Gary Oldman Says the Next Batman is Shooting Next Year?!

July 24, 2009

Gary Oldman

So don't take this and run with it, but Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon, just told fans in Hall H at Comic-Con that the next Batman movie will begin shooting next year. This is the first we've ever heard of this and I think he's jumping the gun a bit and being too hopeful. He didn't say anything else besides that it would be shooting next year (and he wasn't being skeptical - this was a for sure statement). Though he did say, "you didn't hear it from me." As we know, Christopher Nolan is currently shooting Inception, which is scheduled for release next July 16th. But will the script even be ready to go by then?

Here's the problem with the next Batman - everyone's waiting to find out more about it. A few months ago, a bunch of rumors started floating around about Christopher Nolan not being interested in returning, but those were obviously bullshit. So who really knows if they'll actually start shooting this next year (maybe by the end of year after Inception). If anything, someone like Gary Oldman would know. And the way he answered the question made it sound like a sure statement, as in, he wouldn't say that unless he really felt like it would happen. So there you go, you heard it from Gary Oldman - or wait, you didn't hear it from him!

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Dean on Jul 24, 2009


He's bulshitting.

No on Jul 24, 2009


i dunno. rumors rumors.. i wanna kno what this movies gonna be about.

sorr on Jul 24, 2009


Rumour has it that this rumour is just a rumour.

Hari Seldon on Jul 24, 2009


i heard nolan's not ganna direct it !!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

neil on Jul 24, 2009


rumor or not lets hope the third Batman won't be another POTC:At Worlds End...too many plot twists...yeah.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2009


maybe he should tell....EEEVVVERRRYYYYOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Voice of Reason on Jul 24, 2009


Announcement means nothing if Nolan isn't directing.

Cat on Jul 24, 2009


It's reasonable that a script could be ready by late summer 2010, for a fall shoot...Nolan will be freed up by then.

Kamish on Jul 24, 2009


you guys have to remember that Christian Bale is 35 years old and he ain't getting any younger. no one wants an old and slow Batman (unless they're doing The Dark Knight Returns). they have to do a third Batman soon. now i'm not saying that a 40 year old Bale can't be bad ass, but it'd be best for the physique of the character to film the last movie of this supposed trilogy while Bale is as young as he is right now. perpetually delaying it is not going to do anything justice. now i'm also not saying that a third Batman film must be made because Bale is getting older. no, i sincerely love Chris Nolan and the scripts him and his bother have put together and that really takes precedence over much of anything else. however, i can imagine them two, as well as Bale, thinking along the same lines that Bale needs to get this third movie done before he starts slowing down. aside from story and hiring a director, i believe that Bale's age is a huge factor in when this thing gets done.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


^ so my point being...i believe what Gary Oldman is saying.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


YES!!! Hopefully they will come up with a badass script that is even darker then the first two.

phlewf on Jul 24, 2009


@#10 matt you are way off dude no offense. It has absolutely nothing to do with Bales age.

Cat on Jul 24, 2009


@#14 Cat Please explain why i'm way off. So you think Chris Nolan and Bale may be ok with a 40+ year old Batman? Of course, if the story's right...blah blah blah. But really?! Wouldn't you prefer a young Batman kicking ass than an old Batman?

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


@10 what the hell you talking about Bales age for its nothing to do with his age at all. the other actors before Bale was older guys was that a issues it shows you talking aload of crap also Gary Oldman statement dont mean nothing until we have real info about if Nolan is doing the sequel or not

tazz on Jul 24, 2009


Batman 3 was SUPPOSED to be filming next year. Of course, that was way back when the plot revolved around Joker and Nolan was ready to do both. Now, however - after Ledger's death, they're left without a plot (unless they recast Joker, which I don't see happening), and without a director because Nolan has publicly said that he took a step back from the franchise. Oldman and several key actors are locked into contracts, so they are probably still being told that it will go on schedule, but I doubt it. Without a plot, let alone a complete script, they don't have a story and without Nolan, this franchise is nothing. They may still be trying to make a Batman 3 next year, but unless they produce a brilliant script and sign Nolan within the next 6 months... it either isn't happening, or it isn't going to be good.

Pete the Geek on Jul 24, 2009


@#10 Matt Suhu I totally agree with you man. There may not be much of a physical difference in age between a 35 & 40 year-old male, but i'm sure in our critical mind's eye as we watch people fight on film, sometimes we're looking at the actors and can they do stuff like that at their age or with that physique? Like Liam Neeson in Taken. He's 57 and can kick ass...but you can tell he aint in his mid thirties. we also have to remember that the Batman in the comics is seen as about 30-35 years old.

Mark on Jul 24, 2009


@ 14, Matt You think that 40 is old? Man, where have you been. Haven't you heard that 40 is the new 30? or something like that. These people have the best physical trainers, this is their job. Even if Bale is 40, he'll still kick some ass as Batman. Maybe when he turns 50 then you can start worrying. Look at Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who are 45+ but they're both still in really great shape. So yeah, I don't agree with your theory either.

The One on Jul 24, 2009


@#15 Tazz lol...dumbass, all the other actors never played such a physical role as Bale has. do you think Keaton, Kilmer, or Clooney could have done what Bale does now? Keaton was 41 when he did Returns, Kilmer was 36, Clooney was also 36. Do you see a pattern? Yes, age was probably nothing in comparison to who the actor was and money issues, but common man open your damn one wants an old Batman.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


@18 The One True, I give you Pitt & Cruise, but facially they're showing a bit of their age at it is.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


I agree with the age thing. Whether or not it 'matters' is irrelevant. People are going to be watching the movie and if Bale is 45 years old, they're gonna mentally knock the probability of him winning all the fight sequences. It's an audience thing, not an ability thing.

Antioch on Jul 24, 2009


@21 Antioch...THANK YOU!!! no matter how old the films say Bruce Wayne is supposed to be, we're all gonna be thinking about Bale's real, actual age. The older he gets, the harder it will be for our mind to accept the disparities in Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale ages.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


Seriously, you guys go into a movie thinking about a guys age compared to the character he is portraying? Try not analyzing things so much. The reason the studio wants the movie made sooner rather than later is money. The sooner it comes out the fresher TDK is peoples minds. $$$$$ the actor playing batman does not have to be between the ages of 25 and 40 to make it work. That's why they call them actors - they're not playing themselves.

Cat on Jul 24, 2009


@23 Cat Very is probably the biggest factor in all this. and you're right, the actor playing Batman does not have to be between the ages of 25 and 40. however, the actor playing Bruce Wayne should be between those ages...seriously.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


Age has nothing to do with it unless they plan on making more then 3. If they cap it off with it being a trilogy and they can easily start off a couple years in the future with Batman returning to Gotham. Also, there was a rumour that Joseph Gordon-Levitt who starred with Heath Ledger in '10 Things I Hate About You' could potentially replace him as the Joker. He has a strong resemblance to Ledger now that he's grown and I think he is a totally underrated actor and he's made some great indie movies that prove he can act (i.e. Brick, The Lookout and upcoming 500 days of summer among others) I think if anyone could pull it off and whose celebrity wouldn't overshadow the character itself, say someone like Johnny Depp who was rumoured at one point for either The Joker or the Riddler. Just my opinion but I think it can be done and maybe once we see him in 'Inception' that will convince people, which might just be Nolan's intention.

stuffrocks on Jul 24, 2009


@25 stuffrocks you're basically suggesting Cobra Commander be the Joker...just like Batman was really John Connor.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


@26 Matt Suhu Not exactly, no. From what I've read you will barely recognize him as Cobra Commander. I'm putting my money that G.I. Joe won't be all that succesful either. I know that I have no intention in seeing it. Regardless, I don't think it will do the same thing for him that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did for Christian Bale.

stuffrocks on Jul 24, 2009


@27 stuffrocks lol...yes you are!

Mark on Jul 24, 2009


Chris Nolan will come back, He won't leave us hanging, He just needs to write a new villian in. See that guys positive thinking! Try it.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2009


@ 10 I'm pretty sure that Robert Downey Jr. is like 44 and they're just on #2 in the Iron Man series. Irrelevant comment.

Rabs on Jul 24, 2009


@19 the truth is your the dumbass talking about age if he does another Batman at age 40 does not mean he cant still kick ass 40 aint old. Brad Pitt is 45 and Tom Cruise 47 and both men prove that they can still be bad ass on film.

tazz on Jul 24, 2009


@28 I think it's irrelevant. He's nowhere near a name actor like Christian Bale is. If anything it would be "Oh, the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun". It's not at all like Batman playing John Connor. And I think both of your points on how age is a factor has absolutely nothing to do with when the next film will be made. It's all about the script..

stuffrocks on Jul 24, 2009


@29 i think Black Mask could be a interesting villain for the next batman movie

tazz on Jul 24, 2009


@ 28 & 26 And to add, I'm not even saying The Joker will be in the next film. But Nolan always had the intention of having the Joker be in the 3rd one before Ledger passed away. I'm just speculating on what I've read in the past..

stuffrocks on Jul 24, 2009


Alex touched on it briefly, but I think everyone's getting thrown off by the "next year" portion of the quote. That does not necessarily mean January 2010. It doesn't even mean exactly one year from now. It could mean December 2010. The movie could start shooting a little under a year and a half from now, and Oldman wouldn't be lying about their shooting the film "next year."

Tex on Jul 24, 2009


@30 Rabs @31 dumbass tazz Both of you seem to miss the point. We're comparing comic book character ages to their respective actor's ages. It's not about the actor's being able to physically meet the demands of their characters' roles, but more about if their ages match that of the comic book character's ages. in comparison with Iron-Man, i can accept a 40-something Tony Stark because he has his armor to "help" him move around and fight. whereas Batman has no such gadgets or armor to help him fight or move around (i'm not talking about weapons), he just has his physical body. Iron-Man uses thrusters and such to move, jump, fly, and fight, whereas Batman just has his limbs to help him jump and fight. you get my point? it's about the looks, and only the looks, and not about the physicality of the roles. actors are supposed to not only speak and carry themselves like their characters, but they're supposed to also "look" like their character...and Bruce Wayne is definitely not in his 40's.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


Who cares. Just wait for something solid. Rumors are annoying.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 24, 2009


@35 Matt Suhu who freaking cares the comic book character age to the actor age its not even follow the same concept as the comic books its a comic book movie everything does not have to follow the same thing to the comics Cillian Murphy was not the same age to The Scarecrow from the comics, Heath Ledger was not the same age as The Joker from the comics was all these a issue F**K NO you need to stop acting like a dumbass it seems like you are a ageist also you said "the actors are supposed to not only speak and carry themselves like their characters, but they're supposed to also "look" like their character" well you are freaking wrong did any of the actors who ever played the Bruce Wayne really looked like Bruce Wayne from the comics i dont think so. and so what Bruce Wayne is definitely not in his 40's age is just a number it did not bother anyone here when RDJ play Iron Man the guy looks good for his age. i wonder when you turn 40 will you start saying the samething about yourself been too old to do things

tazz on Jul 24, 2009


Perhaps, Oldman knows something first hand. I'm intrigued by this!

Spider on Jul 24, 2009


im scared either way because i want more.

????? on Jul 24, 2009


@38 tazz the matter of the other characters' ages are pale in comparison to Batman's age because he's the main!

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


Actually Matt, Bruce is so far beyond in 40's not to mentioned, he's "dead" so I'm not sure where your sources are coming from.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 24, 2009


If Christopher Nolan doesnt come back for the third I think that Paul Greengrass should do it because The Dark Knight was a excellent film dont get me wrong but since they were using imax cameras for fight scenes and chases i felt the action was to steady and wasnt paced properly and If any one of you saw Bourne Supremecey and Bourne Ultimatum you will know that they both had amazing car chases, each scene had a sense of emotion about it and fight scenes were amazing corriographed and i think Batman 3 will have bruce as a older man and will be more like a godfather type thing with dark emotional scenes of bruce as a old man and probably teaching a young student what he knows cough cough night wing cough cough haha and the very last line of the movie should be "Why do we fall?" yeah thats right thats a batman begins refrence

Darren on Jul 24, 2009


Oh and if Christan Bale doesnt wanna come back i suggest Jon Hamm as batman trust me

Darren on Jul 24, 2009


HAHAHA!!! #7 I love the Leon: The Professional reference!!!!

Conrad on Jul 24, 2009


@42 Tra la la la la di da morrison mentioned him to be in his 30's in RIP. true, he may be "dead" (or rather warped into the past), but it's quite obvious that he's coming back as a black latern and will eventually take back the cowl from Dick. (nice try)

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


@ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 RUMORS RUMORS RUMORS. I believe GO said that as a marketing ploy, which it may or may not be filiming this year. And so called 'LEAKS' these days, I dont believe anything is considered leaked these days. Just a way to spread buzz around the net. BATAMAN by Nolan will happen, its just a matter of when.

Michael Jackson Forever on Jul 24, 2009


@41 Matt Suhu heres something you are an idiot no one really cares about how old is Bale is its all about his performance as a actor also Samuel L. Jackson is 60 but his going to play Nick Fury in 9 Marvel movies no issues about that you need to stop been ageist and grow up @44 Darren Jon Hamm look good to play Bruce Wayne also he could be good to play a Superman too. good choice anyway but Matt Suhu will complain saying Jon Hamm is too old

tazz on Jul 25, 2009


@48 Tazz it's always quite refreshing when dumbasses like you have to resort to using harsh language when you have nothing intelligent or new to add to the discussion. no one cares about Nick Fury and Samuel L. Jackson, he's more of a supporting character (that was such a poor example), we're talking about main don't see many Nick Fury fans flogging to discussion boards. however, it's quite apparent that Batman's popularity is more than overwhelming when compared to Nick Fury, and therefore it would be beneficial to DC and WB if they continue to cast their Batman as close to the comic's persona and physique as possible. Tazz, you're so stupid, stop talking to!

Matt Suhu on Jul 25, 2009


It's true, but it's still going to be two years away.

Brian on Jul 25, 2009


What's all this talk of how old Bale is? Most of the movie-going audience don't care if the actor is older than the character. As long as he doesn't look too old (which he won't), people go to watch movies with others things on their minds than the actor's age. Only comic book perfectionists care about this stuff. It's as dumb as people arguing about the separation of Wolverine's claws.

Michael on Jul 26, 2009


@8, 13, 23 Cat You are so right. Age has nothing to do with Batman 3. You go to the theater, you see the Warner Bros. sign, the Batman symbol along with the title and there it is... Jake Gyllenhaal( or anyone else who is young) as Batman(of course you know that before going to the theater because you are a Batman fan and you knew that Bale isn't coming back because he is to old). It's an aufully thought! Christoper Nolan won't do such a silly thing. I want Bale back!! Who cares if he is older. I want to see The Riddler in the next Batman. Johnny Depp is the best actor to play The Riddler, but it depends because Pirates 4 is likely to begin filming next year so Johnny would play Sparrow. All of these are rumors, of course, so nothing it's sure. Let's have Batman 3 announced and then we can "celebrate"!

me on Jul 26, 2009


@49 Matt Suhu well it shows how stupid you are when you talk about someone age everyone here agree that the age dont mean nothing so anything you say is total bullshit. everyone agree with me and some of the others that mention age has nothing to do with it. who said no one cares about Nick Fury everyone cares about Fury you dont know nothing at all. also telling me to stop talking to you wont do anything cause this is a open discussion for everyone if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen LOL

Tazz on Jul 26, 2009


@49 its true you need to stop talking aload of BS age has nothing to do with it no matter what people will still going to see the movie your age comment dont mean anything at all

carlos on Jul 26, 2009


joseph gordon levitt as the joker thats all it needs

khouse on Jul 26, 2009


There's no real confirmation, until I get that, I'm not going to really pay much attention to rumors. Oldman says he "thinks" it will begin shooting next year but I think he's reflecting more on the fact that several actors and maybe him are contractually signed for another film.

SlashBeast on Jul 26, 2009


LISTEN UP Warner Bros. executives. Do everything in your power to get Nolan to come back for Batman 3. Pay him $100 million if you have to, you will make 10 times that in profit. Because HE is the ONLY director/writer who could create a worthy conclusion to this amazing trilogy. Do NOT rush this production and do what FOX does with all their superhero movies. When Inception opens in July of 2010, give him a few months of breathing room. Let him, his brother and David Goyer then sit down for six months and hammer out a masterful script. Start shooting in the summer of 2011, for a release in July of 2012. If you rush this or change directors, the fanboys (who went to see The Dark Knight 10 times in theaters) will revolt against you for ruining the potential greatness of this series because of your lust for profit. WE WILL WAIT. Take your time, do it right and you will reap the rewards.

Rabs on Jul 26, 2009


@#7 Nice...

RPD on Jul 27, 2009


i like gary oldman i like christain bale as batman i like eddie murphy as the riddler marlon waynes as robin heath ledger as the joker so i will see marlon waynes as robin on batman 3 i will see marlon waynes team up with christain bale christain bale as batman marlon waynes as robin now we have two villains eddie murphy as the riddler heath ledger as the joker this is on so i will see batman 3 in theatres july 2011 see ya.

andries price on Aug 14, 2009


We're people who don't work in the business what-so-ever so we can't say what's bullshit and what's not. Maybe Batman 3 is happening with a director and a plot and all that jazz, and maybe it's not. None of us can know in either direction.

Aaron on Nov 9, 2009


I really wish that Warner Bros produced and released sequels to 1997's Batman & Robin from 1999-2004 instead of rebooting the whole thing.

Peter-1993 on Dec 9, 2009

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