Handkerchief, and Adventureland. Twilight even though bad was actually a good move for her...think about it, before Twilight only a handful of people knew who she was, after The whole fucking world knows who she is, and she has a pretty good line-up of films on the way The Runaways could surprise us and this Welcome to the Rileys might be something good too. don't write her off so quickly.

Xerxex on Dec 3, 2009


Loved Kristen in Into the Wild and Land of Women. She's real. You feel her joy or her pain when she's on the big screen. She's going to be great in this movie and I'm really excited for the Runaways.

Annie on Dec 3, 2009


Well, this article and the accompanying pictures are gonna help me rub a nice one out tonight....I can't wait to see her nude, she's got the sexiest little body, all natural and tight.

Trent533 on Dec 4, 2009


The thing that cracks me up about fans is that you can totally tell the difference between Kristen fans from the Roberths fans lol. Kristen's fans, like her seem intelligent and total badasses...then you get "rpathhzzz" fans and they're totally hating on everything and anything this chick does, and the commments are so ridiculous is hilarious! (like omg shes sooo ugly, robert is like so hotter then her) pfft. Seriously she is soooooo fricken hot. I hope to hell shes not dating that douche, shes too hot for him...she needs a real man!

alex on Dec 4, 2009


@ #56 -- I'm glad I don't know him because it gives me a fair idea to judge his article. And I. AM. REALLY. DISAPPOINTED with this article. He is a very unfair and unprofessional when coming to criticize this film.

michelle on Dec 4, 2009


bella? how could you? for real good for her, now if she'd take her head from up in the clouds and get back with her cute but poor ex boyfriend Mike..

bla on Dec 4, 2009


I really like her as Bella, but I didnt like New Moon... I watched some movies like The Cake Eater, she know how to act, really talented 🙂

Kristen on Dec 5, 2009


I'll give you that michelle.

Xerxex on Dec 5, 2009


I don't like Kristen Stewart but this doesn't mean that she is a bad actress.

Fisherr on Dec 7, 2009


I really liked Kristen Stewart in New Moon. She really done It well. With all technology it is challenge to act. Btw all this comments I have read about her lips, I didn't realized that until you have pointed It so many times. This comments are probably form same frustrate people who never see bigger picture. I would say very good actress 🙂

anonima on Jan 2, 2010


I like Kristen Stewart but I don't see the sex appeal :S

H on Jan 21, 2010


Finally Kristen Stewart got a role which she could handle. Every movie of her is the same. Her acting as a weird, neurotic, weird girl isn't real because she's that way. How can you call it acting when you just read the lines and do what YOU would do and not the character. But now she finally got something good. If you take a look at her make-out session in other movies you'll discover that she's good in them. I'm serious. That's the only thing she can do. And now she got a whole movie for doing that. It will be probably her best movie in her whole life.

boss on Jan 26, 2010

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