First Look: The Chronicles of Narnia Ship the Dawn Treader

August 17, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Dawn Treader Photos

Hopefully you didn't forget, but The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is actually in-production at 20th Century Fox. Disney dumped the Chronicles of Narnia franchise last year after Prince Caspian performed poorly, mainly due to marketing problems since that movie and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were disconnected in setting and tone, among other things. Fox stepped up and now they're shelling out millions to get it made. From the looks of it, though, they might have a "replacement" movie for Pirates of the Caribbean, as Disney is behind on getting the fourth movie ready.

An endless amount of photos of the Dawn Treader have been leaking out, but ComingSoon landed the first batch of photos of the entire thing completed and ready to go, which I thought was finally worth featuring.

Dawn Treader PhotosDawn Treader Photos

C.S. Lewis' The Voyage of the Dawn Treader follows the two youngest Pevensies siblings, Lucy (Georgie Henley) and Edmund (Skandar Keynes), as they travel with Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) on a quest around the world in the Dawn Treader (seen above). Three years have passed since the events of Prince Caspian, peace has been established in Narnia, and Caspian has undertaken his oath to Aslan to find the seven lost Lords of Narnia. Lucy and Edmund are delighted to be back in Narnia. The talking mouse Reepicheep (seen in Prince Caspian) is also on board, as he hopes to find Aslan's country beyond the seas of the "utter East".

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is being directed by British filmmaker Michael Apted (Thunderheart, The World Is Not Enough, Amazing Grace) and is currently scheduled for release on December 10th, 2010.

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I had thought this franchise was dead after the last film, but as a lover of the books I will certainly give this film a chance. I just hope they can do it justice.

Copernicus on Aug 17, 2009


The first movie was okay at best, and the second film I'm not even going to comment on haha. Why are they making a third one >.< I wish they would make the rest of the His Dark Materials books. I really enjoyed The Golden Compass.

Faust on Aug 17, 2009


Why is everyone hating on Narnia? In my opinion, as a fan of the books, both movies were excellent. Prince Caspian, in my gods honest opinion, was the most underrated blockbuster of last year. Am I seriously the only one who thought that?

????? on Aug 17, 2009


So this film will only feature 2 of the 4 kids? What about Susan and Peter?

Kyle on Aug 17, 2009


No. 3 - I agree with you. Prince Caspian was a great movie. Sure it didn't have the whole "fantasy" element as much as the first one, but it didn't really call for it (as much). The whole movie was about PRINCE CASPIAN, a human prince who wants his kingdom back of HUMANS and not mythical creatures. Regardless, the movie was excellent and I just don't understand why people can't see that if a title has a name in it, the character might be an incredibly important part of the movie. But that's just me.

Efrain on Aug 17, 2009


Boxofficemojo writes that Prince Caspian made 419 million dollars worldwide. How is that a failure?

Phil on Aug 17, 2009


i'd rather see "the subtle knife" get made than another "narnia" movie.

dan on Aug 17, 2009


@ #2 i've never read any of the his dark materials books, but i enjoyed watching the golden compass, so i would like to see the sequel to that also!

A.B on Aug 17, 2009


Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the best book in the series, so I'm looking forward to it. The holiday season always feels like a better time to release fantastical movies. Moving Narnia to summer was a big marketing mistake, IMO.

Susan on Aug 17, 2009


golden compass was a bomb why would they make a sequel lol yeah i never understood the prince caspian hate i love the movie

nelson on Aug 17, 2009


Dawn Treader is one of my most anticipated movies of 2010, along with Iron Man 2 and the next Toy Story. Looks like 2010 is going to be a pretty good year.

bud on Aug 17, 2009


My 2010 "MUST SEE" lineup: January: Edge of Darkness (Does Mel Gibson still have the acting chops or star mojo?) February: Percy Jackson (Will it be as good as Harry Potter? It looks cool so far.) March: Alice in Wonderland (!!!) April: zzzzzzz May: Iron Man 2 (!!!) June: Toy Story 3 (yippee) July: Salt (The female Jason Bourne. Or even better.) The Last Airbender (Maybe. Maybe Not. Need to see a good trailer first.) August / September / October: zzzzzz November: Oobermind Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows p1 (Wow the end is almost here. Can't belive it.) December: Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (!!! Loving it!)

Lester on Aug 17, 2009


lester share your lame line up on twitter, not here

rj on Aug 17, 2009


#12, liked your list–I thought Ben Barnes was great as Caspian. Looking forward for more Narnia.

cyn on Aug 17, 2009


@4 i believe the story was the older two were too old to come back to narnia or somethin like that i enjoyed the 2 movies but they seemed somewhat cut and paste, have a battle and lose, have another battle and start losing wait for aslan to come and turn the tide. caspian was the better of the two for sure, the kids accents werent half as annoying as in the first movie and their acting got better

harrison on Aug 17, 2009


@9 - You're dead on about the Holiday season explanation...putting Caspian in a line up with Iron Man, Hulk, Batman only doubled the recipe for a box office slump. I remember thinking what a dumb move...wasn't it originally scheduled to be released at the holidays anyway? Go back and put Caspian out at Christmas like Wardrobe and you would have seen a different story in the numbers. Surprisingly, Hollywood is sticking relatively close to the source material on these (especially Wardrobe) and putting out stuff my nieces and nephews can watch that isn't trash...I'm all for both. I think Disney will regret dumping this series. For all the Narnia haters, if you don't like the movies don't watch them...but it's pretty much what Lewis wrote, and are considered classics.

gohikeone on Aug 17, 2009


#12 How old are you? 12? Haha nah justkidding. I like your list.. But your missing Clash of the titans! In march I think? It should be good. & I think this movie may be good also.

David on Aug 17, 2009


@ #2 Faust... The Golden Compass was by Philip Pullman NOT C.S. Lewis. Pullman is an Atheist and Lewis was a Christian. Their books show these themes throughout. Have you not read their books or are you just trolling?

proudfoot on Aug 17, 2009


@18, You're absolutely right, which is clearly why The Narnia movies are looked down upon because anything related to chirstianity can't be genuinely good in Hollywood's eyes. I thought the Chronicles of Narnia: LWatW was great, but I was let down with Caspian as it seemed the film studio took some liberties with the story. I think the studio switch could breath new life into the series.

mxr5150 on Aug 17, 2009


#3. im right there with you. i thought the first narnia was decent, but prince caspian i felt was definitely the most underrated movie of last year. it was so much more mature than wardrobe and i felt the action/pacing/most of the movie in general was great. cant believe so many ppl disliked it. maybe cause its the popular thing to do?

mcgruff on Aug 18, 2009


4. Once you hit puberity you can never return to Narnia the book says that they are to old. The Magic stops happening once you reach adulthood. That is why the professor can't find his way back. That being said the rule is broken in the horse and his boy when Susan does return and again in The last battle when Peter returns.

Dar-El on Aug 18, 2009


To No. 6: THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE = Worldwide: $745,011,272 THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN = Worldwide: $419,651,413 Source: Hence, the disappointment. To be fair though, Disney did release a statement saying a "Release Schedule Error" was to blame for the poor performance of Caspian. This makes complete sense. Caspian opened the week or so after "Iron Man". One week after Caspian opened there was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". That's Prince Caspian vs two of the top three films of 2008. The other one was "The Dark Knight". Basically the 2008 Summer was crowded and it was a boom-or-bust release strategy by Disney. After this, people were still pretty sure that Dawn Treader would be made and placed back into Christmas, which is where Disney normally rules. Except for some inexplicable reason, Disney dropped the Narnia series, which is why it's now with Fox. Fox, for one, is targeting December 2010.

SS on Aug 18, 2009


Love the Narnia movies; but I guess it's not cool enough for the My Bloody Valentine 3-D fans.

Hatori Hanzo on Aug 18, 2009


Wardrobe and Caspian were 2 great movies. Treader will outperform Caspian in box-office terms( I hope so ). Many of you are right( # 3, 16, 20... ) about Disney's mistake and Caspian's underrating. The Golden Compass movie was awful and painful to watch. It's my personal opinion, but that movie sucked.

me on Aug 18, 2009


I met the guys from Disney who brought the Narnia franchise there once at a conference. Man, that sucks for them that Disney dropped 'em, but I'm glad to see they are continuing the series...even if it is with Fox.

Korm on Aug 18, 2009


For those that might be interested, received a new set of photos that now has the tail attached.

fantasia_kitty on Aug 18, 2009


Oh man, I am going to see this movie 5 times. VDT was my favorite book when I was a kid. I hope the adaptation is good!

Thorien on Aug 18, 2009


@22 How did I forget Crystal Skull in my list?!? Oh, that's right, I've tried to forget that movie happened.

gohikeone on Aug 18, 2009


Indiana Jones & Crystal Skull was absolutely horrible... just like GI Joe. I didn't really enjoy Prince Caspian either. I dunno, maybe the hate for it all started when that bear halfway in the movie pledges his loyalty and it sounds like a drunken frat boy. I did enjoy the 1st one very much but I'd have to watch the 2nd one again to create a list of items that I absolutely thought was horrible. I hope the 3rd is much better.

tenazrael on Aug 19, 2009


Okay, you know Crystal Skull was a fun film... but it lost out a lot after Frank Darabont's very good original script got re-written by George Lucas. Still.. what fun did remain in it was still fun. I didn't have problems with the aliens per se.. I mean.. UFO's are right in line with the "Weird Tales" origins of Indiana Jones... The problems more had to do with superfluous characters (Mutt doesn't exist in Darabont's copy and all the data he provided was discovered by Jones himself in the original story making the original more of a "hardcore" Indy Jones adventure). For the record it must be stated Steven Spielberg was opposed to the idea of Indiana Jones having sired a son (or daughter which was the alternate idea). One main theme of Crystal Skull was the idea of honest men getting second chances (hence the return of Marion Ravenwood and their wedding I believe is also part of Darabont's concept). It was viewed that Jones had allowed his true love to slip away after the first film (the others later didn't have the same gravity). So Crystal Skull was viewed as an adventure that could let that happen. There was also this main idea of how the intent behind one's purpose can lead to success, failure, reward, or punishment. In the original there were more villains (including Ex-Nazis) and they ALL get to make a wish in the end in a scene that pays homage to the twisted-wish-grantings of the "Wishmaster" movies. Only the one who DIDN'T make a wish... Jones himself... ended up being rewarded. George's rewrites really tore up a lot of this.. but what remained (mostly set pieces and some setting sequences set up by Darabont's Spielberg approved version) was still enough to behead Caspian at the box office. There.. I got it back on topic!

SS on Aug 20, 2009


re: comment #21 The events in HHB happened during the Pevensie children's reign as Kings and Queen of Narnia, and Susan (as well as Edmund) appeared in this book way before they found their way back to our world (which were narrated in LWWW). And yes, Peter appeared in LB, but in a "new" Narnia. So we couldn't say that the rule was broken and that they made it back to Narnia. Rather, Susan and Peter reappeared in the later books in different circumstances. And it's a well-known fact that the books were not in chronological order when they were originally published.

dog soldier on Aug 23, 2009


@ 2 and 7. I also loved His dark materials, though I am a catholic. I will also be glad if they can make a sequel to it. The subtle knife is just so good and the amber spyglass. I would love to see Will. πŸ™‚ I also loved Narnia though, cause of Skandar <3

Jaja on Aug 27, 2009


and i think that Skandar will make a great William Parry πŸ™‚

Jaja on Aug 27, 2009


I thought the Narnia movies were brilliant. The animation was so life like and the movie was just like the book. I hate it when books are ruined by the movies, like Eragon for instance (what a bomb). But in my opinion, Narnia was done justice in those two movies. And they went for over two hours! (i like long movies coz you can fit more of the story in). I liked the first movie better. It showed more of Narnia and the strange creatures and all the original characters were in it. OMG i love Aslan! He's so awesome and lions are my favourite animals. I thought the golden compass wasn't so great. I did like the polar bear and the main girl's pet though. But yeah, i'm not as interested in there being a sequel to that. In fact, i think the media response to the golden compass was bad too so i doubt there will be a sequel. Anyway, that's all folks.

Tally on Oct 7, 2009


First one- Amazing and magical second one- What the hell is that (wasn't one bit of truth from the book)-Completely trashed third one- Fox better do something right with this one

max s. on Oct 15, 2009


I do not know who started the idea that the Golden Compass was written by C.S. Lewis. It was actually written by British author Phillip Pullman who is an avowed athiest and is looking to destroy religion not promote faith as C.S Lewis did. I think Mr. Lewis would roll over in his grave if he new how confused people are on this issue.

Ken on Oct 28, 2009


I am so waiting for Dec,2010! Whatever they say, Narnia would STILL be the most adventuruos story (and movie) that i'd ever known...

Marsh on Dec 4, 2009


i love narnia so much that at night all i dream and think about is narnia i am so going to see the voyage and the dawn treader at favorite charachter is georgie henley.i don't want you guys to ever stop making narnia videos if you do i will cry and cry and never stop just kidding.but i still want you to never stop.

kelli on Jan 14, 2010


So glad they're making a 3rd one. Just started reading the books. Seriously, like today, and love them. About to start on chapter 2 of 'The Magicians Naphew'. Watched part of the 1st two movies but one day will watch all of them, God willing.

Brandon on Jan 30, 2010


I wanna see "The Magician's Nephew"!!! I hope Fox makes money on Dawn Treader!!!

Lenny Tone on Mar 24, 2010


Then I wanna see "Peralandra"!!!

Lenny Tone on Mar 24, 2010


I really wish they would have done "The Horse and His Boy" sooner following the chronological order rather than the novel series order, as a kid I really loved that book and I think it would attract a lot of young audiences to the theaters to see it, as long as they do it justice IMHO... On another note as a C.S. Lewis fan, I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't very pleased with the way Disney produced "Prince Caspian"...

AJ on Apr 26, 2010


Iagree with a lot of peopl on why is there so many haters I love the end one the most cause it had a lot of special effects and I really just love *no more narnia haters*

lola on Jun 5, 2010

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