First Trailer for Michael Moore's Wall Street Documentary

June 12, 2009

Michael Moore's Wall Street Documentary

Save our CEOs! Overture Films has debuted the trailer for the new documentary from Michael Moore. After tackling topics such as gun control, George W. Bush, and health care, Moore's focus this time is on our economy. Don't be alarmed, this is only just a teaser and there isn't supposed to be footage. If you read our post earlier, this is the same thing. Like him or hate him, this is a pretty damn creative way to introduce the concept for this doc and play with the audience. A few theaters in NY, LA, Chicago, and DC actually have an "interactive" portion where ushers bring out bins to collect money in the audience. Take that, Wall Street!

Watch the first trailer for Michael Moore's new documentary:

[flv: 598 336]

A comical look at the global financial crisis and the current troubles with the U.S. economy during the transition between the incoming Obama Administration and the outgoing Bush Administration.

The still-untitled documentary was both written and directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Michael Moore, of documentaries like Roger & Me, The Big One, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, and Captain Mike Across America, as well as the comedy Canadian Bacon. Moore started shooting pieces of this last year and has been working to uncover the "secrets" of Wall Street and our economy ever since. Overture Films and Paramount Vantage will be bringing the documentary to theaters on October 2nd this fall.

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he's getting old

shichibukai on Jun 13, 2009


am not

michaelmoore on Jun 13, 2009


Lesbo with a jar? Wonderful.

Jake the snake on Jun 13, 2009


Moore is full of it, but I never judge a movie prior to seeing it in its entirety. I gave Sicko a fair shake. I think Moore is starting to get that people are catching on to his BS, so he's making a slightly better effort at the presentation of facts... but slightly isn't good enough. We'll see how this movie goes. His film should touch upon: - How much money has been given to the companies he closely examines and how that money is being distributed - What the potential impact of a collapsed AIG or Bank of America would be, in terms of the national economy as well as the impact on the job market - What alternatives there might have been to simply giving out bailout money and the feasiblity of these alternatives - How to prevent the situation from happening again in the future Sadly, I don't expect any of these questions to be answered at all. But we'll see if Moore has changed his ways.

Chris H. on Jun 13, 2009


Ugh. Americans. America was a bannana republic ever since Bush stole the election.

teh on Jun 13, 2009


we've had plenty of analysis here he comes to entertain

twispious on Jun 13, 2009


the way he said good was amazing, i watched that part of the video like 5 times. five stars would watch his second chin wobble anytime

allen sharpe on Jun 13, 2009


Why doesnt he get to the real issue at hånd. The federal reserve which is ran by the international bankers of England. They are the ones making the market up and down anyway they see fit.

REAL6 on Jun 13, 2009


I can't say I understand that "it will make you feel ... good" at the end, does it go well with the rest?

Bo on Jun 13, 2009


MM is rich off of other peoples suffering and sadness. he's a no-talent hack.

dan on Jun 13, 2009


agreed, awful ending

PinkSushi on Jun 13, 2009


what a poopface

jh on Jun 13, 2009


still don't know why he got an oscar, still don't understand what THAT has to do with a documentary feature...

ureyesonly on Jun 13, 2009


Moore vs. Wallstreet- OK root for Wallstreet! Real smart! Some of these hedge fund guys make 30-40 million a YEAR! Ask yourself what do you make? They buried people's 401k's and destroyed many parts of our economy, but I know Moore is fat, he has an agenda, he's an opportunist. Of course, yes, he eats too much, he dresses badly. He's pure evil. Right, I understand. Wallstreet-GOOD, Moore-Bad. Thinking actually is a good thing! chuck on Jun 13, 2009


At least he tries...

N on Jun 13, 2009


Didn't know so many staunch Republicans replied to this site...interesting. But in all honesty, his films are at the least well made and entertaining. Even if they don't shed 100% new ground.

Itri on Jun 13, 2009


ummm, this is exactly why I, a republican, was a against the bailouts. this is exactly why, a majority of republicans were against the bailouts. not only is it wrong for government to own companies in the free market, but it was obvious it was going to harbor greed and just lead into an enormous amount of money lost. Not to mention the chances of these companies actually being able to pay back the government in less then 20 years is well.....I wont get into those odds, too depressing. But of course Michael Mooreon is going to make it a class thing, and a republican thing, even though it was those good ol' democrats who had the bright idea to do this in the first place. Does that make the CEOs right? Of course not, but how could congress be that dumb, to just ignore these risks.

Al on Jun 13, 2009


Geez, I didn't know that many Republican shitbags actually posted on this site. Weird. Oh well, if anyone actually thinks that Moore's films distort the facts even close to the extent that FOX News does, well, I guess that just means you're very ignorant. Consider attending college immediately.

Petoria on Jun 13, 2009


18, what a horrendous stereotype that all republicans watch FOX News. That would be like me determining that you watch the harboring of stupidity, MSNBC. I would never wish that evil upon someone...never ever.

Al on Jun 13, 2009


19, the fact you have your panties in a bunch over MSNBC pretty much screams FOX News viewer. most non-republicans don't actually watch MSNBC. it's mostly just moronic republicans that need yellow journalism and propaganda, instead of real news. watch PBS sometime douchebag (that is, if you can stop masturbating to O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Nascar, and Hee-Haw for a few minutes).

Petoria on Jun 13, 2009


#5 At least we can spell banana. Loser. Or, so you can understand - losser.

tommyturner on Jun 13, 2009


I know some people don't like Michael Moor because of his dumbed-down & sensational presentation of the subject and prefer Adam Curtis. But we need both of them. There isn't a book called "liberal agenda for dummies" and Michael Moore is filling in that gap. BTW anyone who wanna vote for my Proposition 18 which seeks to ban corporations from marrying the government in order to protect the sanctity of marriage.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 13, 2009


21, I can't stop laughing at how you replied to 18's comment in such a twisted ass backward way. Please tell us all about your super intelligence and how your political views are superior, the internet is a fantastic place for that.

tterb on Jun 13, 2009


Liked to punch a kitten in its whiskery face!

xerxex on Jun 13, 2009


@18 & 21 hahahah PBS??? hahahah you must live in a very backwards world where PBS isnt extemely liberal, but thank you your joke really brightened up my day that there are other stupid people out there that i dont have to deal with on a daily basis. fox news looks up to michael moore as a role model for distorting the facts, they even ran an article about it and it wasnt even a slow news day

harrison on Jun 13, 2009


GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Yo Da on Jun 13, 2009


Whatever. It's great that we live in a country where Moore can make this movie, it shows, and all of us can say what we want about it all - D or R or your favorite label.

MgbPeregrine on Jun 13, 2009


24, actually, I'm finishing a PhD, white trash (not that I'd expect someone like you to respect education. after all, science is just liberal BS until you get cancer and run to the nearest doctor, or your computer crashes from porn surfing and you need a computer science major to fix it). Honestly, it's hard for me to take your outrage seriously, because you're probably just an immoral asswipe, like 99% of conservatives. But anyway, if I actually believed people like you had good intentions and were capable of reasoning, I wouldn't insult you; I'd try reasoning with you. But after dealing with backward fucks like you for nearly 30 years, I've come to realize that if you're already an adult and you haven't realized that American conservatism is irrational and unethical in countless ways, you're incapable of doing so. You're probably just a douchebag. End of story. 26, you only think PBS is biased (another thoughtless conservative cliche), because they don't editorialize everything. instead, they report facts. It's just the facts they report---along with those of most of the free media in the world---don't serve your agenda. Honestly, my guess is you've never once watched a PBS show. Not once. And even if you had, you would have no basis for judging what's reported there. Like most conservatives, you're probably not an educated person. You simply trust people you think sympathize with your dumb white trash culture. Bright days are ahead for you though. I'm sure you'll be celebrating Joe the Plumber's nomination as the Republican presidential candidate 3 years from you. "Finally, someone just as ignorant as me running for president." Seriously though, since when have reactionaries and fundamentalists been into movies? I had no idea.

Petoria on Jun 13, 2009


#30, you get your computer repaired by Computer Technicians. They are not Computer Science majors, they are just IT majors or people that passed the A+ certification. I just wanted to point that out...since that statement disrespects CS majors.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jun 13, 2009


Obama is the next hitler, the 2nd revolution is coming. There eat that up you buncha bickering jackasses.

Cody on Jun 13, 2009


It's a trap!!1!1!!!!!111

d on Jun 13, 2009


@30 lol once again you prove you have no argument except to insult conservatives, and for your information im a libertarian not a republican, i dont watch fox news or pbs, and i hardly trust anything i read in the news, as its always 1 sided, anyone with common sense can learn to read through the bullshit for themselves, but obviously you lack common sense. i happen to be in my last term of a bachelors degree in criminal justice, and have had a great education, like many conservatives. you seem to forget that liberal politicians prey on the poor uneducated urban minorities with empty promises of help through failed programs like welfare, social security and the like, but really theyre just keeping them poor or else they lose their constituency and i dont need to insult your lack of education as your doing it to yourself with your mindless rambling @32 i dont think you can be a white supremacist if your half black, theres some unwritten law about it somewhere

harrison on Jun 13, 2009


31, if you want to call people that repair computers, "computer technicians," that's fine by me. even so, a number of computer technicians are, in fact, CS majors (and, in any case, all computer technicians rely on scientific knowledge, which was really my point). i doubt many continue to hold that job after graduating, since they can make a lot more $ doing something else. however, often CS majors will work for places like Best Buy while in college to make extra $. that's no mystery. i've known a few that did so myself. in any case, i was only making the point that most conservatives diminish science and education, but rely on it just as heavily as everyone else. personally, i find that sort of pick-and-choose attitude toward science annoying. in any case, i meant no disrespect to computer science majors, though i suspect few of them would be offended by my comment, since the point i was making was abundantly clear, and the detail you're mentioning rather inconsequential.

Petoria on Jun 13, 2009


33, actually, i have all sorts of arguments on all sorts of topics, including political ones. but, it should be clear that i wasn't attempting to offer an argument about anything. indeed, i was just insulting conservatives, basically for fun. this was actually no different than any post in this thread, including those by you---no arguments were offered by anyone on anything. feel free to now write an indignant post against all the conservatives on this thread, including yourself, for not giving arguments. in any case, were you seriously expecting me to upload the first chapter of my dissertation on an internet thread? in addition, most conservatives don't have a great education. it doesn't take much to attend college these days, and anyone in college knows it takes very little to complete a criminal justice degree, but if you've been to college, surely you realize that the vast majority of conservatives, including libertarians, are generally less educated. also, just so you know (not that you'd care, i'm sure), most philosophers aren't impressed by the argument from dependence---which you're fumbling to articulate---against liberalism (but let me guess, you probably think Ron Paul's book is a really rigorous defense of libertarianism, right?). if you actually want to have a better grasp of political philosophy, let me suggest two introductory texts. my guess is that they're a little over your head (most criminal justice majors aren't too bright), but since you'll probably proudly drop that you're a libertarian the rest of your life, you really ought to aspire to a critical understanding of the position (you know, the sort of thing that you're supposed to get in college---a position's strengths & weaknesses, the arguments for and against it, and the like). So, let me recommend: Contemporary Political Philosophy by Will Kymlicka and Economic Justice by Stephen Nathanson. of course, like most undergrads, you've probably read next to nothing and been routinely floated for mediocre work, because deans want high enrollments, so i won't hold my breath.

Petoria on Jun 13, 2009


#26 wtf dude? were having a serious debate here and you come in here with your hat and your hair and say all that crap? well i for one wont stand for it. computer technicians are people too

allen sharpe on Jun 14, 2009


Libertarians are just as greedy and selfish as Republicans, oh wait... they ARE Republicans who ran from their crumbling party!!!!

Chicago on Jun 14, 2009


haha okay petoria, you win, im uneducated but michael moore is educating me with his spot on documentaries and 37, i happen to be very greedy and selfish, i earned it so im keeping it, and theres nothing wrong with that

harrison on Jun 14, 2009


38, what, precisely, do you think qualifies as being uneducated? the mere fact you went to college and pursued a really easy degree (like, a tiny step up from majoring in business) doesn't make you educated. surely you've see that plenty of frat guy douchebags (and their pathetic imitators) get undergrad degrees these days. intellectually and educationally, most of these people are virtually identical to the people they were upon entering college (believe me, i know. having graded both freshman and seniors at a very large state school, you'd be surprised at how little progress older students have made after 4 years). so, just because this conversation is taking place via the internet, try not to pretend that you'd qualify as intellectual in the slightest. even if you're in school, if you still seriously spout off the mindless cliches of right-wing philistines, either you're fucking retarded or, like a lot of dumb meatheads, your college experience has been 4 years of drunken pursuits of blowjobs. that doesn't give you any credibility or make you educated. not even close. you're just another shithead that will get a piece of paper he doesn't deserve. and that is completely true, isn't it? i mean, you've never mistaken yourself for an intellectual or even a good student prior to this conversation, right? and neither have any of your teachers or peers, correct. so, stop the bullshit, already, ok asswipe?

Petoria on Jun 14, 2009


Michael Moore is a Liberal Fascist, I like his films, because they contain a small amount of facts, but he bends the truth in some cases too far to get a better reaction from the audience, this is just being as false as the people he is trying to mock. I prefer Mark Thomas ( ), he's a bit more rooted in reality and not as fat as Michael Moore. Being a liberal and a fascist doesn't make you any less of a fascist.

Crapola on Jun 15, 2009


Amazing how much you guys inside the petri dish argue while the ones looking in from the outside are just laughing at you and counting there money. You all think your so correct in your incredibly biased states when the REAL "bad guys" arent in either party there watching all of you worry about each other while they buy away our constitution. Its called divide and conquer and its working and you guys are a prime example. Its amazing how blind everyone is to what happening in our country but you dont care because you have to prove that stupid asshole dem/republican wrong OVER THE INTERNET. One day every single one of you is going to have a very rude awakening and realize how much you got fucked and how amazingly wrong all your parties were/are.

cody on Jun 15, 2009


41, actually, outside of the white trash they manipulate, the guys out there laughing and counting their money are mostly republicans. that's why the last president they funded dropped inheritance taxes, but only for people inheriting more than $600,000. in addition, it's not all about money, anyway. random assholes are just as responsible for discrimination, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness as any of the corporate elite.

Petoria on Jun 15, 2009


Yeah to whoever earns under 60k in this country, your money is getting jacked by the Republican party. I give credit to Michael Moore for shining a light on all you Madoff-idolizing ingenues in-training. I'm not hating on people who earned and worked their way to their amass their fortune. Im talking about people who work at banks [even my good friends]. Your fake smiles and greetings when I walk in the branch don't cover the fact you needed us to bail your capitalist asses out.

Republicans = Greed on Jul 4, 2009


wow petora for someone who states they are finishing a PhD you sure spend a lot of time on movie websites insulting people in unintelligent ways but calling them a variety or names that lack cleverness..... someone seems to have lied about their education

david on Jul 5, 2009


Whatever the case, this still should be an interesting watch. Truth is, the economy is in a downward spiral; over half of this country feels poor, rich people on Wall Street keep getting richer and have been for a century, people in other countries look at all Americans as fat, greedy imbeciles with no sense of the outside world, and hardly no one is willing to speak out about it. We don't have to be these idiots that the rest of the world thinks we are. Banks and major corporations, and the men who run them, have been taking advantage of this for a long time now and they're looking to make a fortune off they way our small minds have been working. Hell, in a large part, they are the reason the brains of Americans are so slow- these companies actually administer what nearly all Americans eat, watch on TV (yes, including FOX News, MSNBC, and PBS too) and cinema, read, what we should buy, what we should drive, what we listen to, and what we should learn in our schools. They don't care about you or this country (since a great number of them don't even live in this country). They only care about the Almighty Dollar. This isn't about being a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or a PhD or a fascist, or even Micheal Moore's goofy ass. This is about turning your brains back on and looking at the big picture. These jerkoffs on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill (and in a lot of cases they are the same jerkoffs) are on a BIG spending spree with your money. You are all on what they call a CREDIT/DEPT SYSTEM- they are not. Who's in dept? Americans. Who are we in dept to? They same people who tricked you into buying their products and tricked you into bailing them out when the wells were running dry. And they will continue to pull the blinds over your heads unless you decide you've had enough. I suggest a new economy all together. If we change the way this obviously failed economy works into something completely different, then we might have a chance. Change the cred/dept system and change the world. Don't let the moneymen rule your life.

deltatango on Jul 10, 2009


All Michael Moore's films are very thought provoking. I am looking forward to see what he uncovers in this movie.

Hsa on Sep 14, 2009


There is no difference betven democrats and republicans. Those two sides are just for show. Before the cameras are all enemies but behind them are all friends. Moore is one of few who know what is happening to the America and entire world is effect of. Obama is not a new Hitler as you said. He is just a face, a black face, so he can convinced people to believe him. And hes doing very good job. American must realize that the president is NOT ruling your country. There are much more powerful people behind him, who control every word he say. Those people are part of Bilderberg Group, which is the most powerful group in the world. And members are mostly the top politicians and businessmen around the world. Their goal is to build the world government and world bank, so they could control the whole world and the whole world would be a slave to them. So the best thing is to support Moore as much you can, because people like him can make changes, not Obama. As long as you Americans will believe to your president the the thing are going to be much worse.

Nikolovski on Mar 15, 2010

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