Harold Ramis Confirms Early Ghostbusters 3 Details

April 3, 2009

Ghostbusters 3

Earlier this week we confirmed that Sony really is moving forward with their plans to make another Ghostbusters movie, and we already know that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky have been working on a script. But what we don't really know yet is what the heck it will be about, especially since we keep hearing early buzz that it might be a complete reboot and feature a younger cast mentored by the older 'busters that we all know and love. Thanks to an update on Entertainment Weekly earlier today, it looks like that is indeed the case. Harold Ramis finally confirmed some early details regarding this newest Ghostbusters.

I'm not sure how or where the EW guys caught up with Ramis (I'm assuming it was for Year One), but here's what he had to say. "They'll be looking at younger actors [for the lead roles], I'm sure. But we'll be in it as mentors or advisers. I think the first one captured something that hadn't been seen for a long time: the combination of scary movies and smart broad comedy." And that "we" he mentions are the original four Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, and Ramis himself. "Everybody said they'd do it," he confirms, but of course, "everyone's gonna have to love the [Ghostbusters III] script to move it forward."

While he wouldn't say much more about the premise, he did drop in this little tidbit at the end: "Now there's a new concept… And it's interesting, beyond the kind of mythology of it, there's a personal story that's pretty grounded." I might argue that the reason the original two were so damn good is because they had that central story about Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. So obviously they better have some sort of personal story or the fan backlash will be pretty bad if they screw this one up. But don't expect to see this too soon. "Even if there was a great script by the end of the summer, it would be a year before [it would get made.]"

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As long as the new ghostbusters aren't the usual suspects Apatow or SNL crew. Dig a little deeper Ramis. I don't want the zillionth Apatow or SNL movie. I want a GHOSTBUSTERS movie. GHOSTBUSTERS is its own thing. It has a very different flavor from comedies coming out today. Maybe even get some actors who aren't thought of as "comedy guys", but are simply actors with good sense of humors and timing? Even if Ramis doesn't want to be that daring, at least get comedy guys who aren't over-exposed or associated with some other franchise.

Megan on Apr 3, 2009


@#1... well put. That sounds like the exact approach they need to take. Let's hope they ahve the good sense to go that route.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Apr 3, 2009


SETH ROGAN FOR LEAD ROLL! lmaoooooo and paul rudd!! and Jason Segel!! screw you if you dont like them

zach on Apr 3, 2009


I'll third #1's comment.

crAziemutant on Apr 3, 2009


I'm extremely skeptical on this whole thing. I adored the first two GB's and don't want a third one so far apart from the others to ruin it. MIB3 which you reported earlier on, I don't care much about, buddy action movies are supposed to run in 3s and all 3 are supposed to be like "eh that was funny but not awesome". I just hope they don't fuck this up.

Movieraider321 on Apr 3, 2009


This has potential because Ramis is so in to it thank goodness. The crew original crew wants in so I believe they'll make sure it all goes well instead of just flopping.

Hey Ya on Apr 4, 2009


YAWN! YAWN! YAWN! The original Ghostbusters film was unique and worked because of the CAST. Replacing them with young, 'flavour of the month' actors isn't going to work. It's typical Hollywood bullshit - find a nipple to pull and milk dry. And you know what will happen, if Ghostbusters 3 rakes in the almighty $$$ expect to see Ghostbusters 4, 5, 6 and so on, all starring the 'new generation of actors.' Make it with the original cast in their respective lead roles and close the lid on it. Or simply don't make it at all.

Slimer's Bag on Apr 4, 2009


I say Nathan Fillion as the leader, Alan Tudyk as the tech guy, Paul Rudd as the nerd guy, and Craig Robinson as the token black guy. That way you at least know that Fillion + Tudyk, and Rudd + Robinson have good chemistry. Chemistry is key.

Audioout on Apr 4, 2009


I don't care if people like Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd have been in lots of movies lately. I think they would be great in it. Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and then maybe Craig Robinson like #7 said and I would like to see Bill Hader or James Franco as the 4th man.

RedRabbit on Apr 4, 2009


@8 I'd switch Tudyk and Rudd's roles, and maybe find someone with a bit better chops than Robinson but I like we're you're headed with that. Don Cheadle as a Ghostbuster anyone?

Otacon on Apr 4, 2009


The game that is coming out in June is basically Ghostbusters III, so why bother with making the movie. I would say see how many copies the game sells and then decide if you wanna make the movie. Plus, Murray has said the second one was bombarded by producers and studio heads who ended up making the movie more of a visual effects spectacle. I could easily see this happening again in this case. BTW, any of you who wanting to see Rogen in this, he has gone on record as saying that a third one would be "a horrible idea".

ALBERTO on Apr 4, 2009


Bill Hader all the way.

Tyler Durden on Apr 4, 2009


My Dream Team: Sam Rockwell Bill Hader Rain Wilson Mos Def

TARDIS42 on Apr 4, 2009


I nominate: Bill Hader Sean Williams Scott (Stifler) Seth Rogen or Ben Stiller (I'm almost sick of both of them, but they'd both be perfect for this) Dave Chapelle (can they coax him off the farm in Ohio?)

J. Jonah Hexas Texas on Apr 4, 2009


I take it back. Here's my Official Ghostbusters 3 Wish List: Bill Hader Sean Williams Scott Jason Segel Dave Chapelle The original team gets trapped in another dimension or something, new guys have to save them. Pretty simple plot and it writes itself. I would also accept either Andy Samberg or Jack Black instead of Jason Segel. But PLEASE, no Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill. Or Matthew Lillard. I hate Matthew Lillard.

J. Jonah Hexas Texas on Apr 4, 2009


Bill Hader - the nerdy, scientific leader Sean Williams Scott (Stifler) - the wild, Anything Goes Guy who gets them in jams by jumping the gun and not taking it seriously Jason Segel - the dopey, schlubby, Whatever Guy with a heart, just like his character in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' Dave Chappelle - the panicky, Freaked Out Guy who is a bundle of nerves

J. Jonah Hexas Texas on Apr 4, 2009


^^ So in other words, guys playing what they always play, so the movie looks like every other movie they've done? No Thanks.

Megan on Apr 4, 2009


#1, aboslutely right. Ghostbusters is its own thing and not afilliated with SNL. Especially with cast members that include BIll Muray and Dan Awkroyd.

Al on Apr 4, 2009


SNL ain't what it used to be. Try watching it now. Painful.

sigh on Apr 4, 2009


SNL being painful has nothing to do with what i am getting at. number ones remark was stupid considering Ghostbusters was essentially a typical Saturday Night Live crew venture in film.

Al on Apr 4, 2009


Er since SNL is painful now it pretty much has everything to do with it, yes? The quality of performers aren't what they used to be and not acknowledging it is pure ignorance. Ghostbusters was written by Ramis and Aykroyd. What's stupid is calling it an SNL movie when even a moron knows it'd more truthful to call it a Second City movie. But maybe you were too ignorant to know that at one time SNL was overrun with SC alums who brought their flavor to SNL and took it with them when they left? There is no embarrassment in ignorance, just in getting insulting and huffy over it.

sigh on Apr 4, 2009


Edgar Wright should direct with simon pegg and their crew and considering dan akryod always wanted ghostbusters to go global in its universe so why not start a new group in a new atmosphere. . . but it's too late 🙁

jp on Apr 4, 2009


I have to concur with #1's comments. All you guys who keep throwing up "wish lists" of actors, while I'm sure you mean well, are perpetuating the tripe that Hollywood producers and studio heads throw at us. "These guys would be perfect! They fill rolls W, X, Y, Z!" If you're basing things on rolls of characters, they become extremely one-dimensional and bland. Egon being the only real exception, none of the characters in the original Ghostbusters were necessarily "the guy who is [blank]" type of characters. Peter had much more character than simply a skirt chaser, just like Ray was more than a paranormal enthusiast. And Winston is probably the least "token black guy" character in a movie ever. He's just the fourth ghostbuster that happens to be black. When you say "Get Sean William Scott as the hot-shot, balls-to-the-wall guy that gets everyone in trouble (like he always is)!" you're asking for a very bland film.

Yale on Apr 4, 2009


This is definitely one of those things that will either go very well or be a total screw up. I at least have hope that Ramis and those involved with the original GB and GB2 are doing GB3, and not some other guy who wanted to rape the franchise back to life just to flip a buck. It sounds like they are doing a Extreme Ghostbusters type story. In the cartoon Egon and some of his university students take up ghostbusting when there is a new surge of ghosts . I loved that cartoon, so I have no opposition to this. I think that even works nicely with the fact that these guys are pushing 55+ as well, passing the torch on to another crew only makes logical sense. Now, I will personally kill them all if this is a filthy reboot and rape of my childhood memories however.

Breach on Apr 5, 2009


I hope the last movies where closed with a trilogy i am not sure about the reboot pr another sequel for this movie these days i don't think it will be as expected and from the Tone of Ramis 's tone he is not quite happy about what's going on or what is about to happen if it's a sequel or a reboot.

Fisherr on Apr 5, 2009


Seth Green would be great for this, not as perfect as if Eric Stoltz would play Carnage in a marvel-movie but still great. And for god sake, bring in a female ghostbuster this time, for the contrast.

Sebastian on Apr 5, 2009


Please put Sigourney in it.

FlaWiio on Apr 5, 2009


You know, number 26 wants a girl ghostbuster. For some reason, I think I'd hate that. I don't even know why... this is the first case of serious hardcore sexism I've ever felt. Ghostbusting: Girls not allowed.

Syphous on Apr 6, 2009


I am behind this 1000%. As long as Rogen is nowhere near it. He has already mentioned he did not think GB3 was a good idea. It is obvious he had a huge interest in it and basically was told. "We would like talented cast and crew involved with this project, and your not invited Mr. Rogen."

D-9 on Apr 6, 2009


Hey, as long as we're making wishes, I'd wish for Summer Glau kicking some ghostly-ass specters.

Luis M on Apr 6, 2009


For the negative comments about current SNL - I honestly don't think it's the talent, seems more like the writers being unable to write themselves out of a bad joke.

bozoconnors on Apr 6, 2009


Keenan Thompson as the white guy

DonDelouise on Apr 6, 2009


31, aren't most of the SNL players the writers as well?

Syphous on Apr 8, 2009


The 1st film was great. The 2nd film was shite. They will really have to lift the bar on this one.

Bizzaro on Apr 9, 2009


Sounds like a mockery of the great Supernatural show. After years of no ghosts they come back like demons to take over the world. How lame "Been there...Done that". They will make it like ghosts was hybernating for last 20 something years. Just the thought of a 3 after ghostbusters sounds like crap.

Eric on May 22, 2009


For my money, it would be a mistake to pick ANY actors, man or woman, that can't carry a scene like the original 4 Ghostbusters. If you think about it, the stories (great as they were) were secondary to the entertainment provided by the personailities of Murray, Ramis, Akroyd and Hudson (with Weaver & Moranis as secondary characters). You can't just slap together some rag-tag group of actors, even with a GREAT story, even if they have legions of fan-boys to see the movie, and expect the movie to draw as many people or to develop as big a fan base as the originals UNLESS THE AUDIENCE LOVES THE CHARACTERS. I think that the producers should be focusing on ONE THING over and above story: do the characters have an on-screen presence and chemistry comparable to the original Ghostbusters? If not, give up the ghost now before you sully the franchise with an unworthy third movie. -- Who could possibly fit the bill? Who in todays generation of actors could compare with Bull Murray or Dan Ackroyd? The only person I can think of who is charismatic enough to do it without being so well known as to make the movie star-heavy out the gate (sorry, Steve Carell or Will Ferrell), is Nathan Fillion of Serenity fame, and possibly also his co-star Alan Tudyk. Picture these guys with proton packs on! They would perfectly personify the essence of the original two movies. They could breath life into even a second-rate script just by how amusing they would be, something the original cast excelled at in GB2. Sorry to be sexist, but I can't think of any women at the moment--but hey, find two or three with the chops of these guys, and now we're talking NOT JUST a film for the next generation (Star Trek, Transformers, etc), but that rarest of things--a sequel that somehow wins the hearts and minds of multitudes of nostalgic fans who love it already. Can I get a digg?

Rob K on Jun 3, 2009


Comedic chops & group chemistry is the key. You've got to get a crew that can go toe-to-toe with the original Ghostbusters. The original 4 made the first two movies work. Possible Ghostbusters with the right stuff to match the originals: --- Nathan Fillion (a must)* Alan Tudyck (a must)* Bill Hayder Rainn Wilson Ed Helms Steve Zahn Sean William Scott (he's good, though he's a little too pretty-boy to make me not hate him in a Ghostbusters costume, so he's my least-favorite on the list) Craig Robinson Don Cheadle Dave Chappelle --- None of these guys are too big to make it work (like Will Ferrell, for instance), and all of them have the personality to be Ghostbusters. Take your pick. Sorry I don't have any ladies here. Find me one that can stand up as an equal to Murray and I'll say let's get a girl on the team! --- *NOTE: I am not a Serenity fanboy. I liked it, but didn't LOVE it--but the important thing is that the new Ghostbusters can stand as equals to the original 4, and all the above mentioned people can do it (don't tell me that Craig Robinson can't be the equal of Ernie Hudson, the quietest of the 4. And if you want to blow Ernie Hudson out of the water, let's go with Dave Chappelle--but he might be too big a name, and could potentially unbalance the cast).

Rob K on Jun 3, 2009


I'm excited at the sametime scared. I dont want this new movie to suck and ruin the whole Ghostbuster legacy. They must do a great job in casting and storyline.

Mr Stone on Jul 25, 2010

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