Guillermo del Toro Briefly Talks More About The Hobbit Split

June 5, 2009
Source: MTV

Guillermo del Toro - The Hobbit

The big man himself, Guillermo del Toro, recently stopped by Los Angeles to sign copies of his new vampire novel The Strain (I was in attendance myself). While talking to press, the topic obviously drifted to The Hobbit, and Guillermo gave the inevitable "not much has changed" update that is only worth mentioning for those anxiously awaiting every last detail? The two biggest updates both come from MTV. The last update we received was over a month ago and in it, del Toro announced that they would split the book into two films (instead of cramming it all into one). Guillermo talks briefly about that decision.

"I'm doing only two movies because I felt that that was the best way to service the book," del Toro told MTV. "I'm not saying the other notion was not discussed. We discussed it a large degree. But I felt that for me, the two films were the way to go." That decision to split the book came mainly from how long the book was and the "White Council or the Dol Guldur additions." New Line hasn't confirmed that the "bridge" movie between Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, that was originally planned at the start, will still be made to complete a trilogy, but MTV is claiming that del Toro said he won't be directing it if it does get made.

As for where the split between the two movies will be, del Toro says it should be obvious to fans. "There is only one place to break it really… And everybody knows it." He adds: "What we're doing is because we have the relationship between Bilbo and Thorin and all the dwarves, there is a logical place for that relationship. There is a moment in the book where something is accomplished that allows us to say, 'Okay, on to the next one after this.'" And as for casting on Bilbo Baggins? "I believe we're very close now to saying one name," he revealed, hinting that we might know more in a couple of weeks. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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I still think Peter Jackson should be directing "The Hobbit". Guillermo's last film "Hellboy II" was pretty ordinary. Nothing spectacular at the least. I'm sure "The Hobbit" will be an ok film, just not as groundbreaking as "The Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy. Peter Jackson is a master of his craft. am waiting for his next film "The Lovely Bones" with anticipation.

Last Son on Jun 6, 2009


Im still guessing that James? MacAvoy guy from WANTED will be Bilbo Baggins.

Ken Masters on Jun 6, 2009


I do think two movies are warranted. A lot happens in this single story. I'm not sure what he means when he says that the logical stopping point of the first film is something everyone knows. I predict it'll be when (SPOILERS) Bilbo helps save the gang from the Wood Elves lair and start the journey down the river towards Laketown. This'll give the audience an opportunity to see the Lonely Mountain in the distance just before the first movie ends, and a lot happens afterwards that will likely film up 2 1/2 hours worth of film.

Chris H on Jun 6, 2009


I'm still hoping for James McAvoy or Martin Freeman to be casted for Bilbo =)

Robbie on Jun 6, 2009


Yep James McAvoy would be great, but i heard he said they did not ask him ...

fenchtrooprt on Jun 6, 2009


#1 Peter Jackson hasn't made anything else that really matters, but Bad Taste, King Kong, and Frighteners. Personally I liked Frighteners, but it was nothing to write home to Mama about. King Kong was ok and Bed Taste; well it's an aquired taste. I completely agree with you about Hellboy II. The only thing that saved that movie was Ron Pearlman. I'm willing to G Del T a chance, because we do not have much other choice.

L on Jun 6, 2009


yea i finally got around to seeing hellboy 2 recently and have to say i thought it sucked, and i really enjoyed the first one. wish jackson was still directing but aint gonna happen i supose, but possibility of a third director for filler movie? c'mon we dont want 3 different styles of filmmaking for a series that started so amazingly great

harrison on Jun 6, 2009


I have the utmost faith in del Toro. "Hellboy 2" was a pretty good sequel--not nearly as bad as it is claimed to be. I still believe that it is a great opportunity for del Toro to rise up to the level of the source material. He is a true visionary and once "The Hobbit" is released many,many haters and naysayers will eat their words. Go del Toro, go! Viva Mexico!

Spider on Jun 6, 2009

9 del toro dissed by john legend.... how rude !

PinkSushi on Jun 6, 2009


#5: at the time it was announced that The Hobbit would be made into a movie, rumors started to spread. The script had yet to be written and very little was known about the whole movie thing. GDT and PJ said that they would be thinking about the cast áfter they finish the script, so it would be a bit weird if they already have excluded McAvoy to play Bilbo..

Robbie on Jun 6, 2009


#6 you should check out Heavenly Creatures if you think King Kong & the frighteners are the only worthy films by Jackson. It is a chilling but great movie. Also it's Kate Winslet's debut

theotherbluth on Jun 6, 2009


^ If you're looking for a good movie of Jackson, wait for District 9 =p

Robbie on Jun 6, 2009


Jackson is just producing D9. He saw the original short by the director and loved it so much he hunted him down and gave him the ability to make it into a full length feature. I think G del T (someone above did this and I like it) is an exceptional director and I really enjoy his style. I am not sure it will be what I expected a "The Hobbit" movie to be, but I am willing to bet it will be badass and awesome.

Stevo on Jun 6, 2009


I don't think it's obvious where the split would be either, but here's my guess: (SPOILERS) The first movie will follow the group all the way through the Misty Mountains and through Beorn's house, right up to Mirkwood. This is the point where Gandalf leaves to go deal with Dol Guldur and leaves Bilbo to sort of take his place. Bilbo has the ring and has gained some respect from the dwarves because he got out of the goblins' lair alive, but it is only later that he finally gains their complete trust and friendship, after he rescues them from the elves and gets them to Laketown. But the division mentioned by post #3 could conceivably work, too, I just think if they're going to show the White Council stuff, it'll most likely be in the second movie, and most of that stuff happens (I believe) while the dwarves are in Mirkwood. Anyway, I hope it will turn out great. Del Toro did make Pan's Labyrinth, which IMO is an absolute masterpiece which will be a classic of world cinema. I wanted to like Hellboy, but the ending was crap. Hellboy 2 was a good deal better, though it still had some weird plot-holes and pacing issues. Both of them have great characters, though, and more imaginative creatures and cool set design and art direction than you can shake a stick at. So as long as Peter Jackson helps write the script and produces, I think it's gonna work out fine.

scm1000 on Jun 6, 2009


@9 Saw the video on the link you posted. John Legend is just downright jealous and intimidated by del Toro--that's all. Btw, who the hell is John Legend, anyway?????????

Blue Silver on Jun 6, 2009


Jackson is brilliant. Braindead and Bad Taste are wonderful, and laugh out loud hilarious. I can't believe there are people out there who didn't like Hellboy II, either. Funny, warm, visually beautiful and a lot of fun. My only criticism would be that it was too short; it felt truncated in a way, as if Del Toro had a story of larger scope in mind but had to scale it back to fit the budget. Ron Perlman was awesome, though. Fingers crossed we get Hellboy III one day with a budget big enough to match Guillermo's ambitions. On another note, wasn't he sweet in that video above? Must have been a bit embarrassing...

Mathieu on Jun 6, 2009


2 movies of the Hobbit is a good idea. Making that "WTF happened between Hobbit part II and Fellowship" is pure BS, nice to hear it's not planned. LotR Triology would have been better with 6 movies imo, each book was 2 books, right? Return was too rushed and by far only a shadow of Fellowship. Ofc, LotR is ca 12h now? That would mean 20-24h....hmmm =) Instead of a fictional Hobbit part III(what moron came up with this idea??) make The Silmarillion, 3-6 fims It's gunna be fun to see Smaug(the dragon), hope she(or was Smaug a he?) doesnt look too puppet, nor too CGI

David Banner on Jun 6, 2009


Its about money........................ Im surprised they didn't make it into a trilogy

SHANEDAV on Jun 6, 2009


The Silmarillion would be one heck of a show. It would probably be too weird and confusing for most people though.

Scott McHenry on Jun 7, 2009


I don't see a need to create a "bridge" movie as what happened between the Hobbit and LOTR was already covered in LOTR through dialogue and back story.

S on Jun 8, 2009


One would have to be an outright moron to not think of Peter Jackson as anything but an utter and complete visionary genius. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong and Heavenly Creatures are nothing more than masterpieces in film making. And although I am not one for Zombie movies, I would think twice about putting down his other work because it is well made and highly creative.

V Wilson on Jun 8, 2009


awesome. and they should make the Silmarillion into film. I mean melkor is a bigger bad ass than sauron. but they problem is they don't have the fucking copyright to the unfinished tales and the silmarillion 🙁

jackson on Mar 9, 2010

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