First Photo from Michael Moore's Wall Street Documentary

June 12, 2009
Source: USA Today

Michael Moore

Get ready for more controversy - Michael Moore is back. And he may be pulling a Cloverfield! Not only is there a new photo from his new documentary courtesy of USA Today, but we've confirmed that the trailer will be in theaters tomorrow. Here's the most interesting bit - the movie remains untitled. Apparently the trailer even lacks a title as well (it says something like "Michael Moore's New Movie Coming Soon"), similar to the first Cloverfield teaser trailer. Except his monster isn't destroying Wall Street - it literally is Wall Street. "The movie is not going to be an economics lesson; it's going to be more like a vampire movie."

Michael Moore's Wall Street Documentary

In the photo above, Moore gets stopped by police outside Goldman Sachs headquarters in Manhattan. "Instead of the main characters feasting on the blood of their victims, they feast on the money. And they never seem to get enough of it," he tells USA Today. I already can't wait to see the trailer. He adds: "If you go to see my movies, even if you don't agree with everything in the movies, you're going to have a good laugh," Moore admits. "I want them to walk out at the end saying 'Wow, that was something!' And in this case, maybe they also walk out asking the ushers, 'Um, excuse me. Where are the pitchforks and torches?'"

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Moore to me is like eating glass, he has good intentions but I find him annoying to look at, like every time I see him I wanna punch a kitten in the face...i don't know why, it basically the same as Step Brothers, where Rob Riggle;'s character hates Brennan's face. I really for some reason follow any of his documentaries, for some odd reason I find him high off his own fame, thinking at every moment there needs to be a look inside the government, on gun control, and the health care system. but everybody is burnt out on the impending doom of the global economy that we really don't need Moore to tell us more on the subject. But perhaps i'll give it a chance...I gave Bowling for Columbine a chance and liked it...never saw Sicko, so don't really know anything about that. I guess since I saw the oscars and he attempted to give an education on GW and hid Admin which wasn't what people wanted to hear, wait...that's not it it just his face! Might watch it...might not.

xerxex on Jun 12, 2009


I agree with you completely xerxex! michael moore is a fat piece of shit he tries to convince us that its not an economics movie and its a vampire flick First off.... That twilight bullshit killed vampires for me and STRAIGHT men all around the world Secondly i could have sworn i heard he died of overeating or something 😛 nonetheless i shant be seeing this or ANY of his crappy political films IF he wanted to get americas interest in him he would make a movie along the lines of: Fahrenheit 2001: a 9/11 story

zach on Jun 12, 2009


Moore is a jolly fat man with a terrific sense of the absurd. If you read his stuff, it's even funnier than the antics he pulls in his films and the absurdities he highlights in others. Is he obtrusive? He sure is. Good on him. The fascist monsters of greed and bigotry need it smashed up into their rat faces. And this jolly fat man has the cojones to do it.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


"Instead of the main characters feasting on the blood of their victims, they feast on the money. And they never seem to get enough of it," he tells USA Today. I love this quote of him, what a humanitarian he is! Yea...why is he doing his Documentaries... I guess all the money he makes with it, goes to people in need right >???

GM on Jun 12, 2009


.....and here come the Bush-loving conservatives, out to bash Moore because....why? Because no conservaties make interesting documentaries? He makes entertaining films in a documentary style. His show, The Awful Truth, was one of my favorites. I'll definitely see this. I should also check out Sicko, too, which is his only film I haven't seen yet.

jason on Jun 12, 2009


Again, why is there a picture of a big fat lesbian instead of Moore?

Mike on Jun 12, 2009


It has nothing to do with conservatives or any of that shit. Micheal Moore is a douche plain and simple no matter where you lie. And anyone that lives based on false information is the same. I'm all for liberals, democrats, republicans, etc but have some backing and don't splice shit together to make it seem like everything you're saying is true. If he admitted to his shit and said this was pure comedy, fine, but to make it look like it should be on Nat Geo as a factual documentary, the fact he calls it that even, is just horse shit. I was lucky enough to throw an ice cream bar at him once at UCF. I was going to do it to Leo, but I liked him too much in The Departed and had new respect for him as an actor. lol 😀 Same with Dave Grohl. Such an idiot, but Foo Fighters are my fav. It's sad, I know.

w00t!!! on Jun 12, 2009


I'd love to see him make a documentary about America's obesity problem

Redstrine on Jun 12, 2009


As a conservative - I am ultra proud this guy is on the other team. What a lovely image and spokesman for the left.

bozoconnors on Jun 12, 2009


oh and #5, I consider myself a proud liberal.....but I hate Moore because I love honesty and he represents the complete opposite of that. Which i guess was the point #7 was trying to make.

Redstrine on Jun 12, 2009


Again, I repeat: "The fascist monsters of greed and bigotry need it smashed up into their rat faces. And this jolly fat man has the cojones to do it." #4 --- Maybe the money he makes goes to making more dox. Maybe it goes into his coffers. Coffers are a good place to stick one's money though, and I wouldn't fault folk who stick the money they earn away into the safekeeping of --- uh, banks . . . well, maybe under a mattress. #5 --- I missed "F9/11" when in hit the theaters here on the other other side of the Pacific from the States where I live (not in the States, where I am from, but on the other side of the Pacific, where I live) because I was too pissed off with the BFEE and worried I might start ranting in the middle of the movie and the cops would get called in to deal with a crazy foreigner, but since then I have seen bits and parts of it, enough to piece it together and get the general gist. I prefer "Roger and Me", methinx, as far as film entertainment and enlightening experiences go, but then that's just me. Methinx. #6 --- In his heart, Mike is a big fat lesbian, but he is content with being a big fat film-maker. He just called me up and told me that. #7 --- You were lucky enough to throw ice cream at him? Wow, what a sweet gesture. #8 --- I'd love to see you make a documentary about America. #9 --- As a cynical optimist - I am ultra proud you are a conservative. What a lovely image of a lone bicycle spoke, whirling around with a poker card going flap, flap, flap . . . flap. and #10 --- Again, I again repeat: "The fascist monsters of greed and bigotry need it smashed up into their rat faces. And this jolly fat man has the cojones to do it." When the devil makes an appearance, stomp his head back down into hell, and don't do it in a nice way.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


I'd like to see him make a documentary about people who churn out extremely biased films that oversimplify serious matters while making underhanded plays at emotion, instead of rationality or logic, all under the guise of exposing truth. ...or a level, balanced documentary that espouses the cause of actual truth at the expense of not being an exercise in polemics, based on his personal belief system, facts-be-damned. ...or simply define the words 'objectivity' and 'exploitation' while looking directly into a camera. He's in the business of making films. To make money. I suppose I can't really fault him for that, but neither do I think he should be taken seriously.

Stiles on Jun 12, 2009


As I read more comments, my reasons for not continuing with my anti-moore blog is more reaffirmed. More and more people realize he is complete BS. He doesn't have good intentions, his SOLE intention is to make money. He skipped over plans for a F9/11 sequel, a homosexuality in america movie, and other ideas to cash in on the economic problems. This is what's going to make him more money, not what's going to do the most good. When I saw Roger & Me I was fascinated, when I saw Bowling for Columbine I was entralled, when I saw F 9/11 I became a follower. But it all changed when I picked up the book Michael Moore Hates America. I was curious to see what the other side had to say. What I read in that book and via other sources flipped me to the other side instantly. My sense of disgusted betrayl is what inspired my passion against Moore and his "documentaries". He is anti-truth.

Chris H. on Jun 12, 2009


# 12 --- He's not a bad guy, he's a good guy. If he makes money for his efforts, power to him. Isn't that the great American dream? "I'd like to see him make a documentary about people who churn out extremely biased films that oversimplify serious matters while making underhanded plays at emotion . . ." Well, that's what he does, isn't it? Once again I repeat: "The fascist monsters of greed and bigotry need it smashed up into their rat faces. And this jolly fat man has the cojones to do it." And that's what his films do. Very brazenly so at that. Can you handle the truthiness? Fire with fire. Turn the other ass cheek and fart in their faces. #13 --- Okay, I admit it. I'm a hypocrite. Most of his films I haven't even seen. I get his newsletter. I prefer reading to viewing, when in comes to information. "The fascist monsters of greed and bigotry need it smashed up into their rat faces. And this jolly fat man has the cojones to do it."

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


Say what you will about Michael Moore, he knows how to edit great documentaries from a filmmaking perspective. Unfortunately he is the Left Wings version of Fox News. Still there is some truth in his docu's. The BS outweighs the truth though. I'd take him more seriously if he made a docu about another country for once.

Brandon on Jun 12, 2009


I think he is important for the sole reason of getting the audience/american public to respond/address the matter. Despite how poor our economy is, we still need to face some of these issues(even if they are heavily one-sided).

Nick Sears on Jun 12, 2009


#15 --- What's wrong with the left-wing version of Faux Snooze? You haven't seen his outstanding performance as a war correspondent in "The Fever", the Vanessa Redgrave film with a very hot Angelina Jolie as an Eastern European freedom fighter? Talk about BS outweighing truth. Vanessa Redgrave's character curled up on her cheap hotel room floor . . . .

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


Plus, I do like to hear that he's not making this 'another lesson' but more angled towards wild entertainment of an unbelievable truth.

Nick Sears on Jun 12, 2009


#16 & #17 --- Nick, kudos your way, dude.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


this guy needs to go kill him self and get the hell out of Hollywood and #5... are you fucking joking? not one person... for the past 4 years can be described as Bush-loving. you sir are a dip shit. and need to join Mr. Moore on the killing of your self.

DoomCanoe on Jun 12, 2009


I love how some of you are saying, "Oh I'm a proud conservative..." Yeah you say that on a a website comment thread, anonymously, but if someone asked you that in public TODAY you'd probably say, "Uhhh...I'm independent." Cuz your party is in shambles and has no identity, goals, direction or apparent progression (no pun intended). Regardless of what you think of Moore and what you're politics are, WALL STREET was the reason for the financial system' break down, and I think it's completely relevant and justified that he would do a documentary about this. Suck on it! OBAMA RULES!

Rabs on Jun 12, 2009


#20 --- Uh, that would be spelled "himdip" and "selfshit". Alternative spellings would be "selfdip", "himshit", "shithim" and possibly, but we're stretching here, "himself". Okay, I'm kidding about the last part.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


#21 --- Kudos to you too, sir. I too believe that Obama, the community organizer, is doing a fairly decent job, and as long as he is not too much of an Illuminati Lizard, he gets my support. After all, you've gotta expect a little bit of Illuminati Lizardness in the politicians at the top.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


sweet my comment started this!

xerxex on Jun 12, 2009


#24 --- And eating glass is also one of my favorite activities. In that sense I feel compelled to pass on kudos your way as well so that I can thread my contours into this, whatever that might mean. Huh? Well, it's a good start. What? Well, anyway. Now let's get this party started.

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


Uh-oh. The alcohol is beginning to take command. It is almost 3 in the morning. And I guess that means it's now Saturday. And my wife is still talking . . . .

Iago on Jun 12, 2009


I'll bring the glass! And perhaps a kitten in case you're feeling spiffy. do I hate Moore...?

xerxex on Jun 12, 2009


LOL @ Mike you beat me to it.

Richard on Jun 12, 2009


theres that pic of the fat lesbian again. while hes doing a spoof on the greed and corruption of wall street bankers, why doesnt he do a real doc on the greed and corruption that seems to plague liberal politicians @7: did you hit him with your ice cream? and did he then eat the ice cream?

harrison on Jun 12, 2009


Harrison, the reason why the fat lesbian was talking to the cop, was because of her obstruction to the flow of traffic.

Al on Jun 12, 2009


I suppose Michael Moore wouldn't do a little bit more thinking and include the FEDERAL RESERVE in the indictment. Apparently it was just greedy bankers who created the whole financial mess and not Fannie, Freddie, or artificially low interest rates set by the Fed?

Matt on Jun 12, 2009


How to tell you're reading a field manual for the observation of liberals by the conservatives: Key code words which do not illuminate, but instead impugn, i.e. "Fat" "Lesbian" "Only in it for the money" "Read 'Michael Moore Hates America' and had an epiphany" Spoiled rotten little larval conservatives (especially YOU throwing ice cream at someone you disagree with). Those who CAN do, DO. Think you can do better? Pick up a camera and TRY. He's been doing it for close to 30 years. That in itself doesn't make him always right, but he's walking the walk. Try it some time. It might be illuminating. And BTW, it does take a little more work than simply bitching in a "comments" section.

amborider on Jun 14, 2009


#32 -- Exactly.

Iago on Jun 14, 2009


I would like to see Sacha Baron Cohen and Micheal Moore wrestling naken on a bed, fighting over a photo of Pamela Anderson... The sad thing is there are people out there who actually believe his tripe...

Paul Popadopolus on Jul 16, 2009


Michael Moore has always been good at getting under the skin of certain politicians and bankers particularly of those on the right side of the political spectrum.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009

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