First Real Footage from Disney's Prince of Persia Movie!

May 10, 2009
Source: YouTube

Prince of Persia Footage

Even though we won't be seeing Disney's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time this summer (as originally planned), we'll most likely at least have a good trailer to hold us over until next year. But our very first look at footage from this video game adaptation comes from an ABC special interview with Jerry Bruckheimer, as uploaded to YouTube (via SlashFilm) this weekend. We've heard plenty about this (and seen some photos), but this is our first look at any real footage and even I'm impressed. The scale of it looks pretty incredible and so far it looks great - the action, the style, everything. Can't wait to see the trailer!

In the film, Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal), a young prince in sixth century Persia, must join forces with Tamina (Gemma Arterton), a feisty and exotic princess, to prevent a villainous nobleman from possessing the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is being produced by powerhouse producer Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Donnie Brasco, Mona Lisa Smile and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire helmer Mike Newell, and written by one of the game's original creators, Jordan Mechner, amongst a handful of other prominent screenwriters. Disney has pushed the release date back all the way to May 28th, 2010 next summer.

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Reader Feedback - 32 Comments


Wow, that actually looks pretty cool. I'm a huge fan of the games and I thought this would be just like any movie based on a game or vise versa - horrible, but it might just prove to be a decent movie 😛

Vic on May 11, 2009


WOW! That looks pretty damn solid! Definately peaked my interest It has the potential to be the first ever successful videogame adaption.

teyhtr on May 11, 2009


looks pretty good!

finch on May 11, 2009


They really don't show that much at all. The scenes they have shown make the film look like a rip off to movies like Gladiator. I want to see what they have done with the fantasy side of it. Other than that the casting seems perfect and the cinematography looks good. Here's hoping for a great film.

Last Son on May 11, 2009


I am huge fan of the games, but the movie still hasn't convinced me yet. And the more they seem to prolong it the more I seem to lose interest. I just hope it is somewhere as epic and fun to watch as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ron on May 11, 2009


thanks Alex for uploading the footage the movie looks good hope to see the full movie trailer very soon

joe on May 11, 2009


If anyone manages to interview Jake, please please ask him how on earth he got so ripped so fast? I've been working out for 4 years and still don't look that big? Is it a case of steroids under the table? Would love to know how they do it.

dom on May 11, 2009


Will this be the first Video Game to Movie winner? We will find out in a years time. Cant wait. Looks promising so far. I hope the justice they did to PotC happens to PoP TSOT too!

Ken Masters on May 11, 2009


I'll wait until a teaser in the coming months to formulate an idea if this movie could be that diamond in the rough we've been looking for all these years...The video game story that actually becomes a great movie. (Mortal Kombat in 1996 almost was good...not great or awesome, but good)

Lazarus on May 11, 2009



Fuelbot on May 11, 2009


i agree with number 10. Jake whateverhall is a terd. and the movie looks like a pile of terds.

9mm on May 11, 2009


I see ole' broke back got in shape for the film...but I think the ball will be dropped....I hope it won't, but i think it will...They should of cast the guy from 300, the guy who's head got cut of the spartans....yea that guy, he looks the part...

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!) on May 11, 2009


Alex - "...even I'm impressed." Come on Alex, you're acting like that is a difficult thing to do. We all know how easily excitable you can get (not necessarily always a bad thing). The footage doesn't show much at all, I mean there are like four swords clanging together and a spin kick, that's not nearly enough to get me excited. We all knew this movie was gonna have that stuff, so I don't understand what's getting people so excited. It wasn't overly fancy sword clanging or spin kicking either. I've seen too little to be getting excited, hopefully it's great, along the lines of "Curse of the Black Pearl" or something, but I have no idea if it'll even be descent from that footage. This situation reminds me of "Avatar" kinda, how can these filmmakers, who've seen two minute clips or the film, claim that it'll be a gamechanger on par with "The Godfather"? You've seen TWO FRICKIN' MINUTES!!! Even if you took the best two minutes of "The Godfather" and surrounded it by hours of mediocre scenes, it would be forgotten in less than those two minutes. Films are the sum of all their parts and it seems like a lot of people forget that these days, there's so many apologists who say "well, the action was okay.." or "at least I thought a few parts were funny". If something's bad it's BAD, it doesn't hurt to be a little bit critical sometimes. That being said, I hope both "Prince of Persia" and "Avatar" are fantastic, but, as of the moment, I don't think any of us have one fuckin' clue about it.

Matt S on May 11, 2009


JG isn't badass at all... I dont see how this is gonna be believable.

Mob on May 11, 2009


looks good except Jake Gyllenhaal. he usually have this puppy look on his face that distracts me and I can never take him seriously. he looks nothing like a Persian guy, nor like the character from the game. the action scenes look okay, but that's it. I may watch it just for the sake of Gemma Arterton, she is nice!

F.C. on May 11, 2009


looks so cheezy his hair and "beard" make it look even worse stay away, far away!

Nate on May 11, 2009


Like someone said Cant take that puppydog face seriously I mean I was laughing most of the time hes trying to be a badass...I mean wtf was casting thinking "ok we need a swift strong looking badass guy with a little bit of starpower.....YEAH JAKE GYLLENHAAL THATS IT!!".........morons

Cody on May 11, 2009


Until I see a trailer... I have no opinion.

Brandon on May 11, 2009


last time i check prince of Persia isn't a bad ass he is in the vein of jack sparrow with acrobatics Jake is a great actor that is all that matters

nelson on May 11, 2009


looks really good and all these geeks have no life except to criticize movie after movie

alan on May 11, 2009


I sniff that they didn't stick to the game, the trailer will tell.

Fisherr on May 11, 2009


It looks like it has potential to be good, based on the quality of the set & choreography so far, which is better than nothing. I'm not too familiar with the Prince of Persia series of videogames, but I wonder how they're going to to handle his ability to go back in time, if I'm not mistaken, he can do that. I really hope this succeeds actually, as it's about time that videogame movies got the attention they deserve, instead of having their rights sold off to incompetent filmmakers such as Ewe Boll, and being turned into pieces of crap.

jman571 on May 11, 2009


It's better than most video-game adaptations, but nothing really great.

Ajax on May 11, 2009


wolverine the game is the first movie based game that is good, now POP might be the first video game movie to good

Darrin on May 11, 2009


Nice to see Jake on the same HGH as Hugh Jackman



Exactly, #20. And only jealous scrawny or fat fugly nerds are bashing JG. They wish they looked half as good as he does, "puppy dog" look and all.

Nick on May 11, 2009


Jake is a nice guy and all but... you know... he ISN'T PERSIAN!

sean on May 11, 2009


I am from Detroit and a huuuge Red Wings fan. And the first thing I thought when I saw Gyllenhaal's pic in the still was "OMG, IT'S ZETTERBURG!!11!1!1!1!!!ONE!"

SuicidalOptimist on May 11, 2009


#27 Garard Butler isn't Spartan, and Russell Crowe isn't Roman. You're right, they ruined 300 and Gladiator by casting those actors! Damn you Hollywood!!! I honestly don't know what goes on in some peoples' heads, I really don't...

Big John on May 12, 2009


I hope that Prince of Persia will be a good movie.

Sebastian on May 12, 2009


#29, I'm certain you'd be singing a different tune if some well-known European were played by someone who didn't resemble him/her in the slightest.

James on May 16, 2009


its alive

jimmi allen on Jun 7, 2009

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