Four New Promo Photos from Burton's Alice in Wonderland

July 14, 2009
Source: Empire

Alice in Wonderland - White Queen

Ah yes, even more creepy photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland! A few of these shots, which I'm calling the "animal" series (you'll see why), were leaked out a few weeks ago. But thanks to Empire we finally have a good clear, high res look at the entire series, including The White Queen, played by Anne Hathaway. If you're attending Comic-Con next week, it's our bet that the first ever footage from Alice in Wonderland will be shown during Disney's 3D panel on Thursday morning, with Tim Burton appearing. Anyway, you'll definitely want to see this new photo series below. Click any of them to see them bigger.

Alice in Wonderland - AliceAlice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland - Red QueenAlice in Wonderland - White Queen

The White Queen doesn't appear in Lewis Carroll's original Alice in Wonderland book, rather the sequel Through The Looking Glass, as a chess piece instead. While she is an ally of Alice, she seems to be living her life backwards, and is a little bit odd, to say the least. Burton's Alice in Wonderland is somewhat of a sequel to the Disney movie from 1951, with Alice returning to Wonderland without any memory of her first visit. We already showed you what the world looked like a few weeks ago. Disney is bringing this to theaters in both digital 3D and regular 2D on March 5th, 2010 next year. We hope to see some footage at Comic-Con!

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Wow this is looking great hopefully better than Willy Wonka thats seems definite. The best part to me is watching how Ann Hathaway has really come up as an actress, along with Depp as The Mad Hatter an Carter as the Red Queen this looks amaZing!

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2009


man, this is going to be dark dark dark...hopefully

wm on Jul 14, 2009


If there is a Vorpal Sword involved then I'm in. I thought Sweeney Todd was really good, but this looks like pure Burton. This is probably the most excited I've ever been for a Tim Burton project and that says a lot.

David Wilson on Jul 14, 2009


those are some ugly girls specially the one with the top hat!!!

Sancho on Jul 14, 2009


Fuck Tim Burton and his never-ending "dark, artistic kookiness". Hate, hate, hate it. The only films of his I actually enjoyed were A Nightmare Before Christmas and Ed Wood. The rest, I'll gladly never watch again.

Shane on Jul 14, 2009


to #2 dont u mean camp camp camp... probably meh

dougthemagicpatherfatheronthemoon on Jul 14, 2009


Shouldnt the red queen's head be like much bigger than that!?!

Jason on Jul 14, 2009


Shoot, I'm in.

giraffic on Jul 14, 2009


This movie looks like garbage.

Whomever on Jul 14, 2009


Hey Sancho you are funny! You should write comedy! Oh and if you are calling Anne Hathaway ugly then insanity has become you unless your a woman.

Oblong on Jul 14, 2009


i cant even imagine the amount of cartoon porn that shall come of this.... on Jul 14, 2009


The more I see this the more it reminds of the nightmares I had of the cartoon when I was a child.....and with Burton this will be the creepiest fucking movie ever made.

Cody on Jul 14, 2009


thanks oblong i try,

Sancho on Jul 14, 2009


#10, your an idiot. Hes referring to the characters the actresses are playing. And yes they are ugly. #11, lol. Oh man....

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 14, 2009


why does depp look like elighja wood?! thats the freakiest part haha

zach s on Jul 14, 2009


#13 I'm sorry about being an ass; I was in the mood for a snarky comment, you fell into that category. Wait wait wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! did you even bother to read the comment, here it is: "those are some ugly girls especially the one with the top hat!!!" well to me that refers to Depp as the Mad Hatter. Therefore #14 you are the idiot. #15 I bet Wood is freaking out too, thinking Buton is out to get him or something.

Oblong on Jul 14, 2009


hey oblong i did mean that the characters they play are ugly, and yes in real life Anne Hathaway is pretty but i mean do you really think that she looks hot in that picture? "then insanity has become you" LMAO

Sancho on Jul 14, 2009


Dammit now I am an asshole!!!!! Fuck!!!! Thanks man! XD Hey she looks amazing in that pic yes her brows bother me but besides that yeah she is pretty hot, so Insanity has become me I guess but this insane guy would love to meet the White Queen! Granted that meeting would probably be a horrifying exerpience. Damn this will teach me to pick thread fights. Well it was fun while it lasted even though I completely failed!

Oblong on Jul 14, 2009


I'm waiting this film with a great love. Photos we are looking seems to be a signal this will be an artistic installation more tha a film.

soloparolesparse on Jul 14, 2009


That doesn't look ANYTHING like Depp. Looks like Elijah Wood!!

Corey on Jul 15, 2009


hate burton and his pre-packaged gothic...and alice is too old

loci on Jul 15, 2009


The Queen of Hearts looks sorta like Pennywise from Stephen King's It.

D on Jul 15, 2009


Another shit taken by Burton on a classic, another day. Honestly, who is the target audience for this? Kids will find it creepy and few adults will actually spring for this. It's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all over again.

Devon Shaw on Jul 15, 2009


#21, do you mean the character or the story? This is going to be great, Burton is the only one, imo, capable of truely bringing the Alice in Wonderland story to life, again, and also bring something new and flipped. Depp as the Hatter is fine, the rest of the characters/cast looks great as well.

Felix on Jul 15, 2009


when will burtons vision end? i mean really, it was interesting 12 years ago but the funky outfits, weird makeup and odd acting really is just getting old. all his worlds are the same, the characters (always the same few) are all the same and the storyline is always sucking the life out of a real classic. sure, dare to be different and all but who really enjoys these odd glimpses into burtons mind?

AC on Jul 15, 2009


all im saying is look beyond the "ohhs and ahhs" of burtons style and all you have is a b rated movie, b rated acting (which is hard to say because i think carter and depp are fine actors) and weird scenes with a twisted look at a great classic., am i the only one who sees through the burton image?

AC on Jul 15, 2009


I don't understand all this love for Ann Hathaway. I think she is a terrible actress.

S on Jul 15, 2009


All right I know people have this unnecssary hate for Hathaway but perhaps after AIWL she will set herself apart from other leading ladies, much like Knightley did after POTC. And as for Burton his game for this seems strange albiet this film will freak kids out, and Adults are not going for, so perhaps this is for those who are willing to sit down and see some F'd up stuff, and I'm in that subculture, so for me as long as it is not another Willy Wonka I'm good.

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2009


#27 Have you read the Alice in Wonderland book? That is really twisted.

L on Jul 15, 2009


When Burton does something he does it right.

Fisherr on Jul 15, 2009


Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter both look equally retarded. I don't understand why people think this look s"amazing" - oh right, it's Burton - He could literally take a crap on film and fanboys would all clap call it genius!

Bill on Jul 15, 2009


#32 Bill come on give it a chance. I agree that just because Burtons in i,t its already gold, so it must be great and all that bs, that a-hole let me down with Willy Wonka so I'm barley even caring at this point about Burton I'm just hoping Carter, Depp, and Hathaway deliver on their part, even though people hate Hathaway for some reason, I'll trust the cast. And who knows this Mia Wasikowska might end up wow'ing us in the end.

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2009


Looks like Tim Burton is takinga page out of Todd Phillips book here ain't it. The Hangover had posters with individual characters including Mike Tyson's tiger. Look up Hangover Posters trailer addict for more info. The storyline for this "sequel" is also a reference to The Hangover; not remembering a god damn thing about her antics there. Why are they all cradling animals here?

Hamster on Jul 16, 2009


Look, like #26 said, the goofy costumes might've meant something once upon a time... but Tim Burton is no more unique or any less commercial than Hot Topic. He's selling a style, and it just happens to be a wonky one with horrible scripts.

Devon Shaw on Jul 16, 2009


Still think Hatter doesn't look right...

crAziemutant on Jul 18, 2009


awesome !!! it's gonna be great !!!

ndoet on Jul 18, 2009


I like the bunnies :D!!!

Shelbie on Jul 18, 2009


looks amazing! anything done by burton is great, i think some people just cant grasp his wierd imaginative concepts. im in!

Amy on Jul 19, 2009


Would it have been more relevant if Helena Bonham Carter was cradling a cat rather than a pig?

Bender on Nov 1, 2009

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