First Quirky Trailer for Jonathan Parker's Indie 'Untitled'

August 14, 2009
Source: Moviefone

Untitled Trailer

Wow does Marley Shelton just look gorgeous in this or what?! Moviefone has debuted the trailer for the indie comedy Untitled written and directed by Jonathan Parker. The film stars Adam Goldberg, Marley Shelton, Vinnie Jones, and Eion Bailey. We actually featured a few photos from this back in March, since it already premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival last year. Due to my love for quirky indie films (that should be seen at festivals), I'm naturally interested in this, although I have a feeling not many others will be. It's so weird I kind of hope everyone watches the trailer. And did I say Marley Shelton is damn cute?

Watch the official trailer for Jonathan Parker's Untitled:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Untitled trailer in High Definition on Moviefone

A fashionable contemporary art gallerist in Chelsea, New York falls for a brooding new music composer in this satire on the state of contemporary art. Further complicating the affair is the composer's brother.

Untitled is both written and directed by Jonathan Parker, of Bartleby and The Californians as well as a few short films previously. The screenplay was co-written by Parker and writing partner Catherine DiNapoli. Samuel Goldwyn Films will be bringing Untitled to limited theaters starting on October 23rd this fall.

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Please, stop using word "quirky", especially when it's not suitable for the content. At all.

2+2=4 on Aug 14, 2009


What do you want me to use instead then? I'll change it if you give me a suggestion. Kinky? Sexy? Funky? Bland? Talky? What's a better choice for this then?

Alex Billington on Aug 14, 2009


looks great! it's a definite watch.

dan on Aug 14, 2009


Love the look of this, although I HATE Vinnie Jones. Hopefully he is not in it much.

Kaiser on Aug 14, 2009


i hope they talk about that dude who sold his feces in a jar, or who was cremated then shaped into a squirrel.

kris on Aug 14, 2009


2+2=4 should be 2+3=5 with what your saying!!! Quirky is a perftly acceptable comment to make about this "quirky film"!!! And yes Marley Shelton looks hot!!

marty on Aug 14, 2009


i live and participate in a contemporary arts community, and i dont know how to feel about this. it's almost too easy to point out the absurdities of contemporary art, and laughing at the eccentricities of "artists" has been done relentlessly. what amazes me is how films that intends to satirize the art world always get caught up in lackluster production value and mediocre believability. i suppose it must be easy to dumb down this subculture by rehashing the old shtick of 'brooding artists', but that's a shame because the arts are genuinely ridiculous and self-serving.

real talk on Aug 14, 2009


"What's a better choice for this then?" Well, I'll ignore the sarcasm and answer you anyway. There are tons of adjectives to use, only not quirky or funky, which are so overused that lost their original meaning and now just sound stupid. Use your imagination and dictionary, it's really not a problem. And this specific movie is definitely not quirky, if anything it is satirical and caricaturish. Why do you need adjective in the title anyway?

2+2=4 on Aug 14, 2009


Adam Goldberg is a funny looking guy, I like him. I've actually been to a few 'happenings' like this total nonsense but funny all the same. A lot of this 'art' is seeing how much you can get away with before someone sets you on fire.

Crapola on Aug 14, 2009


What a load of horse shite, bunch of losers.

Kenco on Aug 14, 2009


This looks freaking hilarious! And yes, Alex, Marley Shelton looks incredibly sexy. "I'd like to borrow those for the sound" - "Wall Surrounded by Space" lol so true Vinnie Jones' expression towards the end is priceless.

Nick Sears on Aug 14, 2009


Chick Flick! But yes Marley Shelton looks really sexy!!!

Frankie "The Bat" Niagara on Aug 14, 2009


Alex I agree with you, this is quirky... two plus two equals four, normal americans don't understand those words (sad to say) or it just might take them a while to process what they actually mean. I assume Alex is just using basic words for the every day person. Not every person in America has taken English 403. What about the people that look at this website from other countries? I think Alex is writing for the masses, hence quirky... But don't get me wrong i use Caricaturist in my daily vocab while I drink my brandy, on my bear rug, across from my fire place all the time.

MiKeDeEz on Aug 14, 2009


@7 So what are you trying to say?...

James on Aug 14, 2009


Looks like a good fit for Adam Goldberg's type of humor...this could be a sleeper hit. Thanks for posting this Alex. Just filled my "laugh quota" for the day:)

Marc on Aug 14, 2009


Looks retarded and I'm saying that in the best way possible haha

Nick Sears on Aug 14, 2009


Marley Shelton = Conehead []

fucku on Aug 14, 2009


Along with #15, thanks Alex.

Mark on Aug 14, 2009


glad to see Adam Goldberg isn't playing the neurotic jew this time round.

crumb on Aug 14, 2009


Why is this movie R-Rated?

Candy Castle on Aug 15, 2009


#1 why don't you get your own damn website and that way you can post whatever fucking words you want to

darren on Aug 15, 2009


@#1 and #2 ... Quirky is not the right word. I would call it Ironic, Mocking, Neo-comedic - but not quirky. Quirky is too blase, too wack

jeremy on Aug 15, 2009


Serously, who watches this shit?

Andy on Aug 22, 2009


seriously, im more amused by the trail of comments here. you all crack me up.

toto on Aug 22, 2009


Let's see if I have this straight: An art movie about the creativity and relationships between uncreative artists. That create and show their uncreative non existent art? Given this film does look quirky, extremely weird and is indeed a satire. Definite PASS! If I want to the state of art in satire, I'll check out an art exhibit. "Wall Surrounding Space (2007)" did crack me up though.

Brandon on Aug 22, 2009

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