First X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot: Outcasts

February 15, 2009

First X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot: Outcasts

As promised, Fox aired the first of three TV spots tonight for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The remaining two TV spots will air over the next two nights and together they will form a short narrative revealing the origins of Wolverine. This is what we've all been waiting to see ever since Fox first unleashed the teaser trailer - dark and intense moments from the origins of Wolverine and damn does it look good! I really can't wait to see what they show the next two nights, because this was one hell of an intro and I'm sure there's plenty more to come! Stay tuned for the next TV spot tomorrow night during "House" at 8PM.

Watch the first TV spot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine titled "Outcasts":

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/wolverine-part1.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/wolverine-part1.jpg 480 210]

Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters everywhere on May 1st.

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amazing!!! going to be great! I dont care what anything else looked like, this will be fantastic!!!

s on Feb 15, 2009


Awesome \ | /

toto on Feb 15, 2009


Bone claws...sweet! I'd be leaping with anticipation if this weren't Fox.

DinoChow on Feb 15, 2009


This teaser certainly looks a lot better than that lame trailer they released a few months ago!

Tom Brazelton on Feb 15, 2009


That tv spot gave away too much. It would have been a great twist in the story for people who don't know it. Looks great though.

Johnson on Feb 15, 2009


That was possibly one of the worst trailers I've seen out of all the trailers that have been released starting from mid 08 to the early and current 09 trailers. That child actor couldn't act if his life depended on it. Seriously this kids acting range is as good as Paris Hilton's scholastic knowledge. If I didn't know this film was called X-Men Origins: Wolverine I'd think its some Underworld t.v series spin off. The quality of the overall film was seriously that bad. Ugh so much for the Magneto film.............

Craig on Feb 15, 2009


Oh, I didn't know he claws before the experiment thing, I was under the impression the experiment was what gave him his powers. With that said, I guess with some thought true mutants are born and not made so I should have know better, oh well.

Matthew on Feb 15, 2009


#7 Even in the comics, it was very unclear if Wolvie was born w/ the claws or had them put in later. I believe it was in the '90s that they decided to have him born with them, when Magneto ripped all the adimantium from Logan's skeleton.

nate on Feb 15, 2009


is the kid talking to "jimmy" at the end of the trailer a younger version of sabretooth? that trailer really didn't do anything to dispell my reservations about the film. just a meh and i love wolverine and all things x-men. i'm really starting to believe the reports about dysfunction on the set.

andrew on Feb 15, 2009


#9 - As far as I know, I'm pretty sure that was Sabretooth... Maybe that is his real name before he changed it to Victor Creed? And after they act as "brothers" for a while, they eventually become enemies, which is what we'll see in the movie... Right?

Alex Billington on Feb 15, 2009



JS on Feb 15, 2009


I'm down to see some orgins of Wolverine. Looks like a good action flick.

The_Phantom on Feb 16, 2009


I agree with #5 they gave a little bit about the movie,I thought it was cool first and then i realized it's a bad idea to spoil the movie over 3 days by revealing 3 minutes that might be the most important 3 minutes in the movie that will reveal everything or something important about how the plot might go. I think i am just going to stick with pictures and news rather than watching this 3 minute footage.And that doesn't mean i think the movie will be a bad one it's just that i doesn't want to spoil the movie of one of my most favorite comic book characters because i have been waiting for this movie since i heard the announcement.

Fisherr on Feb 16, 2009


heres the whole story guys this is set in 19th century Canada the kid whos talking to Jimmy is actually Sabretooth also the man whos Jimmy father who got shot dead is not his real father his real father is actually the man who Jimmy aka Wolverine go and stab with his bone-claws. his real father name is Thomas Logan his actually the groundskeeper of Howlett's Family. Thomas Logan had an affair with Elizabeth Howlett and she gave birth to James "Jimmy" Howlett. she hide the truth about her affair from her husband John Howlett. now with this confusion of Sabretooth is actually the brother of Wolverine well in the comics there are so many different relationship between these two, one was that Sabretooth is actually Wolverine father and another are friends that turn enemies. i believe the reason why that they went with Wolverine and Sabretooth been brothers is because it never been in the comics plus in the history of Wolverine life. James "Jimmy" Howlett is actually the second son of John Howlett and Elizabeth Howlett so the first son could actually be Sabertooth, thats the reason why they went with the brother connection for this film. James "Jimmy" Howlett aka Wolverine changed his name to John Logan is because he took both of his fathers names. he took the first name of John (John Howlett) and took the surname of his biological father Logan (Thomas Logan) to have John Logan also known as Logan. some of you guys might be shocked he got bone claws but he always had it before he had adamantium fuse with his bones to create the well known adamantium claws that we all love. i am wondering for this movie that we might get another cameo from Mister Sinister the reason because this is set in the 19th century. i know Mister Sinister is actually from England but he lived in 19th century so maybe he might visit Alberta, Canada or somewhere in Wolverine history in this film. if you guys dont believe what i said about Wolerine History well guys you need to check wikipedia its all there. if you type "Fictional history of Wolverine" on the search engine on wikipedia or go to the link below you will see Wolverine history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictional_history_of_Wolverine i am not a fan of 20th Century Fox but this time around they seem like they are on point for this movie cause they are following Wolverine history with miner changes.

filmkid on Feb 16, 2009


May 1st? Aww cmon we still gotta wait ages..

max on Feb 16, 2009


for number 7,wolverine mutant abitily is his healing factor & bone claws didn't they end up being a bullshit story from marvel,that wolverine was taken away by apocalypse,wolverine came back as a different charactor,took on the x-men defeated there wolverine killed him,the rest of the team said thats imppossible only to see him change into a skrull,and then apocalypse wolverine unmasked himself & said guest who's back it's the real wolverine with inplanted claws & not bone ones like that fucking no good skrull had.whats all this sabertooth (dad,uncle,brother,mum,auntie,daughter.)bullshit why can't they just be enemies.fuck you fox.

zetsu on Feb 16, 2009


@ #14 John Logan is the name of Logan's grandfather and father and brother. It's NOT Logan's name. Logan's name is James Howlett.

Tz on Feb 16, 2009


#16 this movie origin is mostly based on the Wolverine Origin story that came out about 6 years ago, put out by Marvel. It's not made up by Fox.

Alfredo on Feb 16, 2009


This Film Is Not Yet Rated...Because We're Still Filming.

Homero on Feb 16, 2009


To #3: That's all the proof I need that this site has an unnecessary FOX hate. Anything with FOX's name attached is automatically bad. That does it, I'm done using this site for movie news. Other film companies such as WB and Paramount are as equally guilty for most of the things FOX has done.

Chris C. on Feb 16, 2009


I look forward to it!

Bry from Chi on Feb 16, 2009


how new is this? they said film is not yet rated? my first consensus was that they would make it pg-13 but then again i havent gotten around to reading the graphic novel.

jake saunders on Feb 16, 2009


awesome sick ass teaser way better than the trailer i really hope fox has sweet things in this movie here to wolverine Im there dudes wohoooh

alan on Feb 16, 2009


Wolverine nipple action!!!

wolveriney on Feb 16, 2009


Read Wolverine: Origins TPB, it's the entire story of how, why, who is wolverine before he became the sole Canadian bad ass mutant this country has ever produced in fiction...One thing though, a lot of other mutants will be seen in this movie that wolverine meets waaaaay after "Weapon X" project. The only mutants Wolverine knows of b4 all this happen to him is...Mystique in the roaring 20's and Sabertooth in the mid 60's early 70's during Department H's Canadian government funded super soldier program. He met way later, met the White Queen Emma Frost way later, met Deadpool waaay later, never met Will.I.AM stupid character ever and certainly never met Storm as a child. The producers are patching a lot of storyline in what could be a redeeming X-men related movie....#14 got the info right, but some minor details are incorrect. In the comic, we are clued in on who is Wolvie's real dad, but it is never implied that "Dog" Wolvie's dad first son is Sabertooth...he never shows any mutant powers, but hes the right age, hair color and attitude. We don't know if Wolverines dad was a mutant in the comic. (two normal parents can give birth to a mutant in Marvel comics). But I think since its never been done in comics, the producers are going out on a limb with fans and making it sorta of official that these two are related as brothers. As a diehard X-men fan/reader/expert, I've got no problems with it Sabertooth has a shady past in comics too. My only hope is that it becomes canon in the X-men/Wolverine comics in the next few months...just one problem: Wolverine cut Sabertooth's head last year and Sabertooth has risen from the grave....Yet!

Lazarus on Feb 17, 2009


i'm pretty sure if it's liev schreiber playing sabretooth, and liev schreiber's character kills the father, and then after that, one kid says to another, 'it's just you and me now', i'm pretty sure that means the older kid isn't sabretooth.

Zach on Feb 17, 2009


who cares!? X-Men was raped in the movies, this movie is going to be a raping as well.

thasaltshaker on Feb 18, 2009


what i want to know is if Daken will be in there. he was in origins.

ismail on Mar 18, 2009


# 26 Zach - james/jimmy/logan is wolverine, Victor Creed is Sabretooth. They are brothers from diff. moms, Jimmy kills victors dad who is in turn his real dad. the older brother is Sabretooth! they dont really say if logan/sabretooths father/mother were mutants but i guess it really doesnt matter cuz mutants can be born of normal parents.

Ian on Apr 7, 2009


i downloaded the film two days ago. its really good. #29 is right.

Alfred on Apr 12, 2009


What confused me is that Wolverine face resembles John Howlett's and SabreTooth's resembles Thomas Logans.

logan on Nov 1, 2009


I thought the same thing, but apparently in the comics, John Howlett was Wolverine's father and Thomas Logan was Sabretooths. Its not feasable to say they are brothers, yet both look like they have diferent fathers and mothers. Really confusing

Beks on Aug 1, 2011

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