Green Lantern Shooting in Australia With a $150M Budget

April 16, 2009

Green Lantern

So now do you finally believe that they're actually making a Green Lantern movie? Every time some news like this comes out, the geeks are a buzz in a frenzy of excitement. It seems no one believes that this will ever happen, so when a bit of news about, let's say, the budget or shooting locations hits, everyone acts like it was just greenlit today. I thought we confirmed that last September? Anyway, THR reports that Green Lantern, to be directed by Martin Campbell, will shoot at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney. Additionally, Warner Brothers has approved a $150 million budget for Campbell, so it should look pretty damn good.

In comparison to Campbell's past projects, Casino Royale also had a $150M budget, The Mask of Zorro was made for $95M, and GoldenEye was made for $60M. In terms of similar superhero movies, Fantastic Four was made for $100M, Iron Man was made for $140M, Watchmen was made for $150M, The Dark Knight was made for $185M, and so on. The budget for a big superhero movie shouldn't be a concern unless it's below $100M, which this is not. Considering there will be a lot of big visual effects needed to pull off this movie, I hope a large amount of that $150M is going towards a good VFX company. Next up, casting!

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i really hope this doesnt suck

Torti on Apr 16, 2009


Casting to me is alot important to me than the budget.

Fisherr on Apr 16, 2009


It's a huge budget. Transformers 1 was made for 150 M $ And Martin Campbell is a really great action director, so i have high hopes. The reason why people still don't believe this is getting made, by the way, is because they still haven't attached any cast to it have they? Last time a Warner Brothers movie had casting problems was Justice League, and that went nowhere. Considering Ryan Gosling doesn't want to be part of this project, it's still very much a smoke and mirrors situation.

Darunia on Apr 16, 2009


Wow, with a resume like Martin Campbell's this movie should be good for sure! $150 million is about what the last Harry Potter movie was produced for, so I think the effects will be nice.

Andrew on Apr 16, 2009


They need to have a nobody or an up and coming star to play GL....any suggestions?

GL-FAN on Apr 16, 2009


just like how Tron and Avatar were made for 300 million?

Al on Apr 16, 2009


FOX? Again?

flamer on Apr 16, 2009


No #7, not FOX again. The film is being filmed here in Australia at Fox Studios Sydney, where such films as The Matrix Trilogy, Superman Returns and Mission:Impossible 2 were filmed. It is a movie studio and like many other film companies, they hire each others studios out for space and money reasons. Here in Australia you can film an American film cheaper because you get a 15% tax reduction on overseas films. Green Lantern will indeed be a Warner Bros Picture.

Bizzaro on Apr 16, 2009


fox will find some legal loophole somewhere

tom rothman on Apr 16, 2009


Sam Worthington would be perfect

Scott McHenry on Apr 16, 2009


Good FX... Although I agree that FX are nice and handy... I'm pretty bored with the standard eye candy that is getting slapped across the screen. I for one do not wish for some action romp like Hancock and whoever else knows action flick. Good story plus FX, now we're talking... hear that Brett Ratner? Gavin Hood? Len Wiseman? Steven Spielberg? Tim Story? George Lucas? Rob Cohen? to name a few... All guilty of gaudy overblown effects happy 'blockbuster' crap shows! Story! You morons! Story!

Billy Bob the Boob on Apr 16, 2009


guys FOX is not doing the Green Lantern movie WB is producing the movie they just using FOX Studio for space to do some production work

movieboy on Apr 17, 2009


Wow they will make anything in tights these days.........................

SHANEDAV on Apr 17, 2009


Green Lantern has a total mythology involving other GL's (a GL is a member of an intergalactic police force), far-flung locations throughout this and other universes, and primal mysteries about the totality of creation. To put even a hint of this stuff on screen will take a lot of money. I really want to see the ring effects--giant green scissors cutting enemy missiles in half and huge hands stopping dam breaks and stuff!

zubzwank on Apr 17, 2009


This has the possibility to suck because Green Lantern is DC's response to Marvel's Iron-Man film. DC or WB isn't doing this because they have a great script, but only because they want prove something. When money or one's face is the primary reason for making a may just possibly suck instead.

Matt Suhu on Apr 17, 2009


GL better be played by a good actor!!!!!!!!!!!

DEZ on Apr 20, 2009


I know this is a long looong shot, but I reckon Dr Chris Brown from Bondi Vet could fit the description of the Green Lantern (in looks anyways), if he works on the accent that is.

Villa on Apr 27, 2009



Scott on Jul 22, 2009


Yes i know WB has made their decision who (RYAN REYNOLDS) will star as Hal Jordan in the "Green Lantern " movie, but i still had hoped they wouldn't settle for the typical choice. It took me 5 minutes 3 weeks ago on the internet to realize that ERIC WINTER from the movie "The UGLY TRUTH" should have been GL. Studio controlled. No origin story or imagination. No Geoff Johns based story, basely means borderline.

carl on Jul 23, 2009

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