Full List of Robots Revealed for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

April 2, 2009
Source: USA Today, Yahoo

Full List of Robots Fully Revealed from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

And that's not all! In addition to a complete list of robots from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Paramount has debuted a batch of new photos, which we've included below. The complete list comes primarily from Yahoo, with additional information and quotes from USA Today. The big reveal this time is Ravage (see photo below), the cat-like robot that is stored inside of Soundwave. "In the spirit of 'more than meets the eye,' Ravage isn't just lethal because of his sharp teeth," says writer Alex Kurtzman. "There's actually another skill set Ravage has that didn't exist before, so there's going to be a surprise for fans."

"We wanted to stay true to the idea that Decepticons who take visual clues from beasts maintain that," says Roberto Orci. "It would be strange to have a talking jaguar, or a scorpion with an English accent." Makes a lot of sense, and I'm glad that they decided to update a few of these robots from the old school 1980's designs of the toys and the cartoon. Take a look at the full list of robots below (for you crazy Transformers fans), and some more photos courtesy of, and get ready for the summer!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Robots
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Photo
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Photo
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Photo

If you want to learn more about some of the updates to the robots, head over to USA Today. One of them that I know we're very excited to see is Devastator, the enormous Decepticon that is formed by a combination of five separate smaller robots. "He's made of vehicles designed to build, and he turns into is someone who loves to destroy," Orci says. "He is an agent of absolute chaos." To give you an idea of just how big he'll be, that giant robot at the end of the trailer was just one of those five. "Spielberg saw it and said, 'This is (expletive) awesome!' " Bay says, and adds: "It's always nice when you can make him swear."

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 24th this summer. We'll be there!

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I love how Michael Bay is still holding back on saying Megatron is in the movie.. other than that, Ratchet and Fox look hot.

Conrad on Apr 2, 2009


Congratulations Michael Bay, you've managed to fuck it up again.

DarkRaven18599 on Apr 2, 2009


DOPE INDEEDY - Megan fox looks hot the transformers look lickable... Megatron sucked bum dust, long live Galvatron

BANT78 on Apr 2, 2009


Great looking forward to transformers revenge of the fallen michael bay is great it all about visulisation with is films no complicatord story goodies and badies explosions galore,good C G I from ILM take you out of depressed state of real life for a few hours gives you a uplift. not like that film the Reader witch depressed the hell out of me, just so depressing.

Allen Reeve on Apr 2, 2009


They have Devestator and thats all that needed to be done

L on Apr 2, 2009


I can not wait for this movie more robots means the movie will be more badass

Tom W on Apr 2, 2009


Who cares. All the robots are the same...same dumb story...same dumb actors...same phony effects. Go play with your toys now losers.

Transform_This on Apr 2, 2009


How come if Devastator is five decepticons, the list says its seven?

jason on Apr 2, 2009


Cant wait for this film! So far its looking good! Just would like a full trailer or at least a plot to come out to get me even more excited!

Adam@UK on Apr 2, 2009


I still don't believe this is a complete list. Maybe this is all the robots with actual face-time, but I was reading some interview with a vfx guy from ILM confirming at least 60 robots.

Fuelbot on Apr 2, 2009


Well if the case is that there is 60 robots means that the film will be longer and with a lot more action!

adam@UK on Apr 2, 2009


Just show me more Megan Fox in skimpy clothing.

JimD on Apr 2, 2009


amen to #13!

Adam@UK on Apr 2, 2009


Amen to that #13

Del on Apr 2, 2009


I like how Shia LaBeouf is wearing a leather jacket in front of the pyramids. Yeah. Leather. Good idea in the desert. Keep cool, Shia. Keep cool...

Tom Brazelton on Apr 2, 2009


#8 - Phony effects? Please.

Fuelbot on Apr 2, 2009


#8 - Phony effects? Please.

Fuelbot on Apr 2, 2009


Agreed with #17/18. Say what you want about the plot and acting in Transformers. The effects were top shelf.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 2, 2009


Please forgive me if im wrong but didnt they already say that Devastator was the tank in part 1? I read the comics and i know he is suppose to be the joining of the construstacons but how are they going to fix that mess up??

David on Apr 2, 2009


seems the autobots are out numbered

Gavin on Apr 2, 2009



CLZ on Apr 2, 2009


# 8 is just a closet Go-Bots fan, waiting for that day when Leader-1 can come and sweep him off his feet. (FYI peter cullen did the voice of Leader-1). LONG LIVE THE TRANSFORMERS!

JNYCE on Apr 2, 2009


I'm not a critic, just a good ol' fashioned movie viewer, and i think this movie will rock. Michael Bay is doing a perfect job with transformers, some of you "bashers" are forgetting that this is a movie based on an ANIMATED SERIES. I mean c'mon man! Like Speed Racer or the upcoming J.I. Joe, a director can only do so much (Speed Racer was the shit, imo). I loved the first movie and no doubt this one will be better. You don't like the job he's doing, go back to your comic books then.

Shom on Apr 2, 2009


Megan Fox looks so hot in that picture man..... No Jazz? #$(#$# i want my Jazz back!

Nikhil Hariharan on Apr 2, 2009


so... wait... seriously? That super massive robot putting the smackdown on Prime at the end of the trailer, the one that takes up four lanes shoulder to shoulder, rolls through the four lanes of the overpass like butta, and has wheels TALLER than said overpass... is ONE constructicon?!?! I mourn for you Autobots, I mourn.

bozoconnors on Apr 2, 2009


Hey #25, did you even watch the first movie, pretty sure Jazz got ripped in half in the big finale of the movie, guess you were just scanning through to try and see some Meghan Fox side-boob.

TY TY on Apr 2, 2009


These photos look awesome! Actually, the original Devastator consists of 6 constructicons, of which 'Bonecrusher' not 'Hightower' nor 'Rampage', was included! I see that some creative liberties were taken, not surprised, but as long as they serve the story well, it's all good. I still believe that 'Megatron' (or maybe.... 'Galvatron') will be in this flick. Let's be real, Bay was also secretive before the 1st one was released too. Having said that, it appears to me that Bay will cleverly adapt the tension between 'Starscream' and 'Megatron' and their aggressive tendencies and desires to lead the Decepticons.

Spider on Apr 2, 2009


....also, of note, the tank Decepticon in the 1st flick was really 'Brawl', but somehow was erroneously named 'Devastator'. I remember Sci-Fi magazine ran an article on that in '07!

Spider on Apr 2, 2009


Exactly #29, so how are they also calling the group of decepticons Devastator??? Yes i know thats what they are called, but they already called the tank that.

David on Apr 2, 2009


@10 theres no need for a plot, its robots vs robots and humans with 20 explosions per second and meghan fox's tits what more could you want?

harrison on Apr 2, 2009


@ 31 A megan fox twin? now that would be amazing! and more side boob!

Adam@UK on Apr 2, 2009


im with no.22 where is barricade

Darrin on Apr 2, 2009


...lame....except for that hot Fox girl...

Google The Oct8pus on Apr 2, 2009


i stand corrected, that would be amazing. i think optimus killed barricade off in the first one and they forgot to show it in the movie, that was the cop car right?

harrison on Apr 2, 2009


I wish they would have included the aircraft carrier, (can't remember his name) like they were originally supposed to in the first one. I still think Shia Lebouf sucks though.

chris vu on Apr 2, 2009


Hey #27, your right, the only reason i wanted to even see that flick was to get off to Meghan Fox. Shit i didnt even know Jazz got ripped apart in the film, maybe ill watch this garbage on tv some time, thanks for the heads up though.

Nikhil Hariharan on Apr 2, 2009


I have a feeling that's STILL not the full list. There's only 26 names on that list and it was strongly rumoured that there'd be over 40... I have a feeling that Jazz, Megatron and Barricade will be back in some capacity. Also, I'd tend to think that there'll be an appearance from at least one insecticon, and I think that Thundercracker MIGHT be in the mix too. I think there's still some surprises left...

Big John on Apr 2, 2009


The studios seem to have a fixation with naming a character 'The Doctor'. . .Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe hahaha Nice list

Jaf on Apr 2, 2009


all you guys do is cry like little babies. this is going to be sweet quit acting like people care what you think.........Darkraven u suck

YouRallIdiots on Apr 2, 2009


As i said before it seems like the Decepticons will kick the autobots asses this time.Cant wait.

Fisherr on Apr 2, 2009


to tell you the truth, i'm ok with no sure there's going to be something after the credits about we get to see abunch of bad a$$ bots..including one KICK@$$ bot made up from 7 other massive bots...AND THE i think this satisfies me..idk about anyone else..and i'm sorry to say but i really hope the Autobots have something up there sleeve cus they may just get there robo a$$ handed to them

j.stag on Apr 2, 2009


#38 I think you're right and was thinking the same thing. #42 megatron is definitley in the movie. he transforms into a tank with an alternate beast mode.

chris vu on Apr 2, 2009


Anybody picture the fallen and Megatron colliding at the end of tf2?

luke on Apr 2, 2009


Looks good!

The Clapper on Apr 2, 2009



RON BURGUNDY on Apr 2, 2009


Needs more Megan Fox.

Brandon on Apr 2, 2009


Devastator= teh epic win

CircusCircusCasinoReno on Apr 2, 2009


#46 - A scorpion is an arachnid... The insecticons are tiny... There's one in the trailer, Sam pulls its wing off.

Big John on Apr 3, 2009


another amen for #13 If i could clone anyone it would be her... to creepy? or just right! =D

DoomCanoe on Apr 3, 2009


Goddammit, I truly, genuinely hate Michael Bay.

Voice of Reason on Apr 3, 2009


Hurray to giving names to quick-cut animated piles of scrap metal.

Henry Jones Sr. on Apr 3, 2009


Wheelie listed as a Decepticon? Hmmm.....

Nick on Apr 3, 2009


Oh man....this is going to be sweet.

jman571 on Apr 3, 2009


needs megatron

luke on Apr 3, 2009


all i have to say is YES meggan fox = super hot ... but come on i want hotrod !!!

cody on Apr 11, 2009


all you guys who are saying this is gonna suck are prob gonna be the same people who see it. the first one was great and this one will be better. stop bashing a film you haventseen yet and r going to c. it's childish. and yes megatron is in it. he's a tank. this movie is gonna kick ass. i really hope that arcee gets alot of air time. and doesn't die. bu iguess i have to wait and c. lol

ello on Apr 14, 2009


God its amazing how much people actually think there bitching matters jesus ya fucking haters just shut the hell up and stop posting in the TRANSFORMERS topics. God this is going to be so FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Cody on Apr 26, 2009


@9 "How come if Devastator is five decepticons, the list says its seven?" O.o Dam thats a good question! Typo maybe?

Dating in Toronto on Apr 27, 2009


First of all I would like to applaud megan fox for gracing us with her presence again, I think we would all like to have a sip of that chicks' bath water.seperate note Every last one of you is going to see this movie!!!! everyone bitches and complains about Michael Bay.......lets inspect his body of work........The bad boy movies, Armagedon, The Rock and Transformers....not to mention that Spiedberg has called this Bays' finest work yet...Pearl Harbor didn't go exactly in the direction that we all thought it would but it was still visually a good piece of work...I'm in no way condoning the script, but it could have been much much morse. I think were in good hands on this one folks...Theres few directors I sit around and think about"Is this going to crap?" Bay is not one of em'. Good casts, full and complete scripts(with the exception of pearl harbor), When he directs its usually golden, producing sets the movie quality back about 50% but even still, theres always worse out than Michael guys need to be worrying about how the ass clown that made jumanji is going to pull off the new Captain

chick on Apr 29, 2009


i thought in the original 80s animated film wheelie was a autobot, found on one of the planets that they stop at or is my memory of back then not as good as i thought

luke on May 4, 2009


stop saying "bay sucks". keep that to yourselves. no1 cares. the cat is ravage. megatron is brought back by the constructicons. jazz is dead. deal with it.

fatesucks on May 6, 2009


wow, after viewing the full trailer before Star Trek, Transformer 2 is LOOKING SOOOO CHEESY, SO BAD!!!! probably will be as bad as the 1st... appealing maybe to teens who j...s off thinking of Magan Fox. YES Bay SUCKS, and all the movies he has done -

locos on May 11, 2009


One thing about this website it brings out the crazies on just about any movie that is reviewed. Im not too sure about people that complain or gripe about MOVIES. Any movie that is reviewed here or anywhere else is just a movie--------not reality. Movies are about escapism and no one should approach something developed for entertainment as a oscar performance or earth shaking civilization changing event. Go enjoy the show--------buy some popcorn and chill out for a few hours. Then you can go back to the reality of life which everyone has a right to complain about. RHM

randall on May 15, 2009


"omg" unless you have money and the talent to make a better movie then STFU!

people are dumb on May 16, 2009


I was a massive fan (and still am) of the original Transformers the Movie 1984, and I must say HotRod was my favourite robot. Does anyone know if he was even considered in the Revenge of the Fallen? Or if there are any plans to bring him into the 3rd film?

Coily on May 16, 2009


Lets face it. This movie is about eye candy And big boom Leave that as your expectations...i am not here to see award winning drama...i am here to see a city get bloom to smithereens, cool looking robots, and Hot lookin megan fox. This movie is about the fun factor. A cheap rollercoaster that you maybe ride once or twice. Those wanting action (Black Hawk Down) and get Love story (Pearl Harbor)...well thats when you can complain...

I Wants Big Boom on May 17, 2009


Mega Amens to #13.

Chris on May 25, 2009


@ #67: It's more like the most expensive roller coaster known to man. There's nothing "cheap" about it. And just because the movie is action-oriented and has state-of-the-art special effects, doesn't make it plotless. Die Hard and Indiana Jones are prime examples of this.

Daniel on May 26, 2009


Maybe they are going to have Shockwave or Starscream assume Decepticon leader if there's no Galvatron/Megatron

k1nonly on May 30, 2009


_And yes, it is funny how critical people can be who will never even have their names in any end credits to even the worst B movie let alone a good movie. -They can just keep on complaining about those cast, crew, directors, extras, and many more that have actually worked hard for several years in some cases to give them something to enjoy for 2 hours of their lives -more than likely they didn't like the movie before they ever saw the first frame.

k1nonly on Jun 4, 2009


fuck all these dudes i wanna see galvetron and unicron the planet eater if they pull that off im happy hes the best transformer there is he just eats all the planets and where is hot rod?

kris on Jun 19, 2009


best special effects ever if u dont like the movies dont write anything u dickheads micheal bay is the man tell me u dont like bad boys 2 he did great with the 1st transformers and im sure this one willbe great to

kris on Jun 19, 2009


im tryin to see some rodimus prime action thats what needs to happen

kris on Jun 19, 2009


1st of all i just have to say that megan fox is smokin hot. i have to agree with #58 everyone who is complaining about Transformers2 do us all a favor and just the the fuck up already and go suck on some balls. and by the way #72 no offense nobody likes hot rod.

BDC on Jun 25, 2009


If this were the 90s, then maybe the "bust a cap in yo ass" and "look at me bitches" spouted by the illiterate, ebonics talking Mudflap and his buddy MIGHT be funny. Since its 10 years later, it isn't. Doesn't amtter a black man spoke most of the words...just makes it worse. The movie is great without that crap...or should I say "mo betta" since Bay might understand that betta? Hey Bay, enough with the closet racism and stick to the story or my caps be lookin foh yo!

FPF on Jun 28, 2009


mannnn . the movie was sssoooo good i liked the part wen jetfire and optimos prime combined

marco on Sep 12, 2009


What was the name of the little one megan fox had in the box ? Email me autogirl777

Tigertailsdesign on Oct 7, 2011

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