Harrison Ford Says the Story for Indiana Jones 5 is Ready

September 14, 2009
Source: People

Indiana Jones

We've all read Shia LaBeouf's quotes, we know he's all set for the fifth installment of one of my most beloved trilogies of all time - wait, there was a fourth Indy film? Hm. Must've missed that - oh, that's right, it was terrible and made me loathe everyone involved. Right. Well, we were all updated that the fifth installment, tentatively titled just Indiana Jones 5, was in the research phase a few months back, but according to People, Indy himself, Harrison Ford, is ready to don the fedora and crack his whip again - depending on the script, of course. Although apparently Lucas and Spielberg have already figured out what the story is.

"The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form," Ford told France's Le Figaro. "Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I'll be very happy to put the costume on again." So there you go.

I love the Indiana Jones films. In fact, I judge people based on which film is their favorite (I'm a Last Crusade type of guy), but the putrid taste that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left in my mouth has my gag reflex still a bit dodgy. I don't really want to see Mutt return at Indy's side in some kind of bastardization of the brilliance that was the father-son story in The Last Crusade. But, it's happening. The momentum is too great to be stopped. It's not that I don't think Ford can pull off the classic Indy swagger at the age of 67, and I'm not saying that there isn't a possibility that Indy 5 could be a great action adventure film - it's just that the risk is too great. I've lost faith. Hopefully this story is an improvement. Is there any hope?

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oh god, no more, please.

xtheory on Sep 14, 2009


If and its a big IF, they can get Sean Connery out from retirement, then i may be able to get excited about this once more. Throw 20 mill at him if you have to. The movie is a lock to break 200 million no matter how bad it is.

Levo on Sep 14, 2009


They said he dies in the last one so I doubt he'll make anytype of cameo in 5

Stephanie Pollitt on Nov 13, 2011


I have no intention of seeing this at all, and as far as Im concerned it’s still a trilogy as you so rightly put it. What they did with that awful film was a god damn travesty and proved that Lucas can’t be trusted with this franchise at all, as for mutt just shoot the bastard and put him out of his misery and leave it well alone for god sake.

Dar-El on Sep 14, 2009


Listen buddy, I'd like to see you write those amazing stories, could you? I bet not asshole! Don't watch them if you don't like them, whoa, you're such a fucking hypocrite! I think George Lucas is an amazing, astounding writer, and you can burn in hell!

Cartman on May 11, 2012


Oh and 2 there isnt a chance in hell, there is also the rumour that Sean read the script for the last one and told them where to go and rightly so in my book, boy did he make the right decision there eh

Dar-El on Sep 14, 2009


indy 4 was fun, but the CGI monkeys were just ridiculous.

Jon on Sep 14, 2009


but it's George Lucas. what could possibly go wrong? oh.... wait.

Me on Sep 14, 2009


Haha, suckers. I got wise with the star wars prequels. I've NEVER seen that crappy #4 installment. They tried, after crapping on star wars and even E.T(which I have fond memories of ), to take Ol' Doctor Jones from me, but I beat them to the punch. Lame'os! p.s. Hearing about the atomic bomb proof fridge was enough to stop me.

Stopyourgrinnin'anddropyour linen on Sep 14, 2009


Stopyourgrinnin'anddropyour linen. i thought You said I got WINE with the star wars prequels. i was thinking Wow, what a genius.

Me on Sep 14, 2009


In all honestly, I liked the 4th film. "Last Crusade" is still by far my favorite, but still liked the 4th. It could've done without some of the cheesiness/silliness (CG monkeys were mentioned above) but otherwise enjoyed it. Plus, it's Lucas, what do you expect?

BL on Sep 14, 2009


As long as they get Lawrence Kasdan or Frank Darabont to write the script (or maybe Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, if they impressed Spielberg with their Tintin rewrite) I'll be happy to see another installment. 60 is the new 40, apparently, so I have every confidence in Ford's ability to crack the whip convincingly (his performance was the saving grace of the last one). I just wish they'd say that Sean Connery's character isn't really dead after all and in fact needs to be rescued from some dastardly villain after a quest went awry!

Mathieu on Sep 14, 2009


Sean Connery won't be coming out of retirement for part 5, #1. They killed him off in part 4. Bum move, George Lucas.

Gill on Sep 14, 2009


Sorry, #2.

Gill on Sep 14, 2009


what i thought hurt #4 the most was the was really awful. if they're doing another one, i certainly hope the plot is better than the last. HF acting looked pretty stiff in #4 as well.(kind of like he was going through the motions)......i hope he acts like he's interested in #5.

beavis4play on Sep 14, 2009


George Lucas is so good at destroying every "iconic" thing he has created. he fits the definition of a HACK and Alex, i agree... Last Crusade all the way

DoomCanoe on Sep 14, 2009


I think this is a great idea. Obviously, people really loved this movie or it wouldn't have made millions of dollars, right? My only hope is that we get to learn more about Mutt, like it'd be cool if he was in a band or played guitar.

Valerie Atherton on Sep 14, 2009


I hope he actually gets to wear the hat this time. It would be great if he was the star, finally. Harrison Ford is getting way too old to play Indy.

Gill on Sep 14, 2009


Harrison Ford will never be too old to play Indy and Mutt can get his own hat

Stephanie Pollitt on Nov 13, 2011


I really think they need to have a flashback story that involves a younger Indy. Maybe while he is in grad school. Then the story can flow back into present day Indy. Because no way can a 67 yr old Ford pull off a action sequence without heavy duty CGI or stunt doubles.

JT on Sep 14, 2009


While I too loathed the fourth film and was tremendously heartbroken by it, I do think there is a very small chance for a possible ressurrection. My suggestion would be to hire Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to write the script because as we all learned from STAR TREK, they are able to tell great stories but at the same time are incredibly loyal to the source material to the point of all most being religious. Let's just hope Spielberg has learned from his mistakes because all know Lucas hasn't, what with not only the fourth Indy but all three of the Star Wars prequels.

Short Round on Sep 14, 2009


Like Star Wars, they are Saturday afternoon popcorn movies, not meant to be this strange cult that makes these freaky fanboys wet themselevs is they are not exactly like they remember as kids ...You see, there's the key word KIDS! Grow up losers and enjoy them for what they are.

Sanka on Sep 14, 2009


It can't be as bad as the last one...can it?

Kevin on Sep 14, 2009


Indiana Jones and the Retirement Home Bed Pan of Chaos.

Crapola on Sep 14, 2009


It will be good if they KEEP LUCAS AWAY FROM THE SCRIPT. Spielberg knows what he's doing. Lucas should be restrained from characters, costumes, and story - he should throw money at the movie, that's all he's good for nowadays.

Antioch on Sep 14, 2009


don't be about Aliens!

xerxex on Sep 14, 2009


The fourth movie was a major disappointment. For me it was, actually, the biggest disappointment during that year! Hearing of a fifth installment, well... don't know. In one hand, there is the "what if this is as bad as the other?" but in the other hand, you can surely say "the last one was SO bad, that Spielberg and Lucas can only do better!" haha... Saying so, good or bad, we know (yes, we do, let's face it) that we will be standing in line to see it.

leiner on Sep 14, 2009


Maybe they can go back to dealing with the Germans and throw Christoper Waltz in there since that seems to be everyone's flavor of the month, even though most people have only seen him in one movie and don't much about him.

clippers350 on Sep 14, 2009


the 5th indy should start with Indiana waking up from the Nightmare that was part 4! Oh and 14 and 15 ...what on earth is wrong with you people?!

bltzie on Sep 14, 2009


I think Shia killed #4, i dont think its as bad as people make it out to be...always like Harrison Ford movies so i'll def see it opening weekend, i hope they kill of shia though, guy is just not that good (maybe gets abducted in 4?) lol...

ray on Sep 14, 2009


Who cares about Indy? The guy's an old man now. Let him retire gracefully.

TTEX on Sep 14, 2009


I'm with #2. If they could bring back Sean Connery, I'd be very excited, no matter what. lol

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 14, 2009


I hope this script isn't a, "I know we should have done it this way!" kind of reaction for Lucas/Spielberg in comparison to the last one PLLLLLEEEEAAAASE dont be lame, AND DON'T PASS THE HAT/WHIP TO SHIA. It's not a superhero costume - Harrison makes Indiana the great hero we know and love. By the way - no monkeys or fridges. Tho I understand that they had to 'toss indiana' around without having to actually put harrison in the action he would have normally been fit for, ohh say 20 years ago(via fridge, jet engine platform. I want an email to go out to all the complaining fanboys when they're 55-57 and see if they're fit to run around, dive, jump, climb, dive again, run there, come back, run again, probably get punched and thrown around a few times, jump through that window, swing on this harness, run there, faster, come back, dive, roll, jump on the moving vehicle, come back, run, then do it again. Ask ME that now, Hell Yes! 35 years from now?? Ahhh, I'll get back to you.

Nick Sears on Sep 14, 2009


Horrible idea to make a 5th, it will always be a triology of the greatest action adventure movies of all time, just like the original Star Wars. When this does come out I will destroy anyone I know that sees it.

Andrew on Sep 14, 2009


This is sacred territory for me as the "Indiana Jones" trilogy is my all time favorite trilogy! 'Kingdom' put a damper in my love for the series so I truly hope Spielberg....and especially Lucas bring their A-game and do us fanboys proud! Ford WILL knock it out of the long as the SCRIPT kicks ass!

Spider on Sep 14, 2009


Usually I would get excited, but after the 4th one I'm not so sure they should continue.

JimD on Sep 14, 2009


Okay, despite having George Lucas "actively at work" on it, there's a slim chance this might be good. 1)They tell George Lucas to give up the crazy delusion that he can write worth a damn. He can't. They hire an actual writer to come in and clean up all Lucas's stupid ideas. 2)They do some makeup work and set this one before Crystal Skull so that they never even have to aknowledge "Mutt". It's the only way. Just pretend he never happened. They set the precedent in Temple, so it's okay to skip back to a time period. 3)There's some mystical curse on the Indy series that only the odd movies will be good (I love 1 and 3, don't like 2 as much, LOATHED 4 with a fiery passion). It could happen.... (inconsolable crying) 🙂

Pete the Geek on Sep 14, 2009


Well after 1 there was 2. I'm sure nobody wanted a 3 after that, but it turned out to be the best of all the Indy films. Perhaps 4 was the stinker that we have to hurdle to get to the really good movie.

Chris H on Sep 14, 2009


Indy kicks ass. 4 had great moments and brought back the legend. Offer some legit suggestions rather than just think of a douchebag clever way of saying it sucked. It was cool they revealed indy as being a ww2 hero in 4. an anime or comic of his ww2 days would be cool. wonder what's the next 'mcguffin'. i think indy should take on an illuminati type group and try to obtain maybe a time travel machine or stop nukes during cold war.. alright, what else? there has to be some better ideas out there

scott on Sep 14, 2009


Remember how every other Trek movie was good? That appears to be the case with the Indy flicks. Raiders? Awesome. Doom? Be honest, as iconic as some of the images were, the flick was pretty weak. Last Crusade? Not as awesome as Raiders, but awesome. Crystal Skull? Like Doom, overall weak, but still had some decent moments (not many, but there were a few). So a fifth installment has to fall into the awesome camp. Right? And honestly, Shia wasn't that bad. The way his character was introduced to the series, however, was horrible. So if we forget Skull, and let these characters just get on with it, we may be okay.

jay on Sep 14, 2009


I couldn't believe how bad #4 was. Spielberg has been making some really fantastic films of late with "Saving Private Ryan" Minority Report" and "Catch Me If You Can". I honestly thought that this film was going to be awesome. I say do another one but get better script writers. George Lucas lost the gift for storytelling a long time ago. Also only give Shia a smaller part. He plays the same jackass character in every film. Enough already!

last Son on Sep 15, 2009


I was not impress with indiana jones and the cristal skull, lucas and spelberg want to take the story of indi 5 Back to it's routs like the previus 3 film's not the 4 one get indi looking for a great artifact with badies trying to stop him on the way bring back the German's, good trap's for him to solve and so and so on.

Allen Reeve on Sep 15, 2009


in all honesty as a huge indy fan (last crusade guy here) the nostalga of seeing indy again clouded what would otherwise be a mediocre film to me. sure there were issues, but to see my favorite charactor on screen again was well worth some weak plot points and bogus story telling. all in all, if it wasnt an indiana jones movie i absolutly wouldnt have enjoyed it much. the worst feeling is knowing i fall into the demographic that lucas knew he would make his money from, indy fans who support their hero despite the movie itself.

AC on Sep 15, 2009


#2,Levo ...Uh, I'm not sure if it was mentioned but Sean's character had died off I believe (unless you mean seeing him in a flashback). Remember when Indy had his picture of his dad (Sean Connery, of course)on his desk and mentioned how it had been a "brutal couple of years?" Then he said, "first dad,then Marcus." I doubt he gets brought back, unless it's a flashback.

JudasBarron on Sep 15, 2009


I would be okay with a 5th if they get back to the original Indiana Jones, and stop trying to "move in another direction"... I'm not sure what they would have to do to rescue it, but I'm pretty sure it would involve excluding Shia to a cameo, if that. The story would need to be a little more grounded in reality, too, please. For some reason I can accept all the crazy sci-fi stuff when it comes to the different artifacts when they're integral to the story, instead of BEING the story. Maybe something set in the US would be good, too, so long as they don't follow the line of the National Treasure. Or maybe something set in Africa!! That would be great!

RStewie on Sep 15, 2009


#11 Yes, Indy's dad was killed off in part four, but it was only a passing mention if I recall correctly, and these films are inspired by 30s adventure serials/comic strips. So in keeping with the sort of ludicrous twists seen in the source material, I don't see why it couldn't transpire, as I suggested at #10, that Connery is just missing, presumed dead, or something similar. Then son and grandson could go off in search of him! Connery only refused to come out of retirement for the fourth film because the part was little more than a cameo (I'd imagine Jim Broadbent's character was originally supposed to be Indy's dad, before the rewrite) - if it was something substantial I can see him making this his final movie. Oh and #19? The thing is, the first film is a classic even without the rose-tinted spectacles of nostalgia. The third one is brilliant too, and even the second one seems like a masterpiece compared with most adventure movies of the last couple of decades. That's why people were upset with the fourth film - it was nowhere near the level of the original trilogy, although I still liked it despite its faults.

Mathieu on Sep 15, 2009


Before they made no.4 I thought they should recast Indy and the person I thought was closest to HF in mannerisms and acting style was Dennis Quaid

Jee on Sep 15, 2009



clippers350 on Sep 15, 2009


quit bitching and moaning, 4 was good popcorn fare just like Crusade and Temple of Doom...of course nothing lives up to the Raiders standard, but Cyrstal Skull was a fine entry into the hallowed halls of Jones...Rumor has it they will be dealing with the Tomb of Ghengis Khan...hope it happens sooner than later...these guys are all heading toward 70 rapidly...

Kamish on Sep 15, 2009


42...So magic rocks are more realistic than space ships, sorry but spaceships actually exist...Indy 4 led our hero into the Atomic age...I sorry numb-skulls just cant put their head around it...

Kamish on Sep 15, 2009


It's funny to hear all these fanboy morons whine about how Lucas ruined "their" movie, "their" Indy. Like he didn't have anything to do with making the film. Geeks, when you put up several hundred million dollars of your own money to finance a film, THEN you can complain about the script, the special effects, and the acting. #39 The Germans?! Are you retarded? It's the 1950's! The Nazis had been out of power for ten years. #34 How can you "skip a time period" when he's so obviously OLD? Anyway, "Temple of Doom" didn't skip a time period----it was set like three years before "Raiders".

SwolN PekR on Sep 15, 2009


I, for one, am ridiculously excited for specifically a fifth installment. Granted, the trilogy could have been left alone, and probably should have. However, it may be important to remember that Temple of Doom was trashed by critics when it first came out, while Raiders and Crusade were highly praised. Twenty years later, Temple of Doom is considered one of the more adventurous of the films. What really excites me is that the first and third films, which were Steven Spielberg's ideas, were considered excellent, while the second and fourth films, which were both spawned by George Lucas, have been trashed upon their release. It sounds like Spielberg is in charge of this movie, therefore I have great faith and much excitement at the idea that this pattern may continue and we may have a noteworthy and possibly legendary adventure in the works. I have to say, though, I would LOVE to see Shia La Beouf get kicked in the face by the actor who played Short Round. Just as I was pleased that they refused to allow the fedora to touch his head.

Ravek018 on Sep 15, 2009


Although Sean wont be in the new indy, he has accepted a part in a New james bond, where in one scene he runs someone over in his wheelchair.

Evil Lemon on Sep 15, 2009


Bring back short round (i hear he's a bad ass martial artist/ instructor in real life) and make it revlove around him & mutt finding Indy ('ala last crusade'). Can't think of a good macguffin. he's dealt with east indian religion, old & new testament (egyptology), mayan indian.... Islam maybe?

wHiskey Tango.... on Sep 15, 2009


So what was the purpose of drinking from the Holy Grail?

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 15, 2009


I've always thought Quaid would be an awesome indy if harrison got too old or as a long lost brother... That said if they ever did get quiad we'd be complaining that it isn't Harrison

wHiskey Tango... on Sep 15, 2009


Speilberg and Lucas did Raiders of the Lost Ark fairly equally. Temple of Doom was more Lucas, but The Last Crusade was more Speilberg... then we went back to Lucas again for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So, it's Speilberg's turn. I'm up for 5, but only for that reason. Although I did find it amusing that Indy and his son both took on dogs' names.

Mark on Sep 15, 2009


man, if they didn't kill the series with indy 4, i'm sure 5 will put it 6 feet under. at least we go a great new film term "nuke the fridge.."

nl on Sep 15, 2009


I watched Indy 4 again recently on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I will admit I hated it when I saw it in the theaters. But 14+ months later, I actually enjoyed it more the 2nd time through. It wasn't even close to as good as the first 3, but I was also a young kid when I saw those (not in the theater, I was 6 when The Last Crusade was released.) I'm 26 now, and my movie tastes have changed. If you take it as a fun movie with an old friend and not an Oscar contender, its great fun. Stupid and over the top in parts, but who cares... It's an Indiana Jones movie, not A Clockwork Orange.

Dustin on Sep 15, 2009


I wish you would all stop complaining, I mean I know it wasn't the greatest film ever made and could have been better. I for one hadn't seen it until it showed recently on tv and found the DVD shortly afterwards and I haven't been able to stop watching it, I watch it just about everyday. I like the character Mutt and think Shia was great at playing But I hope the storyline is a bit better than before and not so predictable. It would be kinda cool if Mutt got hurt somewhere during the adventure or kidnapped, I like it when things like that happen and you get a sence of passion. If you've watched the special features then you'll knopw that it had to be made with some stuff from the past and some for those who are just introduced to Indiana Jones, you know the next generation who might like it but more modern, any way I enjoyed it and give it a thumbs up.

CJ on Sep 16, 2009


Crystal Skull was a piece of crap. The first three were great. They should give up and forget making any more, but they won't as long as morons like #46, #48 and #49 as still suckling at the Lucas teat and handing over their money.

georgelucassucks on Sep 16, 2009


...Add #57 and #58 to the moron list.

georgelucassucks on Sep 16, 2009


Make that #56 and #57.

georgelucassucks on Sep 16, 2009


58-60 is a DUCHE...go suck Peter Jackson's cock

Kamish on Sep 16, 2009


Saw #4 at a matinee at a 'dollar' theater. Actually considered asking for a refund.

Stiles on Sep 16, 2009


I liked the trilogy, I even liked #4 (waste of money to watch it in the theater though, shoulda just waited and netflixed... I don't consider #4 part of the series, just a movie on it's own, makes it easier that way some how, i guess. I do look forward to #5 if it happens, but may just think of it as a stand-alone as well.

Petey on Sep 16, 2009


More like when is Jurassic Park 4 being made????

DAVID on Sep 18, 2009


Georgelucaussucks, opinions are like assholes... everyone's got one

Dustin on Sep 19, 2009


Indiana Jones and the lost Allspark

Memphis Rains on Sep 22, 2009


i am huge indy fan and as much i hate to never see another new indiana jones movie, i think it's time to leave him to the legends. and what the hell happened to short round anyway?

hearts4711 on Oct 9, 2009


I feel like I already know he fate of the Indy films. They will make this one and then another, thus making a new trilogy. After that they will replace Indy with Mut and make a trilogy off of that.

Alex T. on Oct 12, 2009


Havent you people realized that the only thing lucas is good for is destroying his own franchises? Anyone else noticing a trend? First trilogy is great. Than he tries to make more movies 20 years later and they suck....hmmmmm where has he done this before? Lucas' problem is that he won't use any of his ideas to start up new franchises, he's so scared that if he did something new it would fail so instead he spends all of his time on just the two.

Alex T. on Oct 13, 2009

73 is the biggest pile of festering dogshit on the net, don't bother giving your opinion over there if it is not the same as theirs they will just ban you over it (mostly to do with Bryan Singer they are in love with that douchbag). Bryan Singer loves using comic book films as his personal tool to push his gay agendas.

Anti-Fox on Oct 13, 2009


I'm just praying this will attempt to get rid of the nightmare that was kingdom of the crystal skull. but it will never be better than the last crusade.

Big Red on Oct 13, 2009


@71 - Didn't we already go through all this with the Star Wars prequels? Never again. Last Crusade is the last Indy for me.

snickers on Oct 14, 2009


Stop it. Shia didn't run the trilogy. The whole idea was lame to begin with. Aliens? Aliens? Aliens? Are U kidding me? There was no need to pass on the torch. Spielberg should go back to the basics. Get a new writing team.

Ostilad on Oct 15, 2009


#16 dont you et it without Harrison its not Indiana Jones thats why people were kind of upset with number 4 because mutt is thinking about taking over the mantle and harrison out of the picture Like people are saying the 2nd and 4th 2nd wass just weak and 4 at least we didnt have this guy in a bull hat trying to get out someones heart . 14 and 15 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRICKIN MIND!!!!!!!! 2 the only way that sean could come back is if indy finds something that brings peope back to life(That story would compleely suck of course) or in a flashback. 49 is right lucas spawned the idea for the aliens in the 4th and it would be hilarious to see short round kick muutt in the face because sort round was better he was just in the wrong movie and guys stop complainin about the plot its an indiana jones movie not a freakin oscar nominee.

max s. on Oct 15, 2009



Colin on Oct 15, 2009


Maybe they should hand the reins over to J.J. Abrams. The Lucas/Spieberg collaboration is getting old.

John M on Oct 15, 2009


@76 - As long as the Kurtzman/Orci combo isn't brought along to scribble more nonsense. Indy 5 is just a bad idea. The last one was offensively bad.

snickers on Oct 16, 2009


The Aliens story line ruined #4. If they keep with the same idea behind #1 and #3 then they might make it work. vote me for #3

Holly on Oct 16, 2009


This may be a debatable statement, but I thought the Indiana Jones tv series was great and wish it lasted longer. If they can take more from that and add it to the next movie (better, more coherent plot and characters) and less overwrought CGI and cliches carried over from the trilogy, it could be something great. The last movie was lazy film making. You could feel they had to get that project out of the way so they could get on to something more important.

Robert on Oct 17, 2009


@79 - I agree it was lazy filmmaking, but the most important part was FUBAR: the script. Besides that, resurrecting Indy after 20 years was probably a big mistake. Obviously it was just made for the dollars.

snickers on Oct 18, 2009


....."I don't really want to see Mutt return at Indy's side in some kind of bastardization of the brilliance that was the father-son story in The Last Crusade." I love that line. It's from above somewhere. Couldn't locate it again. Anyway... I'm a massive Indy fan and was in utter denial when the alien factor came into play. Shot to the groin, if you will. A 25 year wait, then this? Cruel.......very cruel. Tarzan, Aliens? What's next, Mutt playing Indy?! "The Librarian" TV Movie was more intriguing than prt 4. I'm sorry. The South Park Episode said it all! A few things..... 1). Lucas, just write the scrip,.. umm you can, ...just get the actors to....forget it, please go away! 2). Mutt can be in it as long as he's as quiet as Jar Jar Binks was in "Sith"! 3). The "Meguffin"(?) should be Earth bound with forgotten artifacts with a touch of superstition. One that people have put absolute faith in. Like the lost city of Atlantis, or the stone from Delphi that Cronus (Zeus' father) vomited up thinking it was a child when eating it. Wow, that was violent...or the spear of destiny. Excalibur? 4). know what you're doing. Make this one a home run!

Mark j on Nov 6, 2009


More delicious CGI eye candy matinee-style, politically incorrect and exotic shoot locations Less father-dad fighting, less Karen Allen, less Nazis More new and innovative stuff Less nuke the fridge, land from the sky on a liferaft More coherence Less MacMuffins

EggMcMuffigin on Nov 14, 2009


Raiders is the first, best, and the standard by which all the others attempt to match. It has all of Lucas' and Spielberg's best ideas. They are great movies, although I think the Father/Son theme in all of George Lucas' films, has run its course. I like the recent trend of rebooting franchises and think, with the right leading character, it could be huge. The only thing I really didn't like about KOTCS was the 'Inter-dimensional Beings' and the 'space between spaces'. I could suspend my disbelief, accept the absurdity of religious myths in the first three movies, but this was just a really bad idea. The first three movies were based on well known religious myths and legends and this is where the object should remain, in a like realm.

Sean on Dec 7, 2009


Overall, #4 was alright. It just had a few things that threw it off course. If they kept the Aliens to a "what if" factor...I would have accepted it without hesitation. That and no Tarzan yodel. The fridge......well, it WAS...lead-lined. That could happen in an Indy universe so I overlooked it. In any's an Indy film. At least we have four now. We got to see a new one in the theater. That's a good thing.

Mark j on Dec 14, 2009


indiana jones sucks, period. i don't enjoy really any of the movies, and the 4th one was a steel-toe-boot kick to the nuts to harrison ford's career. Nathan Drake is coming...and he will be the future of adventure films as we know it. he will surely blow jones out of the water.

guh on Jan 4, 2010


i am scared that it would be like the 4th part. Hoping that it will be like the triology But thank you Harrison Ford for serving such movies which will be always rememberd in the heart of the peoples .....

Shreesha on Mar 8, 2010


I dont think indy 4 was a total loss (siaufu and aliens were cool) but i think there should be more indy (less mutt?) and i think it is possible to bring back sean connery cuz they didnt specify that his character died; i mean, maybe indy only thinks his dad died... maybe they can bring him back for a threesome? (Indy, Mutt, and Henry?) P.S. BRING BACK SALLAH!!!

Dusk on Apr 8, 2010


Oh yeah, and DONT pass the hat to Mutt. PLEASEEEE!!

Dusk on Apr 8, 2010


I agree w/ #70

Heartless on Apr 8, 2010


Okay, 4 wasn't great, but personally I felt 2 wasn't so hot either. 1 and 3 are classics-that's it. You can't expect to hit gold so many times in a row, eventually there's gonna be a letdown. Was the "fridge" thing any worse than the overuse of Spielberg reaction shots of smiling faces? And-gasp- KIDS! loads of kids running around at the end of 2. Okay for E.T., not I.J. However,I would definately approve of a 5 or even a 6 if it kept Adam Sandler and Will Ferral off the screen for a while(and all the re and re-remakes of old movies). Was Lucas really the problem with 5?

Frank on Apr 18, 2010


Hey dumbasses. Even Stephen Hawking (the smartest person in the world) said according to Mathematics...Aliens HAVE to be real. Watch his special that was released recently on the Alien theory and your head will explode. The fact that you accept stupid religious things like "The Arc of the Covenent" sucking off people's skin and "The Holy Grail" giving eternal life before blowing someone to bones against a wall but not "Aliens" is utter ridiculousness. Sounds like most people are just tools and going along (as usual, no surprise there) with what the popular critics say and buying into it without forming their own opinions. 4's storyline and storytelling was no different than the other three films. They have a strict formula --- all 4 of them. Saying some magical rocks or a magical chest or a magical grail is any different than a magic transdimensional artifact is right along where Indiana Jones' story telling is all about. Its meant to introduce the theories and ideas of something that could possibly be real and possibly really happened. Get the hell over yourselves. If you didn't like the fourth film then you aren't a true Indy fan. The acting was great, the storytelling was exciting and interesting and the introduction/reintroduction of some of the characters was ...heart warming. The ONLY complaint I had about 4 was the Monkey's CGI, the Gopher's CGI. They were pointless. The movies are meant to be fun and are meant to keep you excited. Each movie as well opens the storyline up more and more and each so far have put Indy in a position where he learns and changes or has to adapt. Embrace the adventure and quit expecting movies to change your fucking lives. They are entertainment. Nate Fernandes (

Nate Fernandes on May 7, 2010


Wtf are your guys bullshitting about the last crucade being the best, the temple of doom was way better!

Dain on Nov 24, 2010


1 was GREAT. 2 was also really really good. 4 was ok. 3 was downright putrid. last crusade was one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

Trotdaubach on Mar 7, 2011


Your critique of KCS clearly shows you are a drama queen and gay. Sorry I wasted my time reading your worthless comment.

Guy on Apr 16, 2011


Enough with the beating up of the 4th movie already. Lets hope everybody has learned their lesson and does better. Using the characters that we've got, it's possible to do better. They'd better, or there wont be any more.

DeckApe on May 1, 2011


I hope it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zaug on Nov 19, 2011


You are right !!!!!!

Fdjvtdshj on Nov 19, 2011


one name and a answer to the continuation of the indiana jones franchise. dennis quaid the new indy!

quaid legend on Feb 9, 2012

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