Heartbreaking First Trailer for Lasse Hallström's Dear John

October 15, 2009
Source: Moviefone

Dear John Trailer

Get ready to cry watching this. Sony has debuted the trailer for Dear John in high def on Moviefone. This stars Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, and Richard Jenkins, and is about two young lovers split apart by the Iraq war who keep in touch via letters. It's an adaption of a Nicholas Sparks novel, which means lots of women are going to love it. There are some beautiful shots in this and Richard Jenkins, oh man, he looks like he could get an Oscar for this role. I also don't normally like Channing Tatum, but for the first time, this trailer actually makes me wonder if he can actually act? I guess we'll find out when this hits next February.

Watch the official trailer for Lasse Hallström's Dear John:

[flv: 598 282]

You can also watch the trailer for Dear John in High Definition on Moviefone

A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he's home on leave.

Dear John is directed by Oscar nominated Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallström, of great films like My Life as a Dog, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, The Shipping News, An Unfinished Life, Casanova, and The Hoax previously. The script was written by Jamie Linden, of only We Are Marshall previously. This is based on the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote The Notebook. Sony is bringing Dear John to theaters everywhere on February 5th, 2010 next year.

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I don't get why people say Channing Tatum can't act. It is the movie choices he has made that limits his ability. I mean Step Up? Who could possibly do anything with that role besides dance? And She's the Man? Just a silly comedy so acting kind of goes out the window there. But A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints? Loved that film and he did a great job as the best friend. And Fighting? He was so natural in there it wasn't even acting. Of course he was in a lot of scenes with Terrence Howard so that would have been hard for any actor. Especially how great he was at his role. Even though I didn't like the movie that much I loved Tatums performance in Stop-Loss. Ok done being an annoying fan of another actor people think can't act aha I also love Kevin Costner and Keanu Reeves...yes I have bad taste 😛

Maxx on Oct 15, 2009


not bad at all,I like it

ishteaque on Oct 15, 2009


interesting hmmmmmm........i'll be seeing this when i know i'll be forced into seeing this. i mean come on, nicholas sparks + channing tatum = every girl in the world seeing this.

lego on Oct 15, 2009


Really? Did you really saw something in a performance by this trailer that gave to you a Oscar feeling? I don't know, probably i'll be forced to seeing this, but i doubt if i'll like it.

D. on Oct 15, 2009


I like the Richard Jenkins and I like how nice the movie looks, yes but it's gonna turn out lame

-Peter- on Oct 15, 2009


Whats the bet this has a similar ending to the notebook? This aint gonna end happily.

dom on Oct 15, 2009


How the fuck does Channing Tatum keep getting work. He is the worst actor in the business. I think he's one of the reasons GI joe was horrible. Does anyone agree?

Tim on Oct 15, 2009


I think Tatum's overrated as an action star and underrated as an actor.

James on Oct 15, 2009


I usually hate melodramtic MTV dramas like this, but I'm willing to see it for the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried and to see if Tatum can still pull off a decent acting performance. He was pretty damn good in A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, but hasn't did anything nearly as good as that since.

wrongturn687 on Oct 15, 2009


Channing Tatum has slowly been gaining my respect... I think a lot of people can't stand him because he comes off as being your token wannabe black guy.

teyhtr on Oct 15, 2009


I usually hate melodramtic MTV dramas like this, but I'm willing to see it for the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried and to see if Tatum can still pull off a decent acting performance.

wrongturn687 on Oct 15, 2009



Bo on Oct 15, 2009


You know, I can see how these would be emotional situations, so why couldn't they get a male lead that knows how to show some emotion? "I miss you so much it hurts"...sheesh...sounded like he was reading lines from a middle school skit script. Plus I think this is his 3rd "soldier who doesn't want to be a soldier anymore" movie. Please stop casting him in anything. I was never on the verge of tears during this trailer because my mouth was constantly open in awe of how incredibly bad Tatum is. The girl looks like she'd be pretty good in it, though. Meh, just my 2 cents.

Antioch on Oct 15, 2009


i read the book and it wasn't what i expected, it was all dramatic and all, but i think for the first time, they are actually sticking to the actual book written by Nicholas Sparks and Channing Tatum sure looks great as John. I like Amanda Seyfried, but can't say I like her look in the movie. I'll definitely be watching this though. And a Snow Patrol song in the trailer, I'm sold.

F.C. on Oct 15, 2009


just from watching the trailer I noticed a lot of similarities to The Notebook. But I suppose that's because they're both by the same author, and authors usually stick to the same themes when writing books.

imarapyeyermom on Oct 15, 2009


Lol Richard Jenkins was barely in the trailer. How do you get a feeling he will get an oscar if you barely even see him?

Rob on Oct 15, 2009


#4 and # 17 I think he means by the role he will play in the movie. The trailer showed us he is the father of the soldier in Iraq and it showed that he will be in the hospital and most likely dying at some point. And it is Richard Jenkins guys this guy acts his ass off! Even in Step Brothers he gave it 110%. Love that guy.

Maxx on Oct 15, 2009


500 days of summer was the Ikea love movie, now we get the abercrombie and fitch love movie.

J on Oct 15, 2009


NOO>.. another one of those Tatum movies my wife WILL tote me off to.... well at least have Seyfried to make tacky remarks about while she is going ga-ga for Tatum

Dusty on Oct 15, 2009


#18 look close to it. Could be a complex role, but in a ordinary movie.

D. on Oct 15, 2009


#21 Very true

Maxx on Oct 15, 2009


Crying scenes != good acting. Not to take away from Tatum, he could be the real thing but from this trailer I'm not yet impressed. That said, it's just a trailer and I'll reserve final judgment until after the movie (which I probably won't see anyway).

Tyler Hayes on Oct 15, 2009


Hmm, I would watch it when it comes on TV or something. I'm not the type to go out and actually pay for this type of movie. Looks alright though. I bet he dies at the end, because that's how these movies usually end. Who knows I could be wrong.

Sabes on Oct 15, 2009


I don't know I didn't feel much emotion when watching it, but maybe that's cause I'm at work or something, or maybe i just don't care for Tatum, still, not sure what it was, it seems sad but not as sad as other war movies Ive seen, i think the notebook will have been much better when this is said and done.

Richard on Oct 15, 2009


pretty decent, Tatum is a pretty good actor, all in all I'll end up seeing it someday. Theater worthy nah, defiently a rent. If you want proof that Tatum can act just watch him in A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, actually all the young actors are what make that film worth watching.

Xerxex on Oct 15, 2009


I like Amanda Seyfried a lot; she is gorgeous and a really good actress. Channing Tatum might be a good actor, but I couldn't judge it yet. All I saw him in was Step Up (lol) and G.I. Joe. I might have to check out the already mentioned "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints". I guess I am one of the very few women who don't find him attractive at all, so I have no raging vagina dragging me to the theater. I might watch this one day on Netflix.

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 15, 2009


two words...Chick...Flick.

Brian on Oct 15, 2009


oscar for jenkins? all he fucking did was sit in a chair and smile! jesus christ.

Tarnish on Oct 15, 2009


QQ hope he comes home and -she- is dead. Twist ending. Owned.

Collin on Oct 15, 2009


He comes home and she reveals that she can't read!

pipo on Oct 15, 2009


yeah this looks pretty gay... the only good thing was the Snow Patrol song and that song sucks pretty hard.

DoomCanoe on Oct 15, 2009


I liked the cinematography. The cheesy dialogue ruined it. My impression is that Tatum and Seyfried don't have great on-screen chemistry.

raquelswell on Oct 15, 2009


I think you jumped the gun Alex. Lasse's movies are always hit or miss. This one thus far doesn't feel inspiring or authentic.

Quanah on Oct 15, 2009


i think i puked in my mouth a little bit.

kirch on Oct 15, 2009


Can't wait to take some unsuspecting girl to see this... that way she can lube my cock with her tears.

Jack Mehoff on Oct 16, 2009


First of all# 36…HIGH-larious. But there are some chicks out there that LOVE that weepy shit. I hate the phrase "chick-flick". Because I am a chick but I don't do the Notebook/I'm dying/you’re dying/True Love conquers all/against all odds/Not even death can keep us apart/5 hanky tear jerk. I like GOOD love stories that don’t pander to that need to makes people feel like an emotional mess when they leave the theatre. And almost ALL of Nicholas Sparks’s novels are about love and loss. I want to see more love and life and all the funny shit in between.

Johanna on Oct 16, 2009


Chic flick

kidgamer on Oct 17, 2009


Another notebook story, girls are gonna cream over. I think it will strike a chord in those who can relate though. I usually don't date girls who love the notebook. If they say they have it and watch it on rainy days, I usually get turned off. Girls who wanna see the new Pedro Almodóvar film are higher on my list.

Mark on Oct 17, 2009


#38 seriously? Chic, regardless of how you and whatever loser man coined that stupid phrase is pronounced Sheek. But thanks for your "I have nothing better to do" spell check. And please any dork after the last one, spare me the spell check. I wrote it that way for a reason.

Johanna on Oct 17, 2009


Now... if the trailer matches the intent of the movie... then I must say this is what happens when you put a so-so actor in a film with a talented veteran, a blossoming talent and a director that knows how to draw out awesome performances. Hopefully after this... audiences will look at Tatum and go "Duke who?" I'm pullin' for you kid.

Duane on Oct 17, 2009


super cheesy, both from a dialogue standpoint and acting standpoint

dqniel on Oct 17, 2009


what in God's name is wrong with u people

nocsyn on Oct 26, 2009


Wow, the movie industry has ran out of ideas like decades ago LOL.

Cutty Sark on Nov 2, 2009


i read the book and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so sad that it made me cry 5 or 6 times throughout the whole book. and i am one of those people who dont cry easily. it was so easy to read almost as good as stephine meyers twilight saga!!!!!!!! those are still better. but i am pretty excited about this movie coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gunna be so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the person that they picked for john! that is how i pictured him in the book!!! love it and i cant wait!!!

madeline on Jan 12, 2010


ok, do not say that this movie looks bad, i want to see it so bad! i love movies that make me cry! theres just something that addicting about them! it sorta looks like its a notebook remake though

Kathryn on Jan 21, 2010


this movie looks soooo good!!!!!1

adriana on Feb 2, 2010


okay this movie looks kind of good but ima guy so idk but ima take my girl ^ her adriana to go see it lol :/ but dont be talkin shit dum asses! love ya baby muuah

chris on Feb 2, 2010

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