Gore Verbinski Ditches Pirates of the Caribbean for BioShock

April 8, 2009


This isn't exactly new news, but considering we didn't know what Gore Verbinski would be directing next, it is at least news. Variety has confirmed that Verbinski has told Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he will not be directing the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Instead, Verbinski will be moving onto the live-action adaptation of the video game BioShock, which was first announced last May. Universal is developing this, with a script written by Oscar nominated screenwriter John Logan of Any Given Sunday, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Aviator, and Sweeney Todd.

"I had a fantastic time bringing Pirates to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team," Verbinski told Variety. "I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future." Since At World's End hit in 2007, Verbinski has been working on an animated film called Rango that will feature the voice of Johnny Depp. In addition to BioShock, he's also attached to a remake of Clue, a Second Life movie, a project called Black Hole about a scammed rancher, and David Fincher's Heavy Metal. Now you know why we were unsure of what Verbinski would be doing next.

I actually think this is great news, not only because I love Verbinski's style and have a feeling it'll work perfectly for BioShock, but also because I think a movie version BioShock will be awesome. I've heard some other exciting details about this that I can't yet report, but I can tell you this isn't a video game adaptation to be worried about. While a budget hasn't been revealed, this BioShock movie is looking to be one of the most expensive video game movies besides Prince of Persia (via SlashFilm). Welcome to Rapture.

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This is excellent news. I adore the game and look forward to a (please god) decent conversion of videogame to film.

Steven on Apr 8, 2009


Oh I cannot wait for this to be a movie like holy this would be NUTS!

MajinKrillin on Apr 8, 2009


The first game rocked hard i finished the game twice to see the alternative endings.I believe that Gore will provide his fans with a nice and remarkable movie. In addition that the second game is being developed and the first footage will be tomorrow on Spike TV.

Fisherr on Apr 8, 2009


Guillieme Del Toro or the guy who did Dark City would be a better choice, but it should still be a good movie.. Gore ain't bad!

chris on Apr 8, 2009


agreed with Chris in comment #4... I'm not sure about a movie or game sequel... part of what made the first one so delicious was the "holy @#$%" moment that simply will not translate as well into film. I mean, they can try... but being able to hide one of the bigger plot elements behind a very familiar game mechanic plays into the power of the revelation. (Trying not to spoil anything here.)

dRailer on Apr 8, 2009


"At Worlds End" was simply awful. I'm always glad to see excellent directors move on and take up new challenges instead of revisiting their movies with more sequels—especially failed sequels. good work, Verbinski.

Voice of Reason on Apr 8, 2009


Niiiiice. Pirates 4 is gonna suck anyways. Ummm, dead horse much? Verbinski for a big screen version of Bioshock is PERFECT anyways, that man LOOOVES things that are creepy and water-logged. And a remake of Clue? Personally I don't think anyone can top the original, but Verbinski's take might be interesting. He has yet to do something I hate.

Paigey! on Apr 8, 2009


John Logan didn't write the last samurai

Bob on Apr 8, 2009


I'm glad Verbinski put his foot down and decided to branch out and not do 'Pirates' 4. The movies are always a good time but I think a new director/direction could breath some new life into the franchise. I've never played "BioShock" but I've heard good things. In Verbinski's hands, I think I can get excited about it.

Bill Rusnak on Apr 8, 2009


Awesome! The source material is so potent. I can't wait. Although, if the movie is not horror...then what will it be?

Tom V on Apr 8, 2009


Amazing Screen Writer.

Darunia on Apr 8, 2009


Bioshock is like one of my all time favorite games! I hope they'll make a decent movie out of it. The director looks solid, so as long as he brings out the feeling of Rapture and all the crazy things in the movie like Little Sisters and Big Daddy's and add some of Ayn Rand's views into the movie (which basically inspired the game a lot), I'm sure it'll be terrific! And I can't wait for the second game

F.C. on Apr 8, 2009


Wow, this actually might be a good video game movie! (Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that).

Ajax on Apr 8, 2009


PLEASE PLEEEEASE DONT FUCK THIS UP! This is the perfect chance to finally get a videogame movie right. Correct me if im wrong but i dont think theres ever been a good one. Which is dissappointing considering Games have better storylines than half the shit hollywood churns out.

Cody on Apr 8, 2009


@#4 "or the guy who did Dark City" - That would be Alex Proyas who also did Knowing, I-Robot & The Crow. Verbinski is definately the right choice for this. He's a master of incredible imagery. Loved all the Pirates films and the first Ring film. Can't wait to see what he does with this.

jasonmd2020 on Apr 8, 2009


sick! and Alex Proyas would be a good director for this most definitely.

DoomCanoe on Apr 8, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first videogame movie that will be - at the very least - watchable. Surely this must be a sign of the end times. Wait... They're developing a Second Life movie? How the hell does that work? Is it shot in second life? Is it about Second Life? Is it set in the real world, but the characters PLAY Second Life? How the fuck do you plot anything around Second Life? And CLUE!? Jesus, coming off some of the most successful films of all time, you'd think the guy would take the opportunity to attach himself to something that at least sounded promising. Hopefully Bioshock will be good 😀

Squiggly on Apr 8, 2009


Great! Loved the video game and I can;t wait for bioshock 2 and the movie

Dan W on Apr 12, 2009


WTF!, is taking Disney And Jerry Bruckheimer so long with getting Pirates of the Caribbean 4's script finished already and Why is taking them so long to get to the next step of making the movie already?, Can someone please explain that one to me?!?!.

CinemaFan2012 on Apr 29, 2009


Bioshock is perhaps the greatest game of all time. I certainly hope they put forth an astronomical amount of effort into making it the best movie ever. Developers, please consider talking to 2K and all the other studios that made the game. if you fuck this movie up, i will be forced to use blunt force head trauma to turn you into a vegetable for life. thank you.

christopher on Feb 12, 2010

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