FlickChart's Top 20 Films of the Decade as Decided by Fans

December 23, 2009
Source: FlickChart

FlickChart - The Dark Knight

Hopefully most of you have already discovered the brilliantly addictive movie ranking website FlickChart located at If you haven't ever been there, check it out and sign up. The concept is simple: it shows you two movies and you choose which one you like more. In theory, with enough rankings, you'll organize a list of your all-time favorites. FlickChart took the data they've collected so far and put together a list of the Top 20 Films of the decade as decided by the 40,000 users, which skew more towards fans than critics, who have been ranking films since they started a few months ago. Read on to find out what they are!

More details and a complete list of all the films ranked by FlickChart users can be found at this link here.

FlickChart's Top 20 Films of the Decade:
20. Children of Men
19. Sin City
18. Finding Nemo
17. Casino Royale
16. The Bourne Identity
15. The Incredibles
14. Gladiator
13. Iron Man
12. Shaun of the Dead
11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
10. Wall-E
9. Memento
8. No Country for Old Men
7. The Departed
6. Kill Bill Vol. 1
5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
4. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
3. Batman Begins
2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
1. The Dark Knight

FlickChart also put up blog entry about this list with additional statistics and data for each of the 20 films.

I know this list is going to be controversial, but so be it. It's purely a fanboy list and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I'm satisfied with almost all of these movies on here (so maybe I'm a fanboy). It's missing a few big ones like There Will be Blood and Pan's Labyrinth, but don't forget that the way their rankings work, it usually comes down to a heat-of-the-moment decision (when there are two exceptional films) that is based more on what you feel like watching that instant, rather than what you really think is the better movie (critically). Despite all that, though, this list still does remind me of so many great movies from this decade.

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Where is Spider-man ? Can't see it... Maybe behind Batman Begins (why, in the name of love, it's on the list ?)...

Meeea on Dec 23, 2009


Begins deserves to be that high,perfect film.

tir na nog on Dec 23, 2009


I guess I'm one of the few who HATED "No country for old men" great acting, pointless self-absorbed story. But that's just my opinion. ...gotta agree with #1, where is Spiderman...or better yet, Spiderman 2? "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" one of the best films of the decade?.... really? On the whole it's a pretty good list.

xan on Dec 23, 2009


thats a great list, I would have to add all 3 Bourne movies into one and of course add Avatar, seeing its still 2009

OCP on Dec 23, 2009


Sigh. TDK #1. I strongly, strongly, strongly disagree, but Batman Begins? Really? What is everyone's fascination with Batman? Also, Star Trek is missing from this list.

RC on Dec 23, 2009


I don't mind the list. I saw them all and they were all great save Batman Begins. How the fuck did that shit get on there? I hate that they duplicated the LOTR movies. I must agree with teh Academy on this. If they're all great, just award one, lol. I will say it made me happy to Children of Men on the list as I loved that movie and it was a lot better than some gave it credit for. Good to see a lack of comic book movies though despite how many came out.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 23, 2009


I think The Departed should have been top 3

oren on Dec 23, 2009


Avatar is one of the Greatest Films I Have Ever Seen...yet it is absent from this list.

John on Dec 23, 2009


Pan's Labyrinth was awesome. There Will Be Blood sucked. Out loud...

RPD on Dec 23, 2009


"The Departed" is a "run-of-the-mill" movie saved by big name actors, Gone Baby Gone was better.

Trip on Dec 23, 2009


District 9 wouldn't look out of place either,and star trek.

tir na nog on Dec 23, 2009


I'm actually more surprised that The Fellowship of the Ring made it higher than The Two Towers or The Return of the King. I thought the later two were more popular amongst moviegoers. Good list. More based on popular preference that anything else but there's nothing inherently wrong with that.

SlashBeast on Dec 23, 2009


anyone who thinks that any of the Spider-man movies should be on this list is a total idiot!!! #1 and #3-you are idiots!!!!thats my opinion!!!! I think that Pan's Labyrinth and Inglorious basterds should be on the list....and District 9....and much good movies.....anyway,list is OK.what about The Matrix????how come its not on the list???

splinter on Dec 23, 2009


@13 totally right

erna on Dec 23, 2009


@13 totally right .... Spider Man hahah!

erna on Dec 23, 2009


I'm assuming they left off Avatar because it's too new, but it deserves a spot. Spider-Man 2 as well. I'm shocked Kill Bill was so high on the list.

NadaNuff on Dec 23, 2009


wat a crappy list

ray on Dec 23, 2009


The Matrix was 1999.

Governor on Dec 23, 2009


This is a good balance to the more critical opinions as it reflects more of the taste of the general moviegoers. It's an interesting contrast.

1-7 on Dec 23, 2009


Respectable list and if "The Prestige" was included on that list, I would have suspected Christopher Nolan wrote it, but again in my opinion he was the most exciting/diverse director of the decade.

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 23, 2009


I always thought people loved Kill Bill Vol. 2 more than Vol. 1. Looks like inwas seriously wrong about that one. I understand why it's not on the list, but I would like to see The Fountain on there. I'd replace Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with it. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing The Departed on here, but I'd be floored if it was top three. Not enough was changed from Infernal Affairs IMO

Buzz on Dec 23, 2009


must be just me but i really feel as if the preceding comments were all written by just 2-3 people. spiderman? district 9? dark knight? c'mon,man,come the fuck on.

twispious on Dec 23, 2009


Eh... so so list but again it's personal opinion.

K on Dec 23, 2009


Shaun of the Dead? Really? I laughed out loud when i saw that movie on the list 😐 Also, I absolutly hated "No Country For Old Men", so I disagree with it being on the list as well - but makes more sense since it won so many Oscars. Think they missed one of the "Matrix" movies, they were totally revolutionary, along with Avatar. Spider-man 2 could have easily made it on the list, it was a lot better than some movies in there. I dare to say, fail list is fail!

Carecup on Dec 23, 2009


@ 13 i think the matrix came out in 1999.i would of had the following in no particular order 1.pan's labyrinth2.lotr the fellowship of the ring 3.lotr the two towers 4.lotr return of the king 5.x-men 2 6.the departed 7.battle royale 8.the ring (jap verison)9.kill bill vol 1 10. the dark knight 11.memento 12.ironman 13.gladiator 14.sin city country for old men 16.batman begins bak 18.the watchmen 19.blade runner the final cut 20.district 9.i think that's a pretty fucking sweet list.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 23, 2009


Of course the list is not going to please everyone. Its based on the tastes of 40,000 people. What should have done though, was release the list at least at the end of January when Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Inglourious Basterds and whatever else has been or is to be released this year has done healthy rounds on Flickchart. Hell, Avatar has not come my way yet. Flickchart shoulda waited.

Ostilad on Dec 23, 2009


Why on earth would someone put Avatar into a film list? It's a fucking graphics engine, not a film.

Haha! on Dec 23, 2009


TDK should not be in the top 10 Where is The Matrix

The Goodfella on Dec 23, 2009


? why was not that shitty crap Twilight put on the list even though im not a fan of this teen shit, also Transformers Revenge of the fallen, let the right one in, were dose Avatar stand on the list. Harry Brown there are a still a lot of good not grate films out there which were not put the list fucking dark Knight is still on the list at No1, get over it, it was over a year ago.

Cineprog on Dec 23, 2009


Where is Black Hawk Down, Saw, Cast Away, I Robot, Green Mile, The Wrestler, I am Legend, Bad Boys 2, 300, Matrix, X - Men, Blade 2, Texas Chainsaw, Underworld ( and yes i did say underworld & blade because if iron man can be in it then so can they ) this is not really a decade list is it, its more of a Top 20 movies of the last 4 years list

Tony Gorden on Dec 23, 2009


I'm happy to see Children of Men and Sin City make the list, I love both those movies. I'm also suped about The Incredibles and more impressively is Wall-E getting in the top Ten. That movie is amazing. I like LOTR but the top of the list is too convoluted with those movies, should have picked one and given some other movies a chance. I love Batman Begins and don't know why people are hating on it so much, but I do think it should have been quite a bit lower, probably under Iron Man. And anyone with problems about The Dark Knight being number one can suck it. I agree Spider-Man 2 should have made it, but completely disagree about any of the Matrix movies making the cut. The first one would be deserving if it had been released in this decade, but the other two were awful.

Shaun on Dec 23, 2009


Where is Transformers 1 ( not 2 ) We Were Soldiers, Divinci Code, Little Nicky, Panic Room, Constintine, reign of fire, Gran Torino

apeman on Dec 23, 2009


Some of the people who leave comments on here are complete tools. A lot of them don't understand why or even how the list is generated. Many of the commentators do not have a very sound knowledge of when some movies have been released nor do they often have very great taste or opinion of what a good movie is. I'm sure some people think the same of me, it's just funny sometimes reading these comments. In this particular discussion there are far too many to even single anybody out.

Shaun on Dec 23, 2009


#33 The first matrix was this decade Where is The Machinest, Rescue Dawn, Terminator 3, Angels and demons, Rambo 4

xxx on Dec 23, 2009


#35 so tell me what the wrong movies people have said are not in this decade??????????

xxx on Dec 23, 2009


What? No Observe and Report?

christmas buttons on Dec 23, 2009


Pretty good list, but Pan's Labyrinth and Man On Fire should be on top of this list.

Ron Kundinger on Dec 23, 2009


@ 34....really? You think Little Nicky deserves to be on a top films of the decade list? It was decent, but it should never be included on a list with The Dark Knight and Children of Men.

peloquin on Dec 23, 2009


I'm disappointed and surprised, WATCHMEN didn't even get a mention, not even in the comments section

Dynesmax on Dec 23, 2009


@ #40 Little Nicky was obviously a joke, as was Reign of Fire.

NadaNuff on Dec 23, 2009


# 36 you've gotta be kidding with Rambo and T3... Gladiator should be higher, Begins should be lower. Bourne Identity was the worst of the trilogy. Good, but not as good as the others.

branden on Dec 23, 2009


Ha! TDK at number 1? HA! That's mad! Where is Apocalypto? Where is Prestige? My top 5 off the top of my head. 1. Matrix Reloaded 2. Avatar 3. Apocalypto 4. Gladiator 5. Memento Sue me, bite me, chew me out for my number one pick...TDK does not get in my top 30. Over-rated, pretentious thing....

Have Hope on Dec 23, 2009


What the fuck is up with people loving Spiderman? All fucking horrible films.. I like the list but also miss Pan's Labyrinth.. Wouldn't mind if Towers got the hell out of there..

Andreas on Dec 23, 2009


What no 'The House Bunny', I'm dissapointed. Honestly.

Crapola on Dec 23, 2009


@ 44 TDK overrated and Reloaded good? Shame they even let Reloaded and Revolutions out since they cast a shadow on the AMAZING thing that Matrix is..

Andreas on Dec 23, 2009


lol, let's relax guys, we all have our favorites. I, myself am a DC head then MARVEL so we all have our opinions and they all valid one's as well but what can you do. I don't agree with the list because I think it's too broad. I believe it needs to be broken down into genre's. Perhaps out of each top genre list you take the top 2 or 3 with a final top 20 list comprised of the top 2's and 3's. I agree with a lot of you especially the comments that sound more favoritism to MARVEL. I also thought where is Spidey 1 and 2, where is XMen, they were all great in the own right. I also don't agree that they deserve the top spot, I'm afraid maybe some are considering that since it was the first movie of it's character it demands #1 in any list or maybe because they're a MARVEL head first. I just think it's a hard thing to do with this broad list like this, it's needs to be broken down IMO. If that happens, let the wonderful debate begin. Now someone mentioned Little Nicky, I gotta disagree that is probably one of Sandman's worse movie's IMO. On the Comedy side, where are the likes of Hangover, Ol Skool, Wedding Crashers, Tropic Thunder and even Superbad. Sandman also has a few great comedies to add. At the end the list just proves it meant to start fights and not settle the score lol. I am surprise to see Children of Men on the list tho

blue & orange ny on Dec 23, 2009


shaun of the dead no..ill take zombieland over that any day..i wish little miss sunshine was on there and i like kill bill vol.2 more than vol.1

hale on Dec 23, 2009


1. Avatar 2. Gladiator 3. Memento 4. The bourne identity 5. Lord of the rings trilogy ----------------------and what goes beyond this list is none of your god damn business, i like many movies..more than 20 from this decade and..yeah. PUT AVATAR ON no.1 or i'll shove some arrows with neurotoxin up yer eyeball :O

adrian on Dec 23, 2009


Pan's Labyrinth? Are you kidding me?

M on Dec 23, 2009


decent list, agree on some, disagree on some.

xerxex on Dec 23, 2009


"The concept is simple: it shows you two movies and you choose which one you like more." This is like paper, rock, scissors. I like Memento more than Wall-E, Wall-E more than Iron Man, and Iron Man more than Wall-E. The Departed is a remake. Donnie Darko and Primer are missing.

Comment on Dec 23, 2009


almost famous should be on here

jh on Dec 23, 2009


Good grief, Primer SUCKED! I bought that because of high recommendations and regretted it. An intelligent movie, yes, but movies are not meant to teach, they are meant to entertain, and this movie didn't follow through. The Prestige, The Matrix Reloaded--hope those are jokes. Along with every movie listed by #36. But it's all about opinion, right?

NadaNuff on Dec 23, 2009


this list is sooooo gonna change now that Avatar is out.

Andrew on Dec 23, 2009


I'm liking this list, but I agree that the last 5 slots are a bit sketchy. Personally I enjoyed Inglorious Basterds more than Kill Bill Vol. 1. Also, I tend to agree that Dark Knight was a bit overrated (It was still very very good and worthy of a high spot on the list though). Also, I would've bumped Children of Men up and No Country for Old Men down a few slots.

NathanEG on Dec 23, 2009


im so happy to see children of menn up there, should be higher than twenty, also no one ever went and saw the fall or forgot about the wrestler, what about v for vendetta, hell maybe even the watchmen, its a good list though, lot of LOTR fanboy love, i say 2 towers was the best, the rest really drug on. i bet the star wars fanboys are pissed, 3 LOTR movies, no new star wars movies, they should been better haha.

austin on Dec 23, 2009


im so happy to see children of menn up there, should be higher than twenty, also no one ever went and saw the fall or forgot about the wrestler, what about v for vendetta, hell maybe even the watchmen, its a good list though, lot of LOTR fanboy love, i say 2 towers was the best, the rest really drug on. i bet the star wars fanboys are pissed, 3 LOTR movies, no new star wars movies, they should been better haha. also how did no Clint Eastwood directed films get in there, the person who made this list sounds like a 25 year old virgin with a stiffy for peter jackson, christoper nolan, and the pixar guys. its an ok list, but i think there were a ton of better choices and candidates to be had.

austin on Dec 23, 2009


Passion of the Christ! (jk)

miracle on Dec 23, 2009


They should have waited until the year ended to truly publish the list.

Governor on Dec 23, 2009


I agree with The Dark Knight, LOTR trilogy, Eternal Sunshine and Finding Nemo, the rest, not so much.

1-7 on Dec 23, 2009


Donnie Darko and the Prestige are missing but Im glad to see children of men at least mde it on the list. TDK needs to be like #10 maybe but not #1. But like someone said this is all opinion guys...Im sure every person whove seen this thinks theres a few missing from it. You cant take it so seriously.

Cody on Dec 23, 2009


the first 5 are my fav films ever awesome

jono on Dec 23, 2009


Well it does say it's his Fanboy list, so I guess that. Awkward taste? Really awkward taste in film.

Nick Worley on Dec 23, 2009


It's a really cool site, you can try and figure out what your favorite movies are. 40 000 users, wow! I find it funny that people are angry. You have your opinions, and 40 000+ people have theirs. I like this list. Quite a few more mainstream movies than you'd see on other lists.

Glass on Dec 23, 2009


What about X3? lol.

Richard on Dec 23, 2009


Glad to see Batman Begins so high on the list. People don't seem to completely understand that film, it's something much better more sophisticated than TDK.

Bob on Dec 23, 2009


hahaha!!! So, Marvel must change quantity to quality...

Amazed on Dec 23, 2009


Thanks for showing us this site. If i get fired beacuse i cant stop rating movies i am going to sue all of you.

James on Dec 23, 2009



Matt on Dec 23, 2009


Watchmen is missing. And these guys are idiots.

danielvutran on Dec 23, 2009


I like! I like a lot!

BookWorm on Dec 23, 2009


1. Lost in Translation 2. There Will Be Blood 3. LOTR: Return of The King 4. LOTR: Fellowship 5. Assassination of Jessie James 6. The Hours 7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 8. Cidade de Deus 9. Donnie Darko 10. Million Dollar Baby thank you, goodnight..

Bender on Dec 23, 2009


great for the most part, dunno about memento, saw it so long ago. incredibles and sin city have no place on this list, and batman begins was a great movie, but maybe lower down the list like 15 or so. star trek and maybe even avatar could make the top 20 over a couple of these films

harrison on Dec 23, 2009


I agree with this list. TDK was the best film that I've seen in 15 years. Awesome list.

Barnaby Barrilla on Dec 23, 2009


I actually really like this list! I like all of these films!

WordSearch on Dec 23, 2009


This list is quite poor in my opinion. Six of those have earned to be on the last, MAYBE. But otherwise, it is false.

CLZ on Dec 23, 2009


#40 i know Little Nicky should not be on the same list as TDK because TDK should not be on the list in the first place.

xxx on Dec 23, 2009


#42 no i was not a joke, if Iron Man and Finding Nemo can get on it then anything can.

xxx on Dec 23, 2009


#68 I agree with you about the two Batman Movies 100% Begins is better than Dark Night ( it has a story and it takes time to build its characters ) WHERE IS BLACK HAWK DOWN AND CAST AWAY

David on Dec 23, 2009


Where is public enemies??? AND Bad Boys 2?????

BOBBY on Dec 23, 2009


Where is THE WRESTLER???

Kate Beckinsales tight leather outfit on Dec 23, 2009


So they put Lord of the rings up but no Jurassic Park 3 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? They dont no what there on about

wwe on Dec 23, 2009



Andrew on Dec 23, 2009


really??? where the hell is harry potter ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or even the notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.B on Dec 23, 2009


Before i even read the list i picked The Departed as my favorite film of the decade and im glad to see it made the list. I also would have included -Cast Away -Catch me if you Can -The Bourne Ultimatum -At least one Judd Apatow film -Ratatouille and i know how much most people despise it, but i personally love Cloverfield.

LeeMan on Dec 23, 2009


This list is garbage. I don't have time to post all the great movies of this decade, but here are my top ten: 1--Freddy Got Fingered 2--White Chicks 3--Battlefield Earth 4--Son of the Mask 5--Johnson Family Vacation 6--Kangaroo Jack 7--The Adventures of Pluto Nash 8--Glitter 9--Basic Instinct 2 10--Gigli Read more:

Nada Nuff on Dec 23, 2009


You guys are fucking hilarious. This doesn't work like a poll. In order for a film to get high ranking, it has to have been seen by people. If people only saw one of the two movies, they'd probably choose the one they had already seen, unless it was a steaming pile of ass. Thus, the most popular movies are going to be the movies that made a lot of money and were big blockbuster movies. District 9 - as much as you all seem to have loved it - was not a huge hit. It did well, especially for it's budget, but a lot of the people who saw it didn't like it. That pretty much guaranteed that it wouldn't show up on some popularity contest list. Doesn't make it any less good or bad of a movie. It doesn't need defending. I personally completely hated that film, but for reasons other than what most people disliked it for. But now I'm rambling. Only a couple of these would have made it on my own list, and as I've said before, ranking films is a stupid thing to do. Even if you're just numbering them to be sure you've got 20 on there, people will equate that with "rank", and films can't be ranked and measured and shit. You can't say that one movie was this much of a percentage better than that movie. It's completely impossible. People will like what they want. On the same note, you don't have to disagree with this list. It's an interesting list, but it doesn't prove anything aside from the fact that 40,000 random people on the internet were more likely to like big action blockbusters than small indie dramas. I could have told you that without wasting all the time and effort to make a web app and generate a list.

Squiggly_P on Dec 23, 2009


Nice fanboy list there. I guess no one watches foreign cinema or Indies. This list is just dull and depressing. If this is truly the state of film we've taken some giants steps back. Maybe five of these films are worthy of such praise.

Brandon on Dec 23, 2009


get rid of sin city. add v for vendetta

Bob on Dec 23, 2009


Forget about the top 20... This is my -almost - definitive top 30 list!!! (just for the sake of it!) 1. CHILDREN OF MEN (2006) 2. THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) 3. KILL BILL VOL. 1 (2003) 4. THE PRESTIGE (2006) 5. 21 GRAMS (2003) 6. THE AVIATOR (2004) 7. EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO (2006) 8. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (2002) 9. CASINO ROYALE (2006) 10. MATCHPOINT (2005) 11. THE DARJEELING LIMITED (2007) 12. ABOUT A BOY (2002) 13. LE FABULEUX DESTIN D’AMÉLIE POULAIN (2001) 14. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) 15. THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (2008) 16. BABEL (2006) 17. SIN CITY (2005) 18. MEMENTO (2000) 19. THE FOUNTAIN (2006) 20. OLDBOY (2003) 21. ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004) 22. THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (2004) 23. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003) 24. LAYER CAKE (2004) 25. IN BRUGES (2008) 26. SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) 27. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER (2009) 28. THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU (2004) 29. CORALINE (2009) 30. BRICK (2005)

leinergroove on Dec 23, 2009


@88 Better than a list full of pretentious Oscar bait movies.

D on Dec 23, 2009


wow... splinter seems a bit tense. ya know when I'm feeling tense I like to run it up spinter's mom's backdoor while she goes down erna's mom's taco. Who knew those ladies actually would request a dirty sanchez... just sayin. Such rancor from someone who clearly isn't a fan of Spiderman movies... maybe that's the problem with this world... so many people get so upset over what someone else likes/dislikes in movies... the world would be a much better place if we all just set aside our hate and just bang splinter's mom for a while. god know's she needs it after having to raise a douche like #13. But's that's just my opinion. lol... idiot.

xan on Dec 24, 2009


Where is The Green Mile???

tna on Dec 24, 2009


People seem to be forgetting that this list is based on popular preference. Not on critical reviews or anything. I find it very interesting to see what films general audiences like the most.

SlashBeast on Dec 24, 2009


Spiderman was one the best movies of the decade???!?!?!? REALLY??? Matrix? Matrix reloaded? Revolutions? AHAHAHHAHAHAHhah.....ahahhahahahahahaha...oh stop...stop.. I like the arguments of how men in tights movies need to be in the top five...sigh...

Moronstro on Dec 24, 2009


ha!! what a load of pre-pubescent fanboy psuedo intellectual masturbatory crap!! "WAAAA, where's GIJoe? sniffle sniffle, Where are the transformers? Wheres the matrix?" WHERES YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF CINEMA? WHERES YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF FILM? You guys couldnt appreciate a real movie if it was burned into your retinas and put on repeat in your ipods! keep picking your movies from Toys R Us and thinking Ebert and scorcese are out of touch cause you disagree with them! HAAHAHHAA or LOL as you say!

manix Dpress on Dec 24, 2009


Children of Men? Really? That was horrible. Two Towers was better than Fellowship, I think. And Gladiator was superior to Iron Man. I definitly agree with TDK as the best though. I could watch that movie every day. Not a bad list overall.

Antioch on Dec 24, 2009



George on Dec 24, 2009


TDK #1??? WTF?? The Return of the King totally deserves the first place!!

Freddy on Dec 24, 2009


lol I'll repeat.....we are all going at it with each other but no matter how they compiled the list...If anything like this is thought to be made, then first thing is needs to broken down into genre's then perhaps for the sake of it, for fun....take the top 2 or 3 from each genre and then put a final top 20

blue & orange ny on Dec 24, 2009


Debbie does Fallas 2010 is my top pic of the decade.

Movietweeter on Dec 25, 2009


I would of added The Prestige to the list, oh well.

Dan on Dec 26, 2009


My top 10 films from 2000 - 2009 2000-Gladiator 2001-The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring 2002-The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers 2003-The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King 2004-The Incredibles 2005-Batman Begins 2006-Casino Royale 2007-Sunshine 2008-The Dark Knight 2009-Avatar

Last Son on Dec 26, 2009


why is No Country for old Men there? XD

tiff on Dec 27, 2009


good list but batman begins is so high on the list AND where is prestige and city of god? 1-the dark knight 2-amelie 3-memento 4-city of god 5- the departed 6-the prestige 7-casino royal 8-district 9 9-Requiem for a Dream 10-crash the dark knight is defnitly best movie of all time

masoud on Dec 29, 2009


Great, another geeky list.

WILLEE on Dec 30, 2009

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