First Official Trailer for Last Ride Starring Hugo Weaving

May 23, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Last Ride Trailer

From Australia comes the first trailer for Glendyn Ivin's Last Ride, an indie drama starring Hugo Weaving and Tom Russell. In the film, Weaving plays a father who takes his son on the run after committing a crime and ends up trekking through the desert. This is one of the first times I've even heard of this movie, but it looks great and I can't wait to check it out, if it evers makes its way to America. I'm a huge fan of Hugo Weaving, to the point where I expect to love almost anything he's in, and this is the first small indie feature he's been in in a while. Thanks to our friends at Quiet Earth for digging up this trailer. Watch and enjoy!

Watch the trailer for Glendyn Ivin's Last Ride, direct from YouTube:

For more info on Last Ride, visit the film's official website:

Last Ride is directed by first-time filmmaker Glendyn Ivin of only a few shorts previously. The screenplay was written by Australian Mac Gudgeon of The Delinquents, Wind, and some TV movies. The film hits theaters in Australia on July 2nd this very summer, but it doesn't have a US distributor yet. We're expecting Last Ride to show at some upcoming film festivals fairly soon, so stay tuned for updates then. Some early reviews of the film can be found on Variety and ScreenDaily, with both saying very positive things about it.

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Ripoff of The Road if i've ever seen one

Boris Van Der Ree on May 23, 2009


Yeah, Boris, total ripoff of The Road...I must have missed the part of the trailer where this movie took post-apocalyptic world and the main characters are being hunted down by scary rednecks.

Jonathan on May 23, 2009


sad to say this but this looks a little more interesting than the trailer for the road thats been floating around the net but this is australian so who knows for sure right

real talk on May 23, 2009


Wow much like The Road right...even though its Australian, there has been no end of the world, and they are not evading cannibals, so yeah this its just like the The Road...

xerxex on May 23, 2009


there will be blood

fucku on May 23, 2009


Agree with you Xerxex, these people haven't read "The Road" and know nothing about it so they're just assuming it's the same story because of a few parallel plot points in the trailer. Genius.

Alex's Biggest Fan on May 23, 2009


Might b good. Weavings a great actor and an excellent voice actor so i think I'll watch this when it hits............but how to pitch it to the girlfriend is the question.

TheSaint on May 23, 2009


I call weaving's character being dead by the time the credits roll

Jason K on May 23, 2009


whats the music at the end?

peter on May 23, 2009

11 the road !! bit less science fictional

PinkSushi on May 23, 2009


Why? Why do people insits on positng comments comparing movies to other movies? I say if this movie comes out before The Road then The Road is the copy. And vice I gonna go ahead I don't know...maybe...uh...F, I used all my day writing this wanna be comment! Damn!

xerxex on May 23, 2009


it has some similarities to the basic story of a road - a mother who's not a present, a father watching over a child (in this case his daughter, instead of his son) but it looks really good, so who cares. That main concept is doubtless the template for numerous films, and what matters is what they do with it. In this case, it looks like they've given it excellent acting and a good story, so it looks interesting.

Timothy on May 23, 2009


this is a story about a murderous father who kidnaps his son and runs to Australia you boobs. The Road is a movie about a father and his son trying to survive the cannibals of/and the apocalypse. and Land is about 9 escaped prisoners who become cannibals because they cant survive with out food out in the waste lands of Australia. non of these movies are alike... at all.... learn your shit

DoomCanoe on May 23, 2009


I think it looks great. Hugo Weaving, in a role that you usually don't see him in. And Jesus Christ, just cause a movie centers around the main character(s) being on the run, doesn't make it just like another movie with the main character(s) on the run. DoomCanoe, I'm with you, man.

nate on May 23, 2009


ugh australians pass

real talk on May 23, 2009


Okay what I said was perhaps a bit drastic, but i mean in thematic elements. It just seemed no surprise to see a movie very similar being released around the same time. I just finished reading "The Road" (and yes only because I heard the movie was coming out), and there are many similarities. No film is exaclty alike, no duh, but two films can be very similar in theme and device. The dialogue "Whats going to happen to us" - "Hey, we'll be fine" - "But what if we're not?" seemed to me to be taken exactly out of the book itself. Hah! Yes I thought they were similar because one had a post-apocalyptic setting and the other didn't, and one was in Australia and the other in America. Those are superficial qualities. Im sensing the same dynamic and characters in this film, with what seems to be a possible alternate ending to The Road. (The boy running away with Dads gun and coming back to shoot him). Either way, I dont have much time or money to go see every indie film that this website covers, so it matters not to me. Just wanted to defend my opinion.

Boris Van Der Ree on May 23, 2009


Guess Im not deep enough to see how good this boring piece of crap is

cody on May 23, 2009


I'm with #8

Chuck Norris on May 23, 2009


Looks new to me, I'm aboard

Nick Sears on May 23, 2009


lol 20 monkeys lol

mercury on May 24, 2009


Comparing this to The Road is a little bit off because the road is a post apocalyptic this is not it might have the same feeling or atmosphere.

Fisherr on May 24, 2009


ripoff of the road? hah. how bout i call the road a ripoff of road warrior

harrison on May 24, 2009


In answer to peters question the music at the end is "Home" by The Burning Leaves.

Philip on May 24, 2009


You don't get it. Both leads are actors who starred in Lord of the Rings and whose first names end in -go, so Last Ride MUST be a ripoff of The Road. Bah. Last Ride looks amazing. More than The Road, actually, judging by the trailers only. I'll probably end up watching both anyway (if they ever make it to our screens.)

aelfwine on May 24, 2009


I've read THE ROAD and seen LAST RIDE. They are nothing alike. END. OF. STORY. Btw: Last Ride is a great film.

DukePhoenix on May 24, 2009


The novel which serves as the basis for Last Ride (by Denise Young) was published well before Cormac McCarthy's The Road. And, as many sentient obervers have noted, the plots and settings really aren't similar at all. Nor is Last Ride a clone of The Road to Perdition, which was my worry after hearing a bare-bones plot outline. And if you're going compare this to every film or story featuring a road trip and conflicted parent-child relationship, we'll be here for weeks... the theme is a primal one, and can be treated in a variety of ways without the results all being alike or redundant. Weaving's character didn't die in the novel, though I can't say what happens in the film. He has actually been very busy lately, but many of the films he's made haven't been released yet.

Else Harbeau on May 25, 2009


Guys seriously, if you had to compare this to anything it's obviously a rip-off of 'Jaws'. I am a little irritated with this trailer, it doesn't really explain a damn thing as to the overall plot. It's just like "Hey check this out, they can act!"

Syphous on May 25, 2009


Obviously, it's a rip-off of Shrek 2... obviously.

LW on May 25, 2009


reminds me of star wars

lando on May 28, 2009


This is nothing like The Road! Where is the devestation and the gloom? Where are the Rednecks? Do Aussie's even have Rednecks?This is about a guy on the run, not the end of the world and if anything has ripped anything off then The Road is a rip off of a 1986 Aussie book called First And Final War, which is about a family who survived a nuclear attack on Perth and their eventually unsuccessful fight to survive. Great book actually, really sad ending. I doubt it could be gotten now and I had not thought of it for years and would probably make a pretty good film in it's own right. I didn't realise the director of The Road, most of the crew and the little boy were Aussies.

Gus on May 30, 2009

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