First Real Photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

March 12, 2009
Source: Tim Burton Collective

First Real Photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Disney has just published their first issue of the Disney 23 magazine this week. D23 is a Disney fan club that launched earlier this week and as part of a membership, you get a subscription to their quarterly magazine filled with photography and articles on all-things Disney. Featured in this first issue is an article on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which is currently in-production aiming for a March 5th, 2010 release. Although we've seen some on-set photos, we still haven't seen any official art from Alice in Wonderland, which means this is our very first glimpse at what this live-action feature will look like.

Seen below is Polish actress Mia Wasikowska as Alice as well as a look at the Mad Hatter's tea party table. Thanks to the Tim Burton Collective for scanning these photos for our viewing pleasure! Thoughts?

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

"It's kind of a mixture of some distorted live action and animation. I can't relate it to anything because I'm not sure what to relate it to. It's kind of new territory for me," Tim Burton told D23. As a reminder on casting, Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway plays the White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter plays the Red Queen, Alan Rickman plays the Caterpillar, Crispin Glover plays the The Knave of Hearts, Stephen Fry plays the Cheshire Cat, and even Christopher Lee is in it, too. I'm still excited for this, as long as it doesn't end up like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I think Burton's got some different ideas.

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wow these look really awsome the lighting is great. i cant wait for this.

Pj on Mar 12, 2009


This may be my most anticipated movie now. Considering these photos and that cast...

Marc Giguere on Mar 12, 2009


The first one is a picture. But the second one of the tea party just seems like a drawing. I hope that is what the cheshire cat and the rabbit look like in the film.

Dan W on Mar 12, 2009


this may be really good or really bad will just have to wait and see

Tom W on Mar 12, 2009


I wish people would stop aging Alice. It's a story about a little girl, not an adolescent. The tone changes when she's this old.

Elizabeth B on Mar 12, 2009


I would honestly see this movie just because its a good story and i know for a fact since johnny deep is known to play weird characters he can be one of the factors that make this movie good. At least thats what im hoping for. And since tim burton is directing this im sure this will be a good movie to see. He is a very creative person with a good imagination.

LC on Mar 12, 2009


mia wasikowska is an australian actess

am on Mar 12, 2009


erik on Mar 12, 2009


they should have got Tom "Don't Come Around Here No More" Petty instead of Johnny Depp. ha

wm on Mar 12, 2009


#9 That Mad Hatter picture = scary.

Timothy on Mar 12, 2009


#9 that cant be the mad hatter, it looks pretty stupid IMO

cmedina on Mar 12, 2009


I'm totally down for this film. Tim Burton is one of my fav directors, I love his style. Is Danny Elfman scoring this? I hope so. Plus, I really like the cast. I'm SO excited to see Alan Rickman as a caterpillar. 😛

Stacia on Mar 13, 2009


''Alan Rickman as a caterpillar'' XDDDDDDDDD Sooooo good ; ))

m4st4 on Mar 13, 2009


Mark my words, this movie will be TERRIBLE.

Voice of Reason on Mar 13, 2009


Good eye # 1, and # 15 Two Words that your Wrong: Tim Burton.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Mar 13, 2009


''Mark my words, this movie will be TERRIBLE.'' Oh, I marked them allright...Now I'm gonna hunt you down you nasty little... Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland will be at least two times better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Sweeney Todd and hopefully alongside my fav Burton pic - Sleepy Hollow End of story.

m4st4 on Mar 13, 2009


this could be good or bad...depends

Trey on Mar 13, 2009


''this could be good or bad…depends'' Good: Alan Rickman...Caterpillar Johnny Deep...Mad Hatter Christopher Lee and Helena Bonham Carter Part CGI-Part Live-action-Part Stop-motion Tim Burton in 3D Bad: Disney...PG? Whatever. I still think it will be really, really great

m4st4 on Mar 13, 2009


I wonder if he is going to make this a more dark and creepy film that it really should be.

Craig on Mar 13, 2009


I think it should be dark and almost down right sinister.....

Trey on Mar 13, 2009


Sweeny Todd? Big Fish? Corpse Bride? Charlie and the Shitty Chocolate factory? Planet of the Goddamn Fuckin Apes?!?!? I love me some old school Burton with a passion, but his recent track record BLOWS. Big Time. The two words that you think will save this movie are exactly what will damn this movie. Fools. All of you.

Voice of Reason on Mar 13, 2009


Dude, Big Fish was an awesome movie. I'll side with you that charlieTCF and planetOTA were pretty shitty.

theotherbluth on Mar 13, 2009


Just conjuring up thoughts on Helena Bonham Carter screaming at the top of her lungs "Off with her head!" in full gothic mayhem, just made me chuckle a fair bit.

Movie Fan on Mar 13, 2009


yeah man,didn't even know tim burton was making it but looking forward to it,i would love to see a del toro version that would be fucking awesome.

zetsu on Mar 13, 2009


Crispin Glovveeeer ... And Mia Wasikowska looks to be a very interesting Alice.

Kolya on Mar 13, 2009


The choice for Alice is spot on. Good casting eye there. I have mixed feelings about Tim Burton because he is kind of a streaky and unique director. His style isn't for everyone, and he's certainly lost his touch lately....but that doesn't mean he can't find it again. The problem is going into every single one of his movies expecting Edward Scissorhands and ending up with Sweeny Todd or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Disney's animated version of Alice in Wonderland is good, but this movie should be nothing like that story because the original story of Alice in Wonderland is darker and stranger. The actual story involves a lot of poetry and symbolism, and if I'm not mistaken there's a bit of drug reference and suicide of some kind with the Walrus and the Caterpillar. Also Alice in Wonderland is actually two books, the second one being titled Through the Looking Glass, which is the story that features tweedle dee and tweedle dum. So I would not be surprised if this is a film designed to have a sequel. #25 I agree with you. Burton is straight up being out done by Del Toro right now, and I think Del Toro could bring a more realistic approach to this film that most people would appreciate more than another odd adaptation of a classic story on another Tim Burton backlot set (one of the things I've always hated about Burton's films)

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 13, 2009


Sorry if everyone thought these were stills from the film, but they are just concept paintings. Well, the teaparty scene is, anyway. Alex, why did you write this up suggesting that this was "our very first glimpse at what this live-action feature will look like."? It's not. It's a painting, and it's obvious is you look at the sources of the images. You're only going to confuse people by writing it up like that, and if you call them "photos", which they are not. Granted, the top image MIGHT be a real photo, but it's most likely a bunch of unrelated art assets 'shopped together. You should have used the image that clearly states it is concept art.

Squiggly on Mar 13, 2009


Yeah these iamges dont do anything for me, so Tim Burton is directingg and the fact that hr did do charlie and the chocolate factory and fucked it up is just a reason to let me think he will fuck this up. I seriously think were going to watch this and go there is nothing ground breaking about this, its probably over acted and we might end up seeing some hard cuts in between scenes. As of right now im not intrested.

THERBLIG on Mar 14, 2009


#28 - You already answered that question yourself... That first one up there IS a real photo. The reason why I say that this is our first look at what it will look like is because we have not (officially) seen ANYTHING from this until now. Not even concept art, besides that Johnny Depp leak that #9 mentioned. But seriously, this gives us an idea what it'll look/feel like because before this we had NOTHING. And going from nothing to actually have concept art and a photo, is a huge leap.

Alex Billington on Mar 14, 2009


Unfortunately, Wonderland will probably bomb at the box office, due to a modernized A-Team movie that 20th Century Fox postponed from 2009. Also the 21st century is notorious for a movie market dominated by superheroes, Alice in Wonderland ain't a superhero movie in the way that X-Men, Iron Man, Batman, Spider Man, Hulk, Watchman, Fantastic Four and Superman are. However that's like saying that Spider Man, Iron Man etc ain't fairytales. The way that The A-Team is modernized is this: In the series Face, BA, Hannibal and Murdoch were Vietnam War veterans, in this upcoming movie, they are veterans in the Middle East. Given the picture it looks as if Alice would be way too big for Johnny Depp's tea party. Johnny Depp was originally on course to take the role of Murdoch for The A-Team. Also Mike Judge, creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead, was keen to cast Johnny Depp as Butthead (Sean William Scott aka Stiffler would probably be Beavis), if there was a live action adaptation of Beavis and Butthead.

Bender on Mar 25, 2009


Danny Elfman is set to write the music score so that may answer some people's prayers. #9 Johnny Depp looks like a freak in that photo. Johnny Depp? Sexy? Give me a break he looks like a segull has built a nest out of his hair looking like that. However Mia Wasikowska looks stunningly attractive.

cartman on Mar 28, 2009


Hier sind einige Bilder vom Casting und aus dem Walt Disney Magazin. Link:

Paul on Mar 30, 2009


It's a good thing Wonderland was postponed by nearly a year: It would have been released the same day as Universal's Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious made more money in it's open weekend than what Tokyo Drift made in it's entire run. People were more prepared to see Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodrigruez highjacking a land train than Mia Wasikowska falling down a rabbit hole.

Homer on Apr 7, 2009


I think Gwen Stefani would have been an interesting choice for tha main role. In one of her music videos she is seen stuck in a small mansion with her arms and legs sticking out. She's also in some kind of maze in the video too. I think the song was What You Waiting For?

Zapp Brinnigan on Apr 13, 2009


24 - Helena Bonham Carter is set to play the Red Queen...not the Queen of Hearts. The Red Queen is from Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, so she won't be saying "Off with her head" unfortunately.

MiraL75 on Apr 30, 2009


hey #15 & #22 voice of reason u r so stupid u should just go away if u dont like it at all. Anyway, i love tim burton he is my favorite producer and i am so glad that he is making a new version of my favorite movie "alice in wonderland" with my alltime favorite person johnny depp. The only thing i dont like is that it will be half animated like "beowulf" and as someone else said "pg". that really sucks =(

JDlover on May 17, 2009


PG might be a good thing as far as box office is concerned as it is then more likely to break 300's record for the highest weekend debut in March. 300's record was impressive despite it's R rating (meaning it's audience was limited somehow). I ain't sayng that Titanic's all time gross record will be broken, but Wonderland sure as hell try.

Jack on May 18, 2009


Just curious. What was it about Charlie and the Chocolate factory that most of you hated so much? Was it the singing? Was it because it wasn't like the old movie or did you have an attachment to the book? Anyway, I'm interested in seeing how Alice will turn out. To anyone else interested in the movie, don't let anyone elses opinion about it ruin it for you. Form your own.

Java on May 19, 2009


this new alice i am on the fence about. i dont think that she should be this old. it takes away her inocence about everything. but the movie will either tank or be exactly what is expected of burton. it depends on how burton approaches the half animation half life action thing. i personally hope it does good. i also heard that it will be rated R not PG. on May 27, 2009


im really excited for this. Oh come on Jhonny Dept would nto be in anything bad he is an amazing actor and singer and just great at everything im really excited for this ti come out.

Kath on Jun 8, 2009


In this version Alice is possibly decpicted as a slacker. In other words she could end up as the victorian and female equivilant to Steve "the Stifmeister" Stifler from American Pie movies. I wonder if Mia Wasikowska is the female equililant of Seann William Scott in real live.

Beavis on Jun 8, 2009


I can't wait for this movie!! I wrote a song called "Down the Rabbit Hole" which would be perfect for the movie. check it out and let me know if you think it works

Charlie on Jun 18, 2009


i am going to be raving about this film for months now. the cast is amazing. some of the smaller actors, i have seen in other roles, and they are pretty good. this will be an amazing opportunity for them. i agree with most of you in a way, and alice probably shouldve been younger, but im sure tim burton knows what hes doing. im really excited. this may, if its as good as it could be, be Tim Burtons best film so far.

Nath on Jun 21, 2009


I'm really excited about this movie, too! I've been a huge fan of Tim Burton's ever since I saw Nightmare before Christmas when I was a kid. I thought it was cool that he chose Australian actress Mia Wasikowska to star as Alice. She's relatively unknown, even though she did star in Spencer Susser's award-winning short-movie 'I Love Sarah Jane'. She was really good in it, and I wonder if Tim Burton saw her there for the first time. You can see the movie here:

Aboywithglasses on Jun 22, 2009


I've been truely chasing the Invisible Blue White Light Rabbit all my life this is just another example of Father Time showing himself!

Eugene Beay on Jun 22, 2009


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Eugene Beay on Jun 22, 2009


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Eugene Beay on Jun 22, 2009


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Come on world quit being apart of distroying your world and appreciate what we have been given, and respect it for all the gifts we've been given to see our part to our relationship to god!

Eugene Beay on Jun 22, 2009


Could be a cult classic if Alice is portrayed as a slacker simmilar to Steve "The Stifmeister" Stifler from the American Pie franchise albiet more classier than Steve "The Stifmeister" Stifler from the American Pie franchise.

Bender on Jun 28, 2009


I think this is going to be excellent. I think this may be the first 3d movie to come out with a good story line, great cast, and amazing production. And Johnny Depp.... 🙂 needless to say, the cast is flawless. As far as Alice being older.... it is artistic perception. Tim Burton is taking this film to a different level of psychedelic atmosphere then the original movie or the book. I think even though Mia is a fairly unknown actress and she is 19, she is perfect for the part in this new age version of the classic tale. With Johnny Depp, and Ann Hathaway the movie has all the big Hollywood stars it can take without becoming cheesy. And although she is 19, she is still trying to portray a younger girl.... probably an early teenager, which fits perfectly well with the original story and even better for the feel Tim is trying to get across. The pictures they have released have shown nothing but amazing make-up artist and set design talent. As always Tim Burton is sure to leave the audience stunned, it will most likely be the top hit for 2010. I am excited to see it. And as far as the religious argument going on at the bottom of this page's comments.... get a life. It's Alice in wonderland. It is not intended to have anything to do with Christianity. Interpret as you will, but don't force the views upon the chat forum. Kind of ridiculous. Eugene- Synchronicity Rabbits goggled. The most bs i've ever read!!!!!! Did you also see Jesus on your toast this morning? Or have you just dropped wayyyy too much lsd? I hope everyone goes to see the movie and enjoys!!!!

Megan on Jul 3, 2009


Wonderland definetly won't be the top hit of 2010 simply because of all of the awaited sequels, among them Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2, coming out the same year. Could be the biggest non sequel of the year, though my money is on The A-Team movie because there are fans of the series still alive.

Jezza on Jul 3, 2009


I am so excited!! Tim Burton is amazing...though Charlie and the Chocolate factory was a letdown, mostly because I much rather enjoy the original movie...But yeah...uhm...(walks away slowly)

Morgan on Jul 13, 2009


Thank you again for all the knowledge you distribute!I am glad to post my views and points in this blog! I will keep visiting this blog very often.

diyugg on Feb 5, 2010


Im sorry to say, but it doesn't matter who's casting in the movie, how good the graphics are, and how much stuff is added to the story! This is one of those movies that should never get a remake! Alice in wonderland was never meant to be funny nor "action packed". It was mean to have a dark twisted theme to it!!! Its all based on drugs and for someone to "enhance" that would make it look bad to children, seeing as now adays children know a lot more than they used to! If they keep the drugs: Alice tripped on hallucinagens The caterpiller smoking out of a bong The tea being a very strong stimulant THE FREAKING MUSHROOMS!!!!!!! How is that a good thing to throw in a movie for children?? And you can't say "Well kids don't know what drugs are" REALLY NOW????? Nowadays there's more kids doing drugs than they're are actually doing them!!! You see younger people in jail than older people nowadays mainly because of violence and drugs!!!!! And you think this movie will help that??? The original has a little girl and not some teen or pre adult!!!!! Either this new version will ruin the original version by taking out the major aspects and points like the Darkness Strangeness Twistedness DRUGS!!!!! Or it may just ruin childrens minds and/or make you waste your money!!!! Graphics don't make a better movie!!!! So don't sit here and tell me that "the movie wuz way better cuz the graphics are a lot better" Tht makes u look like a poor critic!!!! Bet you cnt forget the game "mario" or "donkey kong" can u? NO!!!!!!! Cuz they were classics!!!! When sum1 mentions mario I tend to think of the old school nintendo versions over the mainstream trash they put out today!!!!! And this is coming from sum1 who owned an xbox 360, PS3, & nintendo wii!!!!! And for the person who said "mark my words, this movie will be TERRIBLE" I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!!!! I will not waste my money on watching this movie!!! Go and watch the original... Why would you want to completely change something that's so genius? Just becuz jonny depp is in it, its "AMAZNG"? That's asanine!!!!!! It shouldn't matter who plays the characters to make it the good movie..if the cast has to play "fake" characters then the movie is just "fake"... Srsly do urselves a favor.... WATCH THE ORIGINAL!!!!!!

FingAz on Feb 17, 2010


#68 The original was suprisingly a czech stop motion animation

Jeeze on May 27, 2010

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