First Official Poster for Werner Herzog's New Bad Lieutenant

September 4, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Nicolas Cage - Bad Lieutenant

Remember that downright awful trailer for Nic Cage's new "lucky crack pipe" movie? Yep, the one called Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, a remake of the 1992 Bad Lieutenant that starred Harvey Keitel. ComingSoon has debuted the official poster for the film today, which is (believe it or not) showing at the Venice, Telluride, and Toronto Film Festivals this month. I know, it's Werner Herzog, I get it, but still?! I'm going to see it and will have a review this weekend, so stay on the look out for that. It could be good and that trailer was just bad, or it could be bad and that trailer was just a warning. I'll find out soon enough!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is directed by prolific German filmmaker Werner Herzog, of plenty of films, including Nosferatu the Vampyre, Lessons of Darkness, My Best Fiend, Grizzly Man, Rescue Dawn, and Encounters at the End of the World most recently. The script was written by William Finkelstein, of "Brooklyn South", "NYPD Blue", and L.A. Law: The Movie previously, and is a remake of Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant from 1992. This is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production and is being distributed by First Look Pictures in the US. They haven't set a date, but you can expect to see it soon.

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The trailer was only a production trailer, I don't think it was at all intended to be viewed outside of production offices, hence the shoddy editing. At the time the film was still in post too, so It's likely the shots hadn't been mastered and fully color-corrected. However, despite that, I think this could be very good. Nicolas Cage has been on an awful run of movies lately, but I really like the look of his performance in this. It's way out there, and is darkly similar to his role in Leaving Las Vegas (his finest performance IMO). Not sure about the supporting cast, Kilmer is hit-and-miss now-a-days and Xzibit can't be all that good, but even still, Cage's performance is the one I'm most interested in. I'm looking forward to finding out what it's like when it's all finished, so I look forward to your review.

Gonzoyote on Sep 4, 2009


Forgot to add this isn't quite a remake. It's post-Katrina New Orleans and Cage's character's story isn't all that similar to Keitel's at all.

Gonzoyote on Sep 4, 2009


Nic Cage still getting work, uh? Is he still an A-list celeb?

bltzie on Sep 4, 2009


Tag line is horrible

Dan W on Sep 4, 2009



That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Sep 4, 2009


Photoshop is the worst thing to happen to movie posters ever. Fuck photoshop and the lazy douchemuffins who consider themselves "artists". They're no more an artist than the snot nosed peon making me sandwiches at Subway. Fuckin photoshop. Eat shit and fuck off! But I digress...

DLM Entertainment on Sep 4, 2009


Ah!! I see, I also thought this was a REMAKE of the Keitel character storyline, now it makes sense..Oh man, I can get into this knowing its not confined to some pre existing material. Cage can pull off some great work and Herzog is one authentic mother fucker with a pretty unique view on things..this is gonna get dirty and uncomfortable (so did the keitel version for that matter) cant wait.

Lando on Sep 4, 2009


LOL!! DLM, I know what you are saying, but remeber, Photoshop is like anything else in art, its up to the user to use it as a tool (like any other in the arsenal) or to have photoshop be the artist and the person is just a tool!! lol.. Photoshop is an amazing tool and Ive been using it since 93, but I know what you mean, nowadays people master their computer skills but lack a foundation..I think its gonna be one of the things we'll lose with tech, more generality, less mastery.. so now I digress If you like those illustrated posters, heres a link someone hooked up here recently (though I dont think he's "The Master", he does good work) then there's all the old classic cinema posters, those were mostly illustrated as well and with some great cutting edge design for their time too!..

Lando on Sep 4, 2009


Isn't this the second time Eva Mendes starred in a movie with Nicolas Cage... She is def. more attractive as of recently with all the work she put in her body to get in better shape and her acting is good in the movies I have watched with her in them, but why is Nicolas Cage in soooooo many movies these days? Or maybe I'm just getting him mixed up with John Cusack... who can either be a hit or miss.

Nate on Sep 4, 2009


Looks like a renter. Still, could be good.

Vold on Sep 4, 2009


I learned the hard way that these two make horrible movies, especially when combined.

WhatISmynameanyway? on Sep 4, 2009


I was recently watching Lord of War, Face off, The Rock....really he NEEDS to fire his Agent. He's not a bad actor. But he needs to choose his movies better. next, knowing, GR...all Garbage and really made him lose his 'cool' with moviegoers. I think when people see a trailer now with Nick they roll their eyes...too bad.

sd on Sep 4, 2009


Eva Mendes & Nicolas Cage... they sucked op the sceen in Ghost Rider so why not suck up Bad Lieutenant right! fuckin GO DIE NIC CAGE YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!!!

DoomCanoe on Sep 4, 2009


I watched the movie one hour ago here in Venice. Jeez, guy. I think the worst one from the creativeness of Mr. Herzog. A junk policeman (Nicholas Cage) modeled with a rarefied, unshaped psychology, with showered violence rented from some cheap "B" movies and an overall, final message ctholethical and old-fashioned, anti-Yankees flavored. Despite the tons of prescript-ed medicines citations (Vicodin, Oxycontin, Dilaudid....) and assumptions plus the not legal meds (heroin, Cocaine, hydrochloride and basified) taken orally, by nose, smoked, the Bad Lieutenant, talking and behaving like any street junk, become socially stronger and successful, yearly rewarded with advancement.... An annoying junkies drama with no thrill and no message. Neither a minimum effort to embrace this "second choice plot" with a clear, social commitment as a real attach to prohibition and its social putrefactive actions or the need to put on top of emergence priorities the drugs law reform and definitively send the DEAs and the Reagans/Dubya philosophy to the horrors cellar.... With a bitter mouth, very nervous and full of delusion, I left the Theater to get an hot dog and wash out the feelings, hoping in Michael Moore's cure of tomorrow.... Stefania Castelli

Stefania Castelli on Sep 4, 2009


Ug...not these two.....

Sabes on Sep 4, 2009


What is this.......................................................GHOST RIDER 2??? For the record i dont like the poster

DAVID on Sep 5, 2009

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