Gillian Anderson Wants to Return for Another X-Files Movie?

August 24, 2009

Gillian Anderson in The X Files: I Want to Believe

At least that's what's being reported by as translated from Agent Scully herself, Gillian Anderson, was recently attending the Sarajevo Film Festival and told press there that "of course I will agree on making the new X-Files movie [sic]." A new one? After The X-Files: I Want to Believe? Bloody-Disgusting, where all these links originally came from, adds that "there is in fact talk about doing another" although that talk is "of a reboot." They continue: "Are you surprised? Nothing is set in stone, all should be taken as rumor until confirmed." I thought the failure of the most recent movie closed this case forever?

The sequel to the original X-Files movie, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, hit theaters in July of 2008, some 6 years after the show ended, but only made a measly $21 million at the box office and sits at 32% on Rotten Tomatoes. A good friend of mine who was a die-hard fan of the show hated the movie - which wasn't a good sign considering he was a part of the very fanbase that Fox was relying on to make that movie a success. But another one? I admittedly liked the first X-Files movie from 1998, but didn't even care to see the new one. What could they do? Will a reboot even save this franchise? Or should it just stay dead once and for all?

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Better be about aliens and the smoking men this time. Cuz the last movie SSUCKED HARD!

Sho on Aug 24, 2009


That last film was terrible, at least Mulder and Scully finally got it on though getting rid of the sexual tension. Some aliens smoking mad joints and dj-ing at the same time would be good, possibly a return of Bob Marley too, would be pure freaky maaaaaan.

Crapola on Aug 24, 2009



Movie mike on Aug 24, 2009


It doesn't even have to be about aliens. Just make it fucking good. Absolutely NOTHING happened in the last movie.

Fuelbot on Aug 24, 2009


If its not about Aliens...forget about it...they dropped the ball SOOOOOOOO hard on that last movie and they know it

Trey on Aug 24, 2009


The last episode felt like a very long episode outside of the alien conspiracy. In my opinion, make a third movie. Wrap up all the story lines detailing the alien conspiracy for the sake of all the true fans. After the third movie, let it all end. Never reboot it, just don't touch it. Classic shows should never be touched or rebooted. I mean, when our kids are adults we'll be watching re-runs of the X-Files like how our parents watch re-runs of the black and white Twilight Zone episodes.

Marius on Aug 24, 2009


Another "X-Files" flick would be awesome. If they would just pick up where the first one left off then that would be a start on the right track. The "X-Files: I Want to Believe" was a pretty intriguing and well written flick that played like a 2 hour long TV episode; I bet this was what angered many fans! I just hope they don't re-boot, there's already "Fringe" on TV.

Spider on Aug 24, 2009


I blame the director for the last movie. Fox gave him 30M and asked him to make a film. The best he could come up was................well nothing.

JoJo on Aug 24, 2009


anything to see her ass again 😉

David C on Aug 24, 2009


Surely this is taking what shes saying over the top. Maybe she was just saying that she would do a third movie but it got translated wrong? But if I was Chris Carter, I would work on a plan for a couple of years and make sure it was perfect to, just like 6(Marius) said, wrap up the whole saga.

Marcus on Aug 24, 2009


As a die-hard X-Files fan myself, I didn't like the second movie either when I first saw it. However, with repeated viewings I have grown to like it more. Both Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz have said that if they do a third movie, that it would in fact deal with the Alien Colonization plotline from the series and the first movie and how Colonization is supposed to happen in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends - which is when they're talking about releasing the movie. So I don't think this next one, if it happens, will be a reboot. I say, make the third one the way Carter and Spotnitz intended by tying up the alien colonization plot line. They can make it so that regular audiences who at least saw the first movie can make sense of it, and drop all the rabbit trails from the mythology that don't deal directly with colonization.

Dan Geer on Aug 24, 2009


the problem with the last one was that it seemed to be more about religion and god then aliens or ghosts. they turned it into a christian movie instead of a sci-fi movie. That's why i thought it sucked any ways

DoomCanoe on Aug 24, 2009


Dave your right her ass is top notch;)

Tim on Aug 24, 2009


Come on there's more to X files than her ass?

Steve on Aug 24, 2009


Yeah me putting my face in it 😉

Tim on Aug 24, 2009


I would HATE to see x-files rebooted. The actors aren't exactly long in the tooth. Geez, enough is enough already with these reboots. I just read that they are rebooting Galactica for the big screen. I'm just now watching the reboots from a couple years ago.

Scott Reed on Aug 24, 2009


Also, I enjoyed the X-files sequel. You have to divorce yourself from the whole X-files world and just watch it as a crime thriller in order to really appreciate it. I was disappointed that they didn't do something on a grander scale though, which is what most of us expect from a big budget film as opposed to the tv series.

Scott Reed on Aug 24, 2009


Ugh. After the last WASTE of a movie....who the hell cares. Let the X-Files die knowing it hit its magnificent peak a long time ago and is better kept, preserved, reference and enjoyed then. Not now or in the future. Please.

Voice of Reason on Aug 24, 2009


I thought the last x-files movie was a worthwhile suspense movie. I hate the over-the-top alien garbage, like in the first movie. It was unbearable to watch. The fact that there were no aliens in the last movie... I applaud it. X-Files was about a lot more than just aliens, in fact the alien episodes were the worst. Back to basics. X-Files is first and foremost a crime thriller. Lose the aliens.

Chris H. on Aug 24, 2009


I would love to see her play Selena in underworld, with the suit on. yum yum yum

Robin on Aug 24, 2009


I am also a die-hard X-Files fan, but the last movie was awful. With all the great episodes (such as Jose Chung's From Out Space and Post Modern Prometheus to name two) it's hard to believe that neither of the movies could approach that level of excellence.

EJP on Aug 24, 2009


She can always have a part in my movie 😉

L1A on Aug 24, 2009


Chris H. - "Back to basics. X-Files is first and foremost a crime thriller. Lose the aliens." Spoilers: Um, the whole mythology plot line was about aliens. That is what drove Mulder's passion for the X-Files. His sister was taken by aliens. Scully was taken as well. Mulder's father(s) and sister all died for this alien conspiracy. Cigarette-Smoking Man, the main villain of the show, was the leader of the alien conspiracy. Every single season premiere and finale was about aliens. While the stand alone monster-of-the-week episodes were great many times over, and contain some of my most favorite episodes, they were just filler to get us to the mythology episodes. The mythology and the relationship between Mulder and Scully is what drove the series. The next movie needs to tie up the mythology in a way accessible to fans and people who maybe only saw the movies.

Dan Geer on Aug 24, 2009


Chris H. - "Back to basics. X-Files is first and foremost a crime thriller. Lose the aliens." Back to basics. Star Wars is first and foremost about Ewoks.

Scott Reed on Aug 24, 2009


#22 im liking the sound of that ; )

David C on Aug 24, 2009


I was also a huge X-Files Fan. When I saw the first epsiode back in 1994 I was hooked and I even loved the first film. But the second film left me really pissed off. They had a six year break and all they did was make a dumb ass CSI episode into a film. It was not X-Files at all. It tarnished my image of X-Files forever. Chris Carter is a complete dick. If he had no interest in making that last X-Files film an actual X-Files film, then he should have left it alone. That film should never had gone to cinemas. If they do decide to move forward with another film then they have to go back to the X-Files theme of the show, and I would love it if they brought back Robert Patrick. He really helped the show move a new and interesting direction in those last two seasons of the show.

last Son on Aug 24, 2009


Is it 1998? go away.

smacky63 on Aug 25, 2009


I'd watch a third X-Files movie if they forget the second one ever existed and 1) pick up where the first movie left off, 2) wrap up most of the alien conspiracy story threads from the series, and 3) like the previous horny comments, show off Gillian Anderson's fine mature body 🙂 (She has to ditch the Brit accent, though.)

snickers on Aug 25, 2009


I think the point of the second movie was to explore where the relationship between Mulder and Scully is and where it's going. The final conversation between them left me thinking that she is willing to follow him into the "darkness" once again. Let's see one more move that wraps up the 2012 storyline and resolves whatever happened to Willam. They need to get their child back. Then retire Scully and Mulder. If they want to continue with Doggett and Reyes I'd watch.

Jeff on Aug 25, 2009


Looking forward to a third movie. Hoping for more action though. More substance. I like the last one but it didn't really feel like a movie...

Vold on Aug 25, 2009


x files is gay. ALWAYS HAS BEEN ( PG CRAP )

robo on Aug 25, 2009


Last movie sucked so bad I demanded my money back. And got it. X-Files should stay on TV, I'll watch a new mini series, but not another lameass movie

David Banner on Aug 25, 2009


@31 - Troll!

snickers on Aug 25, 2009


I love these two, they are the best actors to work together, they do it so well, and its just great to see them togther even in this day and age since the 90s in the x files series. Do another x files!!!!!

Arnie on Aug 26, 2009


Anyone who said they are an XF fan and hated the second movie, isn't a fan at all. I mean seriously, TXF is my favourite show, if not the best show ever created. So all haters can fuck themselves sidewyas cos TXF is the fucking greatest. I will agree, that IWTB was a little off topic as to what the X-Files is about, but they picked up where they left off. What else could you have wanted? I loved all 9 seasons, and both movies and would die to see the third one :]

Leena on Sep 2, 2009


@35 - Obviously you're one of the fanboys/girls who love every season, etc. no matter how bad it gets. Seriously, there aren't many X-Files fans out there who really liked the last movie. It wasn't the X-Files, as you yourself admit.

snickers on Sep 3, 2009


Maybe Gillian Anderson can get her tits out in Californication?:)

Sole on Mar 19, 2010

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