Frank Miller's 300 Sequel is Nearly Finished, But What's Next?

July 23, 2009

David Wenham in 300

We published an update from Zack Snyder on the in-development sequel to 300 nearly a month back. We know that Frank Miller has been writing a completely new sequel and the Risky Biz Blog now reports that he has "recently completed a draft" of that graphic novel. They also say that no screenwriter and no director has officially signed on yet, not even Zack Snyder. But of course, he's never really said that he's for sure returning, but it sounds like he wants to be involved in some way (since 300 was his big break). The success of 300 sparked a new sword-and-sandals trend in Hollywood, but will the sequel be too much?

They don't add much more into the mix beyond that it's presenting a tough challenge for Warner Bros. "While Miller is still tweaking his version, the ball will soon rest in the court of studio, financing entity and producers to determine how easily, if at all, they can translate the story to the big screen." As reported previously, this sequel would take place between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea (that was seen at the very end of 300). But if that's the case, then that means none of the original actors (like Gerard Butler) will be in this, give or take David Wenham, and that it'll be almost entirely disconnected.

Given the success of 300, a few other ancient epics have been put into active development, including Clash of the Titans, Tarsem Singh's War of Gods, and Jonathan Liebesman's Odysseus. But if we see all of those soon, then is there a chance we'll have a sword-and-sandal overload by the time this new 300 sequel hits?

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cgi ruless

buooy on Jul 23, 2009


not to mention prince of persia too!

Dave on Jul 23, 2009


One 300 is enough..

Robbie on Jul 23, 2009


Ya if one is enough id hate to see how your poor judgement affects your life decisions truth is after you saw it for the first time you couldnt wait for the sequal

Nickdavis281 on Jun 12, 2011


David Wenham should get the starring role of the sequel!

Faramir-Fan on Jul 23, 2009



fucku on Jul 23, 2009


Wasn't Gladiator the one to bring back "sword and sandals"?

hardave on Jul 23, 2009


They should have left it as a one off

Smiley on Jul 23, 2009


The more times I have seen 300 since the first time in the theatre, I've come to like it less and less. The whole story is only about an hour long, lengthened out to 90 minutes by slow-motion. I also saw Johnny Depp is gonna be in Sin City 3. Where is Sin City 2? The Spirit wasn't enough of a death knell for Miller's career?

Greedo on Jul 23, 2009


y r yall trippin yall kno good and well yall liked 300 u havent seen the first pic or trailer 4 the next installment and already i hear some bad things damn man give it a chance

Walker on Jul 23, 2009


im proud of 300^^ i hope for the second to be good too

Greekgod on Jul 23, 2009


I love 300 even tho every time I put it on I skip right to the Hot Gates, but I don't know about a sequel. I'm sure it will be action packed and somewhat entertaining, but so was transformers 2 and that ultimately sucked. It depends on where Frank's head is at. If he crafts a unique and engaging story it could actually be better than 300 which was really lacking on the emotional side of things. 300 was like a big meat head of a movie. we'll see... to #8, Sin City 2 is starting to develop as we speak, how far along they are nobody knows, but Sin City 2 is a new story probably combined with at least one other story. Sin City 3 will be an adaptation of the book Hell And Back and Johnny Depp will play the main character.

Shaun on Jul 23, 2009


I'm more excited about Tarsem's project than any of these others. I don't think we need a sequel to 300. It will take away from the original I feel.

Dan W on Jul 23, 2009


What 9 said give it a chance....considering the story and that it follows that guy at least the story will make sense. Plus if it has equal the awesomeness of the action sequences of 300 dont care how shitty the story is ill be there opening night. Wait #11 did you seriously just say 300 lacked on the emotional side of things, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Dont skip straight to the hot gates then the storytelling in that movie was unmatched.

Cody on Jul 23, 2009


There is going to be a second 300? when was this going on? D: I loved the first one. But what in the world is the second one going to be about..?

Scott on Jul 23, 2009


o.O This one is nearly finished, and I haven't heard a thing about it before? I am so disappointed in myself. Bad movie maniac, bad! Oh well, another movie with sexy, half-naked men flexing their oiled abs and beating the shit out of someone else. I'm in.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 23, 2009


lol #5.

ronnicxx on Jul 23, 2009


i'm for it, give David Wenham a chance to fill the lead role shoes.

Xerxex on Jul 23, 2009


You would think with the the sword-n-sandals hype & the rush to make films based on video game properties, that someone would have got the rights to God of War by now... Still I'm a Miller fan so I'm hyped about this. But to be honest, I wish someone would adapt Ronin. That would kick ass.

jasonmd2020 on Jul 23, 2009


it should be called Son of 300

anon on Jul 23, 2009


"since 300 was his so his big break" nice writing

loci on Jul 23, 2009


Thats like making Braveheart 2.... .... .. .

Richard on Jul 23, 2009


Speaking of 300, well, if only I were a homophobe who hapens to be a closet gay.. Though I have to say that the dancing in the air scene was pretty good.

AprilCoolsDay on Jul 25, 2009


I love Greek History and have studied the Persian and Peloponnesian .. the latter very extensively.. when i head of the sequel to 300 i went and looked up what actually happens in between The battle of the 300(Thermopolyae) and the Battle of Plateae(which is the final scene of "300") and found that there are some pretty awesome scenes that Snyder could inact...The main battle is the Battle of Salamis, which is an immense Sea battle in which The Greeks win in a similar fashion to how Leonidas' held of the Persians with his small numbers... The Greeks have 378 war ships and the Persians countless more... but they prevail, through a near miracle that the battle even took place.. Xerxes is decieved by an Athenian General Themistocles .. and tricked into advancing... anyways it has the potential for greatness

John on Jul 26, 2009


Persian and Peloponnesian wars**

John on Aug 3, 2009


im hopin' it won't suck. instead of 300 shouldnt be 302? 300 of the best plus the sparten king and the captein?

theguynex2u on Nov 22, 2009


I cannot wait for the next one. its gonna kick ass. 300 was made in like 2006 and had great special effects. its not gonna be called 301 or 600 or something like that. that would be totally lame. itll probably have some form of the word spartan or sparta in it. its gonna be good. you just gotta belive in it.

yeappp on Nov 26, 2009


Idc what you other guys say because 300's sequel is gonna be awesome and its probably gonna be like some kind of animated title wiff a 300 in stone den like a over head view of all the spartans and it forms a 2 .idk im not frank miller lol but I am soo syked out for this movie...Hey frank if u ever think about add in 1 dominican soilder to the cast hit me up lmaoo

DominicanSpartan! on Nov 29, 2009


Idc what you other guys say because 300's sequel is gonna be awesome and its probably gonna be like some kind of animated title wiff a 300 in stone den like a over head view of all the spartans and it forms a 2 .idk im not frank miller lol but I am soo syked out for this movie...Hey frank if u ever think about add in 1 dominican soilder to the cast hit me up lmaoo

DominicanSpartan! on Nov 29, 2009


it could be 40,000 cus at the end of the first one he goes on about how they suffered at the spears and shields of 300 spartans, how will they feel against 10,000 spartans comanding 30,000 free greeks!? but its gonna be epic anyway. might be called 300 II or something like that or 300 fall of an empire... dunno but sounds like its gonna be another heroic film!

matt on Jan 24, 2010


a 300 sequel without Gerard Butler is like sex with a condom. Sure its good, but it could be FUCKING AWESOME.

Last_Chance on Jan 26, 2010


Makes sense, it should start off straight at the battle of plataea.

pwnage on Apr 27, 2011


i think it is a great idea to have a second one but i would like to see his son king

Castermoney on Jun 21, 2011


What about doing a remake of the Warriors and making a movie on what the 80s movie was about. That would be a great movie I reckon. I watched the extras on the Warriors DVD it would be awesome!!!!!! Having to travel from one end of Greece to another and fighting through  village after village to prove their innocence. C'mon get on board

Athasss on Apr 7, 2012

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