For Your Consideration - The Hangover for Best Picture?!

November 22, 2009

The Hangover for Best Picture

Wait, what?! Yep, this is real. While browsing Variety tonight, this ad popped up on the website, asking for Academy voters to nominate the Warner Brothers' comedy The Hangover for Best Picture. We've seen plenty of For Your Consideration ads before (I featured the ad for Pixar's Up last week), but this is not an ad I ever expected to see. I liked The Hangover, but as the Best Picture? No way! What the heck is wrong with Warner Brothers? Is this a joke? It even says on the top: "For Your Consideration In All Categories." Does anyone actually think that Zach Galifianakis or Ed Helms should be nominated for Best Actor? Oh come on!

The Hangover for Best Picture

At first I thought this was a big joke. Maybe someone at Warner Brothers wanted to have fun and put an ad in Variety saying that The Hangover should win Best Picture. I mean, that has to be a joke, right? Nope! If you look closely, underneath the "Best Picture" sign is a little bit of text that says "Comedy or Musical." Ahhhh right, this is for the Golden Globes, too! I definitely think The Hangover has a chance of winning (or at least getting nominated) for the Best Musical or Comedy category. Same with Zach Galifianakis or Ed Helms. So please don't flip out. It's not a joke, it is real, and it's for the Golden Globes. "So long gay boys!"

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It wasnt even funny!!!

Tony on Nov 22, 2009


actually, tony, it was funny.

real talk on Nov 22, 2009


Yes, Tony, Real Talk is correct. It contained hilarious jokes and performances thereby making it funny. Sorry to disappoint you. Regards, Ethan.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 22, 2009


funniest movie I've seen the last few years. and it wasnt retarded funny either. i can't remember if there was an oscar for comedies, but if not, i can definitely see why they would try to get this nominated for best pic. every time it's drama, drama, drama. doesn't people want to see a few good action or comedy movies get noms too. this year being perfect with 10 noms available to have different kinds of movies like this and Up (or Wall-e) included in the category.

lego on Nov 22, 2009


@1) Either you're blind and def or you aren't human cause that was hilarious.

CLZ on Nov 22, 2009


I guess its much economical, instead of paying up for different ads in different category. But its a good joke:)

dex on Nov 22, 2009


#2, 3, 4, 5... I have to agree with #1. Their were some parts that was funny in the film but overall it wasnt the funniest film i have seen in years, hell Pineapple Express was funnier. But i guess the humor is meant for a certain type of people, just like the film Funny People. However, having to nominate this film for Best Picture is a joke. Not even close.

Nikhil Hariharan on Nov 23, 2009


I thought it was excellent, but it is clearly a joke.

d1rEct on Nov 23, 2009


Read the fine print: "Comedy Or Musical". This is a FYC ad aimed at the HFPA for the Golden Globes, where "The Hangover", being the year's most successful comedy, stands a fine chance being nominated as Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

Yair Raveh on Nov 23, 2009


No, its freaking hilarious and all, but no.

xerxex on Nov 23, 2009


How about best Original Song? What do tigers dream of? When they take a little tiger snooze.

OneBadAce on Nov 23, 2009


it was funny but not oscar-worthy...

F.C. on Nov 23, 2009


what actually defines oscar quality?? the film delivered its every intends if not even more it was funny it was good acted it had a great OST it had no loose ends almost everything tied nicely at the end it had really a nice plot where you couldnt actually guess the ending oh did i mention it was funny as hell and i mean in a clever way, and as someone also mentioned not retarded, cheap, below the belt sex jokes kinda funny ๐Ÿ˜€ i loved it as i watched it @ theatre, @ home and even as we talked about it amongst friends, i felt the urge to go home and watch it again ๐Ÿ˜€ so what is oscar nomination standarts?? who decides one should get? (IMO Titanic was one of the worst movies acting wise and never even could watch it till the end and i should state i tried several times ๐Ÿ™‚ couldnt bear with it) Oscars should go to movies that really achieve what they set out to do... one should not undress, play homosexual roles, undergo heavy ugly make up to be nominated for best actor the movie itself shouldnt be necessarily make us to commit suicide right after we get out of the theatre (just exaggrating the fact that almost all of the nominations are dramas :D) (hehe i know there is an academy and i bunch of guys whose sole business is to go thru the films and so) who is to say that a comedy cant get an oscar.... if one should get it then it should definetely go to "The Hangover" i hereby legally declare my vote for the best picture: "The Hangover" cheers burak

burak "Daequitas" on Nov 23, 2009


You know I find it completely absurd that a comedic film can't be considered for an oscar. I mean it actually take talent to be funny. I actually thing its harder to successfully pull of a comedic role then a dramatic. Its just you've got all these people that swear they are so high brow when it comes to film and don't bother to look at anything they just base there opinions on what they here critics are saying. Oh yeah lets give best picture to that little piece of shit that only 10 people world wide have seen just so it makes the Academy seem like they have some access and understanding of stuff that the masses just don't get. You know because the Academy is so Intelligent. A$$Holes

KAOZ on Nov 23, 2009


wasnt saying it was actually oscar worthy, just sayin when was the last time you saw a comedy that was. or an animated(best pic nom) for that matter. this time theres a better chance for the latter to make an appearance. but say if Up won best pic, that would mean it has to win the best animated, and wouldnt that be a bit redundant? regardless, i digress. but i lost my train of thought anyways. i still believe there should be at least a comedy oscar, the academy needs to loosen up and take these movies for what they're worth, and recognize what they mean to the industry.

lego on Nov 23, 2009


Well, I went to the theaters to see it like I did with 20 other films this year. This movie was by far my best $9.50 investment of them all. So... yeah, it should win best picture in my opinion.

Syphous on Nov 23, 2009


Wow, this is really breaking news! As far as I know, a studio has NEVER promoted a film for Best Picture that didn't really have a chance! Good job on this, First Showing. Classy, classy site.

Mark on Nov 23, 2009


@ #1 & 7: You've obviously never had a bad hangover where you can't remember what you did the night before. This movie was hilarious, it reminds me of college hahaha. I can watch it over and over and it never gets old. Hey, there have been strangest nominations for the Oscars, so I'm not surprised.

Victor on Nov 23, 2009


Tony, this movie single handedly encouraged me to book a trip to Vegas. I'm alright with the nomination for best picture. Ed Helms without a tooth is brilliant. Can anybody confirm if this is his voice or not:

vegastron on Nov 23, 2009


zach should definitely get nominated. but if this is getting nominated ,how come dark knight never got nominated

darrin on Nov 23, 2009


Ohahahahahahahahahaha. Pretty funny. It was hardly funny. No Best Picture. Nomination okay, but it shouldn't win for best picture

Daniel on Nov 23, 2009


Anything and everything nowadays gets an oscar campaign behind it. This doesn't mean anything.

Governor on Nov 23, 2009


best comedy of the year easy

dylan on Nov 23, 2009


i do certainly think it was the best comedy of the year and in a year with some mundane movies, this could deserve a spot (afterall, there will be 10 spots)... it was a fun time at the movies, and it would nice to see a well produced and popular comedy be nominated for something at the Oscars which rarely happens. Comedy films are movies too and they should be recognized for achievement! not that this should ever win best picture nor is it as good as hundreds of other comedies that have failed over the years to get rewarded. Perhaps this will start a trend for the Academy to start recognizing comedies.... who knows? i wouldnt be surprised if it got a Best Comedy or Musical nom for Golden Globes as for acting...Zach was really really funny. he nailed the part and if he gets nominated i would be proud of those that voted for him.

joey on Nov 23, 2009


Its says Musical or Comedy, so Im pretty sure this is aimed at the Globes. That being said, if this was being pushed for Oscar BP i'd be against it. I enjoyed the film, I just wouldn't put it in my top ten, it isn't that I wouldnt want to see a Comedy as a BP contender, its that this film doesn't make that cut.

Al on Nov 23, 2009


i think it should win it waz a funny movie wit a great plot and a ending it waz funnier then pinapple express which in my opinion waz the funniest movie of 2008. if it doesnt win best picture then bradly cooper should be nominated 4 something cuz he waz very funny or atleast it should win best comedy.

quez on Nov 23, 2009


@ 1 & 7 Totally agree was NOT funny. It was as funny as the two idiot robots on Transformers 2.

chad on Nov 23, 2009


funny or not it should never be considered for an oscar

sam on Nov 23, 2009


Sorry, I didn't find this to be one of the funniest films in years. Wasn't even one of the funniest THIS year (IMO). It was pleasant enough and amusing. But I laughed more in five minutes watching "Zombieland" than I did during "The Hangover". "In the Loop", "The Brothers Bloom" and "Observe and Report" were all also infinitely funnier. Again, just my two cents.

Film Fan on Nov 23, 2009


Sorry! This was a crappy movie.

Nils on Nov 23, 2009


Galifianakis certainly deserves consideration if his role qualifies as "supporting". How do you define what qualifies a picture to be a "Best Picture" nomination? We might start seeing some more comedies get nods now that 10 movies get nominated. Hangover is definitely still on my 2009 Top Ten list.

BK on Nov 23, 2009


The Hangover probably wont win because of Rob Marshall's musical Nine being around. Nine has one or two things in it's favour; star power and musical is a genre the golden globes love. Take these examples. 1994 Four Weddings and a Funeral lost to The Lion King 2001 Shrek lost to Moulin Rouge 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding lost to Chicago 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lost to Walk the Line 2006 Borat lost to Dreamgirls 2007 Juno lost to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 2009 I sense The Hangover losing to Nine

stan on Nov 24, 2009


the Hangover is not even close to being as hilarious as people think. as others have stated, it definitely had funny parts but overall it was an average movie. if Zack wasn't in that movie it would be horrendous. the chinese dude was good; bradley cooper had a few funny lines at most; dentist wasn't funny at all and tries to be a grown up version of McLovin; the groom was barely in it and not funny at all. also, someone said it had no loose ends....really? they started jotting down places they recall all being together so how would they not start with the roof? end of movie at that point. further, the groom was conscious on the roof all day...must have been difficult to yell 5 stories down to the ground for someone to open the door. the actual "hangover" definition applies obviously but its not realistic. taking mike tyson's tiger to their villa...really...i'm sure nobody at the hotel or on the vegas strip saw this tiger either. it was a bunch of guys trying to be funny but its not because we've seen it played out in every other film. this movie doesn't even come close to the likes of Wedding Crashers, 40yr Old Virgin, Super Bad, Old School, etc etc...there are 50 comedies easily better than this

Jeff on Dec 29, 2009

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