Great Where the Wild Things Are Poster Discovered!

March 17, 2009
Source: Spike Jonze Fan Blog

Great Where the Wild Things Are Poster Discovered!

Now this is a great poster! The guys over at the Spike Jonze Fan Blog have discovered the first poster for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are movie, which Warner Brothers has currently set for release on October 16th. We still haven't seen anything besides a few early photos from this, but word is that the trailer will officially show in front of Monsters vs. Aliens in a few weeks, so stay tuned. I'm quite excited, because although there's been some reported troubles, all of that has only built up my expectations even more. So be sure to check out this new poster below and let us know your thoughts on Where the Wild Things Are.

Where the Wild Things Are

I'm a bit awe-struck by this design because Warner Brothers has finicky about this film for a while. It's supposed to be marketed towards kids, because it's a children's book, but because Speed Racer didn't hit with kids like they wanted, they're being more sensitive than before. But as is obvious from all the hype, adults are interested in this, too, and they've done a great job of capturing everyone's attention with this poster. There's both a deeper meaning and a bit of fun found on it, so bravo to whoever designed this! As a reminder, Where the Wild Things Are is Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved book.

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IDK about this movie its probably gonna be bad

Tom W on Mar 17, 2009



woody on Mar 17, 2009


why is he screaming, looks weird.

Richard on Mar 17, 2009


How does this movie get distribution and a date and TRICK R' TREAT can't even get a decent release or promotion???!?!!!

David Wilson on Mar 17, 2009


David Wilson ... you're kidding right?! ... I mean as much as I want to see Trick R Treat too I think this movie will be pretty big considering it was a old book for kids. I mean I'm anticipating both movies.

kindbuddy on Mar 17, 2009


@Kindbuddy I'm eager to see Where the Wild things are as well, I just needed to vent my anger on Trick R' Treat situation. I was referring to how this movie was pushed back, but was constantly marketed, but TRT was slated to come out 2 years ago in 2007 and we haven't heard anything about when it comes out. I love the childrens' book. I heard a rumor it's new release date is April 24, 2009. At least that's what imdb said.

David Wilson on Mar 17, 2009


The poster looks scary a little bit.Nice one.

Fisherr on Mar 17, 2009


*cough*pedo-monster *cough*

LW on Mar 17, 2009


FUCK YEAH! finally theres a poster

erik on Mar 17, 2009


awesome!! its going to be awesome!!

Matador on Mar 17, 2009


If anything this poster would scare kids who are not familiar with the book and why he is screaming. To an outsider it seems as though he's screaming because there is a huge hairy monster next to him

Dan W on Mar 17, 2009


But I think it looks great and I am very excited for this movie.

Dan W on Mar 17, 2009


No way, he looks like he's screaming for joy! If I was a kid, I'd look at that and be like "cool, I wanna scream, too!" Quirky things like that looked cool as a kid. He doesn't look scared at all, he looks like he's screaming for fun. Nothing wrong with that...

Alex Billington on Mar 17, 2009


Screaming for fun, me too! I love the drawings in the books and Spike Jonze's work so I imagine the combo will be the business.

Crapola on Mar 17, 2009


this is going to be spectacular

twispious on Mar 17, 2009


This poster makes me squeal like a little girl.

littlegirl on Mar 17, 2009


Looks like the font from Judd Apatow's "Freaks and Geeks." Oh, and this looks awesome.

Shane on Mar 17, 2009


It's subtle, but it does look like he's screaming with joy...good catch, and an excellent poster for capturing that. I want to buy one so if anyone knows where please do tell (but I seriously doubt it as this is an uber secret fan find)

peloquin on Mar 17, 2009


Just finished reading the script yesterday. This is gonna be amazing.

Fuelbot on Mar 17, 2009


@Fuulbot You have the script? Where can I find it?! I would love to by that poster though, amazing.

Trystan on Mar 17, 2009


@Trystan Damn you and your typos!

Trystan on Mar 17, 2009


I think he's supposed to be roaring to suggest he's a Wild Thing, too. But I suppose if you've lived under a rock and don't know the story you might think he's screaming because he's about to be disemboweled by the monster beside him.

ebbie on Mar 18, 2009


This is a great image! I'm so intrigued to see this!!!

Lacey on Mar 18, 2009


the poster is awkward. little kids will think he is screaming because there is a monster right behind him. i don't think people are going to get it.

Marc Giguere on Mar 18, 2009


i liked the book i'm sure everyone is going to go see this like everyone saw wall-e

zach on Mar 18, 2009


"they've done a great job of capturing everyone's attention with this poster" I like to see the metrics you used to come this conclusion.....

ERivas on Mar 18, 2009


Man I love this poster

Steven on Mar 18, 2009


#24 - The whole point is that he's one of them. Not just one of them, but the King Of The WTs. What kid wouldn't want to be king of a nine foot monster?

Fuelbot on Mar 18, 2009


This poster has the same vibe as that Miyazaki film, minus the screaming.

9001 on Mar 19, 2009

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