Fox Atomic Shutting Down; Good News for 28 Months Later?

April 19, 2009
Source: Variety, Deadline Hollywood

Fox Atomic

The latest studio to shut down is Fox Atomic, the teenager-focused division of 20th Century Fox that started in January of 2007. Their past filmography, or shall we say failures, includes Turistas, The Hills Have Eyes II, 28 Weeks Later, The Comebacks, and 12 Rounds. Variety first reported that Fox Atomic was likely to shut down today, then Nikki Finke later confirmed that they're definitely kicking the bucket. As sad as it is to see any company go under, I say good riddance, as Fox Atomic was one of those subsidiaries that was setup to create nothing but crap, although I'm sure they'll claim that it was targeted entertainment.

Fox Atomic's chief Debbie Liebling will return to 20th Century Fox as EVP of production and work underneath co-presidents of production Emma Watts and Alex Young. Their two upcoming releases, I Love You, Beth Cooper and Jennifer's Body, will be released by Fox proper, while Post Grad will be released by Fox Searchlight. The studio had a lot of other genre projects in the works, including Jonathan Levine's The Sitter, an adaptation of the Blacklight video game, and Jason Reitman's Pierre Pierre. No word yet on what will happen to any of these particular productions, since they were only in the early development stages.

Also hidden within the Variety update was a brief mention of 28 Months Later, the next sequel in Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later series that has caused quite a bit of discussion previously. They state that the aforementioned Debbie Liebling is still developing the sequel, and that it will "presumably" move to Fox proper. Considering the sequel has only ever been rumored, Brendon Connelly of SlashFilm is claiming that this is a sign that it might be more than just a rumor at this point. For those who are fans, it may actually be good news that Fox Atomic is shutting down, because it might mean we'll get to see 28 Months Later.

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now thats good news,still waiting for 20th Century Fox to meltdown yeah i said meltdown like blow up

Spider94 on Apr 19, 2009


28 Weeks Later was their only good release.

skywarp on Apr 19, 2009


Hey! 28 Weeks Later is good. The rest do suck though.

yourmom on Apr 19, 2009


Oh awesome! I can't wait for 28 Months! Score!!!

Hey Ya on Apr 19, 2009


28 Weeks Later was fucking amazing!

Garrett on Apr 19, 2009


28 weeks later was awesome.

darrin on Apr 19, 2009


28 Days Later still remains my favorite. 28 Weeks was good to but Day's still stands king in my book.

Bobby Hill on Apr 19, 2009


Okay, you're all right, 28 Weeks Later was awesome, but that's their only good movie!

Alex Billington on Apr 19, 2009


are you kidding me...28 weeks later sucked ass

Davido on Apr 19, 2009


I saw I love you Beth Cooper at a sneak screening, it was one of the worst films I have seen. I hated every minute of that movie. I think the screening exchange felt bad because at the end of the film they gave everyone 2 free movie tickets to see whatever they wanted on any day.

Movieraider321 on Apr 19, 2009


How was 28 Weeks Later a failure? That was one of their most sucessful movies.

Jonny Diamond on Apr 19, 2009


28 weeks later was there only success and there only good movie, hope this mean good things for 28 months later!

Curtis on Apr 19, 2009


That's some awesome news about 28 Months Later i wish we could see it soon...very soon.

Fisherr on Apr 20, 2009


#8 - You had it right, 28 Weeks Later sucked. So did 28 Days Later, for that matter...

RPD on Apr 20, 2009


Jeez Alex for a second there I thought you were saying 28ML was bad! But I'm not sad to see Fox Atomic go they basically killed themselves with releases like "The Comebacks" "Hills of Eyes 2" etc.

xerxex on Apr 20, 2009


Megan Fox? Well all right.

WEAPON X on Apr 20, 2009


Hell yeah 28 weeks was awesome.. smoking CRACK alex!!

Rod Tidwell on Apr 20, 2009


14 wadda you talking about #8 said nothing bad about 28WL. And I have a correction to make at amy previous comment, it states- 28ML and it should say 28WL, forgive my mistake.

Xerxex on Apr 20, 2009


Damn i NEED a Hills Have Eyes 3!!!!

zach on Apr 20, 2009


28 weeks later was not a failure.

Jimbone on Apr 20, 2009


no, 28 weeks later sucked donkey ass. pshaw

Davido on Apr 21, 2009


This is random, but I just discovered that Chris Columbus directed I Love You, Beth Cooper. I just don't understand how a guy who directed the first two Harry Potter movies puts his effort into such a cheap and disastrous looking movie.

terces7 on Apr 21, 2009


I loved 28 weeks later.If there is a 28 months later i would like to be in it!I am thinking of going into the acting world!

Paola on Apr 26, 2009


ok lets face the facts, 28 DAYS was FREAKIN GREAT!, 28 weeks was.....disappointing, it couldn't live up to 28 days at all! the beth cooper looked like failure straight from the trailer, and as everyone here is saying, thats fox atomics normal huh? if they did 28 months later it sounds like it would be complete garbage, and a disgrace to DAYS. what Im hoping for, is that MONTHS is what WEEKS should have been!

Steve on Aug 20, 2009


i totally luvd 28 weeks later not as much as 28 days later. i found it more terrifying since there were more infected ones than in the first movies, and the first movie reminded me of the 2nd resident evil movie. i mean the ppl finally found a safe zone, rebuilding... then another outbreak happend...more chaos since everything is out of control...nightmare all over again!

cheska on Aug 16, 2010

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