First Fun Trailer for Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

August 5, 2009
Source: AOL

The Vampire's Assistant Trailer

Universal has debuted the trailer for The Vampire's Assistant today on Moviefone. We also featured the poster for this yesterday. Much to our surprise, the title of this has actually officially change to Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, as I complained yesterday about the original title The Vampire's Assistant being too confusing. This looks good, but it also looks like a vampire movie for kids, with a mix of comedy and creepiness that I don't think will sit well with older horror fiends. That said, much like City of Ember, I'm interested in checking it out because it looks like such a rich world that Paul Weitz is bringing us it into.

Watch the trailer for Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the trailer for The Damned United in High Definition on Apple

Pulled into a fantastic life of misunderstood sideshow freaks and grotesque creatures of the night, one teen will vanish from the safety of a boring existence and fulfill his destiny in a place drawn from nightmares.

The Vampire's Assistant is directed by Paul Weitz, of American Pie, Down to Earth, About a Boy, In Good Company, and American Dreamz previously. The screenplay was co-written by Weitz and Brian Helgeland (Mystic River, Man on Fire, The Taking of Pelham 123). This is based on Darren Shan's book series titled "Cirque du Freak". Universal is bringing The Vampire's Assistant to theaters on October 23rd this fall.

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Mbombo on Aug 5, 2009


looks good

nelson on Aug 5, 2009


Looks interesting, John C. Reilly is always good though

Marc Vibbert on Aug 5, 2009


"You can also watch the trailer for The Damned United in High Definition on Apple" eh?

Ken on Aug 5, 2009


Saw like 5 anonymous actors in the last 30 secs....think I saw Willem Dafoe too. Looks very entertaining.

Cody on Aug 5, 2009


,John C. Reilly Love this guy will watch it

SHANEDAV on Aug 5, 2009


not bad, looks a little kidish

Sancho on Aug 5, 2009


looks entertaining, you can count me in.

Curtis on Aug 5, 2009


glad he is playing leastwise a semi serious role been a while to my recollection

nelson on Aug 5, 2009


i dont like it at all. the books were great because they were very dark and violent. it better not be rated PG.

bob on Aug 5, 2009


Uh.... Yeah, no.

Mark on Aug 5, 2009


I was hoping for more of a adult Vampire movie not this, but John C. Reilly is in it so I'll check it out. I just wonder why they decided to make a kids film out of novels emersed in a dark setting!? If it is rated PG count me out.

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2009


what the hell was that all about?!... didn't really expect that...

miracle disease on Aug 5, 2009


wow, even though i love john c reily, i thought the film was going to totally suck. but the trailer was good! probably wont be great and a bit childish, but it could be fun!

zach s on Aug 5, 2009


I see fun Halloween night nastalgia coming. Gonna be awesome!

Antioch on Aug 5, 2009


Yeah but Zach S we don't want yet another childish dark vampire flick we need a serious one!

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2009


definitely saw dafoe. pretty much what every1s been saying about hoping this wont be too childish

lego on Aug 5, 2009


You do realise that the seies of books that the film is based on (first of many I guess) are for kids? I mean, younger than twilight age! Im out, as Ive read the first book and it bored me to death.

Marcus on Aug 5, 2009


pretty cool. and john c. reilly makes it a "must see" for me. (he hasn't let me down yet)

dan on Aug 5, 2009


Ummm that looks awesome!

Seductive Flamingo on Aug 5, 2009


looks like a disney movie.

ned on Aug 5, 2009


hahaha... um.. nothing good or bad to say ... but my 9 yr old and I did laugh a bit through it

Dusty on Aug 5, 2009


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know, i love john c. reilly, but him and jane krakowski just dont feel right in this........

Brian Barajas on Aug 5, 2009


looks like twilight but not gay.

CoConutman on Aug 5, 2009


I wish it was darker than the Dark Knight and they were digging up corpses and having sex with their faces and drinking blood out of peoples assholes. How dark do people want things? Lighten up you sad twisted losers, it looks funny. OOh need it darker, darker, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarker and more dark, I don't even want to laugh I want my to cry, yes cry when I watch a film as it's so dark and painful and I don't want salty tears, I want to cry tears of shit, that's how crazy dark I am. Dark and serious.

Crapola on Aug 5, 2009


Hey #23 Crapola calm the fuck down! We wanted Order of the Phoenix kind of dark not drinking blood out of someone's asshole (You said it). That was for kids and yet it was dark and didn't have a lot of childish themes even though it was for kids. And Cirque Du Freak novels we're dark as well.

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2009


#25 hahaha i like your sence of humor that was pretty funny this movie looks like X-men meets twilight and that = LAME bull shit vampire movies these days, sheesh

DoomCanoe on Aug 5, 2009


This looks great! Who cares who it's targeted at. If it's a good film it shouldn't make any difference.

Barb on Aug 5, 2009


wow...umm Crapola you win I was stupid enough to call you out but I mis-matched your number. Also to Brian Barajas my bad. Okay! I'm gonna play in traffic.

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2009


what are you guys talking about the Cirque du Freak novels were very grade school probably not as mature as the harry potter books. visually maybe more dark and freakish like if Tim Burton directed a carnie flick

Silver on Aug 5, 2009


john c. reilly still seems weird in this role. I pictured Bill Nighy for it. Does anyone else think its odd they chose semi-big actors for parts that were miniscule in the books?

Silver on Aug 5, 2009


that looks wild! I'm very interested, being as this could end up being either forgettable crap or reeeaaallly neat and fun

-Peter- on Aug 5, 2009


Bit childish

jonas on Aug 6, 2009


Yay Salma Hayek 🙂

Terry the saint on Aug 6, 2009


looks like it belongs on the Disney channel, or family channel... not sure about this, but would like ot watch it on tv one day 😛

dave13 on Aug 6, 2009


Looks fuckin retarded.

nem on Aug 6, 2009


Looks shit.

robert on Aug 6, 2009


No probs Xerxex I probably took that a little far, but I kindo think the 'darkness' thing gets taken way too far too. Heavy things as part of the story are fine, but really the world is dark enough without making it any darker unnecessarily.

Crapola on Aug 6, 2009


There is no good movie about vampires till somebody makes film based on books Brian Lumley's: NECKROSKOPE.

Ferengi on Aug 6, 2009


actually looks pretty fun, im there

harrison on Aug 6, 2009


This looks pretty great. I think I'll enjoy it a lot!

Andrew on Aug 6, 2009


Yeah I agree Crapola, just a little dark would have been nice. But this will probably surprise us all in the end.

Xerxex on Aug 6, 2009


grade school monster movie for kids who aren't yet emo enough to like twilight. THANK YOU.

F-U-Twilight on Aug 6, 2009


#21 u stole my thunder, I was thinking the exact looks like a Disney movie......NEXT!

Blue & Orange NY on Aug 6, 2009


25 is right, this needs to be darker. I'll pass.

Syphous on Aug 6, 2009



That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Aug 6, 2009


Man that looks awesome. Everything that is NOT the usual american-teenage-dark-vampire imagination shit is good. Looks totally different and new.

Shige on Aug 6, 2009


Worth, must and don't watch. So now you want your readers/viewers to know what opinion you hold on the film trailer they are about to watch... Your ego displays your insecurities. They are immense! I'm sorry for you....

spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Aug 7, 2009


Meh. Looks like it could be fun.

Fed Up With Hollywood on Aug 7, 2009


this looks great and yeah so maybe it is a little childish but hello thats who the books were written for. I am 38 and my 14 year old got me reading them and i love them this is a definite must see as far as i am concerned

wolfman3708 on Aug 7, 2009


Looks like it could be a good movie

Vold on Aug 7, 2009


I haven't read the books yet but I will so I can have a better informed opinion. No matter the genre the trailer has my interest.

arjones on Aug 8, 2009


Looks like a bit of harmless fun. Good to hear the Chemical Brothers in the trailer 🙂

Marty on Aug 9, 2009


listen up u assholes who say the books r meant for young kids. if u would read the books u would see how violent they are. there are parts where people get their heads crushed by maces and get their limbs chopped off. is that something u would see in a book for young kids?

bob on Aug 9, 2009


For those of you who think that the trailer sucks, well I have to somewhat agree with you there. Fans of the book know that the Cirque Du Freak storyline has POTENTIAL to go where Twilight wouldn't dream of going. I think most fans are somewhat disappointed by this trailer because of John C. Reiley. Not that he's a bad actor, but placing a mostly comedic actor in such a serious role is a horrible move. This casting sort of reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events the movie, where Jim Carrey was cast as Count Olaf. Even though his performance was the highlight of the film, simultaneously the film was ruined for me just by Jim putting more of a comedic spin on the villian. Same with Mr. Crepsley being played by Reiley. Crepsley is a fairly serious role to play and we know that his role only increases as the books go on. I don't mean to be the fan boy who *****es and moans about every change in the movie, but I suppose I was expecting something a bit more darker.After all, fans who've read book 2 know how dark Cirque Du Freak can get at times (remember Sam and the Wolfman. Or how about R.V.?) Not exactly like that Gothic Underworld crap but not too artificial like that Twilight garbage, but a vampire saga that would find a middle ground for entertainment. If a sequel for this film is greenlit and the studio decides to do the next 3 books then we're (hopefully) in for something good. Book 4-6 is where good stuff starts happening. And if Im correct Will Dafoe is playing Gavner Purl. Gavner isn't introduced until book 4, so hopefully they'll introduced us to Vampire Mountain and all lthe characters that come with it (Kurda, Paris, Arrow, Mika, Arra). Not to mention, I'll keep my finger crossed if they make a 3rd film and introduce Vancha March (the most bad ass vampire ever :D). So in conclusion to a long rant, I can see why fans would be disappointed but either way I'm gonna go and see it just to see how faithful it is to the book or books (3 books squeezed into a film). Til then, peace....

Julian on Aug 10, 2009


Oh yeah...someone above mentioned that the books were for children. Not exactly. You see, Cirque Du Freak kinda had a middle school, early high school demographic. But (this is where fanboys DESERVE to bitch and moan) the book were pretty violent. Let me remind you all: 1.) Sam gets his stomach eaten by the wolfman at the end of book 2 (I assure you THIS won't be in the movie, Sam's name isn't in the cast list) 2.) Reggie Veggies arms getting eaten by the wolfman 3.) Darren getting burnt to a crisp in Book 5 4.) Kurda's betrayal in Book 5 5.) The fight between the vampires and vampaneze in Vampire Mountain 6.) Darren killing his 1st vampaneze (and feeling rather guilty about it) 7.) Kurda's punishment for his betrayal 8.) The hunt for the vampaneze lord and the fights that follow 9.) The return of a R.V. (with hooks) 10.) The most badass and most violent fight scene that I've read thus far: when the vampires face off against the vampaneze lord and his minions Once again I apologize for ranting and for the long list but I guess I'm sooooo upset that the Cirque Du Freak films have the chance to make Twilight look like crap and they DON'T take advantage of it. .

Julian on Aug 10, 2009


Support Louisiana film!

rackfocus on Aug 12, 2009


i dont remember anyone saying the books were for young children, maybe children was a poor word choice but as i said my 14 year old reads them and got me hooked and i consider him a child damn everyone just chill you either like it or not

wolfman3708 on Aug 12, 2009


it looks good im going to have to read the book

brittany on Sep 10, 2009


WOW nothing like the books, this is a piece of shit. it's like what they did to the harry potter movies, just totally changed the story except this is worse dragon ball evolution all over again

qweqweq on Oct 16, 2009


I absolutely agree with Julian...I read every book (after avoiding them for years because I didnt think much of the presentation) and I absolutley loved them because of, raw the story was. Its not all romanticised vampirism that is choking our culture today because of Twilightmainia. The books were told a great story becuase it didnt shy away from the grit of this type of vampire lifestlye, anymore than it left out the humor. The movie will be awful because it is an attempt to water down much of what made this a great series. And condensing 3-4 books into 1 movie is bound to make it not nearly as fantastic because of the development in each book...although 12 Cirque du Freak movies would be unfeasible, we have shit like Saw VI. What a shame.

DarkLadi on Nov 9, 2009


Yes the prevews look kidness, but there is some adult parts in the movie. Its for kids, teens, and adults. I read all the books and the movie wasnt all that bad. It could of been a bit more dark like the books but your all almost forgeting they want to have more then just teens and adults to watch the movie. I hate that some ppl are saying that they stole parts and ideas from Twilight. Cirque du freak was out at 2000 and twilight was out at 2005. So how can Cirque du freak take ideas from Twilight when it was out first? I like Twilight and Cirque du freak. Anyways U shouldnt say how stuiped or anthing eles if you havent seen it. Its a pretty good movie.

SadieMai on Mar 9, 2010

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